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May 06, 2015

Dr. Leslie Bruce

Department of English, Comparative Literature, and Linguistics
800 N. State College Boulevard
Fullerton, CA 92831

Dear Dr. Bruce,

This letter along with the provided contents will demonstrate to you
that my skills regarding the student learning outcomes or SLOs we have
covered throughout the period of this course have advanced far beyond
proficient. Following this letter I have included my edited proposal paper
(along with the original), a peer review form, and a work schedule I have
created for myself. All of which I will explain their relevance to meeting each
of the six SLOs.
I will begin with the proposal paper. This paper was a group effort in
which each member contributed by completing their assigned section. After
each section was done we were all able to offer ideas or critiques to each
other and make edits of the entire proposal onto a google document. This
group effort of writing and editing satisfies SLO number 6 which is the ability
to collaborate with others to improve writing skills. Overall, this assignment
actually went smoother than initially anticipated and I was both relieved and
happy with the outcome.
The second SLO I want to address is number 2 because it is clear in our
original proposal that there were citation issues, specifically with the
reference cited page. I did research and was able to make the changes
necessary to where it now meets proper MLA standards. Now our references
cited page of the revised version has the correct indentation, spacing,
heading, and is alphabetized accordingly. I am very proud of the references
cited and feel this is a strong example of me mastering this skill.
While writing the significance section of the proposal paper, I
remembered to keep persuasiveness and clarity in mind. This concept
happens to fall under SLO number 3. I knew that in order to be persuasive I
needed to find an idea that would benefit or impact anyone and everyone.
Thanks to research and perfect timing I was able to uncover a recent health
crisis that was significant to our program proposal. I was able to utilize this
information to my advantage in the attempt to be as persuasive as possible.
This is how I am able to demonstrate my skills for SLO number 3.

Language and design, or SLO number 5, has always been a weakness

for me. This is why I hope that both my edited version of the group proposal
and this letter serves as a good example of my improvement upon this skill.
In your class, I learned the importance of removing unnecessary words (such
as very), limiting prepositions, and the valuableness of utilizing vigorous
verbs. Now, I am always vigilant about where I can cut or replace words in
my writings, because I know that short clear subjects are key to improving
The proposal paper was written in a formal manner to address a
committee consisting of business professionals, scientists, and other
educated members. It also followed a strict format of organizing details into
subheadings such as abstract, background/purpose, materials and methods,
etc. (SLO number 4). For this reason, I have included a work schedule that I
have created to contrast between being able to write formally and informally
which serves as SLO number 1 or rhetorical focus. The work schedule is
written in an informal manner because its purpose is just to remind myself of
the tasks I need to complete. This work schedule is also another example of
which I organize ideas and tasks in another format other than that of the
proposal addressing SLO number 4.
I hope with this information you can see how I have grown as a writer.
Over the course of this class, I have learned a great deal about how to tackle
scientific papers and acknowledge the steps required to make my overall
writing improve.


Jasmine Carrillo