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CTHULHU The Occult Riddle of H P Lovecraft

Hello everyone :)

As a fan of H P Lovecraft, I've been a student of Lovecraft's amazing Cthulhu

Mythos, and also its influences in Modern Occultism and Ceremonial Magick
(see, for instance, all the "Necronomicon"s that appeared and continue to appear
here and there, and the "23 Current" currently used by several orders and
Before I go on, I must say that in my opinion Lovecraft was a knower of several
occult arts and codes and used it in his otherwordly literature In "The Case of
Charles Dexter Ward", for instance, he mentions several famous esoteric books
and grimoires (Turba Philosophorum, the Zohar, Ramon Lull's Ars Magna et
Ultima, etc), and also shows his knowledge on Traditional Witchcraft and
So, paying attention to this important detail, I wish to show you something very
interesting about the famous sentence in the exotic "r'lyehian language" that is
most connected to Cthulhu:
Phnglui mlgw
mlgwnafh Cthulhu R
Rlyeh wgah
wgahnagl fhtagn
Or, in Lovecraft's English `translation':
In his house at R
Rlyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming
Well, the thing is that, if we write these sentences side by side, we'll see that
BOTH of them have exactly the same amount of letters, either if we count only
the letters:
PhngluiMglwnafhCthulhuRlyehWgahnaglFhtagn = 41 letters
InHisHouseAtRlyehDeadCthulhuWaitsDreaming = 41 letters
or if we count the letters, the spaces, and the apostrophes:
Ph'nglui_Mglw'nafh_Cthulhu_R'lyeh_Wgah'nagl_Fhtagn = 50 characters
In_His_House_At_R'lyeh_Dead_Cthulhu_Waits_Dreaming = 50 characters

I must confess: I never thought this could be a mere coincidence I believe

Lovecraft created these two sentences having equal amounts of letters in order
to encode something And if we start doing some research, we'll find that:
(1) Number 41 is, according to Hebrew gematria, the value of HUL ("ct HUL
hu"), meaning "Terror" This word is found in the Fifth Pantacle of Mars, in the
Greater Key of Solomon, which includes the image of a Scorpion:

This is a very natural connection to Cthulhu You see, in Babylonian Astrology,

Mars was called Nergal, the god of plague and the Underworld, which was the
ruler of the sign of the Scorpion Also, Scorpion is traditionally connected to the
Water element and the Underworld
(2) Number 50 is the gematric value of the letter Nun, which is associated with
the sign of the Scorpion (again!) and the 13th Arcanum of the Tarot, "Death"
This Arcanum and sign are deeply connected to the mystery of Life Death
Resurrection, and the important animal symbols of the Serpent (life force), the
Scorpion (poison), the Fish (maternal waters), the Eagle (sun and fire) and the
Phoenix (rebirth from the ashes) Another correspondence with Nun/Scorpio is

the Kundalini, the fiery serpent lying dormant in the Root Chakra, waiting to
be awakened
Let those who curse days curse that day, those who are able to raise the
Leviathan (Book of Job, 3:8)

Finally, some notes on the name CTHULHU:

So one day I decided that I should study the name CTHULHU, that from the
beginning I felt was a "curious" name I can't explain exactly how, but it seemed
to be strangely familiar and mysterious and so I began searching
I found several theories for the name Cthulhu, and all of them seemed to
corroborate Lovecraft's vision of this imaginary(?), utterly terrifying and
loathsome being Also, Lovecraft's clues on how the name should be pronounced
(Clooloo, Khll hloo, etc) seem to support these discoveries:
1) According to some (partially unreliable) sources, KETUL HU means "he who
is imprisoned" in aramaic I couldn't check any aramaic dictionary in order to
confirm this, but in hebrew, Khatul (KhThVL) means "bandage" or "wrapping"
which could be connected to the imagery of being "imprisoned" (wrapped up)
Also, Hu (HVA) means "he", so there may be something here A later study led
me to find that in hebrew gematria, Khatul sums 8+400+6+30 = 444 which is
the value of MQDSh (Miqdash = "The Sanctuary" = R'lyeh?) and DMShQ
(Dimashq = Damascus = according to Lovecraft's fiction, the place where Abdul
Alhazred lived and wrote the Necronomicon) I found this to be an
EXTREMELY interesting connection between several pieces of the Cthulhu
Mythos, and also a curious repetition of the same number, resembling the
famous 666 Oh and by the way, in greek, "Nekronomikon" sums 555 ;)
2) In Babylonian Mythology, one of the eleven monsters created by Tiamat to
destroy Marduk was called KULULLU, the Fish Man;
3) Most "Simonomicon" fans (myself included) will remember that in sumerian,
KUTU means Cutha, the ancient sacred city of Nergal, the god of war, plague
and the underworld, while LU means Man However, please note that the
construction Kutu Lu is NOT a valid way of saying "Man of Cutha" in sumerian

4) In Hawaiian Mythology, Kanaloa (called Tangaroa in Maori) was the squid

god of the ocean, very much resembling our friend Cthulhu According to
Huna, Kanaloa is the god of Mana Loa, the great life force energy
4) In Polynesian Mythology, Kutun is the great sea god living in the reef and
the lagoon
So that's it! Hope you enjoyed this little piece of information :)

Regards from Portugal,

L G (Alektryon)