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Faculty of Education

Outdoor education
Yarrawonga secondary
Topic: Revision of risk, responses to the outdoors and media
Grade: 11
Date: 30/4/15
Duration: 120 minutes

Learning intention/goals
To successfully complete a revision test and discuss the correct answers.
They are to split up into groups and act out the provided scenario about risk in
the outdoors and discuss it as a class afterwards.
This is aimed at the hands on and visual learners
Materials used
- Board notes/ definitions
- Scenario cards
- Quiz

CURRICULUM dimensions incorporated into the lesson

- lesson includes components of the study design, key knowledge criteria of;
- The range of differing personal responses to outdoor environments, such
as fear, appreciation, awe and contemplation the influence of media
portrayals on personal responses to outdoor environments the variety of
personal responses to risk in outdoor experiences, including the interplay
between competence, perceived risk and real risk

Students prior knowledge

- the last 2 weeks as a class we have gone through the topic areas of
responses to the outdoors, media in the outdoors and personal responses
to risk
- in these classes students have submitted work to shower their knowledge
and understanding of the topics

Assessment strategies
- the quiz (mark out of 10)
- class discussion

Procedure - Lesson sequence

Engagement /Introduction/The Hook

begin with a 10 question quiz
launch into the new topic with a power point
students complete table
students undertake a debate/ discussion

Body of the lesson

included in the power point is pictures and videos related to definitions to
help strengthen connections to definitions and give students examples to
relate to.
After the power point is completed students will fill out the attached table
to use as revision for their sac (Table )
Class will split into two groups for and against (who and why should we
use lake Mulwala? For argue that everyone should be able to use it and
why? Against argue that there should be restrictions and who and when
you can use it?) this activity will emphasis how the media can
sensationalise information to persuade and inform the public on issues in
the community which incorporate the key knowledge and skills in the VCE
study design.
Before class finishes just go over main points and definitions through a
finish my sentence activity

Self-reflection / Evaluation
I began the class off strong I was confident in what I was doing and the class was
attentive and engaged with the topic. There were a few technical difficulties that
put me off topic a bit but I fell the table went well as it was a reflection of how
much the students had taken note of or remembered from my presentation. Most
students completed this task with little aid from me or other resources (only
when it came to giving specific examples).
I need to improve on my delivery of some content but I know that will come with
practice. I also need to work on asking the right type of questions to gauge

student response through this I need to know exactly what I need and want my
students to get out of the lesson.

Supervising teachers comments

I was given verbal feedback that included;

Need to feel more confident in delivering my information

Ask questions that will get students to understand and answer according
to the content.
Knowing exactly what I want the students to get out of the class.
I have a natural way with the way I interact with students