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Diana Saltos
English 101 CBQ
Professor M. McCampbell
May 11, 2015

Solution to Bullying 174/185 = 94%

In these days, the youngest of the United States are confronting many difficult problems in
their everyday life. Bullying at schools has become a major issue at school. No-child is exempt
from this evil. Stories after stories are told around this country about bullying. Parents, teachers,
and authorities are concerned about the effects that bullying is causing. Bullying is a sin at
schools. However, this problem must not continue. Everyone must put a grain of sand in order to
resolve it. Nevertheless, teachers play the most important role in this situation. The best solution
would be identifying the bullies. Then provide interactive counseling for them to identify the
reason why the bully picks on victims. Also, to have them involved in extra activities. This
should work much better than the old system of telling on the bully to or punishing them.
First of all, bullying is a problem that many children face at schools in this country.
According to International Examiner Newspaper, Bullying is a behavior that encompasses
teasing, harassment, threats, and physical aggression(Cannal). There are three groups affected
by bullying: children who are bullied, children who bully others, and children who witness
bullying. However, the most affected by the bullying are children who are bullied. They are very
important to society because children are the future leaders of this nation. In addition, there are
many dangerous effects of bullying on children. For example, the web site Stopbullying.gov
states that kids who are affected by bullying suffer from depression and anxiety. They feel sad
and alone; furthermore, they lose the interest in their favorite activities (Effects of bullying).

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Also, they avoid going to school. They are so afraid of their aggressors that they would rather
stay at home. Consequently, their scholar performance decreases. Bullying is causing many
suicides as well. For instance, Youth who are involved in bullying are more likely to have
suicidal thoughts and attempt suicide, and, 15% of high school students seriously considered
suicide in the past 12 months(Edgerton and Limber). In short, bullying is a huge problem that kids
are going thru at schools.
In addition, providing counseling to bullies could solve this problem. First, offering counseling will
help bullies to know the consequences that their acts can bring, and they would be convinced that they need to
change their behavior. To change the behavior of appetitive, self-serving individuals, those
individuals must be convinced that a desired change is in their own best interest. Thus,
counseling interventions to arrest the proactive aggression of bullies must convince the bullies
that the personal benefit of their aggression is outweighed by both its negative consequences and
the tangible benefits of pro-social behavior"( McAdams, Charles R.,III). Also, it will help bullies to
make decision about this situation. Susan Koss, who is a lower school principal of the Melvin J.
Berman Hebrew Academy, said, "The kids are getting better at saying they're sorry, at working it
out and asking for help"(Holzel, David). Finally, this will help become involved in other activities that
they wont have time to be idle. For example, programs include classes in poetry and spoken word,
music and video production, modeling and fashion production, acting and volunteer work along
with support for education, workforce training and prevention services (Meyer, Nick).To sum
up, offering counseling will address the problem of bullies in a better way.

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To address bullying, it is necessary to make implementations. One way to deal with this
problem is to institute a new type of policy where the bullied, the bully, or groups of each will need to see a
counselor. It is necessary that counselors work over time. This will implicate extra costs, but it will help the
students. In Maryland, school counselors will earn $5,000 to $10,000 more each year than teachers,
and the average teacher salary is $54,333 (Maryland School Counselors). $10,000 more could
be invested to address the bullying in each school. This new policy should be instituted, not just in
order to tell them why it is wrong, but rather to try to figure out why this is occurring. Not everyone is bullied,
and not everyone is a bully. Most children fall into the grey area where they are really not one or the other. This
type of counseling will sit the children or adolescents down, and it will try to figure out the root causes of the
bullying. Also, to implement programs after school would help to keep them occupied. If some child is found
in a bullying act, they should not be suspended from schools. Rather the counselors should provide programs
after school where they would develop their skills. If their minds are occupied in productive things, they would
most likely not spend time bothering others. To end, it is urgent to implement this type of counseling at
Offering interactive counseling is better than the old system of telling on the bull y. The old
system includes zero tolerance policies and treating bullies as criminals. When bullied children
accuse their aggressors, and parents, professors, or authorities will apply zero tolerance policies
which do not seem to be deterring bullying, rather they will just mask it worse. In the past 13
years, states have enacted nearly 130 anti-bullying measures, half of which came since 2008
(Toppo ,Greg). Since 2008, there have been numerous incidents in schools associated with
bullying. These laws havent done much in correcting this problem. If a child is punished, his
behavior might change because he is afraid. However, once the fear is gone then what. On the
other hand, interactive counseling is better because this method would try to remedy the

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psychological problems that bullies have. It would offer help to change their behavior.
Counselors would help them to develop in strong skills. They would not leave them alone, rather
counselors would spend more time with them. Bullies would not be treated as criminals. Many of
them act in the way because they look for attentio n, and interactive counseling could give it to
them. All in all, schools should put away the old system and apply interactive counseling.
In conclusion, bullying should be addressed by means of implementation of interactive
counseling at schools. Even though this is a big challenge, every school should put it in practice.
If parents, professors, and authorities wish a better environment at schools, they need to support
this solution. These children are the future of this country. They should be corrected now. This is
urgent. Do not wait any longer!

