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J. P THORNTON wer THE. « INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM OF LADIES’ GARMENT CUTTING (Being the Fourth Edition of the “ Sectional System”) COMPRISING Bodices, Jackets, Ulsters, Skirts, Habits, &c., BY J. P. THORNTON (Sole Tailoring Inspector to His Majesty's Board of Education), International. Systim atting* ; ** Gradation 1 Sectional System Ladies’ Garments” for ‘Sectional System of Gentlemen's Garment Cutting: Gentlemen's Garments" ; “ International Methods for Alterations a th Economy"; * Block Pattern ~ Auatouy and Geometry for Tailors” ; * Liveries” ; “Court Costumes” ; * Naval and Military Uniforms” ; Iulerwational Models ‘" Clevical Garments" ; “ Juvenile Outfits” ; * Shirt Cutting and Hosiery,” dc , 6c. eactinn oF MintsvEk’s Currisa AcADEM. axp Dinscror 4} West Exp Gazerre or LONDON FAstION,”” AND Loxpox Fasiton, Lapis’ Taionstaves. ‘Mewvan Ixconronaren Socisry Barrie Aurion’. ‘Meuse Loox AssoctATION TecuNovourcat Tercmexs. Gold Medalist and Honorary Amber (membre Ybonncur) Parisian Fuventors’ Academy, Honorary President; Intemational Union of Foremen Tailors, ‘Twreve Years Epiror Munaster’s Gazerni Pustisiex aNp Eprron of " TuoaNto's Revie Life Guvemor: Master Tailors’ Benevolent Asrociatios. Life Member: Joarneymen Tailors’ Benevolent Association, signal Federation, of Fo Fail Presid ‘don alliance of Naster and Foremen Tailors Senior Trosioe and Ex-Peesident: Metiopolitan a ; Twenty.six years Teacher of Cutting at the London Polyiccbnic, Regen Honorary Membet © Edinburgh Feremen Tailors” Asiocation, Glasgow Foremen Tailors” Soc Neweastle Mustet and Foremen Tailots’ Society, Sunderland and Shields Master and F: i LLelsester Blaster and Foremen Tailors Socie'y, Cari Foremen Tailors’ Society, Bc., Ke., Sc ‘Membte d'honneur Belgian ‘Assoclation of Fotenen Tailors Practical Disecior Polytechnic Tailors' Sewing School. « Neither in tailoring, nor in legislating, docs man proceed by were accident. —Canive ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Londen THE THORNTON INSTITUTE, 24.25, CASTLE STREET EAST, OXFORD STREET, W. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE SHILLINGS NET, Ww “** | Jacket, Empire style, Instructios ee pire sty UNTRODUCTORY—The System Basis 1 qualities of system. 2 » Empire style 7 diagram 13 h lance and ecys depth. Examples .. 2 : no-collar style. Instructions = F alance (with example = 3 i no collar style 7 dingrom — 14 of shoulders. Examples, +: ; three-piece style. Instructions... A nt and size of waist. Examples 5 — i three-piece style... fingram Suppression of waist (with examples) * 5 » new D.B, style, Instructions Bast development fully described... 0. new DB, sty = diagram Slope of shoulders (with examples) 7 sacque style. Instructions ig ie M Size of neck in fit and style ... aah sacque style = diagram) — 17 Neck poin n. Siraightness, &e. 8 pleated sacque. Instructions 6a ae der-arm lengtis (with examples) at as » Pleated sac... am — 18 ip development. Sizeandfashion =... 0g — winter sac. Instructions 65 — tion of garment cutting 10 — winter sac. ef diagram — 19 Breast, direct, and sectional measurement : yoked sacque, Instructions 66 Ladies’ and gentlemen's cutting. Distine yoked sacque diagram =— 20 tions a taal eee a + Side panel style, Instructions... 68 — | ions for differaut material’ ws. ss 13 — » side panel style. diagram =— at } velveteen, fur and plush 3 — *. Russian skirt style. Instructions == 70, — ers and their methods... ames. uate, . Russian skirt style ... diagram = — 29 { e bodice as a system basis eter ees Kimono style. “Instructions. 72 j Seam allowances not advisable... 15 — » _ Kimono style a diagram =— 23 | Diagrams showing allowances, inlays, &c. = 1 folk, Cutting and making 73 asurements for ladies =. te we 16 Norfolk style. Instructions 7 — { asures, how to take them . Bg i Norfolle pleated... dingrom = — 24 | Diagram showing direction of measures — a4 » Raglan st Making-up 7 — | The taking of measurements... «.. 20 — } Raglan style. Instructions 80 Table of divisional measurements a3 — ww Raglan style : diagram = — 25 Usder-bust suppressions. Divisions 23 — |) carved front. Instructions, pag » eueved front . ‘ diagran = — 26 Bodices, Blouses, &c. » fancy style. Instructions .. & — |» fancy style dingram = — 27 dice, description and instructions wages dress coat style. Instructions... 86 — Standard style diograms — 3 | dress.coat style diagram 28 s, cutting and making up fe a ». skirt panel style + = single and double-breasted... 0... 28 — skirt panel sw. “diogran = — 29 ~ §.B. and D.B. .. - diagrams — 4 |. Sloped front style. as ane Qa Blouses, ordinary and“ Magyar”... .. 30 — sloped front... diogran — 30 f ordinary and“ Magyar” diagrams — 5 "| Bip band style. Instructions... ga — Bouse, new style Magyar” = . 32 » bipband — F =r new “Magyar” ... diagram = — 6 |) side pleated style... 4 = side pleated 2... _ — 3 ackets. ; costume style. Instructions ” costume style. os diagram close fitting. Introductor: ~ = » Shoulder cut style... He ecket, close. Instructions for drafting 36 — i Shoulder cut... diagram | close-fitting style... diagram = — |) Newmarket, Cutting and making close back, straight front, described 39 ‘ Instructions close back, Drafting instructions rh a if A diagram clcse back, straight front diagram — jy Short ‘waist style aie semi-sae. Drafting instructions ... 42 short waist diagram : semi-sac style diagram — r basque Raglan style a ch Cutting and making-up = basque Raglan diagram Drafting instructions . - Kimono arrangement ne % ca diagram = — 10 Kimono sleeve a. diagram fur irimmed. Drafting instructions 48 — Empire costume style forteimmed oe diagram = — 11 » Empire, and skirt fagram = — 39 F over shoulder seam, Instructions... 50 — ) fulled back, and skirt |... 03a i over shoulder seam . diagran — 12 | |, fulled back, and skirt... 4 granu v. CONTENTS.—Continued. Sleeves. Sleave, variations in cut eer as slucves, for different shaped armholes, &e. 113 — Sleeve, Standard style. Instructions ne — full top style. Instructions ... 1. 116 — Sleeves, various styles diagram = — 41 Ulsters. in thd developments oa Ulster, close fitting. Instructions 10 — ty close fitting style... diagram =— 42 M Gloas back, etevight froat’atyle m2 — ti close back, straight front diagrem = =— 43 + Semisac, “Instructions... .., 324 — i. : diagran — 44 » Winter wrap siyle Ge eae AO i winter wrap diagram = — 45 curved front wrap... oa 128 hy curved fromt a. ae diogran = — 46 Wi DIB BC Hyle =H) vee oie 390 i DB. sac wa diagram = —— 47 fy Se without cuts = 132 sac without cuts “diagram — 48 Raglan wrap style é my » Raglan wrap ... diagram = — 49 % “Sipon "style. Instructions”... 136 — y “Slipon” 5... dingreal == 50 {) Kimono style. Instructions Drie ien i; Kimono style... diagram 51 » "Thornton Inverness” style eerie "Thornton Inverness diagram = =— 52 DISPROPORTION. An Exhaustive Treatise on Form Deviation. A Scientific and Practical Basis. Introductory: Proportion and Disproportion 143 — The Statues of Praxiteles... “ho Professor Marshall's form distinction: 25 — The Medicean Venus, measurements 45 Nude measurements of the modern woman... 145 — The normal figure... we Table of average measurements, Gir's and women ay aay Chart of average widtls for 4 1a6 feet heights — $3 Chart of proportionate lengths, 4 to6 feet... — 54 Comparative proportions for average adults. 150 — High-shouldered forms described ist = Instructions for drafting high shoulders Gi High-shoulder form. . diagram = 55 Low-shoulder férm described 155 — Instructions for drafting low shoulders 156 — Low-shoulder fori, diagram = — 56 Full-bust form described we 159 — Instructions for drafting full busts... 160 Full-breasted form . diagrams — 57 Flat-breasted form described... 5 — Instructions for drafting flat breasts. = Flat-breasted form 66 Flat-breasted form with large Instructions for flat breast and larg Flat breast and large waist form Smuall-waisted form described Instructions for drafting small waists diagram Small.waisted form... diagram “= "Si Large-waisted forms described we | Instructions for drafting large waists a | Large-waist form ewe diagram = — G0 Fullback forms described es 175 — Instructions for drafiing full backs eo BPO) =e Fall-back form diagram = — 61 | Stooping forms described 9. Instructions for drafting stooping forms 189 Stooping form. diagram — Over-erect form described eee a Instructions to drait over-erect a: an Over-erect form ve ingram = 63 Corpulent forms described. 187 — Instructions for drafting corpulent forms |, 183 — | Corpuient form... diagram = — 64 Corpulent woman's 8] : 276 99 | Lop-sided forms described ioe — | Instructions for drafting lop-sided forms “192 — | Lop:sided form 5a diogran = — 65 Ornamental Braiding and Tracing. Designs in cord, braid and embroidery .... 370 140 » loops, sprays, floral, Georgian, semiemilitary, &e. 372 14t » _ Tevers, collars, cuffs, plastrons a) Bes we B74 142 ANATOMICAL FORM DRAWINGS, The only Series of Disproportionate Form Draw ings of Women ever published. | The Venus de Medici... ete Chart of normal proportions with complete | measurements of 25 sizes oe Sat | High-shoulder form : 15 Low-shoulder type. 155 | Full-breasted form | Plat-breasted form 159 | Large waist and flat breast form | Small-waisted form Large-waisted type Full-back figure Stooping form | Over-erect form Corpulent form... Lop-sided form... 1 CEO MT Ge | Trying On. irst baste, how prepared | Second baste arrangement Pinning on the body ... Balance testing Ir examination | Collar testing ; | Seams, how examined... Sleeves, how to fix them Waist length ond side eheeking Bust provision tested . Hip distribution | Fashion length checking | Second baste fitting .. | Final try on Le Vette VI. CONTENTS.—Continned. 2 Making Up. 2 fitting up .. re Canvas, cutting and inserting cloth, how it should be used der padding, important instru Spiag®, how cut and inserted W stays and waistbands .., © .. :- and casings, how to treat them lones, where they are required... inking, stretching, and working in ams, their propet treatment jeeves, and their linings... how to make them . plain, how put in with pleats at head ... "gathered" top V's at top i epanieties how to make them ket, close-fitting treatment y Straight-front treatment Norfolk makeup. sac, details : riding details 2 Newmarket making up * Raglan working up... isiers, detail and treatment. Trousers, riding details seeches, riding, arrangements antaloons, how made up... nickerbockers, how arranged Divided skirt details... ‘ostame skirt, making up ALTERATIONS. Descriptions, Diagrams and Figures. 1. Bulging between holes at breast 206 2. Creasing at front of arm 206 3. Tightness over the hip 206 Bulging at side of neck ... 206, 5 Bulging across back pitch... 206 fe Pulaess over the blades and backs 206 Diagonal creases from sides upwards... 206 Excess lengths aver the breast 206 Fuiness at top of bust cuts ts 208 ‘Top of side seam too full 208 Diagonal contraction from neck ‘point 208 2 Waist too large ws 208 } Collar standing away at side 208 : Puckering around neck seam ... 208 5 Contraction from back seye to baci seam ae 208 16. Twisting of back closing seam 208 : Contraction over front shoulders 210 5 Contraction over back shoulders 210 tq Length across back neck =. we 210 zo. Creasing at front waist hollow.. 210 +. Front edges not meeting 210. sz Front edges overlapping =. 210 3} Neck too low... . 210 24. Neck too high... Hl 210 jes. Wrinkling across waist 212 ee. Edges not meeting at bottom | 212 27. Pleat at front of seye 212 105, a78 PEEL EEE Wik eh Cart | Riding jacket from bodice Instructions, straight Length between lower button: ag. Length at front of waist . Edges not meeting over breast . Tightness at top buttons Large at top buttons v. « Creases at front of arnthole Contraction at front of scye Fulness below back seye Wrinkling at side s Wrinkles at ele Front shoulder seam wrinkling Wrinkles above side waist Contraction at_under-arm of sacs BLOCK PATTERN CUTTING. Full Instructions and Diagrams for Cutting by Model Patterns. Introductory Instructions to §.B, and D.B. vests from bodice Tostructions to draft Etons and boleros Eton and bolero from bodi diogram Tasttuctions to draft riding’ jackets from bodice Instructions, close jacket from bodice Close fitting jacket from bodice diagram Instructions straight front jacket from bodice Straight front jacket from bodice diagram — Instructions semi-sacs from bodice ... =. 228 Semi-sac jacket from bodice “diagram — Instructions, Newmarket from bodice... Newmarket jacket from bodice diagram Instructions, straight front from close jacket Straight front from close jacket diagram Instructions, sack from close jacket... .. Sack from close-fitting jacket... dagrai Instructions, close Ulster from jacket Close Ulster from close jacket... diagram Ulster from close jacket a.» fall allestay ah Straight-front “Ulster .,from elose jacket diagram Instructions, capes from close jacket Half circle, three-quarter circle, and circle capes from jacket GRADATION. ms 79 80 8 | Minute Instructions for Grading all kinds and sizes of Bodices and Jackets from a Single Pattern. “rhe theory and history.of gradation Instructions for systematic gradation Mlustrations of gradation diagrams COSTUME SKIRTS. Skirt, standard style, instructions i» Cight-gore style . 243 244 248 250 |, flounced styles 252 "\ box-pleated and strapped 254 {) «metmaid" style ih 336 S pogtop style wave 258 vil, CONTENTS.—Continued. Jose panel style 260 gt corslet st oe 262 92 ewospiece style su te 264 93 aped style "266 94 new peg-top style ve 268 95 double flounced and yoke: ayo 96 tt side-fastening style 27397 latest medium, draped amy 98 wh 970 278 for corpulent figure Making up costume skirts CLOAKS AND CAPES. Introductory... : a9 — aif cape ii instructions | ato — ioif cape — 100 Circle capes, various Tastructions az — Malf-circle ; three-quarter capes diagram — 101 tructions five-fold; fourin-hands —.., 284 — ‘iwe-fold; four-in-hand capes... diagram — 102 valier Capes, instructions te 286 Cavalter capes diagram — 103 COLLARS. A Complete Treatise on Collar Cutting, &c. Instructions for double-breasted collar forms 283 — The double-breasted collar diagram A — 104 Instructions for roll collars ea 8 Kell collar diagram B — 104 Instructions for step collar ~ 2383 — Step collar. ws ws diagram C — 104 | instractions for Tudor collar. a 288 Tudor collar ue iagran D — 104 Instructions for stand-and-fall collar... 288. — Stand-and-fall collar, wn diagram E — 104. Tnstructions for stand collar... 288 — Stand collar... . diagram F — 04 Instructions for Medici collars... 288 — Medici collar... a. diagram G — toy Instructions for deep-fail collars se 2a a Deep-fall collar 2 diagram — 04 Instructions for sailor collars sa ABB Sailor collar... 1 diagram’? — toy Instrucsions for Prussian collars a Prussian collar . . 1o$ Making and putting-of collars = Testing and fitting on collars = Alterations to collars... 1. 68 HOODS. Full Descriptions, Diagrams and Drawings. Introductory Ae ago — Monastic hood . 290. 105 Deck hood. 290 105 Lennox hood 290 105 Medici hood 290. 10g, Oceania hood 290 Augustine hood 290 Monk's hood... 290 The making and ining of hoods 290 Circular hood . : Round hood nee Pointed hood 2.0, ae | Sporting Garments. | Motor coat, or wrap e a96 roy | Motor wrap, new style jo2 110 | Sports jacket, popular style... 298 108 | Sports'coat, Raglan style... 300 109 Riding jacket, Instructions and diagram .., joa rt Riding coat, new D.B, style ... we 308 112 Ride-astride coat, Instructions anddiageam 308 113 Riding Skirts: Their evolution . Bu Riding skirt, Standard style rary ey on the “Safety” style 31q 115 nh the looped safety style 310 110 ” » the apron style 318 117 {the pommelctear style 44, 320.178 © ow the new apronstyle ., 4, 322 119 | » 9 the pommel gore... 324 320 ” » the standard safety style 326 rar es the “Hohne”... 3a8 122 “ the “ Woulmethausen 330. 123 * the" Nichol"... ... 332 124 % 2 the *Busvine” patent safety... 334 125 ” »» the Shingleton safety... 330 120 oN the John Ford Glover safety... 338 127 | 2 plain ride-astride i. jgo 128 | 2 pleated ride-aside 342. 129 » on the girl's skir 344 130 | the girl's reversible skirt 340 13H The making of riding skirts... 8 Woman uptodate... e M9 Cycling Skirt, standard style 362 136 mon saddle gore style 364 137 saddle piece style 365 138 curved saddle piece style 368 139 | Introductory: How to obt Jeg and hip measures ... 35t | Iustructions for dealing trousers 352 Riding trousers = Instructions for drafting breeches 33h Riding breeches. lingram Instructions for drafting pantaloons 356 | Riding partaloons diagram “= | Instructions for drafting knickers 1-358 Cycling and sporting knickers diogran Instructions for leggings and gaiters ws. 358 Leggings and gaiters ... diagraae Woven pantaloons u, i. vee 364 MISCELLANEOUS. Ulsters, historical survey... - 119 Cloaks and capes, origin and history Riding habits, evolution and development The theory of colour | Table of colour eombisations 279 git 376 377 Deviations for different material 1h The adaptability of dress 373 Woman up to date 39 The differences between ladies’ and gentle- men’s cutting 1 Caters and their met 4 Principles of garment cutting : 10 London time-log for ladies’ garments 379-335 Trousers, Breeches, Knickers, Leggings, &c. vu TABLE DES MATIERES: POUR LES ETUDIANTS FRANCAIS. Se ae, nara; ron onary ge “canjona erates, pris sur Ia igure 2 | Jaquette nouvelle owe Gh ga | Poltrine plate aa aee 198 teres" poor deme re 3 anelle a eo ite i Swell. oe oe Jupe des Coutumes. jlox _srdinaize, s | 1235, ower" Bagyat, Fete mene Rosse... ty aan ee, panndlle 6 | Jaqaritesencoue Russe" Raglan) x0 37 | {ure mancene we ns Oot jute ajustée Z | Jaqueiie, counme" Empire’... 110 39 | pabe Pannee const é 3 en te avec devi & [Jaquet coutame ‘chic “nna a. | JuPs Rasnel i 2 2 Manches, | Io os 7 y ordinate ct Ianges.. 116 gt | # Manteaus. i 3 12 | Manteru, eroisé et ajusié 12042 _ a [Reade de aan 132 [Sere yr lrmecm .* aie, noundle sae st : | eer 385103 ool ae ae 5414 | Manteaw erolsé citcntsta, tome He polae a novwelle segue, i | Mantens, ulster sxe % | pak Medi Gerats;inges vg SAE | Manes 48 | “tine monks, ees 299105 ‘aie: Scovel me pe Nee 2 Habits de Sport quctte, Ia nouvelle sacq: 6238 | Mantens, sr me ieee Eh SB | Manteo Macfie 5 | Jequete de pert aot anj_tey de panncan a cécé oo Dispreperion J Saete odes Rophax 300 109 agit, actus Ruwe jo 2x | Kpasleshaates 13255 | Avtomobile ulster” jane aquette’* Kimono” 52 23. | Epauies basces 186 $6 | Jaquette Amazone” jor aqrate ! Norh tk" 16 24 | Pleine poitine u 5j Jaqueite Amazone, nour 306 uz Raglan oR irs ioe plate, grande csinuure ”. t6q $6 goes pour monte i ea semiajuide 83 Celntare petite ve aw 2 3S 3 taste. 3) a7 | Ceintutegemnde epee Amarone, ésementaie ja ing forme diasbit 853 | Figured ie Gt | Jupe tested ce oe we au panneaax 383g es 62 | Jape de siete & pis 36 oat notre go © 30.-| Figure outre-droite 63. | Jupe a“ tablier™.. is ay Sy teaves bend S92 Wt Vrdcmwcsrpaiames 2: 6 | Pebtaloat et eloiies es ¥ ANZEIGER FUR DEUTSCHE STUDENTEN, PEs nate reese we 31 | Corputeate ag 20 fa | Pite-Brat his @ 34 3 Rocan She ert ie re a 3 | Deg.top® ie es cand “'Magyar™=- 30 : 3s pee, 2 : Tk eu Mogyar™ gad der 8 ve on fecitheischons nee 3 Keusitch (* Kiglan *} 3 | Rrictscne mi Corea n Masses und Zeichrang 1. 36 Cotumne Empite” | Ngee Zeciichce. 3 emit Greate Forder Thelle 40 Costume Elepanie 2 | Steet ree 4 % 1 feeeet | Garnierter Rock va. os a a tr Acrmel,, (ieee aad 116 at ae mit ue cee 97 Sra sant Schone mit Ziel Sicken 3 Sturite, “Expres” mit Ver © |) | Mantel, Zwereiger Koapp ... ago ga | SeBows fur Conpolest Figur =e Teter Setenrant’ |. 