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Light Will Shine Above The Darkness

Good and evil is a common dichotomy. Evil is usually perceived as the dualistic
antagonistic opposite of good, in which good should prevail and evil should be defeated. In the
poem ofBeowulf,written by anunknownpoet, awarriornameBeowulffaces theseobstacles
along his journey.BeowulfbelieveshesonlybattlingonemonsternameGrendel.Untilhisthird
battle he realizes that evil will always be around. Although Beowulf is always protecting the
Beowulf is a great warrior by his strenghtandcourage.Hehadthecouragetoputhislife
on the line for others.When Beowulf heard of Grendels attacks in the land of Danes. Beowulf
immediately proclaimed that hed gotothatfamousking,wouldsailacrosstheseatoHrothgar,
now when help was needed(114116). This marked a true hero, a Geat, risking his life to save
people who were not even his own. He risked his life for what he felt was the good for the
people, and for the honor of his father. Once Beowulf gets to the land of Danes, Beowulf tells
Hrothgar thathewillfightGrendel. BeowulftellsHrothgarthatthemonster'sscornofmenis so
great he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will [he](167169). When Beowulf finally
comes face to facewiththehideousmonster,hefightswithcourageanddetermination. Henever

once retreats or fears for his own life. After a huge celebration of Beowulfs victory over
After the death of Grendel, Beowulf believed that evil wasfarlongfromthem.However
Beowulf and the peopleofDaneswereunawareofGrendelskin,whowascomingtoavengehis
death. Grendels mother had attacked thelandofDanesandhadtakenHrothgarsclosestfriend
the man most loved of allmenonearth(414415).Devastatedbyhislostofhisfriend,Hrothgar
tells Beowulf Save us, once more, and again twisted gold, heapedup ancient treasure, will
reward you for the battle you win(446449)! Beowulf acceptedHrothgarschallenge.Beowulf,
theking,andhismenwentoffto thedreadfullairofGrendelsmother.ThebattlewithGrendels
mother wasnt as easy as Beowulf had thought until he saw, hanging on the wall, a heavy
Sword, hammered by giants strong, and blessed with their magic, the best of all weapons was
able to cut it through Grendel's mothers neck(513515). Peace was restored to the land of the
Danes and Beowulf returned to the land of his own people, baring gifts from Hrothgar. Once
Beowulf has been king of the Geats for 50 years, after his death ofhisuncleandcousin,
living in peace.. Until one day a fierce dragon started terrorizing the Geats. It allstartedwhena
thief who entered the treasure towerstealsacupfromthedragon.Beowulf, nowanoldman,has
to defeat the firebreathing dragon. While fighting the dragon, Beowulfs weapons had failed
him and the dragon breath flared. Beowulf was suffering and none of his comrades came to
him, helped him, his brave and noble followers they ranfortheirlives(691693).Butonlyone
remained to help the king, Wiglaf. Wiglaf then helps Beowulf and defeats the beast. Beowulf
was badlywoundedandtoldWiglaf TakeWhatIleave,Wiglaf,leadmypeople,Helpthemmy

time is gone(810812). This may have been Beowulfs last battle but it wontbetheendofthe
a blink of an eye. It will always find its place to terrorize. Although Beowulf believed he was
only battling Grendel but he eventually fought two more monsters which lead to his death.Evil
will always be everywhere even if we dont see it.Thebattlebetween good andevilwillalways