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Diana Your proposal is well-organized and well-reasoned. I highlighted some

places where extra evidence, expert opinion, or precedence would make your
proposal more inviting. Your English count/non-count nouns and your verb use has
improved during the past couple of months.
ENGL 101
M. McCampbell
Spring 2015


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0 10 points

Does not meet C

Meets C standard

Exceeds C paper

0 4points

5 7 points

8 10points

Gets readers
attention; uses at
least one rhetorical
Identifies the problem

Uses compelling
introductory device
to get reader
attention; Rhetorical
device is clearly
worded and employs
active voice.

11-15 points

16-20 points

States the problem;

does not summarize
or include other
solutions. Vague
reference to

0 10 points
0 20 points

0-10 points

Identifies the
solution; flat
statement about the

Identify the solution,

judges it, and shows
its relationship to the
problem .

0 4 points

5 7 points

8 10points

Problem is
identified; no
supporting details
from a researched

Problem is clearly
established; who is
affected, why its a
problem. Supporting
detail includes one
researched citation.

Reminds reader not

only who is affected,
but why this group is
important; 2+
specific researched
details illuminating
the problem or

Uses at least one

specific detail to
establish the
connection between
the solution and the
0 7 points
Propose a
solution 0
15 points

Solution is better (or

not)because & cites

Flat statement of
how solution will
address problem

8 12 points

How it should address

the problem or fix it.

13-15 points
Provides several

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12 would
like to see

Does not include

affected group

At least one verifiable

statistic or examples
or detail.

Shows how affected

group will benefit(or

Solution Plan
10 points 7

Your solution
is better 18
would be

0 10 points

etails how solution

will address the
Clear use of logos
and/or ethos in
addition to giving
of how the affected
group will benefit(or

0 4 points

5 7 points

8 10points

Plan does not

describe how it will
be implemented

Describes process of
including getting
audience buy-in

Clearly explains
cost, materials, and
assesses how likely it
will be to get buy-in

0 10 points

11 15 points

16 20 points

No comparison with
other solutions;
statement that the
proposed solution is

Solid assertion that

proposed solution is
superior and
supported with one
specific detail from
comparison with other

Solid assertion is
supported with two
or more specific
details; more points
for cited researched

0 4 points

5 7 points

8 10 points

Flat summary of
problem, solution,
and whether is it
acceptable or not.

Summarizes proposed
solution and the main
point of the
comparison with other
solutions. Makes a
final pitch for
proposed solution.

Refers to topics/
device brought up in
the intro; indicates
the degree of
challenge the
problem poses and
how the solution can
address it. Final
appeal includes one

Brings up a new

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of the rhetorical
Writer uses
at least one
appeal to
0 -10 point

No rhetorical appeal

one rhetorical appeal

two or more
rhetorical appeals



5/correct source

Source is
inappropriate or not
correctly formatted.

Correctly uses at one

credible, reliable

Correctly uses two or

more credible,
reliable sources

Work Cited

More than three

errors in work cited

No more than three

errors in work cited

No errors in work
cited list

Citations 0
5 points5

Does not cite all

appropriate details

Correctly cites all

appropriate details

Correctly cites all

appropriately detail

1 5
2 5
3 5
4 -4



Does not meet

0 5 points
One or two topic
Paragraphs lack


Paragraph not
related to topic;
Organization does
not follow a clear
Abrupt changes;


Wording is vague;

Meets C

Exceeds C Standard
(9 10 points)

(6-8 points)
Clearly stated
clearly related
to thesis
arranged in
logical order;
Ideas follow
when necessary

Topic sentences are

specifically worded and link
thesis and all supporting
Transitions move ideas clearly
throughout essay;
Ideas build on each other to
emphasize thesis

Writers voice is clear and

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Words are
confused with
other meanings
conventions are
Uses second
person prn;

Errors - -4/2 = -2 = 18
174/185 = 94%

Uses words
Avoids slang
and worn out

Employs specific words;
employs active voice and
specific verbs;
Wording is concise