5213 Mamtl nt Gene orden $ s cine Kris Mani nt oe " i Einreibeges, ohne Kra- ue cache cae g Kaputze (Moden): Monastic, ‘agus tte, Einreibeges, érei Kras | Mantel, Sacque eens Rande und get oa 36 ag | Mantel, ss oameel 47 os 292106 iat” te, Hinrelneg & 8 | DeL Matic Goeais onks, lat ite, Blarelheges & i 2 gustine, ee." .’ a0 40s im te, Ears a 18 7 | em i Rocke. zit 1 1 tomebilerod " eo é 3 Macfarlane” tuo $2. | Spieten Jaguetie 8 li Gexinoniinen “. 68 de Abmeichende Piguren, ect Raglan” Meten 109 ich 7O 24. | Hobe Schuttern sons sz gg. | Ullethen, Attomotle te 5233 _| Flichen Sehultera sage 8 | Retr Bs in 16 24 | Vollebeus.. u 37 | Reltrsek, neve woden ta bo 25 (| Flache Brust, Gross Unierweite 16g 38 | Reitrock M3 ‘83 26 | Schlank Uniterweite a 168 39 | Reiten ur S| Grom Unterele Sl oita 83 | Reitechore $5 ah | Figuren mit Welle Ruch, 176 6t_| Rellachon mic 8829. | Genigten Figur bo «Ga | Reitechous anit Schilsee: ty Hquatte, neue 90 30 | Ubermacnig Auftecie 65 | Uesen and Reken Hosen Z Waist length, 16 in. back, 5$ in. “idth shoulder measure, 22} ii Jength, 7Jin. Neck, 6] in. Fall length, 19 in ‘To elbow, 18 in. Muasunestent Across trim Continued to hand, 28 in. Hips, 20 in, two-thirds gives scale (15.) Depth shoulder measure, 233 in., gives in. excess, Side Bust depth, 13 in. Front waist, 19} in. _ofder bust, or front-cut suppression, must be calculated in the following way -— Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) Front length, 23 ia. Half difsrence between breast (27) and Watt (17) Total under bus f@- No seams or LADY'S BODICE SYSTEM. raw lines, BB, N, D, 2 from BB, 1/2 inch. Difrom B, waist iengih 16, E fiom D, a/4inch. | Pwiine from BtoB. BD from B, 3inch, 1 com BI, 1/2 neale— eee rn, dieses tateven Deal Hesseres (1/2 in). N ftom E 1/6 seale— | ia inch, P® from T, 3/3 seale. X from PP, 4/3 scale, tow /2. ( sove X, ain. XX from O, 1/3, plas 1/4. Ee from [fa walst meatute (7/8). Carve Od trom 0, fainch, Carve B=N and N—00. £ om fy sale (to. fom 8 1/2 lnc £ tom 5, 1/2 waist length, or to measure. Lut lise Se to E for back waist line. ‘AA from Ix, breast measure (27). ‘TT trom T,, 2/6 scale, U from TT, 3/2 scale, ineh (7"/.). ram U, samen o Ton back squat line, Liwlie'Vto X.. 1 from V, sume as irom T, s/az scale (aa) "4 from 3s 1M is continued downwards from X lus 1/4 inch. XX. P. Sa SP Nene ig inch, Curve scale (17) ‘Smeavare as taken on body (6/3. Xn EE, iaseale, | We ftom Es, 3/4 neh, © rvé side seam, XXX, W, and We, (from W, 1/5 waist’ measure. GG from G, Cave line GG 10 Q._ GGG from GG, 1/6 seale. Q halfof EE—W. | V—R, 1/5 waist, ‘GGG, through V to bottoms ime. ("Wa qunred to the front by points § and Sx. 2 rom Sx, 1/2 waist measure, less 1/2 inch. —t the butt depth, as taken on body Continue to J) the front wait length (154). Diraw front sais line from Jf to St | ‘wom J, 1/4 brent. plus 1/2 inch (4%). (vom J, 1/4 inch, His centre of L—J. — from JJ, 1/2 of Tr—Ke res 4/3 of the ~ oder bist appression (say 4 | baw lines Rly aod KF EE, from Fy afta waist meatore (7/8) Line log button catch ist line suppression on CORSAGE POUR DAMES. Mewes: Tallle, 4zcm, Longueur de la mode, 48cm. Ecstrare du dot, 15cm, De coude, | Vy emi, A bas 75 em.’ Tolteine, 47 em. re, oem, Bassin, $5 em. + de Vepaule, (33 de ta largeur de Iepaale) donne Vchelle (42.em.}. Presque sles pointes s¢ trouvent par les divisions de Véchelie’ (42 em.) Profondeur de Tépaule, 654s cm. Trace les lignes BB, N, D. EB—B, 1%, em. B—D Taille, 41. D—E, 20m, Trace ligne HE. em. BUH, différence entee Ia Jargewr et be prem ns) TPE, 19 échelle (4) 07,00, Tem. eS, a5 échelle (a. S— sa$e fata (at). tee AA pote (7) (6 échelle (7). TT—U, a/2 éshelie, TT, plus tem. UV, méme comme te dos H— G—GG, 116 échelle (7). Q=K, 1/2 EE WO. is ecietare (6) Sot "Tle in oes ROY, 1g ecinuare (6) sols 13 (13% em aye ealealer Ne quastié pour ta plece, comme TARR SSN Sate pst ct léchelle La mold de difizeace entre Ta pairie etn eintute Toil Sx—X, 1/2 eeinture SE, sldadt fella viece tote 1h ligne ae Gey demons ligne TAA. CCUSe a em. Trace ligne JJ— Sx. Ll plies plas tad (13). J bs he eae eet ki ay —K, 1/3 totale pince Foe ae ccinture. LES Fars FF-LL 4/3, toule ‘cm. _ Mesure ceinture, E—FE, I—KK, F—FF, et LL—VV Hac Vln mers el sitar oles jc, 3 Courbe ia ligne, RR—SS de K. Faites la suite de TTT—NNN de L, Vx jmqu’d V et VV, est 4 cm. Ajoutes 1 em poor boattonriéres Ce modéte ext dessin sans coutures, Tl fact Tes sjowier en coopart. 2 Ghee, mois Stanparp BopicE SYSTEM. Breast, 17 in, W. Height of neck, 7} in. ain, 3 in. Sin. turnings-in are allowed for on this draft, EINE DAMEN TAILLE SYSTEM, ‘Tolllenlies, 41 em. Verlangerte, 484, em. Kckentueite, 15 em. Elibogen, 45t/s em. Hand, 75 em Oberwetie, 47 om. - Unier- eile, 30m, so Schulerweite, 65. Schulterticle, Zwei Drittel Sehulterweite (42) glebi" Skala.” Mache Liniea BB, GM, 8), em. B—D, Taillenlinge, qt. D—E,2em. Mache Linie BE. D—DD, sem. B—H, 1/2 Skala, minus 21), 8% Halle det Untensehied zwischen der rweite und Sehalteriefe (1#/acm.). /[jSkala, PPX, 1/3 Skala, mebr i tfyeme i /t2 Skala, mehr em, Is, 0-00, 1 cm. 3 S—Sé, 1/2 Taillenliinge (204),) Sot Hien. TAA int die Oberweite (47). TT=T, 1/6 Shalt. TT—U, 1/2 Skala, meds 1 em (22). . UV, eleieh als vor IIT. Mache Linie V—X. V—1 gleich [43 Skala, mebe 1" em. (44h). Tem, /B Skala (51/4) VV ist die Ualeweite, BBW, 8 Shale GU Eas, Bm. SHO. sis Unternshe 6}, GGG, 6 Shale So ee eae ao ans Ee imierwelte (em, Slike Unies wee 11h om: (094) jig 2u machen wie viel man muss fic duster nehaien geht man vor Wis 10. xx Peat Die Hilfe vondem! awischen die Brust u. welte ~ Geommte wu 13 !yem. NGG, deed Viensl von dem Geniminte 19 Mache Linie, AA~CC, L=K Linie 21j, cm., unter Linke I-AA. CC-JJ, 2 em, | Mache Linie JJ—Ss. FAL, ig Oberwaite, mehr i), ext (13). J— cm, Mitte swisehes L—1*, JIHKK, Hale Jx—K. KK—K, 1/3 von dem Gesammite(¢4 FFF, 1/t2 Skala (34a). FF=LL, 2/3 voe dem Gevammte (9)- LULSNN, lip cm | Mewse Unterwdie von E,W, R—V, JJ—KK, FFF, and ip. VV ist die Unterweite, weniger 2' (ah). Mache geschweifte Linke RR—SS von K. Mache geschweifte Linie TTT—NNN von L. Vx von Vy und VV, ist 4 cm, In dieser” Anftellng ist Keine Zegabe fr die Nite. om. THORNTON’S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. 7 ie oF a 7 # | aA clot katat 7 isl 2 PLATE 3—STANDARD BODICE. Lapy's S.B. anp D.B. Vests SysTEM. Waist length, 16 inches, Breast, 17 Width shoulder measure, 204 inches, two-thirds gives Mrasurewentst chet. ale (15). ‘Waist, 11 inches. Depth shoalder mensare 5} inches, cives 1 inch excess. Side length, 73 inches. Neck, 62 inches. Dust depth, 13 iachet. Trost waist, 19} inches. Fraat length, 2g inchet. Hight of neck, 9 inchen, ‘Under-bust, of Iront-cut suppression, must be calculated in the following way i— Difference between breast {17} and scale ( = 2 fochen Alalf diflerence between breast (17) and woist (1x)... = 3 ‘Total under-bast suppression on waist tine. = 5 inches, fe- No seams of turningsein are allowed for om this draft, THE S.B. VEST. GILET DROIT POUR DANES. WESTE FUR BINE DAMEN Draw lines, BB, N, De B from BM; 1/2 inch, Dirom B, wats length'i6. from D, 34 Ine ‘Draw line from 3 to E. 11 feom BB, 4/2 tesle—t inch, I from H, 1/2 difference between shoulder measures (1) ont B1Y6 scale— 1/2 inch, PP fromm plus 1/2, EE from E, 1/3, 00 from O, 1/4 inch. Curve BN and N—00. : 'S from Ix 2/3 scale (10). T from S, 1/3 inche Se trom S; 1] ware length, orto meaeure, Draw line Sx to E for back waistline, A Teom be Unast esse (1) TT oo Heine WU from TT, t/ us 3/8 inch (17h. vitoneU, rungs i to Yon tack gear ae | Draw line Vio X. 1 from. V, same as N—OO. from T, 1/12 seale (1 */ 4 from 3, 1/2 3—T. a Crease from XX, P from 1/43 scale, pl Curve acye, 4, P and 00. NN from Vy" 1/8 sci ( W from BE, 1/2 sale Gotrom Nt inch.” Carve side seam, GG, W, and Wie. from W, 1/5 waist measure, Curve line GGG to Q. GGG from GG, 1/6 scale. CC is squared to the iront. by points S and Sx. SC icom Sx, 1/3 waist meas, ler 1/2 inc Ccirom X, $f of under-bast nupreession (5 Yeh (See calculation at top of page’) Draw front lie throng AA anid CC. Measure from B to N at back meek (2 inches), Place this amount at Von forepart and mats J Ma the best depth, a8 taben om body (13 CContlae to J) the font wait lengit 19 Banw font vets ie from J] '6 Ss. L. from J, 1/4 breast, plus 1/2 inch (41). een Je3/4 inchs is centre of L—Ix. F ine). fg seale. X from PP, 1/3 seale, above wif, raof]x—K Ky 73 of the undercbust seppression {eay Draw lines K, KK, RR, and K, F, FFF, FE from F, 1/13 waist measure (7/8). Line LFF, LL from FF, twice the distanee from FAK, NNN from LLL 1 inch, Carve L, LL, NNN. Measure up waist, E—EE and W—O.” Place thin amt a 3) and mark rom} co KE, Fo FF, and Li. to VW, the waist measure (11), len’ r inch (10), Curve’ bottom lines RR to 8S, and TIT to NNN, by pivoting from Kand L. Allow 38 tach at Hoat for holes end x inch for bitton catch. D.B, VEST. All points obtained same as described above for ‘S.B. Vest with the following exceptions :— ‘As from AA,2tf inches. Js fiom JJ 1/3ineh, sex from fsx, 1", inches: kx from Kas, tj inches, Mesres: Taille, 41 em. Longuevr dela mode, 48'/,em, Ecarrure du dos, 15cm, Ducoude, dgifem.. A bss, 7g em. Doltrine, 47 em. Ceinture, 30 em. Bassin, 55 ci Largeur de Vepaule, 6} em.” (2/3 de Ia largeur de Mépaule) donne I'echelle (42 em.). Presque tous les points se troavent par les divisions de eehelle (42 em.). Profondeur de Yepaule Terabe or lignes BD, N, D. BOB, 1 /gem, ilegan, DE, sem. Traceligne BE. . Tivem, BB—If, 1/2 échelle, moins 21, (18th), Ha dlrenceentce ts (argear ets pr Mem): ‘échelle (14). P— Xp /3échelie plus # Hac. X—O, E—EE, 1/3 ceinture. O—OO, 1 cm, Is—§, 3/3 Echelle 38). S—T, 1 S.Se) V/s taille (20'/,). Ta—AAC Ia poitrs (47). T=TT, 1/6 échelle (7). £T—U, 1/2 Echelle, pes tem. ‘méme comme le dos 11—I. conse N- x2 Gabel (34). 3—4, 1/2 T—3 (0 has rem. (gta) ae a ease 5, WY Aver oes EE—W, 1/12 échelle (s'/a). Wa—W, 1/2 em. GG de ‘hem. W—Q, 1/5 ceinture (6). GG—GGG, 1/6 échelle (7). Sa—X, 1/2 ceinture moing 1'/s (13%/em.). Pour ealculer In quanlité pour la pine, comme ‘suivant -— La difference entre ta p ct 'échel i a Oe La mioitié de difiérence entre Ja policing et Inceintore w= Sty eon Total me oe 3a em X—CCy alg de te tale pince 10"/—. Tae lee ACC. jem (1a) We centre ene LJ. Va JamK. KK—IKy 1/3 totale pince Ly Peee, ais deine FELL, Geka piace (ph Lubenth 2% an. 11 ee eee eo. A | i. Grune la ligne, RR—SS € Faites ta suite de TTT— ‘Ajoutes + em. pour bouttoniere Ce'modele est’ dessin€ sans coutures, Ten ajouter em eoupant. GILET CROISE. 1 faut | Tous les pointe sont arrangés du méme manitre Gu pate le ilet droit sauf les exceptions qui Sulvent Axde AA, 70m. Juxde Jf, 14), em. Jasxde Jxx, jem. Re de Has, 31/, em. SYSTEM, Tullenllinges 4X em, Werlangerte, 481 ckenbrelte, 1§ em, Ellbogen, ay! Hand, 73 em. Oberwelte, 47 cme ‘elie, 30m,” Gesasim: Schulierweite, 63. Sebul fuel Deel Secret Unter Skala, wvinus 21/5 (18i/3)- ie Halite der Untetschied swischen det Scuulterweite und Sehultertiele(1/, cam,). TOER, tis Skaln. PPAR, 1/5 Stalag mebe 144 em. XO, tilcm. ERE, 1/3 unterweite, 0-00, tem. Ix—S, 3/5 Sleala (23). S—T, 144, em, S—Sxy 1/2 Taillealiinge (a0"/,). Tx—AA ist die Oberwelle (47)- ‘TTT, 1/6 Skala, TT—Uy t/a Skala, mehr Tem, (23), U—Y, gleich als von H—T. Mache Linie V—X. W=1 gleich als N—OO. T—3, 1/12 Skala, mehe 7 om, (4"/.)- YENN, 3/8 Skala (5a), VV ist die Halsweite, EE—W, 1/13 Skala ( Wx-W, F/, cm, Gi M, 2/5 cm. Ay 1/5 unrerwente (6), GG—GGG, 1/6 Ske ( Ss—X, Mallte Unterweite, mehr 241, cm. (13)f) Um auslindig 24 machen wie viel mam mss fi dig Brattumiher nehmen geht tan vor w Der Unierschied rwischen die a, Shale sae g: ame Die Tate von dens Uatercchied Eriechen die least w. Unier- We fis eae = Stem, Gesmmte.. 3 hem, Viertel von dem Gesamimte (161),). em, (83) iem. K ist die Mitte rvischen L—Ju. df K. KK—=K, 1/3 voa dem FPF, 1/12 Skala (3% FF—LL, 2/3 von dem Gesammte (9). KK, Hilfe Jx ante (4 fe em). LLL-NN, at), © Mese Unterweite von EEE. und W=Q, R—V, |J—RK, FFF, wd LE—VV. VV ist die Unterweive, weniger 2 '/, em. (27!),). Mache geschweifte Line R—SS von ky Mache geschweille Cinie TT E—NNN von L, Ua Glee Avion mt hse Zogabe Ir ie ante. ZWEIREIGE WESTE, Ailer die prinktes slid dieselbe Wis éle Weste rrormal aber ewartete die folgend Arvonas pon Jacde Jf, bij es Jaxt de Jug jem.” Ke de Kxx, $!/, em. THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. PATE 4 SINGLE AND DOUBLE BREASTED VESTS. 30 THE “ORDINARY & “Maayar” BLOUSES SYSTEM. Waist feogihy 16 j Width shoulder messure, 338 inches, two Side ength, 72 ochen. "Neck, G2 incher. Bas Ge is gives scale (15). Depth, shoul "13 inches. Front waist, 293 inches. length, 33 Inches, week, 7} inches, Mnder-bast or feont-cut suppression rust be Diffletenee between least (19) an ) = a inches, ‘Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) = 3 sche wwnder-lust suppressiog aa waist line = § inches, re No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this dratt. ” THE ORDINARY BLOUSE. LA BLOUSE ORDINAIRE. | DIE BLOUSE. ., | Mesures: Taille, 4t em- Le emi, 17 em. | Tallenlinge, 4 em. Der Halé 17 ew, Cee ee jem be Ha leh | T Petreure du dos. 15 cm. Da eoule, 391), | Rekenbrelie, 15 em, Ellbogen, 49 ¥ EoD. sainch Dawtioefom Bin e. | ems & bay 75 em me a7 ee! Hand t Hiroe 1th aja scales tock I from HE, 1/2 Ths, sere, jem,” Gegnumass $5 cme dilference' between. sbenidermeavares ‘(13 termite 63. Schulteritey 65 tnehile from By 2/6 aale-—t73 toch hulerwette (2) lett 1 from I, a/s wale, X ftom PP, 1/3 seas, ay 3 SH, 4) ce * 1%) a/a tec DE, las zz) Q above X, 4/2 inch Bone new BE, ND, BEY, 1'/,em, | UI, 1/3 Slsla, mings aj, (08'/,)- | BoDinilley at. DoE, zm, Trice ligne D | M—E ist die Ldlfte die Umierschied eischen cy Senatematerenl Setanta 52 (32 en tous le polos ae trguveat pat les di Vecbelte (42 eto.) Profandear de Vepuale, OO om 0, Halen, Garve She neale (10). T scan 3 "male ve tah er eee SE D_DD. em, BDI 13 & 1 for back waist line. 92 Me (18 4) Phy 3 Saale 13 dnc oem Tey breast messaee (17). ve Bi em, t'em,” E—EE, 1/3 Ua: TE from T, 1/6 ale, Stein since abe oe inl V trom TT, t/a scale, plas 3/8 inch (77/9), S, 2/3 Skala (28). S—T, —Sx, ‘om U, same as Hts Ton baek square line, 42 aillelange (201)) TemAA, int die 1 wwiline V to X. from Vy same as 3 Obewweite (47). TTT, 1/6 Skala fom T, 1713 seale (tj. 4 hota 3, 1/3 3—T- | ( TT=U, 1/2 Skala, mebr tem. (32). UV, Wis continued downwans ftom XX. | THED 20s échelle (2), TT ls lacie Linie V—X. from M, 1/t2acaley poe tf lnc plustem. U=V., 1/t2 Ska! scye, 1, 4, P and O Tinge VO. F méme comme rm. (Habe 5/8 Skala (5 ',). £ MSe ef feale (0g | Tog, tas échelle (a's) 34, 8/2 T—3(0%,). | YY ia de Hateweite, GG te ele Mitt wn MS. “Bidedie Unierseite nite GG—EE, is fixed by neck meant (63). GG is the cenive Carve hile seam GG— : BW aits ema bhe teeta faken on body | Nar aBecbele END, VTA eeasrede coe. ECW, asta GY} MWe 1, em 66 ot lenin deN§, yon Me leew 0.15 0 Formes le dessoue ty squared to the front by points § and Sx, PELW, yiteeieaty. | ote 6 Skala tp). Se— * Jon! Se 1/3 want meanse, less i/aicen,, | Ws—W, tiem, GG de M.2%/gem. imehe 1h che (32 trom 3, 3/40f under-bust foppeesion (54k | _ US ceinture (6). GO—GGG, 116 échelle (3). | Um austidig 2a machen wie tie] mai Rises fr ~{See calculation st top of page.) ‘Sx—NX, 1/2 ceiaiure mains 4" cme (13%, dic Brost-ausnaher uchmen gebt man vor wiz ‘Draw front Hine throwgh AA and JJ, | Pose edtener Ta genie pour la piace évmme | folgend Wetste foot B ta Nat back neck. vant = Der Uatersched awisehen die ce ths amowat at V sod weaseto CC the | a. sitrenes nie apis Trust. Shi ae = 5 om ‘ont waist length (191). etl'gehelle i Die Hallie von dem Uster- 1 2 frou waistline fet Sx: to CC. La mclié se diddrence'eatre ” ‘chied awitchen dic Brust bm EE, 1/3 didcrence between breast | la poltine et Ineeiniure o Unterweles oe ae oe Siem wait. ~ Kom SC, afncn Ie frm Je since, Toll... 13 "em. Getammimte an vee 33h etm from OO, 3 inches. | Sex above S; 1/3 seh.) X—CC, 314 de totale pince 10°, N—CC, drei Viertel von dem Gesamm tue as standard syle, Ata pane Gonamesem,| caeitee ee ii ose vn Ban THE “MAGYAR” BLOUSE. ot places |e totale & V, et meiurez & CC ‘nach die Hals und placiett der Gange zu V sean BEN De Boe DB eatiaeh. | otis dete aa devant (G0 cm) tad mete en CC, TalleatRage de Forde see (sineh- | Tice Ta Uigne de mille do Se 2 CC. NW | eile (0 em), Zelehge die Ta lenin, Sx . mt EE, 1/3 diffévence entre poitvine ctecintare. | mu CC, VV-von 13 de Unierschied, ftom BB, 1/3 scale, 1 Jeane sen ee aoe Tice Oberweie und Unterweite. Jx. von CC, | AA de 00,71, cm. Sax au-demus S, 1 em. soa Jsx de Je 7/4 cm. “WA de 00, | LA Maxctlt comme ordinaire. jem: Sxx ober S, ~ from B10 peal, est] inch ” in Anata gleich als die Stammgns, Srom BU 116 scale, le ta ie LA BLOUSE “MAGYAR,” eee oar ia heck, Jens 1/2 inch. reles lignes BB,N,D. Bde BD, 1 em. _ DIE BLOUSE “MAGYAR.” TFeasure from 3 through B, longueue d same A de Ih, ety BM, Ny D, Ik von BE + em, ‘Beck mieavire (64/). be tfom B,J inehec | 1/2, échelle moins 2 T de Hf, 1/3 ‘om. Tl von BB, ‘from N, giechen AA teom ¥¥, 7 inches | dienes entre les metres des goaules(t/).| — Shala wenip Tyan Eh a/2 Unter 3 from Ix, seule 15, less 2!) inches, N de B, 116 éebeile, moins t/,em, Bx de| schied dew Sehuiteen (tj). -N von By 1/6 $ from Bs on doe line, breast measure, plas |" TI, 1.6 ghee mol de Bs, | Skala wenizer 1%, cm. ‘Bx von BB, 1/6 11 inches (28). 1/2 de cou sem. | Memre de B pat . NN von Be, 1/3 Ts from YY, rame length as back, B—D, N,NNVAYY iene 7 Txdew, 18 em, "x from E, 1/3 seale, plas inch, GG ue N, a3em. AA de VY, 18 e N rw VY dic Maly, 17 rom D, 1/2 waist, plus 14, inches ( J, | 6G de ik, lelle Sole sem, AA de2x,| “ems Tevon Sem GG va Mater -wA, same length as back, B to E. ‘2 tom from O to DD as diagram, e_width at bottom of forepart by taking ip measure less t HY, inches (181 (6 hip measure less 1/2 inch (2 ys fOinches. G from E, always ‘Carve hip line from F to G, he hip measure, plus 3 inebes (23). 1/4 eust measure. Pfrom O's inch. | vine is 4/4 walat measare, © E, 1/4 waist. K from S is 1 inch, ic Ry 1/4 walst measure, fOm/IH, 2 inches more than O to As ree onune E, tom E, 18 1 inchs as ding me 2 from measure ( C, and LE, to Je Hioj. 34 ine! inches more than E to S. isoinches). inches}. To form Corselet. 6 tine is 3 inches above A E tines ine, © 2,1/2 more than A to ° xt ord, 1/2 veh more than P to Le inch. oun J0, 13 inch more than M to Re inch. ‘6 from 7, /2 inchs 20% Tastructions for Drafting. MEASUREMENTS? tr inches. Hips [}-inch seams are allowed for on drafts.] | LA BLOUSE “ MAGYAR.” Les mesares: manche de eon ‘parsdesus ep Trace les lignes A, G, D. a B, 5 em. E, A ocash Er u6 prise, ‘Trace Hgne PB redia €2 He potatos am AA juqu’a DD, méme comme B—E, Tice ligne DDO. 1 jusqul 3, 2"), em. LA JUPE PANNEAU. 9 cm A, D, HT. F ja A jan © jusqu’d P, 24/4 cme jusqu'h L, 1/4 eeinture, E junqula S; 1/¢ ceintures s Ratvem. wh Ty 2 exe comme S jusqu'd E et 7" UU jusqu’a U, 24) 2D, Gas. cm. J jusqu’d_U, den cm, Courbe lignes A=, et L—Es Gourbe ls ligne de | 26 est 7p cm, ade t ext 1!