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York University Practicum Summary Report

Teacher Candidate Name: Stephanie Joseph

Division: Junior Division (Grade 5, French Immersion)

Mentor Teacher Name: Brenda Bennett-Learmonth

Mentor Teacher Signature: Brenda Bennett-Learmonth

Date: May 6, 2015

School Humbercrest Public School Board: TDSB

Evaluation Period:

X End of ED II Concurrent

End of ED III Concurrent

First Evaluation Cycle Consecutive

Last Evaluation Cycle Consecutive

A. Creating the Environment for Learning Engagements

(Comments on: A.1. Materials, A.2. Classroom Organization, A.3. Affective Climate) Ms. Joseph has demonstrated skills

in unit and lesson planning, managing accommodations for students with special needs, and producing engaging lessons,
and attractive handouts and materials (ex. for a science unit on Conservation of Energy, a literacy unit on the French
legend La Dame Blanche, and for a Dance unit which focused on five different styles of dance). She is able to keep in
mind the learning level of the grade 5 student when developing clear, straightforward and appealing instructions and
worksheets (ex. in media, math, science, dance, French literature) . She has learned and shown development in the area
of classroom management and has become more competent at responding to the wide variety of student behaviours and
needs in a large class of 32 students.

B. Classroom Discourse

(Comments on: B.1.Teacher Talk, B.2. Student Talk)

Ms. Joseph planned many diverse lessons which facilitated a variety of levels of engagement: paired work to review
media challenges, small group work for science experiments, independent work and class discussions in the literacy
block, group work for dance performances, and short, teacher directed lessons across several subject areas (media,
math, science, dance, literacy). Her manner with the students was always polite, gentle, supportive. She modeled
appropriate language and gender sensitivity and provided safe opportunities for students to engage in talk and discussion
in every subject she taught. She gained confidence and practice managing and addressing inappropriate student talk and
always treated the students with respect, while holding them accountable.

C. Individual Learning Engagements

(Comments on: C.1. Curricular Content, C2. Initiating, C.3. Sustaining, C.4. Culminating/Closing, C.5. Assessing)

Ms. Joseph learned to activate student thinking and encourage them to draw on personal experiences in order to make
connections to the learning. She readily accommodated students with special needs and worked one-on-one or in small
groups to support students and reflected on safety measures during different Science experiments. She was flexible and
fair when mediating student conflicts during group work. She assisted in grouping students for a variety of activities (small
group work, reading groups and field trips) and she learned to match students according to different needs (temperament,
learning abilities, work pace, etc.). Ms. Joseph was also able to make appropriate adjustments to the timing of lessons
and unit progress in response to student work pace, need for additional review, and unexpected events and interruptions).
She timed her units in order to allow time to evaluate progress through the unit, complete a review major concepts and
administer and mark an appropriate final assessment of learning in units on la Lecture (French legends), Science
(Conservation of Energy) and Dance.

D. Learning Engagements within Units

(Comments on: D.1. Content)

Ms. Joseph engaged in the following subject areas during her practicum with the grade 5 students at Humbercrest:
English Media: teaching and evaluating stereotypes in print and television ads; (formative and summative)
Literacy: (en franais) teaching a variety reading strategies (making connections, using pictures, re-reading), teaching
genre, assessing reading comprehension,
French language: teaching structures of language (Verbes du 2e groupe au prsent -IR, contractions + le = au),
developing and delivering a literacy unit based on La Dame Blanche (included vocabulary study, reading, writing
responses, listening and speaking: large and small group work, paired activities, class discussions, teacher - led
Science - Conservation of Energy: developing and presenting a unit on the conservation of energy, demonstrating
experiments (Stick bombs and balloon pompoms, teaching the various types of energy (renewable and non-renewable,
wind, solar, hydro, coal, uranium, etc.), potential and kinetic energy, and strategies for conserving energy at school and at
Math: Teaching strategies for problem solving (multiplication and division unit)
Dance: (en franais) Teaching 5 styles of dance, expanding French dance vocabulary, leading students through a group
activity, assessing dance performances and student reflections and critical analyses of the dances they watched.

E. Professionalism
(Comments on: E.1. Professional Curiosity, E.2. Professional Conduct)

Ms. Joseph was always punctual and prepared for her classes. She maintained a high level of professionalism in all
activities: attending staff meetings, supervising transitions between classes, assisting with duty in the playground at
recess, assisting during various field trips (Humber River walk, park walks, Ontario Legislature), and attending early
morning Ultimate frisbee practices, as well as rehearsals for the Junior Musical. At all times, she respected student
confidentiality, embraced the activities and opportunities presented to her, and adhered to the rules and routines of
Humbercrest Public School.

Recommended Practicum Grade:

X Pass

Ms. Joseph demonstrated excellent progress during her teaching practicum in Grade 5 at Humbercrest Public School.
She always reflected on her learning and responded well to feedback. She is a caring, kind, honest, and hard working
person and she has more than earned a Pass for her teaching practicum this year.