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University of Scranton Lesson Plan

Students Names: Lindsey & Monica

Ed 344-Integrated Science & Technology

Please list the following content for the plan:

Subject Area
Grade Level
Summary of the Lesson
Title of the Lesson
Academic Standards


Vocabulary: Three Tier

Estimated Time

Instinct or Learned Behavior?

3rd Grade
Students will determine the differences
between instinct and learned behavior.
How do they know that?
S.K-2.A.3.1.1: Describe a system as being
made of multiple parts that work together.
S3.B.1.1.2: Classify living things based on
their similarities and S3.B.2.1.1: Identify
adaptations of plants and animals that
have helped them to survive.
Materials & Resources
S3.B.2.1.2: Identify and describe plant and
animal characteristics that are necessary
for survival differences.
Level 1: List instincts and learned
Level 2: Classify if a trait is learned or
Level 3: Compare and contrast instinct and
learned behaviors.
Level 4: Connect the instincts and
behaviors of animals to humans.
Behavior, instinct, learned behaviors,
compare, contrast.
45 minutes.

Materials Required

(Science Lesson Plan-Planning for
Inquiry6E Model)

Chalk board, chalk, worksheets, vocabulary

sheets, brownie mix, plastic bags, eggs,
Watch video off of youtube:

What is innate behavior and what is

Pass out Vocabulary Sheets
Write words on the board and go over
them as a class.

Teacher will draw Venn diagram on the
board and give the examples of waking up,
brushing teeth, and eating breakfast, etc.
Ask students how do they use learned
behaviors? Ask for examples to add to the
Venn Diagram. Ask what some of the
instincts were shown in the video.
Students will turn to page 133 and read as
a class.
Students turn to page 140 and label the
graphic organizer. (On their own, review as
a class).
Students turn to page 141 and as a class
complete a cross word puzzle.
Students turn to page 142 and answer the
questions orally and teachers will elaborate

on those concepts.
Teachers ask students: What are some
things that we do that are learned
behaviors? students answer.
Introduce cooking/baking to the class as a
learned behavior.
Teach them how to bake brownies step by
step. (learned behavior)
Students clean up brownie materials and
put them away.
Students do a learning carousel with the
inside circle explaining a behavior and the
outside circle saying if it is learned or
instinct. (Students then switch)
Teachers wrap up lesson with
comprehension questions.
How will you infuse technology
throughout the lesson to enhance
technological skills of the learners as they
gather information, engage in explorations,
and explain and communicate findings?
Student Resources

Include samples of all graphic organizers

or student handouts you will use during
the lesson.