/,em, 3 de 2, molié plus que AA Ly de Seem $ de 4; motié plus que Pi Le Tode 5 at tem. oie plas que M i R. aeinches, Neck, 6) inches. back, 39 inches, LOUSE “MAGYAR.” a4oH/y em, Oberwelt 28 em. Lange den der Schulten, 51 1, em. Linien A, G,D. A'von B, § em Mel z ‘A von Cy 1/2 Oberwelte mehr 3 em. B von Dy Tallentange (40). D toa By 2 vem, Blache Linis BE. Mache Liole C—Ik. A von F) 1/6 Oberwelte. Mache Linke F—3. F von G, 4/6 Oberwelte. G von Hi, 2!jpem. Mache Linke F—L. F von I, Lange der Armel, L latin Winkel geaogen vos IK. Ton [, rem." Mache Linie L—Ke Lvon M, 1/, em. E von Ny 1/2 Unterweite mebr 2 fs em: Mache Lieien K— K von P, 3 em © von Ny tem. orden Fwd mumachen sce den Rucher ‘nit die Linien wogen. ‘AL ist die Maleweite, 17 cm, CC von C, 7. em. Mache Litien AA~CC—DD, ‘AA yon DD, lech als BBs Mache Lisie DD—O. 7 von 2, 2'j, cm. DER ZWICKELSCHOSS- Rock. Hoftenwelte Mase: Unierweite, 28 cm. 4) ce en. ithe Lina, &, Dy He Thon A, Getisamass sod 21), em. Con Hist 3 em. a Devon A ist Gesdissmans, weniger 3"/sem E von D, 1/6 Gesamte, weniger 1/4 cm F von A immer 35 em von, ne 24 em Ziebe Linie, F nach G. Given Fit Gevassmass und $y 4s Avon O, ¥/a Unterweite. ron Pf, ew P von Ly 1/4 Unieeweite, Evon §,t/4 Unterweite | $00, 24} cm. Rvon M, 3/4 Usterweite, Hi yen T, gleich als AO und § cm T von TT, 2 em. iw, U, gleich als S@E wed T'/r ean | WU von’, 2, em. | Liebe Linie E, D, G, nach J. ¥ von E, cu Mass. Hi von A, nw Mas. Ziebe Linien A—C und L—E. Ziehe Linie, von Hi nach J. Fur Corselet Machen if fron 3 it vem. Syn ds habe ecb ol Paul io won § ist 1, cm. ‘won 10, 1%/¢ cm rae als M av! 1, Ste gest rijccm, Gde7 est 1 |), em won gist tf, em. 6 von 7 ist 1 THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. PLATE 6—NEW STYLE BLOUSE AND SKIRT. ‘Waist length, 16 inches, Across back, 53 inches. Width shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). excess, Side length, 73 inche: ‘ength, 23 inches. Measurements ¢ Height of neck, 7} inches. _der bust, oF froat-cut suppression, must be calculated in the following way :— Stanparp JacKET SYSTEM. Full length, 27 inch Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. To elbow, 1 inches. Waist, 21 inches. Hips, 20 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 23} inches, gives 1 inch ‘Neck, 6{ inches. Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 193 inches. Front ‘Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) ... = 2 inches. Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) = 3 inches. Total under bust suppression on waist line CLOSE JACKET SYSTEM. ra1_Ines, BB, Ny D. B from BB, 1/2 inch. from 1, waist length 16. E from 1, 3/4 inch. raw line fom Bto E- DD from B, 27 Inches, fe \ BB, 1/2 scale, less inch fre_H,,t/2 dilference between * width and Tepth™ shoulder measures (1/2 1/6 seale—1/2 ined. Pom I, 1/3 scale. pi a/ziod above X, 1/ain, XX from O, 1/r3 seale,plas 1/4. E from B, t/t2 waist measure (7/8). Curve sea XXEE, EEE from Ex, 1/12 hip C9 10_im 0, t/ginch, Carve B—N and N00. from Tx, 2/3 scale (10). Tfrom S, 1/3 inch, x from S, 1/2 walt length, oF to mensare, hie line Sx to E for back walst line, om Ss sine ms S10 Se \A_pim In breast measure (1 Seo. Ty ae teaie. U from TT, 1/2 seale, pion et (7d + PAG, same as HH to T on back square line. X from PP, 1/3 scales on Tine'V to X. 1 from V mame os N00, fr_yT, s/sascale(t') pistes pues Aircontinved downwards fiom XX. from M, faa scale plo ie inc, from EX, t]4 inch. Curve seye ty 4y XX, Ps from Vy 1/8 seals (1's) YY ds Sxed’ by K messure as taken on body (62). \Worom EE, 1/12 scale. Sure side sea W, and EEE. oo Wy 15 Goro EEE: hip, Hess Se line GG, Sostencs BE acaem Qe sic Se VR, Saline 00S, teats Vs rom QQ, 1/6 hip. (3%) tK same 15 EEE—(Q. 2 squared to the front by points $ and Sx. cs a mai mn, eR [Crom X, 3/4 of wader bust suppression (3%). (Gee caictiation at top of page.) DF feont line through AA, CC, and CCC. M__iare from B to N at back neck (2 inches). Pi_s this amount at V on fore st mask J at the bast depth, as taken on Couto to} ibe font wee length (S94 Dw front Waist line from JJ to Sx.” Cx from 3G, 3/4 neh. om J. 4 breast plas fa inch (gl Teteom J, 1/4 Kis centre of KK from JJ, 1/2 of Jx to KF from Ex. 13 the onder bost sapprestion (oxy 1 1 wlines K, KK, RR, and K, F, F F ‘from F, 1/12 waist measure (7/8). Line “om FF. Liv from EP, twice the distance from F— from Cx, same ws K to Fx. Cutve 1, LL, x from VV, always 2 inches, Yo asee up waist, EEE, WHQ, and R—V. face this amount at JJ’ and mark from JJ _.KK, Ft FF, and LL to VV, the waist meatare (11), Bess ¥ inch ( JAQUETTE AJUSTEE DES DAMES Mensres: Taille, 41 em. Longseur de Ia mode, Gocm, Ecarrure di dos, 25 em. Da coude, pig em, A tat 75 em.” Poltine, 47 em. ‘intare, 30 cm, Hassiny $5 cm. Largear de Tépasley 63 em. (2/3 de Ia tangent ie Tépaule) donne leenele (4a tm). Preag {ous les points se trouvent par les divisions de Vechelle’ (42 em) Profondeur de lépale, oSyscm. Trace les lignes BB, N, D. BE—B, 1 B—Duille, 41, D—E, 20m. Trace i B—DD,74j,em. BE—H, 1/2 éehel ath (18% HAE, 1/2 sifférenee entre ta faygeur et In pre rr (tMgems)e IEP, Daly ale | tia PALX, 1/3 échelle, plas 1i/sem. X—O, 14), em. OOKK, ifta teal pla cm (ib E~ EE, Sem. Ex—EEE, 1/t2 bassin. 009, Teme Tn—8 a3 dahele a8), xe BE. cine ‘S—Sxq 1]2 taille (20%e). Sx—Sxx,méme comme ‘S—Sx. Ts—AA, la poitrine 47). T=TT, 1/6 cehelle (7 TI—U, t/a échelle, plus fem, U—V, méme comme Ie dos H—I. Trace a Bae rgrarg eee $2 Galle Sti. 34, 3/3 TOs. MB ths Sebel plow cm. (4th XE YONN, 1/8 Echelle (51/), V¥A mesure du cow, EE—W, 112 échelle (34), Ex-—We, sem, W—Q, is ceintare (6), EEE—Q0, 1/3 bassin Ins 31/, em, G—GG, 116 échelle (7). ec=ecc, 1/6 échelle (7). Q—R, a/2 EE (om lade 'sceimtare (6) QO RAR 1s basin RERVWV, meme comme EEL~00. XX, 1/2 ccinture moins 1 '), 3a ema oat ener Ta quant er is pine, comme La alcrence entre ta pittine et échelle = = 5 om tie de difdence entre etlaceintoe ww = Siycm, | Total ve 334/sem Trace j4_ de totale pince 10% sce e cory eve J]Ss. : Saag en HiKK, a2 JK. KRE—K, 1/3 totale pice is FOFF, jt ccinture, -FF—LL 3/3, totale oh" (9) Cx—RR, méme comme K—Ix. RSS, tméme comme KK—F. SS—TTT, 1/3 bass TIT-NNN, 1"), cm, tovjours, M tte eainury BEE, WG, Faites la sake de TIT—NNN Vx jrqu'd Vet VV ext g em. Ajouter 1 em. pour boutonniéne, Ge modéte ent desing ware costores, les sjouter en eoupant, Ti fant inches. {No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. SACCO FUR DAMES, Tallenlinge, at em. Vetingerte, fe. Ruckenbrelte, 15 Eibygen, cm, Hand, 75 em. “Oberweite, qgrem. Unter: weite, 3o.em, Gesiivamas Schulterweite, 63. Sehulterticie, 65 wel Drittel Schulterweite (42) glebt Mache Linien BB, N,D. BE—B, BoD, faillelioge, st. D—Ey2 cas Mache Lins BE. BD ath cm, BB—H,1/2 Skala, weniger 2'/, HT i le He des Daterichiedssrecton dor ‘Schulterveite und Sebultertiefe (11/,em:). IEPs apg Shnla PPX, 1g Sale mb!) cme ; fem. O—NX, 1/12 Siala, mehr 1 em, 4 E=EE, afem. Ex—EEE, 1/12 Gecissmas. 0—GO, tem. _Ix—S, 2/3 Stal (20) ST, 1ijjem. Sx—Sex pleich als S—Se. S— Sx, 1/2 Taillenlinge (20). In AA ist die Oberweite (4 TEE AiG Sala, TT, fs Staley sebe 1 em, (22). ich als von IT: Mache Linie VX. V Beale Tens. WENN, 1/8 Skate (54) YY iat de Haleweti 1/12 Skala (;1)). Ex—WWx, 3 em. 1/5 Unterweite (6). EEE—Q0, 1/3 Celera tome Me G08, He GE GE sJesvatet7), —1 Hag EE W, R—V ist 1/5 Unterweite (6.em.). QQ- TS Geakcmnin RRR CNW glee als BEE a. Ss—3, Hae Uaterwaie, mehr fem (346) Um atsfindig ea machen wie viel man muss. fir Bist-aaniber webmes geht man vor wie folgend = Der Unesachled sitchen dla Brest u, Skala. Som Die Halite vondemUnterschied switehen die Brost w. Unter- a Wee wee eae Gesamte on N—OC, drei Viertel von dem Gesammte (10 Mache Linie, AA—CC, LK Linie 24/: em, unter Linie IAA. CC-3J, sem. Mache Linie JJ—Sx. CCC= Cs acm, JL, 1g Oberweite, mehr 14), cm. (tz). J= Js) 1 cm, Kiet die Mitte zwischen L—]x. KK—K, 1/5 von dem la (3%abe FF—LL, 2/3 vee dem Gesammte (0). CxSRR, gleich als KK—F. SS—TTT, NNN, 11cm. Unterweite von E—E! eich ws a TT In dieser Auisiellung ist keine Zogabe fr die Nab + THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM, ro nrncr pack STRATGHT-FRONT JACKET. 42 THe “SEMI-Sac” JACKET. Waist length, 16 inches. = Across back, s$ inches. Ww excess. Full length, 37 inches. To elbow, 18 inches. th shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale Side length, § inches, Neck, 6{ inches. ‘Uoder-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following MeasureMesTs ¢ Difference between breast (17) und scale (15) ~~. Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) ‘Total under-bust suppression on waist line Continued to hand, 28 inches. | Waist, 12 inches, (25). Depth shoulder measure, 23} inches, gives 1 inch Bust depth, 23 inches. ay — = a inches. = 3 inches, Breast, 17 inches. Hips, 20 inches. Front waist, 19} inches, ve = 5 inches, te No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. _ "SBMI-SAC” JACKET SYSTEM. Draw lines, BB, ND, Ex. B from BB, 1/2 inch, 5 from B, waist kngih 16, E from D, x inch. Draw Hine from B to Bx. 1 from BB, 1/2 seale, less 1 inch (64/)- T from H, 1/2 diflrence between ‘width and segepih " abosldes measures (x/2 neh), N {om B 1/6:seale, ess t/ainch (2 inches). + fom Tet seals from Py 1/3 seal, plat Aachen. Mt i squared down from Xe O above X, 1/2 inch. 00 from O, 1/4 inch. rve B—N and N—OO. jMrom Ix, 2/3 seale (10). T from’, 1/2 inch. ~Se fom 12 wast length, o€ to measure (8). ‘Draw line Sx to D for back waist line, ux from $x, sume as S10 Sx, Square hip line, Be cce, AA from Ix, breast measure (17). TT from T, 1/6 scale. U from TT, 1/2 scale, plas 3/8 ch ("hl «from Uy ame as H to Tom back sguae line, Denwline'V to X-_ 1 from V,sameas N—OO. —ghom T, 1/12 seale(1 a). 4 from 3 t/a0f 3-T. P from M, 1/12 scale, plus 1/4 inch, GG from ‘M, 1/6 scale, plus 1/2 inch. Serve aye fy 4y and P and OO, XXX, P, gine sent me oon Ea iy hip menu Yess 3/2 Ge oem Fei nebanh MQ. and 00. fram aoe fom 13 0 Tras GO. tf bp es 1/3 to VV fom Bk same a from Ex 10 09. a fen Ce AU tom Fea neh, ‘Vx from VVV, ainches. Curve GG, VV, and Vs- NN from V, 1/8 scale (1%) VV is fixed by Heel meavare as taken on Body (4 OC is squared to the front by points S and Sx. ‘from Se a walt meacore, less 12 leh, GC from X, 3/4 of wnder-bust suppreasion (3%/)- (See caleulation at top of page.) ‘Draw font tine through AA, CC, and COC Measure from B to N at back neck (2 inches}. Place this amount at V on ane and mark ‘at the bust depth, as taken on body (13) q Cominge to }} rhe font waist length wr ont ait ine from J 10 Sx we om Je ale beeats plas 1 eh (3! Te from J’ 4/4 4neb. FF fron’ JJ. inch bess than Jato Le Ter oat CCCs same tr} to FE EL tor Feder a spp aon (3 ESS Gere TR at FE GILES pit inn DEMI-SAC POUR DAME. 1 cm. Langueur & la mode, we du dos, 15.em. Dit coude, bas 75 cm " Poittiney 47 em. ry je em: Buy 55.20, Largeur de T'épaule, 63 cm. (3/3 de la largear deT'épaule) donne I'échelle (42 em.). Presque tous les points se trouvent. par Ics divisions de {Tehelte’ (42 em.) Profondeur de I'épaule, 651), om. ‘Trace les lignes BE, N, D, Ex, BB—B, 11), em. BOD leat. EDD, aipem. ‘Thee tiene BIDD, 9p em. IH, 1/2 cele, moins G84, Base aauaee Se be tone oi r (1 gcmie)e 1—Pya/3 échelle (r4h- PAX, 1/3 échelle, plos 1",em. OO—O, 1/,em, O—NAK, 1/12 échelle, pls £ cine (4 /)- Ix—S, a]3 échelle (28), S—T, 1), ‘S—Sx, 1/2 taille 2019) Sx. Is— Ad, Iapoitrine (47). 1/6 &helle (7). TT=W, 1/a échelle, tem. meme comme le dos H—1. Trace VX, V—1 méme comme . 2 échelle (34a). 34, 8/2 T=3. (170. 2 échelle, plus bem. (4a). GG jusqa’h ‘plus 1 cm, échelle. 1/3 eeinture. ; 1g assin moins a/, cm: Tree igor A, Q, QQ. =H, Hf, cm, RF, 1/3 ceintures Ri bai melon em, RER—VVV, meme comme Ex—QO. Trace ligne GG, F, VWV. YNNs 1/8 échelle (5%)., YY. 1a mesure du cow, §, Sx et'CC forme wn carne. Se—N, 1/2 ceinture rmoing 1s (13cm): Pour ealesler Ia suppression des pinees, faites comme il suit — La diffrence entre la poitrine ‘ee échelle : La moitie de diflévence entre Tn poitrine et la ceinture Total 13%/aems X—CC, 3/4 de totale pince 204 ligne 'AA—CC, CCC, 1}, ligne 2!), em., dessous ligne Ix—AA. Go, [Brace Tracelign [JSPs tem . 1/4 paitrine, plus 24/5 em. (14 gh meme Jx-Ly moins 3 scx CC—TTT, méme cotwme Jj —FF. totale pince (6/4 em.) méme FF—-LL, plas 2l/s em. Ce modéle est desing sana coutures, Il faut 1 ‘sjouier en cospant. Trace HALBLOOSE DAMEN JAQUETI. Taillenlinge, qt em. — Verlingerte, 69 cx ‘Ruckenireite, 15 em. Elbogens 4g%ia. cx Hand, 7g em. Oberweite, 47 em. Unter weite, 30m, Gesissimass, 55 om, Schalterweite, 63. Schultertile, 65 ‘Zwei Drittel Schulterweite (63) gicbt * Skala.” (qa; Mache Linien BB, N, D, Ex. BB—I, 1, em. B_D, Taillenlinge, 41. E—DD, 2!/eem, Mache Linie B—E. B—DD, 93!jgem. BB—H, 1/2 Skala, wenizer hen se Schulterweite und Schultertiefe (1 IP, 13Shala, PX, 13 Shales nee ‘ee, 00-0, 1),,em. O—XXX, tfta Skala, mebe Tem In—S, 2/5 Slenln (28), S—T, 1iccm, S—Sx, 1/2 Taillenlinge (204 itawe a Ts AA int fie Oberweite (47) Trt, és ‘Skala, TT—U, 1/2 Sleals, mebe 1 em. (22), VV, gleich als voo HI. Mache Linie V—X. | V—t gleich als N—OO a/1a Skala, 3—4, 3/2 (Male 1/12 Skala mebr tem. (4 fi GG von Bf, £/6 Skalay mebr i EQ. 1/3 Unterweite. Ex--Q0, 1/3 Gesissmass minus 1), em Macks Lisie M, Q, Q=K, Ui em, 3 Gesssmass, QO—RRE, 1/6 Gesdssmass, minas t 1, em. RRR ich als Ex—Q0, | Mache Y Y—NN, 18 Skala (5%). YY ist die Halewer S, Sx und CC, liegen im einem Dreiecie, xX, Haifte Unterweite, mebr 1/4 ci: ( Um assfindig a machen wie viel man ims ie Beust-ausnaher nehmen geht man ver | folgend Der Untersehied rwischen die Brust w. Skala wes ‘Die Hulifte von dew awisehen die Brust. Unter. ede eee Oem Geumme 13 em X—CC, feet Viertel von dem Gesamte (39° Mache Linke, Ae, COC, TK Line 21} em, enter Linie GGnjhzem, Bache Liste JJ—Su } Foie hems, mabe 0 |—FF, gleich se Jub, minus 2) om vee plate a ioe FFOLL, 1 ton dem Gemmmic TITCNNS plese ae FFLL, tet 3th e= | JodieaerAvittungist keine Zogube fr die Me « S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. THORNTON fj THE “Sac” JACKET. ‘Waist length, 16 inches. Full length, 37 inches, ‘Across back, st inches. To elbow, 18 inches. jer shoulder measure, 224 inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). Side length, 7} inches. Neck, 62 inches. excess. Nngth, 23 inches. Height of neck, 7] inches. vaist, and “seale.”) auet-bust or fromt-cut sup} sion must be calculated in the following way Jifference between breast (17) and scale (15) Half difference between breast (17) and waist (22) = 3 ‘Total under-bust suppression on waist line MrasuaeMents i Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, r [li very loose style is desired, add from 1 to 2 inches at breast, Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. Waist, rx inches. Hips, 20 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 23} inches, gives 1 inch inches. Front f- No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. “sAC" JACKET SYSTEM. lines, BB, ND. B from BB, 1/2 inche a, waist Iength 16. DD from D, 3/4 inch 1 "from Bthrovgh DD to bottom of back - m BB, t/a scale, less ¥ inch, 2", 4a. diflerence between * width ("shoulder ‘measures (142. inch) 1 1[6xcaley leas 3/3 inch (2 inches). roms 1, 1/3 scale. X from PP, 1/3 sealey # 1/2 inch (5¥/s inches). > %, t/ain, XX from O, sfx2 scaleyplon 2/4. a4 144 inch, 0) t{giach. Carve B—N and N—OO. im Ts, 2/3 scale (10). T from S, 1/2 inch. com S, 1/3 waist length, ot to measure, +e Sx toD for back waist line, 4 Sx, same as Sto Sx. iy breast meavare (17). liom T, 2/6 scale. U from TT, 1/2 scale, ar Bineh (7 J, same ax HH to Ton back square Hine. ¥_eV toX. 1 from V, same as N—OO, wT, 1/tascale(t 0. 4 from 3, 1/20f 3—T- continued downwards from XX. P from M, £ eale, plas 1/4 inch, GG from M, 1/12 sayuated dows from G, from G is 1% ined, 1x from G i also 1% inch, ss 9es downwards through Gxx and Gxxx. squared to the front from Sex. ‘eye tay and PP. ‘rom V, 1/8 seale (14/9). ¥Y is fixed by < measire as taken on body (6%) i jared to the front by points S and Sx. coer, 1/3 waist measste, less 1/2 inch. from X, 314 of under bast sy 3% ‘t> calculation at top of page, + ont line through AA, CC, and CCC. 2 2from B to N at back neck (2 inches). ‘ethis amount at V on forepart and mark J the bust depth, as takes on body (13)- 1 te t0.J} the front waist Length (15%). font waist line from JJ to Sx. ont Jy a/4 breast, plas 1 inch (40), and rom Jz 3/4 inch. from J] ® inch tess than Jx to Le, 1 ofm CEC, same as Jx to Le m FF, 1, under best suppression (at/a). from TTT, as FF w LL, plas 1 inch JAQUETTE SAC POUR DAME. Mevores : Taille, 42 em. Loogueut A la mode, Soem. Ecarfure du dos, 15 cm. Du conde, fg em., du bas 75 em. Poitine, 47 em Largest Se Papen 65 cr (fs de a arg f de Pepa, 63 em. (3/3 de Tépaate) donne V'éehelle (42 em.). Presque ‘ious lex polais se trowvent par les divisions de Teele as em) Frosdew de Vleet ‘Trace les lignes BB, N, D. BE—B, 1 '/¢ cm BEDialles 48s DDE, sem. Thaetigoe B—DD, 3, échelle, moins 24 (HSH). H—I) t/a silférence entre ta Jergeur et In prov 4). (ioem. | IPE, 9 él PP=X, 1/3 échelle, plas 1 fgcm. X—O, « O—KK, s]ra échelle, plas Tem. (44). Ix jusqu'a T, 1 om, 08h Beas eS, af ble a6), S— oe eens 204 ats tsdme comme mk, 6 (47). 6 hele hr TEU, 1/2 échelle en. wEY, meme comme le dor H—I. Tae Ve VoL me comme N00. Tog t/ia échelle (th. 34, 3/2 T—3. (9. HB dita Rtetesbies de (Ug. GO jose M, 4/12 échelle. galt ae. Grx janqa’d G et 3M/sem, ‘Groce forgo’ G ent nama $y em. Ge, Side Se forme weer YR, 1/8 dchelle (514). VV la mesure di cou. 8x et CC, forme un ean, Sx— ait La différence entre la poitrine eclbcbelle ae La moitié de diférence entre Ta poittine et la ceintare ae = x. totale gi vpraete wee ve iz AA Eee" tndehaee ee Fry if pine pi 2Yneme (i ITs Ugh F mts Ja-Le roinn stom CC—TTT, midme comme Jx— FF—LL, tj totale pince (6% TTT NNN méme FF—-LL, pl Ce modéle est dessiné sans coutures, ‘outer en coupant, X, 1/2 ceintore | DAMEN SAK JAKETT. at cm. Vetlingerte, 69 em. mite, 1g em. Elbapen, 49!/y em Huot gs ox. Dierecus, rem"? Guten weite, 30:cm- ast, $5 em. Schalterweite, 63. Sebultertiel@, 65 My. Zee Datel Sebulterwite (42) it Skala.” Mache Liniea BB, ND, BB—B, 1"), om. B—D, Tailleolinge, Linie B—DD. BIDD, g3!acm BB—H, t/+ Shale, weniger ah (18). HI ist die Hate des Unterschieds ewischen der Schulterweite vnd Schultertife ( % 1—PP, 1/3 Skala, PPX, 1/3 Skala, mebe t!/,em. 5 sccm OSs i mo Ix von 1, rem. 0-00, 1 om, Ix—S, 2/3 Skala (28). STi tikem, Sede ge at $—8s. ‘Tailiealioge (20) va ldge (20 "/) Do AA int die te 9). TIT, 1/6 Skala, TT—U, 1/2 Skala, meh 2 Flick at wa HI. u=v, Mache Linie VX. V—t gleich aT wie Tay, 1/12 Seale, 3—4, 1) MF, s[t2 Skala mehr 1 em. (4A) GG von M, 1/13 Skala. Gx und G liepen in einem D retecke, Gx ¥00 G, 3% em. Gass von G31 em CEC, Sex usd’ St, legen in einem Dreiecke YoNN, 1/8 Skala (54), VV it die Habowcit §, Sx und CC, liegen in einem Dreiecke. X, Haifie Usterwelte, mehr 1) Use asssidig eu machen wie viel (ie Beaetamniber nebmen geht aan vor Der Unterschied awischen Brest, Skala yn ons Ow Die Hillte vondemUnterchied rischen die Brost s, Unter- we as ae Gesamte 3 X—CC, drei Viertel von dem Gesammte (10' Mache Linie, AA—CC, L—=K Linie 2"), em., unter Linie I—AA. Linie JJ—Sx. ‘om. (14%). als Ja—L, minus 1), cm. jeich als Jn—Le leven dem Gesamte (6) TTT—NNN gleich als FF—LL, whe 2, cn Ta dieser Aulstelluagist keine Zogats fir die \ THORNTON’S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. PLATE 10.—THE SACZJACKET. Ww: is dest L lerebusty suk suppression, mest a tength, 16 inches. Full leogil, 343 inches. a rons back, 5} inches. To elbow, 1 Width shoulder menscre, 225 inches, iwo-thirds gives scale (15), ke fiche, “To dei ig inghe, | Heat was , ad from 1 to 2 inches at breast, wait, an be calculated in the following way-1— Difference between breast (07) and scale (15) Shad Mmastrements : | Continued to | OWaine Derk neal si ch shoolder measate, 234 I iby nen Font lengthy inde scale") Lapy's Fur-TrimmeD JACKET. Deca, 17 inch ch exces Shie leocth, gives 1 Bisight of neck, 73 ineber. [If very inches aiyle 2 inches, E ‘Half differenee between breast (17) and waist (11) = 3 inches, ‘Totel snder-bust suppression on waist line +. = Finches. fe No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this drafts ~ FUR JACKET SYSTEM. ‘a ‘ines, BB, N,D, Bi from BB, 1/zinch. fr \B, waist length 16. DD from D, 3/4 inch. saw-tine from B throughs DD to bottom of back GEN. { 0 BB, 1/2 seale, less 1 inch, 1 Hi12 difference becween “width” and sboulder measaves (3/2 inch). 