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By: Joann Diaz, Sarah Kline, Crystal Marquez, Daniel Villanueva

Discourse Communities:
a group of people who
share certain languageusing practices.

What discourse community does

belong to?
Gotham City

How did he become a member of this

discourse community?
-He grew up in Gotham City.
-Had his parents murdered in front of him.
-Later dedicated himself to fighting crime.
-Took responsibilities of his familys estate
and business, making him a member of society.
-Citys officials were against him.
-Came to accept him and began a working

Who are the members within the

discourse community?
Other superheroes, villains, mayors and other
political officials, law enforcement officials,
criminals, journalists, and civilians.

What are the goals of the

discourse community?
-Struggles with gangs and crime
-Suffers from corruption in law enforcement and
political infrastructure
Systems of law enforcement and criminal activity work to balance each
(Independently and interdependently)

Main goals -> greed & corruption

-> establishing peace & harmony

What and how does this discourse

community communicate?
-Batman keeps communication
with officials in order
to identify problems
within the city.
-Gotham City PD shines bat
symbol spotlight in the sky
for help from Batman.

How does technology impact the

communication practices?
Batman prefers highly technological devices
->Uses a supercomputer and
a communication device
on his utility belt

How does technology impact the

Technology used by Batman can only be utilized at
the same level as the villains and the criminals
of Gotham City.
-> This keeps both sides evenly matched which has
direct influence on Gotham Citys dual goals

What are the topics discussed in

these discourse communities?
Relationship between Batman and Gotham City
mainly concerns his role as an entrepreneur
and superhero
-His private corporation involves charity work
& social interests.
-As a superhero he discusses various
villainous activity with officials and finds
problems to minimize crime

What are the conventions

(guidelines and/or rules) of the
discourse community?


What specialized language is

used? Why?
Batman has his own terms for various weapons and
technologies that he uses
-The Bat Signal
Gothams criminal community have specialized
terms for their own teams and technologies.

The Justice League

of America
-The goal of the Justice League is to
eliminate any threat against Earth.
-Other members of the Justice league
who are part of the discourse
community besides Batman are:
>Wonder Woman
>Green Lantern
>Aqua Man
>Martian Manhunter

-Communication within the league

takes place in the Justice League
-Batman (who is all about technology)
provided the other members with
communication devices.
-The main topic of discussion between
the Justice League is Earth and how
to accomplish difficult tasks.
-Batman is also one the founders of
the Justice League