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Stephanie Walters
4/23/2015 7:18:19 PM
RE: Which is best: Online Classes or Face-to-face
Online VS. Face-to-face
Technology seems to be growing so rapidly that the education field is
changing each year. I have been a part time student for about ten years now,
due to having a family and being a full time stay at home mother. I have
tried Face-to-face and online classes. With that said, it is my opinion (as a
student who is enrolled in online and face-to-face classes) that both methods
of learning are made to benefit students of many learning styles.
In the first 5 years of school, I could not complete online classes. I had kids
running around all the time and stress overload that caused me not to focus
and put my studies first. It all boils down to discipline. Are you able to make a
schedule and stay on task? This was a method I had to learn later in life in
order to complete some of my classes.
Face-to-face can be more beneficial for those who cannot keep up with their
schedule. The best part of face-to-face classes is that you can build a
relationship of teacher and student, then be able to ask questions and get
answers when the homework gets tough. Having human interaction for those
who need it must decide that face-to-face is a better option to keep from
dropping out and causing their transcript any further damage.

Texas Technology Standards

Standard I. All teachers use technology-related terms, concepts, data input
strategies, and ethical practices to make informed decisions about current
technologies and their applications.
1.1s Demonstrate knowledge and appropriate use of operating systems,
software applications, and communication and networking components;
1.6s Perform basic software application functions, including, but not limited
to, opening an application program and creating, modifying, printing, and
saving documents;

My Responses:
Stephanie Walters
Reply to Tiana Mixson
4/23/2015 7:27:32 PM
RE: Face to face v.s. Online
Hello Tiana,
You are so correct when you say that the hands on experience is best. I have faced many
interviews that were concerned more on whether I had hands on or online learning experience.
Most employers are looking for the hands on learning and a lot of online colleges are not as or at
all accredited institutions.
Stephanie Walters
Reply to Amanda Parman
4/23/2015 8:52:27 PM
RE: FTF vs. Online
Hello Amanda,
I think its very true how each student will learn in a unique way. Most students who are eligible
to sign up for an online class, whether it be a K-12 student or a college learner, should know if
they can be self-motivated. Of course, I did say "should" and some really may think they do and
actually don't have the skills they need to complete an online experience. The drawback of
signing up for a class and then dropping it is money down the drain for not completing the class
and it reflecting on your Transcript. Financial aid also counts it towards a learning credit used
and will eventually build up causing you to lose financial aid and paying off a loan or cash.
I think they should put a series of quizzing and testing online for students to try and see if they
can handle the classes online. Some of the programs they have in place now to test students, I
don't believe are accurate enough.