16 scale, lesa 1/2 inch (z inches). £ om I, af3 scale, X from TR, 1/3 sale, 1 1 ala toch (5'/)- weove X, 1/2 inch. XX from O, 1/12 seale, plas 4. a’ mL, ifg inch. Xam, a/4inch, Carve B—N and N00. tuum Ix, 2/3 scale (10}- T from S, 1/2 inch. x from S, 1/2 waist length, or to measure, Tine Sx to D for back waist line, a from Sx, same as S to Sx. \ATrom Ix, breast measare (17), PT from T, 3/6 scale. U feom TT, 1/2 scale, as 3/8 inch (7 "a 7 om U, ame as H to Ton back square line, ‘Draw line Vio X. 4 from V, aime as N—OO. ftom Ty 1/12 scale (14.4 from 3, 1/2 of 3—T. ¥ continued downwards from XX. P from M, __12 seale, plas 1/4 inch, GG from M, x/12 ale. Gx is squared down from G. c « ‘Draw line downwards through Gxx and Guia. CCC Is squared to the front from Sxx. (owe acye 1, ¢,and PP, 1_J from V, 1/8 scale (1%jq). VV is fixed by ‘heck measure as taken on body (64) CC is squared to the front by points S and Sx. tom Sx, 1/2 waist measure, leat 1/2 inch. from X, 324 of under-bust suppression (3) (See ealculation at top of page-) Draw front line through AA, CC, asd CCC. sasure from B to N at back neck (3 inch), _ace this amount at V o# fotepart and mark J ‘at the best depth, as tiken on body (13) Continve to J] the front waist length (19 5) caw front waist line from JJ to Sx. fom J, 1/4 breast, plus 1 inch (44+ Ye trom J, 1/4 inch. FF from JJ, 1/2 inch less than Jx to L, TT from CCC, same as Jx to L. LL from FF,"s woder-bus! suppression (ah NNN from TTT, as FF to LL, plas 1 inch (3! Jux from J, 31) inches. Cx trom CCO, 31/7 inches, | Ay jorae SAQUETTE BQupRUReE POUR Mesures: Taille, 48 cm. | Longueur & be mode, $7 em, Eearrure du dot, 15 em, Du eoude, 4o'aem.; du bas 73 em. Poittine, 47 em. ture, 30¢m, Bassin, $5 em. Largeue de T'épaute, 63 em. 2/3 de la largear de Mépaule donne Véchelle (23 em.). Presque tous les poi open par les divisions de Mechelle (42 Profondess de I'epanle; 65 em. ‘Trace les lignes BB, N, D. BBB, 1*/4 cms BD lle, 4 D=DD, nem Teaceigne P— B—DD, 87 em. BB—H, 1/2 échelle, moins 2'/a (18%). H—Ty 1/2 diffrence entre In Jargewr et In pro- “fondeur (2%, com.) T—PP, 1/3 échelle, (14). PP—X, 1/3 &ehelle plus 11/,em. X—O, O—XX, 11a échelle, plas 1 cm. (4b Tx jusqu’a T, 1 em, 0,00, 1 cm. TS, 2/9 delle (8). S— ot S—Sx, 1/ataille (201,). Sx—Sxx, méme comme S—Se. Ix—AA, In poitrine (67) T—IT, 1/6 échelle (7). TT—U, [2 échelle, plas } em, U—V., méme comme le dox HT. ‘Tree VX. Y—1 méme comme N—OO, T=3, 1/12 échelle (3"f)e 3h 1/2 T—3 (1 M—P, 1/az échelle, plas x om. (44)h)- GGjuiqu’d M,a/ie échelle. Gx faire le carré G. Gurx jung’ G est 3"/. em. Gaonx juaqu’a G est aussi */, cms COC, Sax et Sx forme un card. Y—NN, 1/8 échelle (51/,). ¥V¥ la mesate dens. SSx et OC forme un carré. Sx—X, 1/zecinture moins 1/4 (13m) Pour alee 1a supprenin dex pce, faites ‘comme is ‘La différence entre ta potrine et échelle La moitié de ditférence ent la poitrine t Inezinture =. = SY em. Total tt em. X—CO, 3[4 de totale pinee 10, Trace | tigoe AA—CC. LJ, ligne 2), em., dewous ligne IAA. CC, JJ,2em. Trace ligne }J—Sx. J—E, t/q poiteine, plus 2 /s rms 414 Tem. JJ—FF, méone Jx—L, moine 1) em, COC—TTT, mime comme Jx—L. FE—LL, ¥/, totale pince (6"/ em TIT—NNN, méme FF—UL, plo Cee modiile ext dessing sans coutuees. ajouter en eoupat, Jxjusqu’s Jax, 9 em. 9 om wa CCx,0 cm, atfyem. 1 fat les DAMEN FELL-JACKETT- ‘Tailleninge, 4x ems Verlingerie, $7 =m. Riickenbrelte, 15 em. Elbogen, 49s cm. Hand, 7 ea. Oberwete, 47 em. Unter weite, soem, Gesisrmam, 55 em. Sehukerweite, 63. Schlterticfe, 65 Ye Zuei Dritiel Schultcrveste (42) giebt Skala.” en BE, ND. DUE, 2%/gem. D—DD,2em. Mack B-D,T. Linie B—DD. B=DD Sem. BB—I, 1/2 Skala, weniger 2" (3%). H—List die Hiiite dee Unerschleds zwischen der Schulterweite und Schultersiele (1), em). 1—PP, 1/3 Skala. PPX, 1/3 Skala, met O-XX, 1/12Skala, mebr rem. Ix von Ty tem. O—00, 1 em. Ix—S, 2/3 Skala (23). Sx—Sxx gleich als S—Sx. S— Ia—AA ot die Oberwete (47). TTT, 1/6 Skala. IT—U, 1/2 Skala, mete dem, (22). U=V, gleich als von H—I, Mache Linke V—X, V—1 gleich als N—OO. T—3 a/r2 Skala, 3—4 112 T3 (11). M—P, 1/3 Skala mehe 1 em. (4'/)- GG von M, 1/12 Skala, Gx und G liegen in einem Dreieckes Gxx von G, 3" vex von G, 3"). em Sex und Sx, liegen in einem Dreieeke, NN, 2/8 Skala (5%/4). VY ist die Halsweite S, Se und CC, Hiegen in einem Dreiecke. ‘Sx—X, Hilfte Unterweite, mehr 1"); cm, (1 ‘Um ausfindig xu machen wie viel man muss br fie Brat-uusnaher tehmen gent man Wor ww foigend : Dex Unienchied ewischen die Baste. Skala. Sm Die Hulfie von dem Unterschied awischen die Brust w. Unie wee ow 81h em Gesamte ahem | NACE, deel Viertel van dem Getammte (told Mache Linke, AA—CC. LK Linie 21); em., unter Linie IAA. C=JJ,.2 cm. Mache Linte J)-—Sx- JL, ils Oberwette, mebe 11), cm (14%b JHIs, tem. JI—FF gleich als x—L, minas 1 J, em, CCC—TTT, gleich als Ja—L FELL, "a von dem Gesamante (6 TET—NNN gleich ale FF—LL, melir 21 em In dicrer Avltellung ist Keine Zugabe lu ow ‘Nabe, Jx ton Jax; 9 came J] vin Cx, om, ECC vom CCs, g em. THORNTON’S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM on RAN BPE METEN EMR TRIMMER TACKET THE “Over-SHOULDER Seam” JACKET. (Tiiis garment has a senti-pitting waist.) Measurex Waist length, 16 inchese Full length, 37 inches. ‘Across back, 5} inches. To elbow, 18 inches. Width shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). excess, Side length, 8 inches. Neck, 6% inches, Bust depth, 13 inches. Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way :— NTS: Continued to hand, 28 inches, Breast, 17 inches, Waist, 11 inches, Hips, 20 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 233 inches, gives 1 inch Front waist, rg} inches. ifference between breast (r7) and scale (r5) . = 2 inches. Half difference between breast (17) and wa.st (11) = 3 inches. _ Total under-bust suppression on waist line ‘5 inches. Qa No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. ‘OVER-SHOULDER SEAM” SACKET SYSTEM. P-wlines; BB, S, Dy Ex. B from BB, 1/3 inet 1 ais: lengih 16 E from D, 1 inch. 1_wline from B to Ex, Hicom EU, 1/2 teale, less 1 inch (6s I from H,_ 1/2 difference between “width” depth” shoulder measures (1/2. inch). 1/6 ale, exs 1/2 inch (a inches} tom I. 115 sale, X from D, 1/3 scale, plas iyaineh (54/2) Mis squared down from Xs O above X, 1/2 inch. 00 from Q, 1/4 inch. ( ve BON and N—00, £ om Ix, af scale (ro). ‘T from, 1/2 inch. ‘Sx from &, 1/2 waist length, of to measure (8). ‘Draw line’Se to D for back waist line. £ efrom Sx, sumeas Sto Sx. Square bi TTT «_ from Ix, breast measure (17). TF from T, 1/6 scale. U from TT, 1/2 scale, plus 3/8 inch (7"/s)- ‘rom U, same as H to T on buck square line. 1} wwlive V to X. 1 from V, same as N—OO. snr T, 1/12 scale (1). 4 from 3, 1/20 3—T © from M, 1/12 scale, plus, 3/4 inch. GG from Mi 1/6 scale, plus 1/2 inch. rve mye 1,.4,and Pand OO, XXX, P. J from V, 'r/8 scale. YY to measur Mix trom P, 1/4 seale (3%). ‘EE from E, 1/6 waist measu 3E from Ex, 1/5 bip measare, from Py 1/¢ seale. or from ©, 1 inch. Curve line Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. "from EE, 1/2 inch. Q from W, 1/6 waist W from EEE, 1/22 hip, QQ—WW, 15 hip. _=0, 1/2 inch. VR, 1/6 waist, RRR—QQ, 13 hip. VVV-RER, 1/5 hip. GG—M, 1/6 scale. weGG, V, VV. and M, Ry RRR. Vy a/ainch, Va—VUY, 4/12 hip. wire GG, VV, Vx. L from AA, 1/4 scale. FE_JJ, 1/4 less than AA—Tx. ~vqve line through Tx, FF, and TTT. “from FF, 1/3 under-bust suppression (24) from Sx, 1/2 waist measure, less 1/2 inch. CC rom X, 3/4 of under-bust suppression (3%). {Gee ealealation at 107 of mages ‘2 frontline through AA and CC, easure from B to N at back neck (2 inches) jace this amount at V on forepart and mark J ‘at the bust depth, as taken on body (13), “smtinue to J) the front waist length (19 aw tront waist Hine from JJ 00 Se. from J, 1/4 breast, plus 1 inch (4%), A from J. 1/3 foch ned less than J 10 Le tuniier-bust suppression (2Y/. NN ftom TTT, 8 FF to LL, plus 1 ineh (34)) and w rom B SAC A COUTURE AU-DESSUS DE LBPAULE. © 69 em. 49's om, di 5 inary fc iy $5 Largear a Teputie, 63 om. (3/3 de ta larrear TeV paule) Sonne Vechelle (42. om.). Presque tous ibe patnts se trouvent par les divisions Piebelle (42 em). Pvofondest de Vépanle, 65's em. ‘Trace les lignes BE, N, D, Ex. BB—B, 1¥, em. BCD wile 4 EDD, ahem. Trace hese B=DD, 934s em. BB—H, 1/2 échelle, moins athe (18M. HAE, a iférence entre In larger ct Ia Fear (i Sgcauls A Vy 3, Echelle (sf PAX. 1/5 dchelle, plus 13), em. OOO, 1/,em. QO, Uta lies pn tem, fa! Ye ToT Us Gell UV, méme comme le dos H—T. Trace V—X, V—1 mime comme N—OO. Tog, tea blind. 3a. tle Ts. , 1/t2 Gehelle plus tom, (g%/a- GG jase M, it ples 1m eoballe. ie NNV, 1/Sechelle. YY la mesure du cou. Mx—P) 1/4 échelle (104), em.) EEE, 1/6 ceinture. EEE—Ex, 15 bassin (11 em), Mx—P, 1/4 éehelie (10%) em.) Ox—P, 24/2 cm Trace ligne Ox, Mx, BE et BEE. EE, 13),em, Q--W, 1/6 ceinture, AWW—EEE, 1/12 bassin. QQ—WW, 3/5 bassin. R—O, em. V—R, 1/6 ceintare. RRR— 90, r/rz bassin. WWVRRR, 1/5 bass Trace les Tignes (i Wow, tt Tees Teh §,Seet GG—M, 1/6 éehette. A VVV. et Mf, Ry RRR. ‘VV, t/1a bassin, V, Wx, LAA, 1/4 échelie. mime AAT, moisk 1 em. ne Tx, FF, et TTT. forme un earté. moins 1 (134/cem.)s Pour ler Ia suppression des pinces, faites XACC, 3/4 de totale pince ligne AA—CC, CCC. je em., dessous ligne e—AA. cm. Traceligne JJ—Sx. | J—Jxy tom 1/4 poitrine, pls 34 em. (24%) éme comme J}—FF, ie pvce (6M em.) NN méme FF=-LL, plus 24cm. | Ce modéle est desing sans coutaren Tl faut les ‘soster en coupant, Tol, Trace JACKET, MIT VERLEGTER | Serhiinnat | Tabeinge. 48 om Vanes, om ekentrcitey tg em. Elbagen,” 49! sm Hanes 7g ca. “Oberwelts, qyreme” Onier- welt, 30cm, Gesharmas, 55 em, seine." Schabertie 65 ei Dliel Schaiterwel ‘ fiethe icin BOM, Debs Seige B—D, Taillenlinge, 41. E—DD, 2¥/cm. Macht | _ Linie B—E.. | B—DD, 93'; cm. BB—H, 1/2 Skala, weniger ath 8 H—T'ist die Hiatfe des Unterschieds zwischen der ‘Scholierweite und Scholtertele (1"/,em.). 1=P,1/38kah. F—X, 1/3 Skala, mehr t'jverc, GOL0; Ft em. OLNRN, t/t Skala, mehr tem, (ga). LS, 2/3 Skala (28), SOT) tiem. S—Se, tf2 Taillenlinge (201%) ‘Sx—Sxx gleich als S—5x. Te AA it die Oberweite (47). 1r-T, an ‘Skala, TT—U, 1/2 Skala, meby em. (23). U=V, gleich als von HI, Mache Einie VX. V—a gleich als “00 Toy, afta Skala, ja, 1/8 T—3 (1 M—B, a/12 Skala mebe 1 em. (4'/a)- GG von M, 1/6 Skala, mehr 1 cm. NN—V, 1/8 Skala. VY ist die Haleweite Ma—P, ig Sal 19h /sem)- EE—E, 1/6 Unierweite, EE—Ex, 1/5 Geskeamats (11 em.) Mx—P, 4/¢ Skala (20 /a cm.) Ox—P, ati, em. Mache Linie Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. WEE, 1Yj,cm. GQ—W, 1/6 Unierweite, WW—EEE, 1/12 Gesissmas, QQ—WW Gesiisumass. R—Q. Uj,em. V—R, 1/6 UntAoreite. RRR_QO, t/12 Gedeeniass. VOV—RRR 15 us Gesisiman. GG—M 1/6 Skala. VV—V, tem, Vx—VV¥, L—AAL 1/4'Skaln. FF—JJ, §, Sx und CG, lisgen in einem Dreiecke, Ss—X, Haifie Unterweite, mebr 13), em. (13) Um ausiindig su machen wi die Brust-ausnither nehmen geb folgen: Der Unterschied swisehen die Brust Skala cre ae Die Hithe vor demUntersshied ‘wiechen die Brust us Unter X—CC, drei Viertel von dem Gesammie (10% Mache Linie, AA—CC, CCC. L—K Linie 2"); em., unter Linie I-AA. CC=JJ, 20m. Mache Linie JJ—Sx |—| Jal, b/g Oberweltey mehr tl), ex. (1 CCC—TTT, eleie In dieser Aufstellungist keine Zugabelurdir Nw THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. Waist length, 16 inches. ‘Across bacle, 54 inches. excess. Full length, 48 incies. To elbow, 18 inches. | _ Width shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). Side length, 8 inches. (This germext has sen Measunnsents : sitting waist Neck, 6} inches. Bust depth, Under-buist of fromt-eut suppression must be calculated in the following way :— Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) = a Half difference between | Total under-bust suppre: 17) and esis Gr ion on waist line +e THe New “EMPIRE” JACKET. Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. Waist, 11 inches. Hips, 20 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 234 inches, gives 1 inch 13 inches, Front waist, 19} inches. 2 inches. 3 inches. 1g inches. p—- No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. SEW“ pc ie swlines, BB, N,D. Ex. B from BB, 1/2 ineb, from B, was 16. E from Dy t inch. qa ine from B to E. Hi from BB, 1/2 scale, less 1 inch (64))» from Hi, 3/3 diference becween '' width” and “depth” shoulder ‘meavares (1/2 inch), N from I 1/8 acale, less 1/2 inch (2 toches)- -w from 1,313 sale. X from D, 13 seal, Wa inch (54a). M in aquared down from Av above Ky 1/3 inchs OO from 0, 1/4 inchs sarve B—N and N—OO, from Tx, 2)3 scale (10). TfromS, a/ainch. “Sa dove from 5, 1/2 walbt lenge or Yo meavare a “raw line Sx to D for back waist line, vzfoom Sr, anmeatS 10S. Savare hip tins TTT, Draw line E, Ex, DD, to measure. [6 scale. U upwards from TT, 1/2 seale, oie sBinch 7d from U, same as H1 to T on back square line, raw line V 10 X, 1 from V, same as N—OO. ~j from T, 1/12 seale(1'fQ. 4 from 3, half of 3—T. scale, plat 1/4 inch. GG from pilus 4/2 inchs jyand OO, XXX, P, GG to 4. EE from E, 1/6 waist measure. EEE from Ex, 1/5 hip measure, Maxis midway between rx and M. Ox from O, + inch. Cure line Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. W from EE, 1/2 inch. Q from W, 1/6 waist. WW from EEE, 1/12 hip. QQ—WW, 1/5 hips _R—Q, 4/2 inchs V—R, 2/6 waist, RRR—QQ, ais hip. VWW=RRR, 1/5 bi Cure GG, ¥, VVV, and M, Ry RRR: VW—V, a/2inch. -Va—V0V, 4/12 hip, ~ Cove GG, VV, Vs. AA’ from tny breast ‘measure (17). 'J—AA, 1/4 inch. __ X from Sx, 172 waist measure, less 1/2 inch. CCirom X, 3/4 of under-bust suppression (34). (See caicalation a top of page.) ‘Draw frontline throvgh AA and CC. Measere from B to N at back seek (3 inches). Pisce this amount at V on forepmst and mark J ‘the bust depth, as taken on body (13) Continue to JJ the front waist length (19"/,). Draw front waist line from JJ 10 Sx. from J, 1/4 breast (g44). FE fvom J}. 3/4 inch leas than J t0 Le Curve line through Ly FF, and TTT. ~ LL from FF, "/s ander-hust suppression (24), S TTT, as PF eo LL, plas # inch (5%), 1 fram J, 4 inches. 13 from J, 21 inches. Catve front and form rerer as dingrar. _ LE HOUVEAU SAC, DIT“ EMPIRE. Mesures Taille, 43. cx. 130 em, Eearrore dy | satin cm, da bas Caintare, Largenr 4 a5 de T'épaule) donne I'cchelle (42 cm.). Presque tous les polnts +e trouvent par ley divisions dle Véehelle’ (a2 em.). Profondecr de T'épaule, Longueur & la mode, ‘Du conde, 6 bc tignes BE, N, D, Ex, BBB, 11/cem. B=D taille, gt. E—DD, aif; cm. Trace ligne BE. B—DD, 120 cm, BE—H, 1/2 échelle, moins (ie en 1/13 échelle, pln 1 em. (4%/l- ook, eee tes. abel st ee 5 Bez /atalle|antg Seber inde comme S—Se. Ix—AA, lnpoitrine TTR 8 elle Be Th Gi He dale, plus tem, u-¥, aac geegrce Oe H-L Toh ate fa Tas. (e ee eet wd tts dele pl 1 he GO jugs ise ce Maal “WY ia mevate det cu. NN- EEE, 1/6 ceintare. EEE—Ex, 115 basin (tem). Mx est Je cenite entre 1x—M., Ox—O, af em. ‘Trace ligne Ox. Mx, EE et EEE. WEE. 1j,em. ‘Q—W, 1/6 ceintare, WWLEEE, 1/12 baie. QO—WW, 115 baste. R @ "em, V—R, 116 ceinture. “RRR w ae RR, 1/5 bassin, ‘Trace tes lignes VV. et M, Ry RRR. WWW, 21) em, WW, 1/13 bassin. | Trace GG, LJ, tig poking. | siSeet CC ferme un carte. Se—X, t/zecinture “moins £7 (13"/«cm Pour ealcaler th suppression des pinces, faites come le rait = 1a diéence entre la pitine | Met téehelle ©... z Ta moitié de diférence entre a poitrine et la eeinture Total... thet NCC, 5/4 de totale pince tol, Tree ligne’ AA—CC. CC, Jf, 20cm. Traceligne JJ—Sx. J—AA, tem. | J—La 1/4 poitrine (14/0). | FF-I} méme J—L, moins 2 em. Trace ligne L, FF, TTT. | Ge monte est devsiog sans contures 11 fat tee | ‘ajauter en eoupant. “EMPIRE” JACKET MIT VERLEGTER SEITENNAAT, Taillenlinge, 41 em. Verlingente, Ribckenbreite, 15 em. Hi ‘Ober 120 em. ole em, Gnter. $5 a, teticle, 65 1. ‘Zowel Dritcel Schulterweite (65) gictt " Maehe Linien BB, N, D, Ex. BB. B—D, Tailleatings, 41. EDD, 2¥),ca, Mache Lisle BE, BD, 0 cm BB—H1fs Sink selon ath (i H—=T ist die Hilfte des Unterschicds zwischen der chulterweite und Schultertiefe (11), P, 1/3 Skala. Oi orn, [ethos 00—O, 11), em. tjta Skala, mehr Tem. 1s, af Se S—T, them Srey tating a, Se as Ss. rea the Obeewei i ‘TTT, 1/6 Skala, TT—U, s/2 Seals, mebe 1 em, (23). UV, gleich als von HT, Mache Linie V—X. V1 gleich als X00 Tay, 1/13 Sealy 34 Va T—3 ty M—f, 1/12 Skala mebr em. (¢ GG von M, 1/6 Skala, mehr 1 cm, Skala. VV ist die Halewelte EE—E, 1/6 Unterweite. ‘Gesksaaaass Ban Tie Gets VVV-RRK 15 Geissmass. in einem Dreiecke, srweite, weniger Mg em 3% fm avsfindig eu machen wie viel man muss for dhe Bigst-aumiber nehmen gebt an vor 9 Der Unterschied awischen die Brust a Skala cones Sm Die Hilite vondemUnterschied ‘wwischen die Brust u. Unter= Wee oe = Stem Gesammte 13 1am X—CC, drei Viertel von dem Gesamte (10! Mache Linie, AA—CC, CC—JJ,2em. Mache Line) 114 Oberwel ja Sx. Jo AA om Trt. Feu "fs vom deta Gesamte (8) iS neaaae FF=LL, meta 13—J, 7 em. in dieser Aufstellungist keine Zopabe itr die Neo THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM, (This garment has 0 semi. Mason Fall length, 48 inches, Ts Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. To elbow, 18 inches. | ‘Waist, 12 inches, Hips, 20 inches. ~Wiath shoulder measure, 223 inches, two-thirds gives scale (15)- Depth shoulder measure, 234 inches, gives 1 inch excess. Side length, 8 inches. Neck, 6{ inches, Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 19$ inches, Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) Half difference between breast (17) and waist (12) Total under-bust suppression on waist line ‘Waist length, 16 inches. Across back, 54 inches. = 2 inches. = 3 inches. =5 inches. f= No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. NEW “NO-COLLAR” JACKET e: SYSTEM. Draw lites, BE, N, D, Ex Tefrom B, waist length 16. 1 w line from B40 Es se, leas 1 inch (64))- ference between “ width” and depth" shoulder measures (1/2 inch). tom Ti 1/6 scale, less 1/2 inch (2 inches}. 1 tom 1, 1)3 scale. X from D, 3/3 seale, ples “aja iech (5H/g- Mis squared Gown from X. (00 from ©, 1/4 inch, 8 from BB, 1/2 43h. 5 from D, + inch 1 tom Ix, 2/3 scale (10). T rom S, 1/2 inchs Le-down from S, 1/2 waist length, or to measure @ rls lin oD for Back wait ne 1 ¢from Sx, sume as 5 to'Sx. Square hip Hines Ex—TTT. Draw line Ey Ex, DD, tomeature, ‘TT from T, 1/6 scale. U upwards from TT, a/2 scale, plus 3/8 joch (7%f)- ‘yom U, same as H to Ton back square line. aw line V to X. a from V, stmeas N—OO. yom T, 1/32.cale (1¥/a). 