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Name and Date: Brooke Niblett, Week of 2/23-27/15 AND 3/2-6/15 DUE TO SNOW

Topic: United States and Chinese Culture through song

and game
National Standards:

Subject: 2nd Grade General


1. Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music.

8. Understanding relationships between music, the other arts, and disciplines outside the arts.
9. Understanding music in relation to history and culture.

VA Music SOLs:


The student will sing a repertoire of songs alone and with others, including
1. singing melodic patterns that move upward, downward, and stay the same;
2. singing melodies within the range of a sixth; and
3. increasing pitch accuracy while singing phrases and simple songs.
The student will respond to music with movement, including
1. using locomotor and nonlocomotor movements of increasing complexity;
performing nonchoreographed and choreographed movements, including line and circle

5. performing dances and other musical activities from a variety of cultures; and
6. portraying songs, stories, and poems from a variety of cultures

2.7 The student will explore historical and cultural aspects of music by
1. identifying music representing the heritage, customs, and traditions of a variety of cultures;
The student will analyze music by
1. identifying selected orchestral and folk instruments visually and aurally;

Students will learn about travel through listening to a song about a train that travels to various states. By
using a map, the students will understand just how far away these states are from them in Virginia.
Knowing about two of our most important Presidents, GW and AL, is important for further learning and
basic understanding of US history and citizenship. The students will gain an important skill of listening
carefully without visual cues to follow directions and perform movements based on their own
imaginations without the teacher making the movement for them, thus increasing creativity and
individuality. Lastly, the circle game brings awareness of the Chinese language, culture, and
instrumentation while working together to find a similarity between our culture and the Chinese culture
-- a Duck, Duck, Goose style game.
1. Listen for a train in music played by a harmonica and understand where the train is going.
2. Name one fact about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and/or Presidents Day.
3. Sing a new song with and without teacher help, with and without an accompaniment.

4. Play a circle game responsibly while singing a new song.

Content Outline:
Students critically listen to a song and perform movements based on following
directions in the song.
Skills: Performing movements by following directions aurally and visually
Direct instruction: Directions for circle games/dances, learning a new song

Opening (Gaining Attention)

Students will critically listen to a
song while they walk into the room to
prepare for music class. They are not to
speak but listen and pay attention to what
teacher has primed them about.

Connection (prior learning)

Presidents -- students have seen
Presidents on US currency and discussed
them in school, this song will reinforce
Students know Duck Duck
Goose, they will learn a Chinese version
of the game while singing a song

Instructional Strategies

Entrance Music: Orange Blossom Special

TW inform students they will hear a machine in the music. SW tell the machine and the instrument they
hear. TW instruct students to listen further and pick out where the train is going. SW name different
states and discuss where the states are. (5 minutes)

Presidents Day
TW show a picture of Mount Rushmore and have students name the Presidents on the sculpture. TW go
through PWPT slides of George Washington & Abraham Lincoln and have students name facts about
each President. TW sing the refrain of Presidents Day. SW ES line by line. ES all. Sing all alone. TW
tell students to always sing the refrain but listen on the verses for more facts about Presidents. SW offer
a new fact they learned. (10 minutes)

Chinese New Year from Music K8

SW get into personal spaces with two scarves and listen to the song while mimicking teacher
movements, displaying fluidity and gentle movement to match tempo and style of song. TW
ask students if they heard any facts about Chinese New Year while they were mimicking
(check for critical listening)
(10 minutes)
Hide the Scarf
SW listen to the Chinese song Diou shou juaner. TW ask what language the students think it is in.
(Chinese). TW explain this is a song used in a Chinese childrens game. TW sing Melody in English. SW
ES line by line. Chunk together. SW sing all. SW sing with the accompaniment. (5 minutes)
SW form a circle and sit down. Mrs. Niblett will be it first and walk around the circle with a scarf
while everyone sings the song. On the last word, Mrs. Niblett will drop the scarf behinda student. That

student must catch Mrs. Niblett like Duck, Duck, Goose. If he/she DOES, then the two students must
each grab an end of the scarf with both hands and together lift the scarf up and down three times. If
he/she DOES NOT, Mrs. Niblett must grab the scarf with two hands and lift it up and down with
fluidity. Then, it is the next childs turn. SW play the game until all students have had a turn. (10

New song and game learned
Facts about Presidents discussed
New song about Presidents Day

Remembering what the first song
was about trains... Could you take a
train to China? Why not?

Kinesthetic learning integrated
through movements performed in song and
circle game.
Aural learning through rote
learning of new Chinese song. Listening for
instrument and machine in Orange Blossom
Special, listening to instrumentation and
language in Hide the Scarf.

SW answer as a group what the
machine is (train) and individuals can
volunteer to name the instrument until the
correct answer is called. (harmonica)
SW provide facts to the entire
class they already know before they hear
the song, and share a new fact after they
hear the song with a neighbor.
TW stop singing and allow
students to sing the new song without
guidance and listen for correct pitch and
TW ensure every child gets a
turn and maintains classroom order for
responsible play.



Materials Needed:
Ipod/CD player to play various
Computer/Projector to view
Presidents Day Powerpoint