4 from 3, half of 3—T. P from M, 1/12 scaley plus 1/4 inch. GG from M, 1/6 scale, plus 1/2 inch, rye scye 4, 4yand OU, XXX, P, GG tog 2 from B, 4/6 waist measure. EEE ftom Es, 1/5 hip measure. Max is midway between 1x and M. inch. x, EE, EEE, WF from EE, 1/3 inch. Q from W, 1/6 waist. WW from EEE, 1/12 hip. QQ—WW, 1/5 hip. “29, 1/2 inch. V—R, 1/6 waist, RRR—QQ, a/ia hip, AIV-RRR, 1/5 Curve GG, V, VWV, and Mf, R, RRK. NV-V, Vx=VVY, 1/12 hip. ave GG, VV, Vx. AA from ax, breast measure (17). "JAA, 1/4 ineh. ‘mearurey less 1/2 foch ‘under-bust suppression (3 ae Seteeaicaita al top ofparsye ‘aw front line through AA and CC. ‘ensure from Bt to Nat back neck (z inches). ‘ince thie mont at V on forepart and mark J ‘the bust depth, as taken on bedy’ (13). ~arinwe to J) the front waist length (1g'ib aw front waist line trom JJ to Sx. a from J. 1/4 beast (41) FF fom JJ. 3/4 ineh less than J to L, ane line through L, FF, and TTT. 1. ftom FF, under-tust suppression (24) __NN from TTT, 28 FF to LL, plus t inch (34) Ts from t inch. 13 from J, FHneh, Goive front snd orm verer as diagram. LE NOUVEAU SAC, SANS COL. Mesores; Taille, 41 em. Longietir & la mode, isoem, Eearrure du dot, 15 em. Du conde, 49% em, da bar 75cm. Poitrine, 47 cm Ceinture, 30 cm, Laargeur de I'épaale, 63 cm. ‘de I'epaule) donne échelle (42 em). tous les points se trouvent. par les échelle’ (42 em.) Profondeur de l'épaule, 65/5 cm, ‘Trace les lignes BB, N, D, Ex. BB—B, 1 /, em. B—D taille, 41. E=DD, 2'jecm. Trace ligne BE. Bassin, §5 em, (2)3 de la largeur Presque BPD, Jap om BU, 1 be, mel HU, 2 tifférence entre We dergeur et Ia a ToD tigeacuele take Dye tfg eclle plus 1%j,cm, 00-0, ORY, Ha échelle, plas t cm, Ix, 2/3 échelle (a8). S—T, 14 Sea alle ot Sx. [x—-AA, lnpoitrine (17) TOAD, 6 dalle G). TEU, fe dhl jas t em. VEN, inéme comme le dos H—1. Has AS vpereora ag NY T3 ta Hie 345 2/2 Tog. (18 MY, a/tasenelle;pls ve. (43/9. GG jaa DM, 16 plus 1 cm, échelle. EEE, 1/6 ceintate, EEE—Ex, 1/5 bassin (11 cm). Mx est le ceoire entre 1x—M. ‘Trace ligne Ox, Mx, EE et EEs WEE, 1, cm, Q—W, 1/6 eel WW_EEE, 1/12 bassin, QQ-—WW, 1/5 tassin. R—Q 1icem. VOR, 1/6 ceinture, RRR— 5, 1/12 bassin, VVV_RRR, 1/5 bansin, Trace les lignes GG, V, VV. et My R, RRR. WV, 1! cre, Va VUV, 1/12 bassin, Tree GG, VV, Vx. LJ, 1/4 poitrine. $, Sx et CC forme un eareé.Sx—X, 1f2 ceinture moins 11), (138, em.). Pour caleuler Ia suppression des pincesy faites ‘comme le suit = La difference entee Ix poitrine (4th. I. et lbchelle aie an = 3 mm La moitie de différence entre ‘a potrine et la cebotore = Shem. Tol 13 Yaem. X—CG, 3/4 de totale pince 104, Trace Tigne'AA—CC. CC,JJ,2em. Traceligne JJ—Sx. J—AA, rem J—Ly Hs poitrine (11 "tas FF—]} méme J—L, moins 2 em. ‘Teace ligne L, FF, TTT. totale pince (64). em.) méme FF LL, plus 2%acm. J 1a—], ap cms | Ce modéle est dessin€ sane coutares, Il faut les njouter en eournant. EINREIHEGES JACKET, OHNE KRAGEN. ‘Taillenliinge, 41 cm, Verlingerte, 120 cm. Ruckentweite, 15 em, agen 4pm. Hand, 75 em Oberweite, 47 em, weite, oem. Gesiitemass, 65 cm. Sehelterwelte, 63. Schulterticle, 65 ‘Zwel Deittel Schulterweite (63) gieht Mache Linien BB, N, D, Ex. BoD, Tailienliinge, Linie B—E. B=DD. Unter. gig om BE—H, 1/2 Skala, weniger tom. ai. Sor lh oes So, tamentoge (04 PT, tilyem. S—-Sx, 1/2 Taillenlinge (20%) ‘Gx__Sxe glech ale S—Sx. ee Ja—AA ist die Oberweite (4: TTT, 16 Skala. TT—U, 1/2 Skala, mehe 1 em. (22). Tay, 1/12 Skala, 3—gy 1/2 T — Bob ire shah eat rem (1 GG von M, 1/6 Skala, mehr t em, EE—E, 1/6 Unterwelte. EE--Er, 1/5 Geslsmags (11 cm,). Max int dle Alte ewischen tM. Ox—P, ah cm Mache Linse Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. WWSEEES ita Ged, Qe j—EEE, 1/12 Gesissmaas, m4 Is S ROG tiger, VR, 16 Unierweite, RRIC-QQ, 11a Geststmas. VVV—RRE 15 Gesemass WV tise. Vx—VWV, 1/12 Gestsemae LJ, he Oberwelte, §, Se.uni CC, liegen in einem Drefecke. oat ‘Halhte Unterweite, weniger 11, cm 13 . findig ru machen wie viel man muse fi fis Braeacaniner neheen geht man vor wi folgend : ; ‘Der Unterschied zwischen die Brust v. Skala a we Som Die Hilite voudemUnterscnied r ewischen die Brust u. Unier- Wee ewe oe am BNp em Gesammte 13)" X—CC, drei Viertel von dem Gesammte (107) Macbe Line, AA—CC. CC—Jj,aem. Mache LinieJJ—Sx. J—AA.1 ce TL. tag Obeeweite (13 "le FF—J, gicieh als ]—L minas 2 em, Mache Linie Ly FF, TTT. FF—LL, if; von dem Geiammte (6%/). TIT—NNN gieichals FF—LL, mehr 2'f, ex Jx—J, tem. 12—J, 2%) em, ‘In dieser Auistellungist keine Zogabe ifirdie Nat THORNTON’S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. iv: Cis x \ fee i length, 16 inches, - Across back, 5} inches. To Width shoulder measure, 223 inches, a {a No seams or turnings-in are allowed for _ NEW “THREE-SEAM” JACKET SYSTEM. — Draw lines, BB, ND, Ex. B from BD, D from B, waist length 16. E from D, Daw line {roe B to E. H from BD, 1/2 scale, leas 3 inch (6!/). irom H, 1/2 ditfercace between“ widih" and depth” shoulder measures (1/2 inch). N from B 1/6 seale, les 1/2 neh (2 inches). — D from 1, 4/3 seale. X from D, 1/3, sealey plus 1/2 inch (5%). DM is squared down from X. ~ Dabore X, 1/2 inch, 00 from ©, 1/3 ineb. Curve BN and N—O0. S from In, 3/3 scale (10). T from S, 1/3inch. Sx down from §, 1/2 waist lengib, of to measare | (8). Draw line Sx to D for back waist line. Sxx from Sx, same as S to Sx. Squire hip Tine, — “Ex—TTT. Draw line E, Ex on to measure. TT from T, 1/6 seale. U upwards from TT, fa senle, plus 3/8 inch (7°2)+ ‘V from U, same as H to 1 on back square line. Draw line Vto X. 1 from V, sameas N—O0. ziramT, 1/12 scale (24/4). 4 from 3, half of 3—T. —— Prom M, 1/12 scale, plus 1/4 inch, GG from M, 1/6 seale, plus 1/2 inch. | Carve scye 1, 4, 2nd OO, P, GG 10.4. EE from Ey 1/6 waist measare, plus #/8 inch. EEE from Ex, 1/6 hip measure, plus 1/8 inch. ‘Mx is midway betweea 1x and M. Ox from O, 1 inch. — Curve line Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. W from EE, 3/4 inchs — WW from EEE, 1 inch, AAlrom tx, breast measure (17). J-—AA, t/t in. X from Sx, t/a waist measure, less 1/2 inch, CC from X, 3/s of under-bust suppression (3° (See caleslation a top of page.) ‘Draw front line theovgh AA snd CC. jeasute from B to N at back neck (2 inches). — Piace this amount at Von forepars and a cite bas depths estates on dy (ho — Continue to JJ the front waist length (194/). Draw front ‘waist line from JJ 10 Sx Lsfrom J, 1/4 breast (6d. FF from JJ. 3/4 inch less than J to Le TTT from CCC same as JJ—FF. Curve line through I, FF, and TTT, LL trom FF, ¥/; under-bust suppression (24). — NNN from TTT, as FFto LL, plas 1 iach (34/)) Ts fron Jy 1 indh, a2 from J, 1 inch. 13 from — © €0C,T inch. X is midway between LL and W. Full length, 48 inches. excess. Side length, 8 inches. Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way : i Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) Total under-bust suppression on waist line ++ (Tis garment has a 0 MEASUREMENT fiting waist.) elbow, 18 inches. v tworthirds gives scale (15). Neck, 6% inches. LE NOUVEAU SAC, A TROIS COUTURES. Ne, 41 em. Longueur & la, mode, wre du dos, 15 em, Da covde, Mesures: Ts 120m. 49 Np etm, du bas Ceinture, joem. Bs + SE Em. Largeur de Vépanie, 63 em. (2/3 de ta largeur Hl, sifdrence me ia erie tt la prov foneer (1, ea.) le (eae Ae sehties plas 14cm. BO=O 11),em. ‘O—NXX, 1/2 échelle, plus 1 cm, (4 %/a)- Ix—S, af3 échelle (28). S—T, 147, ‘S—Sx, 1/2 taille (20 "fa. ‘S—Sx. Ix—AA, la poitrine (47) T—TT, 1/6 échelle (7), TT- plus Fem. ULV, méme comme le dos H—T. ‘Trace ViicNotche oe comme N—OO. Tg, 1/1 dchelle (34/9. 3—4, 1/2 Tos. (1's), M—P, 1/12 échelle, plas rom. (4%). GG jusqu’d M, 1/6 plus 1 cm. échelle. EEE, 1/6 ceintare. EEE—Ee, 155 bassin, plus 1/4 cen, (11 /,cm.)s Mx est fe cenite entre Ix—M. Ox—O, 21/y em Trace ligne Ox, Mx, LE et EEE. WEI E, 2m, WW—EEE, 21), em. LJ, 1/4 poitrine. §, Sx et CC forme un earré, ‘mvcins 13), (15%), em). Pout ealealer ia suppression des pinces, faites comme le auit — a différence entre la poitsine Sx—X, 1/2ceinture ret'échelle = 5 om La moltie de difdrence entre ‘a poitrine et lt ceinture = 8'/ycm, Tom 1ytnem. NCC, 3/4 de totale pince 104/. Trace ligne AA—CC. CC, JJ,2em. Teaceligne JJ—Sx. JAA, rom. 1g poitrine (11 J). FF—JJ méme J—Ly moins x cm. CCC—TTT méme comme JJ—FF. Trace ligne Ly FF, TTT. FF—LL, Mg totale pince (6%), em.) | TIT—NNN méme FF—-LL, plus 24/2 em. Jx—Jy 10cm. 12—J, pcs CCC—15, 2 frome est le cenire entre LL— Square from X downwards to 14- 1g and 16 feow 14, each 1/12 hip measure, F to VV, 1/6 diference tneast and waist (1 inch). Gatve trent and form revers as diegram, 45—16 jsqu’h 14y 1/12 bassin | VU 1/6 différence poitrine—eeintare. Ce modiéle est destind sans coutures, Hl fa ‘ajouter en eaupant- les Continued to hand, 28 inches. ft, 1r inches. Depth shoulder measure, 233 inches, gives 1 inch Bust depth, +3 inches. Politine, 47 em. | de Tépavle) donne Vechelle (42 em. Presqae tous les polnts ae trouvent par les divisions ie échelle’ ga em.Js Profondeur de’ I'épaule, | rae fe ippes BE, Np, Ex, BB—B, 81) ‘Trace ies i, D, Ex. BB—B, 11g em. BD ull at. E—DD, 2¥/,em. Trace ligne EB B—DD, 129 em. BB—H, 1/2 échelle, moins ah THE NEW “THREE-PIECE” JACKET. Breast, 17 inches. Hips, 20 inches. Front waist, 19} inches. a2 inches, = 3 inches. ‘5 inches. on this draft. EINREIHEGES JACKET, DREI KRAGE Tailleniinge, g1 cm. Verliingerte, 120° em. Riickenbrelte, 15 em. Elbagen, 4a em. Mand, 75 em. ‘Oberweit Unter seeiiey 30 em, Gesissmass, 55 em. Schulterwreite, 63," Schulterticle, 6s, Zwei Taittel Schulterweite (63) giebt Sala” (42 Mache Linten BB, Ny D, Ex. “BB—D, 1, cm. B—D, Faillenlinge, 41, E—DD, jem, Mache Linie B—E. B—DD, 120 cm. BB—H, 1/2 Skala, weniger 34), (ISH). H—L ist die Hfalfte des Un ‘Schulterweite und Schultertiefe (14. kala. D—X, 1/3 Skala, meh Ha SI (44a) i ee jem, S—Ss, 1/2 Tailleltage (201), Sa_Ser pleich als S—Sx. ee TAA int die Oberweite (47)- TTT, 16 Skala. TT—U, 1/2 Skala, mei 1 em. (23). | UV) gleich als von HT. Mache Linie VX. Vr gleich a Ty 1/2 Skala, 34, 1/2 T 3 ( M—¥, 1/12 Skala mehr 1 em. (6h) GG vou M, 1/6 Skalay mebr 1 em. EE—E, 1/6 Unierweie. EEE-Ex, 2/5 Gerismass, mebe 1/4 em. (21 ~00 em. Mx istdie Milte ewischen 1x—M. Ox—P, 24, em. | Mache Linie Ox, Mx, EE, EEE, | WEE, 2em. WW-—EEE, 2'/s cm. WV, tiem. Ve-VVV, 1) L=J, t/q Oberweite. '§, Sx und CC, Hiegen ia einem Dr Sx—NX, Halite Unterweite, weniger a¥/¢cm.(13" Um ig ma machen wie viel man muss die Brust-aumiher nebmen gebt mam yur w: folgend = Der Unterschied zwischen di Brust a. Skala. Die Hifte von demU mterschied awischen die Brust u. Unter Wein eee ae Gesammte x X—CC, drei Viertel vom dem Gesame Mache Linie, AA—CC. | Coa se ee Tinie JJ—Sx. J—AA,i em. Mache Linie L, FF, FELL, ¥j, von dem Geu (Vs. TIT—NNN gleich als FF—LL, mehr 2"), cm Js}, tem. 13—J,2%/gem. CCC—43,3 js em die Meite rwischen LL—W 15—16 von 1g 1/12 Geslssminss, = 6 det Dien etic dee haved tund Unterwelte (2 In dieses Avfstellung ist keine Zogabelrdie Nak TTT ether |or | sr INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. $ THORNTON _ Tre New “DOouBLE-BREASTED” JACKET. 16 inches. ack, 5 inches. Waist length excess. _Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following © Difference between breast (17) and scale (1§) - Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) ‘Total under-bust suppression on waist Full length, 48 inc! To elbow, 18 incl measure, 22% inches, two-thirds gives scale ( Side length, 8 inches. (Th garment dias a semi.jitting waist.) Measuneses Ww Neck, 6{ inches. Continued to hand, 28 t, 1 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 232 inches, gives 1 inch Bust deptis, 25 inches. ches. Breast, 17 inches, Hips, 20. ches. Front waist, 19} inches. inches. 3 inches. inches. a= No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. WEW “DOUBLE-BREASTED” JACKET SYSTEM. ‘Waaw lines, BB, N, D, Es. 1 from BU, 1/2 inch, Defrom B, waiet length 16. E from 1, 1 inch. w line from B to Es rom BB, 1/2 3¢alcy rex Hy, 1/2 difference between Tedepih™ ahoukler measures (1/2 inch). om E 1/6.cale, less 1/3 inch (2 inches) 1 rom 1, 1/3 scale. X from D, 1/3 seale, plus ja inch (54). M is squared down from X. Gabove X, 1/2 inch. OO from O, 1/4 inch. Carve B—N and N—0O, £ om Tx, 2/3 ale (10). T from S, 3/2 inch, £ down from S, 1/3 waist lengib, oF to meassre 1 inch (6%). ith” and N te) Draw line Sx to D for back waistline, 2s from Sx, same as § to Sx. Square hip Hine, 2x—TTT. Draw line E, Ex, DD, to measure. trom T, 1/6 scale, U upwards from TT, 1/2 scale, plus 3/8 inch (7*/s). Vefrom U, same as TT to T on back muare Hine, 1 awline V'to X. 1 from V, same as N—OO. 1 om, 1/t2scale(1'/). 4 fom 3, balfof3—T. From M, 1/12 scale, plus 4/4 inch, GG from 1M, 1/6 scale, plus 1/2 inch, (Orv seye 1, 4, and 00, XXX, P, GG-to 4. 1 from E, 1/6 waist measure. icc from Ex, 1/5 hip measure. Max is midway between tx and BI = from O, 1 inch, re line Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. _ from BE, 1/3 inch, @ from W, 2/6 waist WWW from EEE, 1/12 hip. QQ—WW, 1/5 hip. R-Q, 1/2 inch. V—R, 1/6 waist. RRR—QQ, wha hi "V=RRR, 15 hip. curve GG, V, WY, and M, Ry RRR. VV=V, 13 inch, Ve—VVV, 1/12 hip. Sve GG, VV, Vs. AA from tx, breast measure (17). \J—AA, 1/4 inch. from Sx, 1/2 waist measure, less 1/2 inch. TE from X, 3/4 of wnder-bust suppression (39)... (Gee calculation at top of page.) aw front line through AA and CC. sasure from Bto Nat back neck (2 inches). sence thie amouat at Von forepart and mark J ‘atthe bast depth, as taken om body (13). Continue to J} the front waist length 19 "sh aw front waist line feom JJ to Sx. from J, 1/4 breast (424). com JJ, 3/4 inch less than J to Le FF, 3g under-bu from TTT, as FF to LL, plas 1 inch (34), y= fiom J, 34a inches. 12 from J, 31). inches, ont and form rever as diagram. LE NOUVEAU SAC, Menace; Taille, 41 cm. Longueur & fa mode, sem, Du conde, Potting, 47 em. sin, $8 cm, ms» ot bas Getta fem ee gear de V'epauie, 6 313 de is largeur ie epanie) donne Vcchelie (4 em.). Presque tous les points se trouvent par les divisions de Vechelle' (42 em.) Profondeur de V'épaule, 65cm ‘Traee es lignes BH, N. D, Ex, BB—B, B—D alle, 41. E—DD, 2!/,em. Trace ligne B—DD, 120 em, BH, t/a échelle, moins po a net Hs lee ene tara to Fonte (33g et rig ecole (ral DOX, 1/3 €ebelle, plus 1%/4cm, OO—O, 1'/,em. [ta ele, pl vA Eras, 3/3 tenelle (28) Cea eee nical fr TaeAA, piri rirty 6 ahelle Gf). TEU, 1a debele, vias | cm. v EY, mime comme le dos HI. Trace VX. V1 meme comme N00. Foy, Mia delle (ine 341127 (0 BP, ia eceliespls tam. 0. GO jusqe My io plas tome belie. EEE, 116 csintore EEE—Es, 15 bamin em, (11 em). Mr est le cenireentie eM, Ox—O, 2¥/sem. ‘Trace ligne Ox, Mr, EE et EEE. WEE, 1!/jem, Q—W, 1/0 ceint WWEEE, 1/12 basin, QQ—WW, R—Oy 14), emus VOR, 1/6 sxiture, QU, 118 bass, VWV—RRR, 1/5 banin, Trace les lignes GG, V, VVV, et My R, RRR, WV, 1c ot, Ve VVV, 1/12 basin. Trace GG, VV, Va, L—Ji t/a poise, §,8x et CC forme un eae, SX, 1/nesintare 5 bassin- RRR— ins 18a (13 Ma ems)» Pour calcaler Ja suppression des pinces, faites weomme Le La différence entre 1a poitrine et Michelle s 3 em. La moitie de diftérence entre a poitzine et la ceinture Stem. Total a3! em. X=CC, 5/4 de totale pince 10!f, Trace ligne AA—CC. CC, ]J.2em. TraceligneJJ—Sx. JAA, rem. Tobe t/a poitrine (114, FF—J] méme J—L, moins 2 em. ‘Trace ligne L, FF, TTT. FF—LL !/, totale pinee (6), em.) TIT—NNN méme FF~-LL, plus 2%/scm. TeFygcm. 12—J, gem. Ge mode est destin sjouter en coupai, EINREINEGES JACKET. Taillentinge, 4 em. Verlingete, 120 em, Ruckenieite, 15 em, Elbogen, 49M cm. Hand, 75 em. Oberweite, 47 cm. Unier weite, 30 em, Gesisamass, 35 em, Schakerweite, 63. Schultericl, 65 Zwei Dette Schalterweit (63) gicbt "Skala" (42) Mache Linien BB, N,D, Ex. BB—B, 11, cm. B—D, Tailientiinge, 48, E—DD, 2!/sem. Mache Lisie BE. B—DD, 120 em. BE—H, 1/2 Skala, weniger ate (184), HTT ist die Hilfe des Unierscbieds zwischen der ‘Sehalterweite wad Schultertiete (1"/ om O, 1 inch 2_ cline Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. W Troms EE, 3/4 ineb. WW from EEE, 1 inch, 4 from 1x, breast measure (17) finch. X_Lim Sx, 1/2 waist measure, less 1/2 inch. SC ror Xy 3/4 of under-inst suppression (5 a) Geacisten panes oS Dv front line through AA, CC, and CCG. M_ ue from B to N at back neck (2 inches). Pace this amount at V on forepart ‘atthe bust depth, as taken on body Ctinue to J) the front waist length (19 */ Dw fromt waist line from JJ to Sx, L_om J, 1/4 breast ( FE fcom J], 3/4 iseh less than J to L. ‘TTT from CCC same as JJ—FF. © se line through 1, FF, and TTT. trom FF, "ig under-bust suppression (24) NSN from TIT, as FF to LL, plas 1 43 from CC, 4 inches. 13 from CCC, 4 inches. 3 midway between LL and W. Sate from X downwards to 14, 1_anel 16 from 14, each 1/r2 hip measure, Fw VV 1 6 diference breast and waist (1 inet). Carve trunt and form revert at diagram. J—AA, To elbow, 18 inches. \ idth shoulder measare, 22} inches, two-thirds gi excess. Side length, 8 inches. Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following wa! Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) Half difference between breast (17) and waist (21 ‘Total under-bust suppression on waist line (This garment has a semi-fitting waist.) MEASUREMENTS + length, 48 inches. | scale (15). ‘Neck, 62 inches. LE NOUVEAU SAC ‘Mesures: Taille, g1 cm. Longueur A Ia mode, taoem. Eearve du dos, 15cm. Du conde, 49 tis cay du bas 75m, Policing, 47 em Ghintare, $0 em,” Basin, 55 em. Largeur de Tépsile, 63 om, (2/3 de te larpeur de Pepaule) donne Vechelle (42 &m. tous les points se trowvent par les Tézhelle’ (42 er). Profondear 65s cm ‘Trace les lignes BB. N, D, Exx, BB—B, 14/4cm. B—D taille, gle EDD, 2')iem, ‘Trace ligne BE. B—DD, 120 em, BO—H, 1/2 échelle, moins 24, (184),), ta H—I, 1/2 différence entr: or (82), e). IP, 3 DX a/3 échelle, plus t/a cm, OO—O, 1'i,em. O—XXX, t/12 échelle, plus 1 em. (44a). Tx—S, 2/3 écnelle (28). S—T, 4), S—Sx, 1/staille (201/,), Se—Swx,méme comme Soa. THT, #6 échelle (7). plus Tem. U—V, méme comme le dos H—I. Trace VX. V—1 méme comme N—OO. T—4, t/t dehelle (3!) 3—4, 1/2 T—3. (0 M—P, 1/126échelle, plus tem. (42h). GG jasqurd Mi, 1/6 plas 1 em, échelle, EE—E, 1/6 ceinture. EEE—Ex, 1)s bassin, plus 1/4 om. (181), em.) Mx est le centre entre tx—M. Ox—O, 24s em. ‘Trace ligne Ox, Mx, EE et EEE. ‘W—EE, 2em. WW-—EEE, 2"/scm. LJ, tg poitrine: 5, Sk et CC foriwe wn ex moins 18/4 (13%/4eRte)> Sx—X, 1/2 ceinture comme le suit — ‘La différence entre la poitrine et Michelle La moitie de diférenee entre la poltrine et la ccinture som Total NOC, 3/4 de totale pince tol), Trace ligne'AA—CC. CC, J}, 20m, Trace ligne J}—Ss. J—Ly t/a poiteine (114): FP—J] mime J—L, moins 3 em. CCC—TTT mime comme JJ—FF. ‘Trace ligne L, FF, TTT. FF—LL ", totale pince (6% em.) TIT—NNN mime FF—LL, plus a!/,em. | r2-C0, 100m. CCC—13, 10 em. X eat Le centre entre LL—W. 15—16 jusqu'd 14, 1/12 bassin, VV—F 1/6 difirence poitrine—ceintare, Ce modéle est desriné sans coutures, It faut les ‘jouter en coupant, JAA, tom. Continued to hand, 28 inches. Waist, 11 inches. : Depth shoulder measure, 231 inches, gives inch Bust depth, 13 inches. Pour calealer la suppression des pinces, faites Breast, 17. inches, Hips, 20 inches. Front waist, 193 inches, 2 inches. 3 inches. — this draft. EINREIHEGES JACKET. Taillenlinge, 48 cm. Veringerte, 120 om Kilekenbreite, 15 em. Elbogen, 49tle cm Hand, 73 cm, Oberweite, 47 em. Unter: welte, 30cm. Gesissmass, $5 em. Sebulterweite, 63. Schultertiele, 65 | Zwei Deitel Schulterweite (63) giebt “ Skala" (42) Mache Linten BB, N, D, Ex, BB—Dy 1'jy cme B—D, Taillealinge, 41. E—DD, s'),em, Mache BE. ches. B—DD, 120 em, BB—H, 1/2 Skala, weniger 28 (8A, HT ist die Hilfte des Unterschieds wischen der ‘Schulterweite und Schulterticfe (21/4 em.) truly Sal. DK 9 Skala, eh ty ie ONAL, 1a Silay me ath Sf SE me en atage 2p if em, -S—Sx, 1/8 Tailletage (20%) * 2 SS. “ 116 Skala. 1 cm, (a2). eich als von H—I Maché Linie V—X. V—t gleich als SOO. Tos, a/1a Skala, 3—4, 1/2 T—3 (04, M—P, 1/12 Skala meh 1 em. (4) GG va M, 1/6 Skala, mebr 1 em. EE—E, 1/6 Unierweite. EEE--Es, 1/5 Cesiasass, mehr 1/4 em. (11%e em.) Mx ist die Mille awischen tx—M. Ox =P, 24% cm. Mache Linke Os, Mx, EE, EEE. WEE, 2 em, fem. fue. Ve—VVV, 1/12 Gesisinass LJ, tla Oberweite. §, Sx.und CC, liegen in einem Dreiecke: Sk—X, Halfic Unterweite, weniger 11m. (1"/ ‘Um ausfindig mi machen ‘wie viel man iiss | ie Brustaumither nehmen geht man folgend ‘Der Unterschied ewischen die | Brute Skala a 8 ‘Dic Hallie vondemUDierschied |“ awischen die Brust u. Unter. Weiteeonoae t Bteen Gesammie an 13 then X—CC, drei Viertel von dem Gesammite (10 Mache Linie, AA—CC. CC=JJ,2em. Mache LinieJJ—Sx. J—A. Ty va Oberweite (13) gleich als JL Coo ETT gl eich als Mache Linie Ly FF, FE—LL, 1, won dem G: TIT—NNN gleich als FF—LL, mehr 21; cv 13—CC, roem. CCC—ag, 10 em. X int die Meltexwischen LL—W. $5--16 von 14, 3/12 Gesiisamass. VV=F 1/0 der Differens swischen der Oberme> upd Unterweite | Tn dieser Auisellungist keine Zugabelrdie Nabi INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. THORNTON'S LEW THREE-SEAM “ND PLEATED “Sacaue.” (Tis garmen: fas @ semi-fitting wais Measuneuexts : Waist length, 16 inches, Full length, 42 inches. | Continued to band, 28 inches, Breast, 17 inches. Across bick, 54 inches, To elbow, r8inches, | ‘Waist, 11 inches. Hips, 20 inches, | | Vir"s shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale (15), Depth shoulder measure, 23} inches, gives 2 inch excess. Side length, 8 inches. Neck, 63 inches, Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 19} inches, Ja.~t-bust or front-cut suporession must be calculated in the following way : Difference between breast (17) and scale (13) ... = 2 inches. Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) = 3 inches, Total under-bust suppression on waist line .., = 5 inches, BS No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. W AREE-SEAM AND PLEATED “SACQUE” SYSTEM. ‘lise, BB, N, D,Exx. from BB, x/2 inch. am B, waist length 26. Efrom D, 1 inch, AW fom Be Bs ven 3, 1/2 scale, lee # inch 1 Fy It difference between "width" and | lepth shoulder measures (1/2 inch). m~ r/6scale, lest 1/2 inch (2 inches) vm af scale. X (som Dy, 1/5 scaley plus HHL Gli). M is squared down from X, owe X, t/2 inch. OO from O, 1/3 inch. ¢ BN and N—O0. m —af3 scale (10). T from S, 1/2inch, sym _rom S, 1/2 waist length, or measure (8) 1 Mig Sx 20D for baeke waistline, om $x, sume as $ to Sx. Square hip line, SET. Draw line E, Exon to measure, fro Ty aM scale. U upwards from TT, + meme, plas 3/8 inch (7 "fad. | vm U, same as H to T on back square line, #li==V 10 X. 1 from Vz same as N—OO, mY tfaseale(1Ma). 4 from 3, half of 3—T. m_, 1/12 scale, plot 1/g och. GG Be hen is tack eneye 1,4, and OO, P, GG to 4. 10, 1/6 waist measure, plus 1/8 inch. Hi 1 Ea, 1/6 hip measure, plas 1/8 inch, mndway between Ix and Ms tom O, # inch, ef 20x, Mx, EE, EEE, on 2E, sla inch. ft_s EEE, 1 ineh. from x, breast mearore (17). inet, vm tfe-wnist measare, leas 1/2 inch. to X. 3/g. of wnder-iat suppression (3 feist attop ol page front line through AA, CC, and CCC, | wre from B to N at back neck (2 inches), | THaa, +4 amount at V on forepart and mark J th ust depth, as taken on body (13). in to J} the froat waist length (19 #f) 1 front was: Hine from JJ to Ste om, 1/4 breast (424). to JJ, 3/4 inch less than J to Le toon CCC same a8 JJ—FP. cline thioogh Ly FF, and TTT. troon FE, 1), wnder-bust suppression (2). Nom TTT, as FF to LL, plo 1 inch (314) ‘CC, 4 inches. 13 from OCC, 4 inches, midway between LL and W, uae Gam X downwards to 14, m6 Irom 14, each 2/12 hip measure, X16 difiremce breast and waiet (1 4 veamuy and form revers as diagram. ch). LE NOUVEAU SAC, | Mecarer: Taille, 41 em. Loogvetr kta mode, tozem. Eeartre du doi, 12m, Dv coade, 40 em, du ban 7S em. Poise, 4p em: Ceimimte, 30. em. Bassin, 55 cm. Laer Ue Teme, 65 em. de eenaiey donne Mechelle ( de Ia ts 2 Lester? Veéehelic (qa cm). Profondeur de 651;em. Trace eslignes HD. N,D, Ex. BB—B, 1 "4 cm. B—D uille, 41. E—DD, 3¥/, em, Trace ligne IE B—DD. 120 em, BE—H, 1/2 échelle, moins a | | | | fiérenee entre In Jargenr et ln fro- fonstenr (0% coms)s LP, 11 Echelle (14h, DIK eebelesplos ]p ems OOD, 1 tfrome O-XXX, raz échelle, plas Tem. (43. 3/3 dehelle (28). S—T, #1), 18 taille (2044), Sx—Sex.méme comme | —Sx. TAA, la poitsine Zl. T—TT, 1/6 échelle]. THU, 1/2 éebelie, plus f em. UV, mime comme le dos HL Trace V=X. Vt méme comine N—OO, Ta Mea ceblle Gd. sma, tla Tg. (2%, MOP, 1/12 échelle, pias tem. (3%. GG jusqe’d 3M, 1h pln tem acheies” * * CO due | EE~E, 1/6 ceimure. | EEE—Ex, 1/5 bassin, plas 1/4 em. (114/, em) Mx est le cenire entre x—M. Ox—0, 21/5 em. Trace ligne Ox, Mx, EE ec EEE. WEE, 2m. WW-EEE, 21/, em, L—J, 1/4 poitrine. 5,58 et CC forme un carré. Sx—X, 1/2 ceintare moins 18/6 (13 "cee.). Four calcaler ia suppression des pinces, faites comme fe sult ‘La diference entre Ia poring ct ie, = 8 om La moitie de diftérence entee ° Ja poitrine et la ceinture = Siem, 13%p em. Tree CC, JJ, aem. Traceligne JJ—St. J—AA, «em, JL, 1/a poitrine (11170. FF—JJ méme J—L, moins 2 cm. CCC—TTT mame comme JJ—FF, ‘Trace ligne L, PF, TTT, FF—LL ¥, totale pince (6%), em.) TIT—NNN méme FF--LL, plat # 12—CC, oem. COC—15, 10cm, X eat le centre entre LL—W, 13-16 jusqu’'h 14, 4/12 bamin VV—F 1/6 dliférence poitrine—ceintere, Ce modéle est deminé sans evstures. I taut lee ‘ajogter en coupani. ie EINREIHEGES JACKET. TalNenlinge, 4¢ cm, Verlangerte, 107 cm Ruckenbreite, 15 em. Elbogen, 498g cm. Hand, 75 cm. Oberweite, 47 em. Unter. weite, 30cm Gesissmass, $5 cm, Schalterweite, 65. Schuliertiele, 65 /y Zwei Deittel Schulterweite (63) piebt “ Skala” (gz) Mache Linien BR, N, D, Eex. BB—B, 11), cm B_D, Taillenlinge, 41, E—DD, a'j,cm, Mache Linie B=I- B=DD, 20 cm. BAI 24, (1814). HI ist die Laifie des Unterschiets swivehen der Sehutergeive uit Setultertie (1 scm} iy /2 Skala, weniger IP, 1/5 Skala. 1/3 Skala, mehe i iyem, 000, 14/4 em. O-XXK, 4/12 Skala, mebe em. (414), Ix-S, 2.3 Skala (28), S—Tyticem, | S—Sx, 1/2 Talllenlinge (20% Se_Sek gleich ale S—Sx. Ix—AA ist die Oberweite (47). TT=T, 1/6 Skala. TT—U, 4/2 Stale, mehr ¥ em, (23). URW, gleich als vor HT. Mack Linie VX. Vat gleich at N00. Va Ts (144k MB, 1/12 Skala inebe tem. (ahs. GG woo M, 1/6 Skala, mehr 1 em. EE—E, 1/6 Unterweite. EEE Es, 1/5 Gestsmany mer 1/4 cm. (11a em.) Ms ist die Mile xwischen 1x—Ma ‘Ox—P, 21), em, ‘Mache Linie Ox, Mx, EE, EEE, WEE, 2 em, ww focm. jam. Va—VVV, 1/1 Geshsemass, LJ, tie Oberweite, S, Sxund CC, liegen in einem Dreiecke. Sx—X, Halfte Unierweite, weniger #/,cm.(13"/0 Um auifindlg ru michen aie viel man miss 1a) die Brustawniter nehmen geht man vor wi Der Unterschied rwischen die Brats. Skala. gm Die Hite von demi nterschied wiichen die Brust u. Unter 5 em PF. Mache Linie L, FF, TTT. FE—LL, ¥, von dem Gesammte (6%), NNN cleichals FF—LL, mehe 21), er: CC, to.cm. CCC—15, 19cm, awischen LL—W. 1/12 Gesliamnass, F 1/0 det Different ewisehen der Oberue und Unterweite ¢ In dieser Aufsteliung ist keine Zugale iBr die Nu THORNTON’S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. _New Winter “Sacaue.” oR Motor Coat. Waist length, 16 inches. Across back, 5¢ inches. excess. Side length, S Full length, 42 inches. To elbow, 18 inches. ‘dth shoulder measure, 224 inches, two-thirds gives scale (r5). ches. Neck, 64 (This garment has a sevifitting waist.) Meascneuusts : Conti ches, Bust depth, ed to hand, 28 inches, Waist, 11 inches. Hips, 20 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 234 inches, gives x inch 33 inches. wader-bust of front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way :— Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) «+. Half difference between breast (17) and waist (71) Total under-bast suppression on waist line Breast, 17 inches. Front waist, rob inches. 2 inches, 3 inches, = s inches. = No seams er turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. IEW WINTER “ SACQUE SYSTEM, dnaw lines, BB, N, D, Bex. ftom BB, 1/2 inch. > icom B, waist engi 16 E (vom Dy 4 inch. On: Hine from B to E. Ti m BB, 1/2 seale, less 3 inch (641). ‘0M HL, 1/2 difference between “* width” and “‘eepth” shoulier meansres (1/3 inch). 1 9B 1/6 scale, lem 1/2:nch (2 inches) Di wT 1fg scale. X from D, 1/3 seale, plas tisch (51). Mis squared down from X. Dabave X, 1/2 Inch. OO from O, 1/2 inch. Sur B=N and N—O0. 1 Tay 2/3 seal (10 a from S, 1/3 waist Ticom &, t/aineh. length, or measure (8). Draw line Sx to D for back waist line. xx from Sx, same as 5 to Sx. Square hip line, 2 =TET, Draw line Ey Exon to [1 rom T, 1/6 «ale U upwards fom TT, ‘tre scale, plas 3/8 inch (7%). foes U, same a8 H ta Ton back square line. Dr line V to X. 1 from V, sameas N—OO. sir vTys/azscale(t'/). 4 from 3, halfof 3—T. Pim My 1/12 scale, plus 1/4 inch, GG from 1, 1/6 eale, plas 4/3 inch. Curve seye 1, 4, and OO, P, GG toa, El om E, 1/3 waist, om 0, 1/2 inch, Ee from W, 3%; inches, Curve Hine Ox, Mx, EE, EEE, W ‘om BE, 3/4 inch. AL from ix, breast menure (17). [—AA, j inch From Se, 1/2 waist measare, less 1/3 inch. CC rom X, 3/4 of wndler-bust suppression (3%). se ealcalation at top of page.) D + front line through AA, CC, and CCC, Muessre from B to N at boek meck (2 inches). Place this amount at V on forepart and male J st the bast depth, ms taken on body (13). CC inue to J) the front waist length (19 fae By from waist line from JJ to Sx, Lense Js 1/4 bteast (4, plat 3/a teh. FE from J, same as from J to be TTT from F, 4 inches. T from GUC me JER. C jeline theoggh L, FF, and TTT, L_trom, Fred wnder-bust su NNN from 12 from CC, ('n, rT, as FFt0 LU, plus tfnch (34,)- inches. 13 from CCC, 4 inches: veees LL and W, +YV, 116 Cute teams and form revere as di Co from Jx ix 3.4 ifference breast and waist (t inch). agra, | LE NOUVEAU SAC DRIVER. Menures: Taille, 43 cm. Longurur A Ja mode, em. Ecarrure du dos, tS em. Du conde, | BINRETABRGFS GACKEr wtR Tailleniinge, 41 cm. Verlingerte, 107 cme 49s cm, du tas 75cm. " Poitrine, 47 em. | Riicksnbreite, 15 cm. Elbogen, 04/3 ¢ Se gies Hetty eaeranco ble ILarzear de Tépauie, 63 cm. (2/3 de In targeur | _ weice, 30cm, Genkastaus, 53 e de 'épaale) donne I'écbe Presque | Sebalterweite, 63. Schulvertieley teaser Whee (a em 65ihrcam D, Bex. BB—B, 1 fy em. afeem. Trace ligne B—DD, 120 cm, BB—H, 1/2 échelle, moins atl (184). H—LZ, 1/2 diftérence entrs ta tarzeur et lx prov | forideser (1), ex.) 1—P, 4/3 échelle (14). ‘DX, 1/3 échelle, plus 114, cm. OO—O, ihe Oat 1/13 éebelle, plus 1 em. [g!/a)- Ix—S, 2/3 échelle (28). S—=T, 11), S—Sq tf taille 204)), | $i—Srxy imme comme SoSx. [e—AA, la poitrine (47). Zwei Daitel Schulterweite (63) giebt ” Skala” (42) Mache Ligies BE, N, D, Exx- BB—B, 1q B=D, Taillentinge, 41." E—DD, a¥j,em, Mache Linke BE. BPD, 120 cm. BUH, 1/a Stal, weniger 2, (18). H=T int die Hie des Untersehieds rwischen der ‘Beha ec. 0, 1% om. ORK, 1/12 Skala, mehr Tem. (6%). Ix—S, 2/5 Skala (28), SST, 1iacm, | S—Sx, 1/2 Taillenliinge (204) Sx~ Ses gleich ale S—Ss. Ix—AA ist tlie Oberweite (49). ‘T—TT, 1/6 cchelle (7), TI—U, 1/2 échelle, | TT—T, 1/6 Skala. TT—U, s/a Skala, mehr plus f cm. ‘meme comme le dos H—I. Trace VX, _V—1 méme comme N—-0O, ie ea ae (34h). 34/2 T—3. (1 ‘ta IP, ita échelle, plas 1 em. (54). ? sid pos execetes” A> OO Fone EEE, 1/3 ceinture, Trace ligoe Ox, Mx, WEE, 2em. LJ, 1/s poittine, pins 2 em. EE et EEE, @ E S, Sx et CC forme un carré, Sx—X, 1/2 ceintare saci 13 (136m). Poar calealer I suppression des pinces, faites comme Te suit -— | 1 diérenee enire Ia potrine | “etréehelle = = 5 om ‘La moitié de dlifiérence entre la peltrine et la ceinture Total Wtaem, XC, 3/4 de wiale pine 10%p Trace ligne AA—CC, CCT), See. Teaseligne JJ—Se. J—AA, rem, a. pea pole Fy) iL. TTT—F, ole. CCITT meme comme JJ—FF. Trace ITT, FF—LL 'f toiale'pince (6% em.) TITCNNN méme FF-LL, plas 24 cm. 1256C, 1oem. “CCC—43, 16 em. Ky Fh em. fst le centre entre LL—W. 24); om. 2=5, 2h om. 1514, 2m. Yo—t4. 4 em. VV—F 1/6 diférence poitrine—ceintare, Ce modéle eit dessiné sans eoutures. TI faut tex ‘sjoate en coupant, Crojx, 2 cm. | = Sthem. Die Hite Yon dem Unterschied 1 cm, (23). U—Y, gleich als von Hi Mache Linie VX. V. tT es ih se X00, 3 Skala, $4, 1/2°T 3 (1h rb, t/ta Skala abe rom. Yah GG wo M, 16 Skala, mehr em EEE, 1fj Unierneie Ox—0) tem. Mache Linie Ox, Mx, EE, EEE, WoEE, sem. BEE—W, 9's cm, WoW, fi)jem. "Vi—VWV, 1/12 Gestion Sok and Cer open SH und OC, legen in einem Dreiecke. Si—X, Halfte Unterweiteweniger 1],cm- (13% Um auatndig namachen wie vel was die Bres-tenater achnen geat ma or 8x Der Unteichied ewinchen die Br Sy fwischen die Brox = Unierweiie = 815 isthe X—CC, deel Verte von dem Gest (19" a) ceey AA—CC. a Jf, sem- Mache Linke]}—Se, J— J—Ly tig Oberweite (13%, E ae Gesammie FF, gleich als J—L- TET—F, 10% cm. CCC—THT gleich FF—LL, 1, von dem Gesammee (6) TTTSNNN gleich ale FF—LL, ment 31), cu 12—CC, 10cm. CCC—13, 10cm, =X, 14cm. ist die Melte zwischen L.l.—W, atpcm. as, 21), cm, 16—i4, gem. F 1/0 der Different swischen der Oherwrse ‘ed Unterweite (27). In dieser Aufstellungist Keine Zogabe llirdie Nai + CaJx, 2 em, THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. (This porment has a stui-fitting waist.) Measuaewe: New Yoke Sean “Sacaue.” ft length, 16 inches. Full length, 42 inches, | Continued to. hand, ches. Breast, 17 inches. ‘Across back, 53 inches. To elbow, 18 inches. faist, rr inches. Hips, 20 inches. Ft ee eee Se ney inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). Depth shoulder measure, 23} inches, gives 1 inch excess. Side length, 8 inches. Neck, 62 inches. Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be caleutated in the following way :— ‘Difference between breast (17) and scale (+5) Half difference between breast (17) end waist (13) Total under-bust suppression on wais f@e- No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this _SW YOKE SEAN "SACQUE™ LE NOUVEAU SAC. SYSTEM | Mesures: Taille, 41 a, Lonzuear ate mos (rw tines, 1b; 8, Di Bane Blow BR, sfsiaen, | 227 She Peneese a oct 15 be ie, oe ee Oe es | ee ee ee D_sv fine feom B to E. Larg: rate ‘om. (2/3 de la largerr de épaule) donne Vechelle (43 em), Presqa tons lee points ae troavent yar Tes divisions & Vichele (ga em) Profosdear de epale 3 is ern. Teate cslignes BBN, D, Bex. BB—B, £1, em. BD le at. TDD, Shem Trace ligne BB—H, 1/2 échelle, moins 11 om BR, 1/2 seale, less 1 inch (64.). from H, 1/2 difference betwee ‘* width and Gepth® shoulder measures (1/2 inch). N ‘om B s)f scale, less 1/2inch (2 inches). frrtom 1, 1/3 scale. X from D, 1/3 scale, plas 4/3 toch (51%). Mis squared down from Xe © dove X, 1/2inch, OO from O, 1/2 inch. B—DD, 120 em. € weB-H and X00, 3's (18%). $m fs fp vale (0). TfeomS r/ainch, | Meta chiens Omg teas eee are Seeaeattes ape wast length, or meware(@) | pK afy Sema pan ten. ‘BOO, 1m Draw line Se to D for back waist line, O—NAX, t/a échelle, plas 1 om. (gti from Sx, same as Sto Sx. Square hip tine, | Ix—S, 2/3 dehelle (28). ST, 11 ix—TTT. Draw ling E, Exon to measure. 5-Se,s/a alle (20! ET from T, if6scale. U opwards from TT, | 7 Sar" 6 Ebel ie te fa scale, plus 3/8 inch (7°). plus tem. : rom U, same at HI to T on back square tine, awlive V to X. 1 from V, same as N—OO. ‘yeom T, 1/12 seale(t 4 from 3, half of 3—T. P from Mf, 1/t2 scale, ples tl inch. GG from. My 1/6 seale, plus 1/2 inch, from P, 3/4 inch. U—V, méme comme le dos H—T. Tce V—X. V—1 méme comme N—OO. T—3, t/ta dohelle (34h. 3-4 1/2 T—$. (10 MP, 1/1 dehelle, plon nem. (484). GG jose’ lub t em. échelle. PsP, 1/3 em. | _ ave teyt 1, 4,24 00, P, GGt0 4. 1/6 exinture. EE from E, 1/6 waist measure, plus 1/S inch, | EEE—Ex, 1/5 bassin plas a/ em, (14a em EEE from Ex, 1/6 hip measure, plos 1/ isch. | yts—M, 3em, axis 1 "fq inch from M. ‘Trace ligne Max—EE—EEE, from Mx; 1's inch. Crom “Curve line Mux, EE, EEE. PON EEE em i 1 lg polite. pi kon Be al OO | Fata GE forme un earté. Sx—X, 1/2ccjature “AW from EEEs # inch, | A from 1x, breast mensare (37). J—Ad, — 1/4 inch % from Sx, 1/2 walst measure, less 1/2 inch. FC trom X, 3/4 of undersiust suppression (3%/)- moins 1/4 (13%/¢em!.)+ Pe EN a te pws, is eae ee anae Vechelle ree = s e cm. La moitie de di {See ealenlavion at top of pase.) od oben See ence a tee ~Sfearere from B to N at back neck (3 inches). Tow a tae mark J | Place this amount at V on forepart atthe bust depth, as taken op body ( continue to J) the front wisi length (19 Sraw fromt waist Hine from JJ to St. “A from J, t/a beast C4" 0. fics from J. 24s inches | X=CC, ala de totale pince toll. Trace Tigne"AA—CC. Cai}, aem, Traceligne JJ—Sx- JAA, rem. Tt le patie (4. pili = FFI) mime. CCC=TTT mome cunme }} FF. £ EF from JJ, aame as Jrioc—Jxxs TTT from CCC sume as JJ—FF- ex from Jxx, 1/4 inch less than J fxs Jex, #2 em, minus JL HL, FE, and T | ookee bares vb |) FFU em.) | tw 12—CC, aif om. Jusgu'd 145 1/6 différence poitrine—ceintare. Ce modéle ext desting tans coatares. I faut Tex ‘ajouter eh eou pant. 1X ts midway between LL and Square from X downwards to 14. 1 and. 16 ftom 14, each 1/22 hip measure, Fro VW, 1é-diflerenee breast and waist (1 inch). (Conve reams and form revert as diagram. Bust depth, 13 inches. Front watst, 19} inches. = Finches. draft. BINREIHEGES JACKET. Taillenlinge, 41 em, Veilungene, 107 = Riskenoeeke, 1§ em. Elboges, 40% == Hand, 75 em. ‘Oberweite, 47 em. Uniee elie 30 em. Geallssmass, 55 em Schaiterwelte, 63. Schultertcie, 65x Zwei Dilitel Scholterweite (63) glebt “ Siealn” 2 | Mache Linen BB, N,D, Exx. BD—1, 1! | BHD, Taillentange, 41. E—DD, at/,em. Mazer | Linie Bm B—DD, 120 em, BB—M, t/a Skala, weniger 2), 84), 1 ist die Hatlte des Unterschieds rwisehen der terweite und Schultertiefe (1/4 cr. )e Skala. D—X. hi In-S, S—T, 11 em. S—Sx, 1/2 Talllentinge (20% (aM) 'a]} Sata (28). ‘Se_Sex pleich als S—Sx. Is—AA int die Oberwelte (47)- TI—T, 1/6 Skala, TT—U, 1/2 Skala, mete | 1 em. (22). | U—Wy gleich ats von 111. ‘Mache Linie VX. V—t gleich als N—OD. | Tag tts Skala, 3-4, v2 T—3 ( | ib, afte Skala met 1 em. (4 ale Pa—P, 1/2.¢m, GG von M, 1/6 Skala, mehr 1 cm. | EEE, 1/6 Unterweite. BEE Es, 5 Getemas che 1/4 erm (88% | cm) Mx—M, 3 em. Max—Ms, 3 em. 0, 21ieem. Linte Maxx EE EEE. Wo, ii, em. L—Je a4 Oberwebie. §, Stunt CC, legen in einem Deeizeke Si Ne alte Unterwelte; weniger i), es.02 ‘Um aunfindig ew machen wie viel man mays. Thustaaumnibher nehamen geht man vor wef q thar Untenchied eeichen de Brest wie ee ees Die Millie ‘von sem Unierschied awischen dic Brust v. Unterweite = S$! e~ Gesammie 13!) om lel von dem Gessmmte iO" X—CC, drei Vie Soe tte eee 1 zene Mache LinieJJ—Se. J—AA 1 Oberle (3 be eich als Je fneh ain —FF, 2m, miius JL | Mache Linie L, FF, TTT. | FF—LE,t) von dem Gesammte (6) TTT NNN gleich ale FF—LL, met.t 21) em 12—CC, agen, CCC—13, 2s cx Xin die Melte ewischen LI—W. 16 von 13, 1/12 Geriwsmass, VWI 1/6 der Differens ewischen der Ober tum) Unterweite (2/1). Indiexer Aufiellungist keine Zugabe fare | | THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. Waist length, 26 inches, 7 Total under-bust suppression on waist line Full length, 33 ‘Across back, 5} inches, To elbow, 28 inches, Widt shoulder méasure, 223 inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). excess. Side length, 8 inches. ~Under- bust of front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way ‘Difference between breast (17) and scale (15). Half difference between breast (17) and waist (rt) = 3 68 (This garment has o semi-jitting waist.) Measunenay7: inches. Neck, 69 inches. New Sipe-PaneL JACKET. Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. ‘Waist, 11 inches, Depth shoulder measure, 23] inches, Dust depth. 13 inches. Front waist, 19] inches. Hips, 20 inches rinch = 2inches. ches. = 5 inches. = No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. SIDE-PANEL JACKET. Draw ines, BB, N, D, Ex. B (rom BB, 1/2 inch, r lergih 16, Eftor D, ¥ inch. Bey less 4 inch (6%), 1/2 difference between “width” and "shoulder meaares (1/2 ineh). N ches). rept mB n/6 sae, levy 1/2 inch 2 tom Ty 4) from Dy 13 seale, plas rine (la eis sqmred dow fou Owbore Xt Ha fom ©, 1/3 inch, Curve B=N and N—OO. Som Tnx, 2/3 neale (10). T from S, 1/2 Inch, £ ows from 8, 1/3 waist length, or measure (8). L_w line Sx to D for back waist line. 14 from Sx, same as Sto Sa. Square hip line, Ex—TTT. Draw line E, Ex on to measure, 1 from TT, 1/6 scale. U upwards from TT, fa.scale, plas 3/8 inch (77). ‘-etom U, same ax HT t0-T on back myuare Hine, Draw line V to X.£ from V, same as N—OO. 3" sm T, 1/r2scale (14),) 4 from 3, half of 3—T. 1 rom M, is sai ates ES eS _Ay 416 scale, plus /2 Garve seye 1, 4, and 00, P, GG to 4. EE from E, 1/6 waist measare, plus 1/8 inch. E from Ex, 1/6 bip mersure, plus 1/8 inch. is midway between Ix and M. ‘ox from O, 1 inchs ‘Curve ling Os, Mx, EE, BEE. from EE, 3/4 inch. WW from EEE, 1 inch, from Tx, breast measure (17) JAA, from X, 3/4 of under-bart suppression (3°) See calculation at top of page.) | w front line through AA, CC, and CCC. je from B to N al back neck (3 inches). Pace this amount at V on forepart and marke J ‘it the bast depth, ax taken on body (t3). stisve to JJ the feont walst length (194/0)- aw front waist ine from J} to Sx Fo 94a ean | to Le fot than J to ited td ame sr]jFF tre lng tbrough by FF 6 TET, «from FF, Yj, under-bust suppression (34). NNN from TIT, as FF to Ly plus inch (3 13 fro CC, 17), ine. so 16 fom fy enh 1/42 hip ease, is the eentye of NNN and 15. from 17 ia 13/4 inches, j ftom TTT ia the same ax NNN to 15. se one of 23 and TTT. => rom 19 is 1%) inches. rom ee behes ence breast and wai (1 inch). m vere as diagram, 2 inches, Carve sex ne from 20 JAQUETTE DE PANNEAU A COTE. Mesures: Tajlie, 42 em. Longacur 4 la mode, Toy em. Hetrnate du dos; rgem._ Da conde, Nietms aerieeyrens iui, 47-om en, scm. (a/y de be larger ratte) doane Vchelle (3 em). "Frese fous fee pots ac trourene par lt ivhionn de Véchelle (g2 em.). Profondeur de I'épaule, lignes BB, N, D, Exx. BB—B, 1¥/sem. BD usle, gt. EDD, aifycen. Trace ligne BmE. BB—H, t/a échelle, moins B-DD, 120 em. esate” Is pro the (14). Ceinture, 311, (i8tA. Sls ditene aire onion (vi /yem.). T= Dee as Sele pl tem OO 0, 1H gem, O=HEE tris Ghee her em. th Tnx —S, 2)3 échelle (a8). S—T, 1'f S-Sc, 1/2 lle (2014). Sx—ts, mime comme S—Sx. Tx — AA, ba poitsine (47) THD ia dete, ‘Trace T-3, eehelle (34h). 3—4y 1/2 T—3 (04). eu ee fhe ye i wi M, 1/6 elle. Beni fe ta FEE—Ex, 1/5 bass, plos 1/4 em. (111, em). Mr est le centre n=. Ox—0, 24a em. Trace ligne Ox, Mx, EE et EEE. WEE, 2em, WW—EEE, 24/0, LJ, 144 poitsine, S, Se ct CC forme un cared. Sx—X, 1/2 celniane ssi, 1) (13 Pour ealeuler fa comme ie 1a difrence ere 1s polsine | et dehelle nS cm, ‘Ruppression des pinces, fates Total .. CC, ls de totale place 10% ‘iem'aRecc. CC, Jf, 20m. poets J—Ss. J—AA, tem. et i ee (rn, FF} m ‘motos 2 cm, Coc ETT mbme comme JJFP. Tose AR TTT miee FPett pate — | 12—CC, 4 em, 15—16 jusqu’a 14, 1/72 bassin, | ee ER cen | 23—TTT mime comme NNN—15. Ap est le centre 29—TTT. 26-19, 4 em. VW—Sx, vem, 22—CCC, gem, AWE te difirence poltrine—ceinare. Ce modéle est dessin¢ sacs coutures, 1] favs ler tet eh COopaRt, 2126, § ems DIE JACKE FBT. GESCHWORK- iMenlinge, 41 cm. Verli 1) Kidkentecitey 1g cm. Elbogen, | 403%, em Mand, 75 cm. “Oberwsie, 47 em.” Unie BOD, Taillealings Mache Linie B—E, B—DD, 130 em. BB—H, 1/2 si, weniger 21s (18h). TT's die Fatfe dex Unterschieds ewischen de Schalterweite und S-haltertiefe (1 "f, em), “kala. D. LP ala mebe ty em 00-0, SIX, 142 Skala, meh Tem. (gt) "33 Sala (8). SHT, gem, S—Sx, 1/2 Taillenlioge (20%) Sx—14 gleich als S—Sx- Ji—AA lt die Oberweite (47). 1/12 Skala, 3—4, 4 “P,1[c2 Sea et omy (es oo GG vin M, 1/6 Skala, mehr 1 em. 1/8 Caterwel sljem: Mache Line On, May EE, EEE. W—EE, 2em. WW—EEE, 2c, wow Va—WUV, | J, Hid Oberweites §, Se und CC, legen in einem Deeiceke. Sx—X, Hilfe Unterweite, weniger "/gcm. (13% Um atsfindig au machen wie viel man aus (us fig Branamaber nehmen gebt man vor». ‘Der Untenchied rwischen die Brust v. Skala... i Die Hilfe voncem Unterschied selichen die rast vs Unter- weite Gesamte ha N—CC, drei Viertel vom dem Getmmmte (191 Mache Linie, AA~CC, CC—Jf, sem. Mache Linie JJ—Ss.J—AA, = eee Pa FES gi Mache Unt FROLEN vod ter Gomme (61). ich als FFL, mobs 24a Xt die Melte siren LL- 6 voE 14, 8/42 Gesiosma, 17 int die Melte zwischen 15— ‘dem, 23—TTT gleich als NNN— is ie Meite zwischen 23—TTT. acm, VV—Sx, 1ucm. 22—CCC, acm 1/6 der Differens swischen der Ober und Untermeite (2/6 Tn dieser Aufuteliang it Keine Zopabe i 31-36, 5cm, — halt as SYSTEM, S INTERNATIONAL THORNTON 2 New Russian Coat. Th Wd poucied frvet,) ~ Measvnnsnsts: ‘Waist length, 16 inches. Full length, 38 inches. | Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. Across back, $4 inches. To elbow, 18 inches. Waist, 1: inches. Hips, 20 inches. Width shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). Depth shoulder measure, 233 inches, gives 1 inch ~ excess. Side length, 8 inches, nches. Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 19) inches. Under-bust or front-cut suppression must be cal ted in the following way - Difierence between breast (17) and scale (15)... Half difference between breast (17) and waist (:1) parent bay a = 2 inches. 3 inches, ~ Total under-bust suppression on waist line. = 5 inches. x [€~ No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. Bu RUSSIAN COAT SYSTEM. LE NOUVEAU SAC RUSSE. EINREIHEGES JACKET RUSSISCH. lines, KX, Dx. from UB, 1/3 inch. Mantes: Taille 4t cm. Longacur & la molt, | Taillenlince, 41 em. Verlangene, 107 cu: ee ee ee nee ie metas rar Grae ee eee] Tineeres sh ietNeomneme, oly a fon | aplie cis du bar 730m. “Poltsine, a7 cm | Hand, 75 cm, Oberwedte, 47° em, rile ee ems em. weelie, 30m." Gesatomasy 53 | Lagzeor de ‘cpaule, 63 cm, (2/3 de la largeur | Schuhterweite, 63. shaltentiele, 65%) toon BB, 1/3 seal, len Sec (61). Tz Teyana) one eebella Gudea. Presrer ep he 65 Teo, sic sinus wemaee Ttrmataa'! ak sin) Sos ‘coosent pot ler ive eel Deel Seale (6s) gio “Skala” (42) “depth” snoulder measures (1/2 inch). Vechelle (g2 cm.). Profondeur de Tépauie, Maske Linien BU, N, Ds, Exx, BE—D, 1g em from BE 1/6 scale, less 1/2 inch (2 inches). 631), om, B—D, Taillenliinge, 41. E—Dx. Mache Linie foom I 3/5 wale. X from D, 1/5 sealey plus | [19583 lignes Bi, N, De eee te, eee ~fia teed (Hd ina down trom x. | UpDeille at.” E—Ds, gem, Tree Hgne | BD, 130 cm i 1/2 Skala, weniger 00 fiom 0, + inch. B—DD. 130 em. BE—Il, s/s échelle, moins | t1—T iat die Hallte des Unterschieds xwischen der ave B—N and N—OO, 2% (18 Scbulterweite und Schaltertiele (1'/, ems). tom fa aly ae (10. Thom State | HHA tence eae le vg et More | tts ial Det oe ae ico watdowafiom S, 1/1 wale length, o meawure(s). | fae (ile) Achap gale (al | 00—0, 2" cm. O—NXX, 1/12 Skala, mebr ‘Draw line Sx to Dx for back waistline. | sO - Tem T from Ty 1)6-rale. U upwarde fom TT, | fxs ayy uberis lus Lem, fi Ix, 213 Skala (28). t/a scale, plus 3/8 inch (7'/.). SoSH, tlle (GOH), AASia pone (7). ST, 1Nucm. | SS, 1/2 Tllleninge (201) from U, same as to Von back squaretine. | T—TT, 1/6 cehelle (7) TH—U, 1/2 cebelle, | Sx~Sex gleich ale Soe. ‘Draw line V to X. 1 from V, same as N—OO. one aces tee EE an NN from V, 1/6 scale. Tok V ae | Voor bee Gonioe NOOO lige ao TT—U, 1/2 Skala, ee eee Fattes le cou as mesure, U_V, sleich als von If. from, 14/cinch. 2 from ¥, 3%/a inches. NNAV, 1/6 échelle, ee ‘Fiom T, 1/12 seale(1 1). 4.ftom 3, halfol 3—T. | Z—¥, 9.cm. ‘Mache Linie V—X. V—1 gleich a's N—OO. im ts wae pla fg tc, CC foo | Tg tale Md. say laTg(s tid, | ENS A/S M, 1/6 seale, plus 1/2 inch. MP, 1/13 échelle, plas 1 ein, josqu'h | To? = anve scye 1, 4. T, and OO, P, CC to T. M, 1/6 plus 1 em, “echelte HO Sia Ra fem hh J). +E from Ey 1/2 waist measure, plus 4/2 inch, | EEE, 1/2 cvintare, aermunrn tee AA from tay breast meansrs (17), J—Aa, | LITT, tt poitsine. tla Oot = 3b inches. S, Sx et CC forme un earré, : fiom Sx, 1/2 waist measure, less 2/2 inch. Pour calculer la suppression des pines, faites Va—VVV, 1/12 Gesdiwmass. CC from %, 31a of under-last sapprewion (32,1. | , Somme Me eat — L TT, 1/4 Obdrwsi bs 3 ba va itiévence emire ‘und CC, liegen in einem Dreiecke. (See caicuitioe at top of pace) ae aunGadig fa each wie tic ma esi raw front line through AA, CC, and COC. La moitié de différenee entee Brast-austibber nehmen geht man vor wie fo: Yesnute from 1 to:N at back neck (3 inches). la politi et la eeinture Der ed ewlichen die B dae this amount at V on forepart and enntinue ~ tw J¥ the froot waist Fength (19 He, es Uraw feont waist line from J} to Sx. © loom CC, 2 inches + from TT, 3 inches ‘oom J, same as AAT. HACC, 3M te tone pine sole : cei sam 5 a mae Remco: a3te Hse pleat IAssem, 06 tel ais da Curve fine through L, EF. ‘ oie EL icom FF, 2/3 under-buse suppression (1s Pram Ree, lj, pleich als AA—TT. Vikom E, 1/3 difference breast and wdst (2), FFL 1/3 totale pinee (4 em.) | Mactie Linie L, FF, TTT. ‘ueve seam and form reve” as dlagraa, EA tlj'be mole de diféresce ene ta EF LL, 1/3 won dem Gesamms (gem). <— Polirive et la ceinture. ifferenz rwischen der Oberaers ‘Sm | Ce modiéle ext desing sans coatur 7 lerweite. ‘coulpant, ee eee set Aulstellungint keine Zogabe (ure Nasce E jouer 1, A, D, avesquare lines, ‘from A, ase os CoC. La Jorn Scuooss, Hi, same as A—G, ‘Trace les lignes H, A, D. Mache linien H, Tt fia G, 3/3 teal, plas 3 foches (12), G—A mine comms We dou CE--Cxr, Gok ite tives Pecos, from B, 1/3 of B—G. (ee ‘méme comme le dos A—G. jeu gleich als von AG, fee eI | oeeret oe eencn he’ some, rat sae ax BC. 13 Bo cB ieee: w line C.D, hi. \—H weéme comme be dos B—C als von B=C, Make lengihs to mearure. race les lignes CmD—K, Mache lintes CD—K, j ; j ’ : EM NAL SYST THORNTON'S INTERNATIO Waist length, 16 inches. —arm 214 inches. h shoulder measure, 22: _2xcess. w ™ Total under-bust suppression on waist line ““ Breast, 17 inches, inches, two-third Side length, 8 inches, Neck, 6] inches. Unider-bast or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way ‘Difference between bres Hali difference between brenst (17) and waist (11) (This ¢ tting waist.) agen Mmasunesent: Wai: ves scale (15). (27) and seale (15) a THe Rew “Kimono” JACKET. Full length, 28 inches, Across back, 5} inches, Length of sleeve from neck over 11 inches, Hips, 20 inches. Depth shoulder measure, 23] inches, gives 1 inch ‘Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 19} inches. inches. 3 inches. inches. = No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. BW “KIMONO” JACKET. SYSTEM. anfines, BB, N,D, Ex, Biron BB. [inch fro B, waist iength 16. E from Dr, + inch 26 _pe from B to Ee from BB, 1/2 sexle, leas 1 inch (6°). rom-H, 1/2 difference between **wid:h” and +4 bh" shoulder measures (1/2 inet). N ‘pot_3 116 scale, tess t/2inch (2). from N 3/4 sche from, 1/3 scale, X from D, 1/3 scale, plo a ch (sta Mis squared down from X. ab, 3/4 inch. Ox from O, 1/2 inch, fiom Ox, 1/4 inch, GG fom Ix, 2/3 scale, e321) inches. X down from GG tp waist 9 1 oF tomeanare (8 inches), am_e X to D for back waist le, from X isthe same as GG to X. Squaie hip ine yy 3¢ E, Ex on to measure, 2 {a E,1/6 waist measure, plus 1/8 inch, 3E from Ex, 1/6 hip measure, plus 1/8 inch. tou Ie, tf scale. rw ne Ox, Mx, EB, EEE. feo EE, 3/4 inch. WW irom EER, 1 loch, fiom X is +/2 inch. 26 from 14 te 4/12 hip. 4471 GGis ainches. Curve side seam Gx, F an 6, ra-~ line from Nx throagh O towards XX. SS fom Nx isthe length of sleeve 21 inches. 2 he centre of Oand XX, 000 from 00 is ch irveiine from O through 000 tw NX. ware with O—XS6ine, 2 from 1 is 3fnches from Gx to 2. To form forepart trace abshown by waved lines. U from BB thisamount at GG and eauure Ix to GG, the breast measure plus ‘measure towards neh, © m Dx same as AA tol. ashe front centre line from AA throagh CC to bottom. rom AA is 1/4 breast, Lm CC ‘ie inch tess than AA to Le T_m centre line same as W to CC, F from LL 1/3 under-bost suppression. NN from TTT 1 inch more than LL—FF, ac” Hoes Ot, L, FF, NNN, ao Ox, Ly La fret AA is tineh. COC is 1 inh. ta diagram, ta from CC ist inch. NOUVELLE JAQUETTE “KIMONO.” LA METHODE. Mesuret! Talc, 41 em. Longueer A ta moe wre de wos, 15 em, Longe a cog aw desss fe bras, $4 cat Poittine, 47 can. Cetoture, 30 cms Basic, 55cm ‘Lameur de I'gpavle,63.cm, 2/3 de la largeur ds Mépanle donne échelle (42 em.) ee tous les points s¢ tourent par tex divisors de Mechelle (42 em), Profondenr de lepaule 651/sem. TracaltalignesBD,N,D, Ex. BE—B, ttle em BD taille, ¢t cm.’ E—Dx, 2"facm. Trace eos BE ] | 2 échelle, moins 2 'fycm. (18% em.). | x0, | HL, t/a différence entee ta dargenr ot la fondeur (1"\gem.). D—I, 1/3 échelle. 41/3 échelle, plus 1 'ycms O ad dessus X, 2 em, OxdeO, 117, Ox de oe ‘34cm. GG de is, 2/3 échelle, mola 3')) cine X de GG, 1/2 taille (20"/,). ‘eage lighe XA Dil Set Ngne darts a | taille, 14 de X ext Ie mime que GG AX. Equariir M igne des harches. me ‘Trace ligne E, Ex au mesures Be ce E16 ‘celnture. ; 2 EEE de Ex, 1/5 bassin, plus fom, (24 Medes, fs otelle ‘Trace | Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. We BE, 20m. WW de EEE, 2!/, em. ‘Fede X, est 14/gcm. 16 ce 14 est 1/12 bassin, Gx de GG, est § cm. Trace Ge, F, et 16. Trace ligne de Nx par O vers XX. XX de Nx ext longueur de la manch-, 54 em. (00 ext le centre de Oet XX. OOO de 00 cst ath, em, | ‘Trace ligne de O par OOO & XX. | Lest éjuard de OMX, 3 de Test 7 Meme Trace ligte de Gx 3.” Pout former le devant ‘ace le dos comme démontré par les lignes oa | badoytetes-. U de BB 31), em Menarer Ix 4. GG, metter cect A GCet continue S'AA ln mesute de a porting plat Dx jusqu'h CC méme comme AA— Dessines igne de eentre par AA—CC. L de AA, est 1/4 dela poitrine. EC jaiga’A LL mde comme LAA moins (cm iiicm. TET josqu'h 13 la meme que W—12. NNN ja Stir ie béme que LUFF las rem. NKN'de 14, la méme que FF AP. LU de FF, emi total de pince. ITT 3th oa. eg las que FFL Trace lignes Ox, Ly FF.” NNN aussi Ox, L, LL rer CG de Ds Ia ménit que AAA, CC de Ex, 21s em. plus que CCDs. Jx de AA est 3'hem. 1adeCCent ath cm: 13 da CCC, est 34), em. ‘Trace le devant au dessin. Ce modéle est dessiné sans contares, 1 faut {ea ajouter en coupant. NEUE JAQUETTE “KIMONO.” DAS LEARGEBANDE. Tatckentstids 16cm. Der reall Sot der Heals ober den Arm, 54cm. Oberwelte, 47 em. Unterweite, go en. Gesissmass, ‘55cm Schlterwelte, 63 sm, Schultertelc, 65 ¥f; om Zwei Deitel Schulterweite (63) giebt Skala” ‘ah M22 unten 98, 8,0, Ex BD—2, 115m. B—D, Taillentinge. 41 em. E—Dx, 24; em, Mache Linie B—E, HBB, 1/2 Skala, weniger 21f, em. (18%). Hast dla Hutte der Unteretice tetchen dr ‘Schultesweite und Schulterticle (1 '/, em.). D—I, #/3 Skala, X—D, 1/3 Skala, mebe 1, em. Oober X, acm. Ox von 0, 11, cms One von Ox, 3/4 em, GG woo In, 2/3 Skala, renperiieee X00 GG, 1)? Taillealinge (20"/, em.)- Mache linie X 2u D ist Tailien Linie von Ruehen. 44 von X ist die selbe als GG au X. ie BE tenes EEE von iu s/eqrabonem cach 07 ea.(01 vos Bix, 1/$ cestosmany, sche 1/4 em (tit), Mx von Ix, 1/5 ‘Sian, ou Mache Linie, Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. W von EE, 2em. WW von EEE, 2'/, em. Fvon X ist 1 “ecm. 16 von a4 ist 1/ Gesassmass, Geer Ors say Mache Gy, F oad 8. Tecnico We at Ont XX voo Nx ist Armeliange, 54. SS to de eiaston 8 nel 00 ist 2%), cm. Mache Linie von O auf OOO su XX Reed epee eet ¢ ist vierecklg von O—XX. L von ti en. Mache Linke von Gx ew 2. Far den Forderiei Samachen, aiehe den Kileken mit die Linien oxen. yon BB a¥/y em. Mantes fx 24 GG, legen dese ex GG und mache 30, AA die Oberwette mebt 11), em. L vou AA iat 1/4 Oberweice. Dx von CC int die sels als AAI, Mache Linie AA—CC. CC von LE int die selbe als LAA, weniger 1Meem. TET roa 13 ist die selbe als W—1a, NNN wou TTT ist die selbe als LL. "fy cm. NNN de ig gleich als FF gu FLL. von FF ist halb total oie Gesammte (6/0. TIT won NNN 21), em., mebe als FFALL. Mache Linien Or, Ey FF, NNN, and Ox, LLL CC von Dx, gleich als AA tat. CC von Ls aiivom. mehr als CC—Dx, Jax von AA wt hom, a2 von CO ist 2 Yyem. 13 von COCs 2's em, Tn dieser Aulitellung fst keine Zogabe tat ov Nine, 000 wea PFHORNTON’S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM, lines * id % of back sue @aived lines outline of Foreporh 5] inches. “idth shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds give scale (15). Depth Lapy'’s Norrotk JacKET. 26 inches. Full length, Measunexents 27 inche: Continued to hand, 28 inches, Deast, To elbow, 18 inche: Waist, rr inches. Hips, 20 inches. der measure, 231 inches, gives 1 inch excess. Side length, 7} inches. Neck, 62 inches. Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 1g} inches. Front rgth, 23 inches. Height of neck, od _ busi, or frontscut suppression, must be calculated in the fllowing wa Difference between breast (17) and scale (15) +. ) 78 inches. 2 inches, Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) = 3 inches. Total under bust suppression on waist line ms or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft, me No ss “NORFOLK JACKET. in BB, N, D. Ii ftom BB, 1/3 1 B_saist length 16. E from D, 3/4 inch inefrom Toe, UD from B, 27'inehes. +10, 1/2 scale, h "a differen: nt} showlder ve 1/2 inch, NX fom O, afta seals, sm, afta waist meacore (7/8). Curve CXxAEE. EEE from Es, 1ahip(1). am 0, 1/4 inch, Ox is the centre of DO- ‘oss trom’ Ox is 1/4 inch. Curve Ne 10s, Oxx 10.00. Tx /3seale (10), T from S, 1/2 inch. 2 Srt/a waist lengih, or to measure. ine Se to E for back waist line, Sex from fame, us $ to Si. AA fom Ixy beat ot m 1/6scale, U from TT, 1/2 scale, toch oF). 'U, same as Hi to T on back square fine, ine V to. 1 from V, samme ae N—< eeseale (1/). 4 for sal led dowawarda fom 33. e__, plus 1/4 inch. eyes 4, P to 00. om V, 1/8 scale (t/a). VY ie fixed by ‘ar tere as taken on body (6%ahs AT, t/t2seale, ‘sam, OX, W, and EEE, Wri/s waist measure, Q from EEE, ips less inch (5%). GG from ME is 3/4 in, theGs, ind QQ. GGG from GG, Calo EE-W. V- m0, 11 hip (347. ietiors G2 tongh Vs and VV, ‘Ato the front by points S and Sx. 2 waist measure, less 1/2 inch, wr 3/4 of under bast suppression (38/)- jcalation at top of page). foi lipe through A, CC, aad CCC, em Bio Nat back neck (2 inches. hi mount at V on. forepsrt and mark J § LA depth, as taken on boty (13), Se to JJ the frost waist length (1 Font Waig line fom JJ to Ss. 1/4 breast less 1/2 inch, tan 1/2 of Ix to K lems alae m CC, 1/3 inch more than FF—JJ. ines L, FF, RR. 2 |-under bast suppression inches. to_RR, 3/3 inch bess than LL—FF. 2.TL, NNN. mm VWY, always 3 inches. (~waist, EEE, W—Q, and R—V. {amount at J] ind marie from JJ to: }_o FR, and LL to VV, the waist ete), lets tinch (10), Sof # from M, 5 waist. VVV from RRR R VESTON DROIT NORFOLK Poul Mesoren: Talle,42 em. Lingaeur deta mode, 80" Sem, ‘Gearture du dos, 13 em. Du coude, fig ems thas 73 omy Tulttine, 47 em (intone. Joem, Lain, x5 em, Srde Dcpacte, 6: em. (243 de Ia largeut paule) donne Vechelle (42'em,) Presque Tes plats we wosrent par les viens de ile (@2 €m.) Pofesiteur de’ epaule, ‘Trace les Tignes BB, .D. BB—B, 1¥f,cm, B—D taille, 41, DE, 2m, Trace ligne B—E. B—pbD, ae om. Wil—H, 1/2 échelle, moins 12 haeenca ene ts fargeur et ln prov foredeser(1'), erm.) se PP, dg ichele, 3 chee ( dchelle, plus tem. (41). Ex—EEE, 1/12 bassin, om, Ta, [5 shale (28). S11 entre de Oxx de Ox es Courbe BN, N—Ox. Oxx i. 00, tule (2031). Sa-Sex, méme comme Sax, be, iwine (47) TIT, 1/6 eee or /2 échelle, i plus | em, U—V, méme comme ‘Trace V—X, | V—1'weme comme N—OO; Ty, vita échelle (3%). 3—ta t/a T—3 (4410 sare eheley plas 1 ems 4) 4/8 échelie(§%/). YY A menare du cou Ee, wis ehele gi w-9, ys ceinare (6, EE mains 2ij,em. M—GG (9) | em. GG. 146 échelle (7). Q—R, 12 EESW (11). RV, #5 caintare (6). “QQ—RRR, 4/6 bassin. Courbe ligne de GG par Ve et VV. Y, méme comme EEE- Sx X, 1/2 eeinture moins 1/4 (1 Aiea Font caer la qanstté pour In piney comme La diftence etc le police etléchelle ‘ La moitié de difference enire a poitrine et Ia eeinture Ex—Ws, 2m. E—QQ, 1/3 bassin Total N—CO, 3/9 de totale pince 10H/y PCOS ere Mees else Hences ae a js em, Trace ligne JJ—Sx. CCC—Cx, 2 em. a ‘K—L, t/q poitrine moins acm, (13). J—Jxy tem. Limes 12K moins 1 poitrine moins 1 em, jug0's FE Ge totale pinee 231 een BR, tem, moins LL—EP, RR sougyt CCC, 3 om. plas que FF). WwW Se tuigam, Moe elmer Bee ey ee eee LL-V¥. Faites VW mesure de cefnture moins 2 (274);). Courbe la ligne, KR—SS de K. Faites la'suite de TTT—NNN de L. ‘Vinx juma’a VVV ext § cm. “foster t em. pour boutonaiare. ‘Ge model est dersiné sans coutures. ‘ajoater en eoupant. om. Ti faut tes 5 inches. NORFOLK BLUSE FUR DAMEN. Taillenlinge Verlungerte, Eg" © Eliegen, 494 em Mache Linien Bis, N, Dy B—D, Taillentinge, at. Linke B—E, B—DD, 71/,em. BE—H, 1/2 Skala, weniger 2's (184 wt ist lhe Hilte des Unte DAE, dem Mache PPX, 1/3 Skala, mehr em. O—XX, 1/12 Skala, mehr Fem. (4 /a)e EEE, 2 cm. 0-90, Mem Es-EEE, 1/12 Gesiisenass, ala SSe. vem. Tx—AA lt die Oberweite (47). TT=T, 1/6 Skala, TT—U, 1/2 Skala, mehe Ox, Oxx—00, tem, (22). U—V, gleich als von HI. Mache Linie V—X. 'V—1 gleich als N—OO. ‘Tj, 1/12 Skala, mebr t cm. (g YONN, 1/8 Skala (317. “VV. die Balowte EE—W, 1/12 Skala (34). Ex—Ws, 2-¢m. W=OQ, ‘ls Unerwelte (0). ELEC vente ae M—GG. em. (13%. Um ausfindig'za' machen wie viel mam muss fi die Hrustausnither nehmen geht man vor wie folgend : Der ‘Unienehied ewischen di Trust 5 Die Halite von dem Unto twischen die Brust u. Uncere UME cer le 34 N—CO, drei Vieriel voudem Gesamte (to Mache Linke, AA—CC. LK Linie 2 "js cm., unter Linie TAA CO—JJ,2 em." Mache Linke JJ—Sx. CCC— Cx, em. KL, 1/4 Oberweite minus 2 cm. (3). J—Jx: 8 em. 1, vo J, 1/4 Oberweite minus 1 om ER van Cx, 1/¢ Gerasemass miman' LL von FE, von dem Gesammie 13!(¢ NNN von Kit, § em. minus LL JJFP, Hilfe fi—K mehr t cm. Gesarumte YY ist die Unterweite, weniger 21% em (27! | Mache geishweilte Line RR—SS von K. Mache geschweifte Linie TTT —NNN Vax von VWV, it $m, In disver Aaivclie iat keine Zagabe fur die Nahte. SYSTEM, THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL u THE “Raaian” Wrap. Measunsnests + ‘Waist length, 16 inches. Full length, 37 inches, | Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches ‘Across back, 5} inches. To elbow, 15 inches. | — ‘Waist, 11 inches. Hips, aa inches. ; Width shoulder measure, 224 inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). Depth shoulder measure, 23 inches, gives 1 inch exces. Side length, 7B inches. Neck, 6) inches, Bust depth, 123 inches, Front waist, 19} inches. Front length, 23 inches, Height of neck, 7) inches. [If very louse style is desired, add from 1 to 2 inches at breast, waist, and “* scale."") Under-bust, or frontecut suppression, must be calculated in the following w: nl ‘Difference batween breast (17) and scale (15) ... inches. Half difference stween breast (17) and waist (tt) = 3 inches. - Total under-bust suppression on waist line... = 5 inches. be- No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. RAGLAN” JACKET SYSTEM. | JAQUETTE “ RAGLAN " POUR DAMEN “RAGLAN” JAKETT. icin RE aUhL Rae RE DAME. | Tallentoge, 41 em. Vetlingene, 69 om. 1 from B, wsist length 16, DD from Dy 3! on, Laneoer in mode, | Bickiest 35 te tbat a0 ch 1Y ine from BE thmugh DD to bottom of bake | «dn bas 73 em. Poitrine, 47 ct 7 Ceinvare, jot, Tassia, 55 em. Usvom BB, 1/s sesle, less t inch, Largeur de I'gpaule, 63 em.’ (2/3 de 1a larpeur ti tia ilidaads Lancala “West de Fépaule) donne Pechelle (g3m.). Presque ee ee ee ae its poets ae troavent par lez divigons de sraey poten. Geakeamana, s§'¢m, Sebultendeite, 63, Schulteriel, OSU. Zwei Drittel Schulterweite (42) gicht * Skala,” Mache Linien BB, N, Ba—B, 1) B=D, TalllecLinge, 41. O—DD, 2 depth” shoulder measnres (1/2 inch, N| 1? a eames Linke B—DD. om B, £/8scale less 1/2 inch (3 anches). | etic (42cm). Profondens de Vépanle, |» “55, lace: BAH, 1/2 Skat, weniger Prom 1, 1/3 scale. X from PP, 1/3 sealey | Trace les fi )N,D, BEB, 1% cm. a) : las 1/2 inch ¢5 ts fuehes). \Rcponge poDirece Teele e ist die Hilite des Unterschieds nwischen O from PP, 4), seale, less 1/2 ineh. DD. der Sehulterweite und Sehultertiefe (11), em). I: rom I, 3/4 inch. 1 Di, 93a em. BBE, 1/a elle, moi | FHP, 413 Shain, PEK, 1/3 Shala, moby C_se B—N and N—O. S from I, 2/3 seale (ro). T from S, 1/2 inch. Se from S, 1/2 waist lengiby or to measure. Tw Tine Sx to D for back wale Hine, S— from Sx, same as S to Sx. AA from Tx, breast measure (17). au oF, ies S$—Sx, 1): Sox. 3p 8 1/2 différence entre Ia. sone i" f fonatenr (1'), cm) IPP, chelic, (14). piSrigeddepheryene |seele oie tf, jechelle(28), S—T, 1a (201/,). Se—Sxx, méme comme Ix—AA, la poitrine( TTT, 16 hele (7 TTI ‘jm PPO, 1/3 Skala minus Soy 14, em Sx—Gve pleich als S62 S—S:, 1/2 Taillelinge (204). Ix—AA bat die Oberweite (47). TT—T, 1/6 Skala. TT—U, 1/2 Skala, mebv em. (2 T* from 7, 1/5 scale. U from TT, 1/2 scale, U—V) gleich ala von H—1. Jas 3/8 inch (77). a eels, ‘Tay, s)12 Skala, m4, 1/2 T—3 (14/0. \—om U, same asH to Ton back square lines | 73") ts échelle (3a. 3a 8/2 T—3 (181). | Mae en Vig. 5 tat die mitte xwis ftom T, 1/12 scale (14/0) 4ftom 3, 3/2 of3-—T. | Troe tine V4. § ot le centre Va. | Ve Sets Pee Twine from V to4: 56: 3 em OG wet far Sean, OH 3s continued downwards from XX. P. drum M, =/t2 sale, plus t/g inch. GG from M, 1/12 veale. Gicis squared down from 6. from Gx is 11/2 inch, a (sx from Gx is also 1-1/2 inch. {ifaw lines dowawards througl Gax and Gxxx. Curve Scye 1, 4, and PP. F from V, 1/8 scale (1 7/8). VW ik Bed by cis measure as taken on body (6 3/4) (is squared 10 the front by points $ and Si Grex jusquth G ext 3%, em, Grex jaaqu'a G eat aussi 3i/; om. 3 et Sx forme wn care, 1/Seehelle (53 ccc, smoinn 18 (138/,em.). Pont ealculer ‘come fl suit: La difierence entre Ia poitrine + us 1 ems (4 %/a)- GG jusqu’h |. ¥V ia mesure da eon. 88x ei CC forme unéané. Ss—K, 1/2 ceinture sappression dea pinces, faites Gx und G liegen in einem Dreieckes Gxe von G, 3%), em Gray von Gy hs em. CCC, Sex und Ss, legen in einem Disiecke, Y—NN, 1/8 Skala (540). YY ist die Halsweite. §, Sx und CC, liegen tm einer Dacieck Sk—X, Halle Unterweite, mebr 13/,cm. (13%4k Ue auhinlig 28 machen wie viel man suns for ‘die Bructenusniher nebmen pelt man vor wie folgen Der “Unterschied rwischen die Brust. Skala ser we Die Hallte von dem Unters = 5 X from Sx, 1/2 waist measure, less 1/2 toch. amwischen dic Brat w. Unter- from X, 3/4 of under bust suppress [wee eee a Stem inch, (See ealeslation at tp of page.) : a ines 1_w front line through AA, CC, and CCC. AGE, 1a fe toale pine maine $4 Em |e, ae Vitel on dem Govan ae Firom CC is t inch. ‘Liaw front waist line from J to Sa. J tom AA istinch, Cx from J is 1 inch, 3 N from ¥ is 3 inch. | 355 from $ is 1/2 inch. Tue Sureve. S$ sve as ordinary, with the following exce) “Ton: L from Eis 1/2 inch more than C to. A. H from “> same as XX tr V on coats 1 om I, 3/4 ineh, 1/4 seale. roi I, t Beek, MM froin Ly tines CC, 11, 2em. Cemodile est dessing sans coutures, ajouter en caupant, A Juqu’l L méme comme C—A plus 11/j em. Hi josqu’a D ia mime 3 ‘La Maxcum, H1jusqe’A T, 2em. J jusqu’h L, 1/4 d'échele L jasqu’a K, 21) em. Ly 34) em. ‘Trace ligne JJ—Sx. 2), em, ‘Mache Linic, AA—CC. CC—J], 2 em. Mache Linie J}—Sx. Ute! Des Acnwnt, L, 1%pmebr C—A, gleich als XX—V, THORNTON'S INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM, (Tae garment waist) fitting MapasvReMENTS > ‘Waist lengtty 16 inches Full lengthy ¢2 inches: ‘Aeroes back, §3 ineher, To elbow, 18 incites Widih shoulder measure, 223 inches, {wo thirds gives scale (15). ‘Sige lengib, 8 inches, Neck, 62 inches, Hust deptly 13 ischen. Under-bast ot fronteat suppression mnt he calculated fp ve following way Piference between break (17) and sale (18) Half itierence fetwcen bees (7) and 638 (12) Fron ‘Tocal uader-hast seppression on waist tine “ on He- No seams or turmings-in are allowed for } 2W CURVED FRONT JACKET! LA NOUVELLE JAQUETTE. ES SYSTEM. Mesures war A la mole, tor et cm. Du cme, Draw lines, BB, W, Ds, ti, 49 ug 04 Use 75 em, Dutiney 47 em yom BU, 4/3 neh | Ghintare,"40 em, "fans, 55 om. frown By waist lenech 16, E trom Dx. vireh | Larger de Veale, 65 em. (2/3 de ta larmeur irons to E | 1 ide Vepauie) donne Fechelie (42 em.). Presque TTitom BB, 1/2 scale, lew 1 inch (6")) | tous bes points se trouvent par les divisions de I from Hy $/2 difference between * width and | Vechelle (42 em.). Profonieur de Tepaule, stdepth™ shoulder measures (1/2 inch). 65"scm. | {rom B 1/6 scale, lesa 1/2 inch (2 inches). face les lignes BB, N, D, Dx, Bx. from I, fg tale,“ X from D, 1/3 scale plan KE—Dy x /vcme Dx 0 aes —ala inch (sii). Mis aquared down from X. | E—Dx,2"/,em. Trace ligne B—E. above X, 1/2 inch. W—DD, 429 cm. BEI, 1/2 échelle, moins 00 fram © 3/2 inch. 2M, (84%). re B—N and N—OO, ‘tom Try 2/3 seale (10), T from S, 1/2 inch. ex down from §, 1/2 waist length, oF to measure (8). Draw line Sx to D for back waist line. Sux fiom Su, same as § to Sx, Square hip Ex—CCC. Draw line E, Ex on to measa f from TT, 1/6 seale. U'upwards from 1/2 scale, plus 3/8 inch (7, V from U, saine as H to 1 on back equate line. | ‘Draw line'V 10 X. 1 from V', same as N—OO. from T, 1/t2 scale (1 from 3, half of 3—T. from M1, 4/12 scale, plus 1/4 Foch, GG from M, 16 Seale, plus r/2 inch. Curve seyey tp 4) and OO, P, GG to 4. “E from E, 1/6 waist measure, plus 1/8 inch, EE from Ex, 1/6 hip mesure, plus 4/8 inch. | in is midway between tx and M. {1/2 différence entre In derzewr et ta Aro: | P's/y echelle (14)- apis E¥[gent. OO—O; 1) ,em. 1/13 échelle, plus tem. (4 "i 2/3 echelle (28). S—T, 1 Ye S—Se, 1/2 taille (201/,), Sx—Sex, meme 1x—AA, Ja poittine (7). T—TT, 1/6 échelle (7). TT—U, 1/2 échelle, | plus 1 em. | ULV, méme comme le dos H—1. | Trace VX. V—t méme comme N~OO, Tog, fia éebelle (511). 3-4, 1/2 T—3(1 M—P, 1/12 échelle, pius rem. (44). GG nga BM, 1/6 pl xem. hele, EEE, 4/6 eeinture. EE—Es, 1/5 bassin, plos 1/4 om, (11g em.)- Me eit Ie centreentre tx—M. Ox=0,2 jn cra. “Ux from O, 1 inch. ‘Trace ligne Ox, Me, EE et EEE. Curve line Ox, My, EE, EEE. W=EE, 20m. WW—EEE, 2'/; om, W fea BE, 3g inch WW from EE, 1 inch | LJ, 1/4 poli. ‘A from te, breast measure (17). S) Sx et CC forme un carré. Sx—X, 3/2 cela JAA, 1/4 inch. ture moins 1 (15%), em.). x from Sxy 1/2 waist measure, less 1/3 inch, ‘Sq of undertunt supprcasion (3"/)- op of pages) Pour ealeler It comme le suit La difference ent suppression des pinces, faites naw front line through AA and CC. et échelle oe 5 om. from B to Neat lack neck (2 inches). La moitié de di ant at V on forepart and mark JJ) I polisine et la ceinture =. = $y em. Aen wiki a(S | —— [}x the front waist length (19 fs). Total ae 33'f, om. Dawe front waist Hine from JJ to Sx. {from JJ, 1a beast (3/0 MCC) 3/s de totale pince 104/y. Trace Tigre _ZE {uum j}, 3 inch les shan JI 1 1 “AA—CC. TT from CCC same os JJ—FF, CG, Jj, 2 em, Trace Tigne JJ—Sx. | Curve line through Ly FF, and TTT. TJ-AA, tem. JIL, 1/4 poitrine (11%). “IL. from FF, 1/2 under-bust sappression (2"/s). F—J} méme 1J—Ly moins 2.6m, ENN foom TIT, as FF to LL plas + inch (5!) CCC—TTT méme comme JJ—FF. + from 42, 61, inches. Trace ligne Ly FF, TTT. B irom Bx, 5'/» | FR—LE, 1/3"totnle nines (6/4 em.). 1 from 2, 3 inches, ‘TTT—NNN méme FF—LL, plus 2pm. 4 from 5, 3 ade 12 = 17em. $ de Bx, 14.em. } toms 8, Vineh. ea, 7'/scm. Gde 5, 2m. “ave from ext as shown on diagrams ode 8, 31/6 ~ jx trom JT, 3 inches, 1a fom J} 3 inchs 13 from CCC, 3 inche. X is midway between LI, and We Sqiiae (rom X downwards to is i —ifiand 16 from 14, cach 1/12 hip measure, | VW—F'1 6 eiférence poltrine—eeinture, Fro, 1/6 diference breastand waist (rineh). |Ce modele ert dessiné sans coutures. “Tl fiw CCutwe ftont and form reners as diagram, | tes ajuater en coupant, | eter In coutore du devant comme le desscin, ta—JJx, 71h em THe Mew Curvep-Front Jacker. Continaed to hand, 28 inches, | Breast, 17 inches, ‘Waist, 11 inchess Hipr, 29 inches, Depth shoulder measare, 23} inches, gi es inch excens, waist, 19} inches, this draft. DIE NEUE JAQUETTE. ‘Taillenlinge, gt em. Verlingerie, 107 cms Rickenirelte, 15 em. Elboren, ay, em. Hand, 7§ em. Oberweite, 47 em. Unters weite, 30cm," Gesasumass Sehulterweite, 63. Sehultertiele, 5 Zwei Drittel Schuherweite (63) cicist '* Skala” 42]. Mache Linien BB, N,D, Dx, Bx. BE—D, 14/4 em. Du—D, Taillenliinge, 4. E—Dx, 2'/.em. BB—H, 1/2 Sie weniger 2 % HI—T ist die Hilfte des Unterschieds 2uischen ‘der Schulterweite und Scholiersife (1'/ em.)- 1—P, 1/3 Skala. D—X, 1/3 Skala, mehr them. 000, 14 cm, O-—NNN, 1/12 Skalay mebr em. (gHfel~_Tx—S, a3 Skala (28)~ $—T, 1Yfyem. S—Sx, 3/2 Tallenlange (20/3). Se—Sxe gleich als S—Se. Tx—AA ist die Oberweite (47). TT—T, 1/6 Skala. TT—U, 1/2 Skala, mehr Tem, (22) U—V, gleich als von 1 Mache Linie V=X. V1 gleich 1 T—}, 1/12 Skala, 3—44 1/2 T—3 (1 M—B, 1/t2 Skala mebr 1 em. (41/4) GG wn M, 1/6 Skala, mehr 1 em, EEE, 1/3 Unterwelte. EEE—Ex, 1/5 Gestssmass, mehr 1/4 em. (12%, "). Mix fit die Milte swisehen 1x—M. Ox=P, 2'4.cm. Mache Linie Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. WEE, 2em.) WW—EEE, 24/5 om: VV, ti/ecm, Vs—VVV, 1/12 Gerissmass, LJ, 1/4 Oberwe 'S, Sx und CC, Hiegen in einem Ds Hitite Unterweite, weniger N—00. ke. 134 og machen wie wit man mass fr ie Drustausnaier chmen geht man vor wie folgend — Der Unterschied ewitchen die Brae we Skike mee OF Die ITuite von dem Unterschicd fvischen die Meast a. Unterweite= 8) CC, dei Vi Mache Linie, AA—CC. COMJL, 2m. Mache Line JS. L, rweite (134/ ch als Siahe lave LF, 11h, FF—LL. 1/3 von dem Gesammte (6 TIT—NNN gleich als FF—LLy me 2-13, 17 em. S—Bs, tg em. 1 6—s, 2m. ‘10-8, 2'i¢cm. Bathe ie Bens amar ghee 3 fe We7 Vy ems 12—Ix.7 ecm. CCC— 1% FA dau" Bin de Melie stichen LL— Ws 15—16 von 14, 1/12 Gesissmass. N—E, 1/6 det Diflerene zwischen der Ober weite und Unterweite (24/). Tn gieser Autsteliang tnt Keine Zegats 6 Nubie. § INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM. THORNTON’ ee eee aa 84 ~ Lapy's Fancy JackeT. (This garment 12s 2 sewi-fitting Muasvaesents : — Waist length, 36 inches. Full length, 30 inches. Continued to hand, 28 inches. Breast, 17 inches. ‘Across back, $4 inches, To elbow, 18 inches. Waist, 11 inches. Hips, 20 inches. \ dih shoulder measure, 22} inches, two-thirds gives scale (15). Depth shoulder measure, 23} inches, gives 1 inch excess, Side length, $ inches, Neck, 6} inches. Bust depth, 13 inches. Front waist, 153 inches. Cider-bust or front-cut suppression must be calculated in the following way :— Difference between breast (17) and scale (15)... = 2 inches. Half difference between breast (17) and waist (11) = 3 inches. Total under-bust suppression on waist line a = 5 inches, += No seams or turnings-in are allowed for on this draft. SEW JACKET SYSTEM. JAQUET DE FANTASIE. DIE EINBILDUNG ROCK. " N. Ex. ie ‘ai em guews mode, Taillenlinge, gi em. 76 om, Bice hate tag ts! Boe De Noga ln at am anmneet We ede |" tckenistce 1§" em. ince D. ; fine from B tc 49's om, da bat 75 em. “Poltrioe, 47 em.) Hands 75 ems - Oberevie 47 ems U Th wm BB, 1/3 scale, less 2 inch (6")). mat Eeee tint oe er ack Schulterweite, 63. Schultenicte, 65 "/. ja difference between * width” a i. (i argesr | Zwei Drittel Sehilterweite(3) gi Tiwom If, 1/2 diference between * width tbs arti Zwei Drittel Schilterweite 53) gieb esta ( depth shoulder meanures (1/2 inch). donne Ldehelle (42 em}. FYEAUE Sache Linien 18, N, Dy Ea BD—B, 1), coms Nom B 1/6 scale, loss 1/2 inch (anchor). WehaleP(as cm) NProbokdeur de Legauie, UB, Tailentage, 41." E—DD, 2!j,em. Dom Iy4/3 seale. X from D, 4/3 seale, 656m. Bs, 76 em. BB—H, 1/ Skala, weniger _3 och (3). is sqeared down fom. | Tyaee is ne BD, N, Dy Ese abt . Qabove X, 1/2 inch. OO from Q, 1/2 inch, | BB—B, 4 die Hilfte des Unterschieds rwitehen ‘Carve B—N and N—OO. Bepidlie ft" EDD, 2Yem. de Schalierwehie und Schulte (1 '/,em, S um Ix, 3/3 scale (10). T from S, 1/2 inch. |e 1_8, 1/3 Skala. D—X, 1/3 Sila, mehet'/, em. S_ own from S, 1/2 waist length, or to measure) 5 1i,'s/3 ¢chelle, moins ats (18). OOO eee ORME fe: Shale mabe @. HCA, A iféence ents In larger et bs fre 1405, 215 Skala (2) ‘Draw line Sx to D for back waist line, fasten (1 cm.) IP, 1/3 eobele (14)- S from Sx, same as S to Sx. Square hip line, x—TTT. Draw line B, Exon to meatare (30). DX 113 fella plea 1 cm, 00-0, TeAA bet dg Oberret (a7 Ta from T,16vetie. U wprans from TT, 13 | O-NSK, 1 ate a eats FEE, Si Sea EAD ae sea, mem scale, ples 38 inch (7 Ya Sc8u, iff tlle (oh). Se~Sxx, mine! yeas = tom U, mine ato Com back wane es | te See Tsay pin Woh | Macs BNET ET x0, Iw fine ¥t0X. 1 from Y, same as N—OO. | TTT, 1/6 échelle (7). | Poyea/ta Skals, 3—4, 1/2 T—3 (18 3 sm, r/aascale (1"f). 4 from j,ball of 3—T, | TT—U, 1/2 échelle, plus sem, Beat ina Shale Soak rice. (chp P'fiom M, 1/12 scale, plan 2/4 iach. GG from | U—Y, méme comme le dos 11—T. Be von bt He Soler mebe t Soe 1M, 1/6 teale, plus 1/2 inch, TraceV—X. Y—t mémecommeN—OO. | | ERE, 1/6 Unterwei we seye, 1, 4, and OO, P, GG to 4. ‘Ts, 1/12 échelle (3/2). 3—4, 1/2 T—3 ( EEx—Ex, 1/3 Gesksmass, mebr i/g om. (11, 1 fom E, #6 waist measare plas Black, | BS Taa Siege 1 em, calls Mere atte prachen tx 3, tween Hs 1 Ghip mere, paca neh, | BEE Et) celnsre | Ox—P, 2's em. ria Mx ls midway hetween tx and M. 1/5 nny ples tf4 cm, (14 ecm.) | Mache Line Os, Mx, EE, EEE, (from 0, 1 ineh. Neen Wore ents feat Oech, Sinem, | We kes ems Wit Eeea'i,em (ve line Ox, Mx, EE, EEE. een on eee m Eee pe cm, Va—VVV, 1 12 Gesdssmans,, from EE, 3ii lech, WWHEEr, 2'hcm. | 3, Seund ct einem Dreiecke. WWW from EEx, 1 inch, ose | oNth es caah AA from 1x, breast measare (17). un caré, St—X, 9/2 ceintare | Um ausfindi wachen wie vel man muse 1. AA, 1/4 i min oF Ya er.) | die Bros-auseither nehmen geht man wor Sy 1/2 walt mensre, tess ranch. | Roar cca Ta tappcinion des pines, fates foignd? °° cee aniton at opt page) 3 | ta dienes ene 1 poitine | ‘Brast'u, Skala... = 5 Cee annonce? eilechelle se 5 om, | Die Halhievon dem Unterschied ~ aw froat line throagh AA and CC, La moitié de diffrence ‘entre shen die Brust a, Unters sasure from B to N at baek neck (2 inches). Ia poittine et laceinture ae = SY/sems) write ne ee eee Be ice this amount at Y on forepatt and mask J — iat the bust depth, as taken on body (13). Toul... 13%aem Gesmmie.. 54, or Continue to J} the front waist lengih (19%). | Tye taen eibi las fo Tras bet XECi gl de totale plnce 20 fm Trace tgee | X—CC, rei Vierel von dem Gesamte (104 facie Linke, AA--CC- rom J; tis breast 4g) ‘Trace ligne J}—Se. Co] ae Mace nk JT Su. J—AAsnen i FF ‘rors JJ, 3/4 inch less than J to L. Ly 1h Oberweits (13214) TIT tom COC ume an] “FF. 1/4 poltring (134 Foy dito Fok einen s is atve line through L, FF, and TTT. \# | meme J—L, moins 2 em, lus ‘TTT gleich als 1] —FF. “(rom FE, t/a under-bum suppremion (a'/- | Face ine Le FE, TET, Mache Linie ky FF, T(T, FF—LL, #/3 von dem Getammte (674) N from TTT, ss FF to Lt, plas t inch (3 "/,). | FF—LUy 1/2 totale pince (6% em.). eich als FF—LL, mei 13 from CC, 1/2 ines, | TTT—NNN meme LL, plits 21/) ee em. 13 von CC, 12 oetween LL and W. ede JJ. gem. 13.4600, em, ite awischen LL—W, jeer ben X aimiosde Oia) Nest le centre entre LL—W. 15— 1/12 Gesiissmas, ete hia ta dak dalicamnees 15-16 janquld 4, 1/13 bassin. WWF 1/6 Ditierent exischen der Ober __j and 16 from 14, P VIVE, 1/6 dificrence poitrine—ceinture. end Unterweite (2%). F to VY, 16 diflrence breast and waist (¥ inch). | Ce Curve front and form evers ax jodéle est dessiné sant coutures. li faat tex | In dieser Auf | slower en ecepant, Nate. Hung’ lit keine Zugalve for