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Lhe Necronomicon Ttalian Edition By Frank G. Ripel Translated Into English By Fames K. Campbell Fr. and Frank Hutter Of%e Old Ones eAnd Their Spawn Ye Old Ones were, Ye Old Ones are, and ye Old Ones shall be. From the dark regions of space, NGxgr pronounced the names of ye Old Ones the cosmos was formed from it. And They came, Invisible and primal. They governed from the beginning of Time. eAzgthoth, the Primordial Chaos that dwelling to the center of the Null infinite is the spouse and son of NGaxyr. First Motor of the Darkness, eAnnibilator of the thought and the form. The King of the Primordial Fire. It is the Lion that appeals to the Sword. Its Star is a white woman, and It bas placed Its Dwelling in the Hidden South. And in front of N3arlathotep the eAeons were formed. eAnd in front of NGarlathotep they were formed from it. NGarlathotep! The (rawling (Chaos. It has revealed the Mystery of Koth. And les recompense was large. It is Their Messenger. eAnd It placed Its dwelling on the top of the Great Mountain. It will remain bere, nevertheless a part of He rambles without pause in infinite. Cthulbu, Master of the Deep Ones. The Master of the West, where blows the twenty howling ones, where the Darkness reigns supreme. Those primal places that have never known the Light. Its symbol is the Scorpion of the stellar Sky. Hastur, Its brother, resides in the highest of the skies. It has taken East place, and bere an invisible Throne is found. It is the Voice of the Old Ones. He is the one who exacts the will of the Old Ones, for He is the destroyer. He walks while following the Polar Wind on the Fire Wagon. It is the Hluminator. eAs a Taurus He walks on the Horizon. 2 Shub-Niggurath, the Black Goat with a thousand young always fights eAzathoth. Its image is feared anywhere. Like a goat, she travels through the stellar sky. NQdens is the Lord of the eAbyss, from where they came Of old. eAnd Yog-Sothoth, the Vebicle of (hans, the Master of Shape. Ye Outer presence of the Primordial Word. Ye Door of the Abyss. It is the Guardian of the Threshold of the primordial Elorror. Jn the Great Ocean They attended for long ages, till that Naxyr raised Its powerful Hand and the Sea gave birth to the Lands. eAnd ‘They grew in multitude and the Darkness reigned on Earth. To North They erected powerful cities and in Plateaus of the South They erected places where they could dwell. eAnd the Old Ones covered all the Earth, and Their Sons will last throughout eternity. There was a time in which they were one form. eAnd They fought between Themselves. Brother against brother. And the Elder Gods saw what their Sons made. Great was their ‘wrath against them. eAnd They imprisoned the Old Ones in Oblivion, in the Earth of Khar. eAnd here they dwelled, joined as one. end then the Elder Gods pulled down the Earth of Khar. The Old Ones escaped to the Underworld, where the Elder Gods placed Their great seals on the Door. They founded three great cities. Thar, ¢Muun, Leen built in the underworld. The Old Ones dwell not in Spaces known to men, but in the Angles between Them. eAll the outside of the Earth-P lane They now rule, and they always wait for the time in which They will thrust open the Great Door; Because ye Earth has known Them, ye Earth does know Them, and ye Earth will know them. eAnd ye Old Ones wait. Ctbulbu sleeps in the submerged City of Reb, and waits for the moment in which be will resurrect. When Narlathotep pronounces the Word They will awaken and cover the Earth. After the day the Night comes; the day of the man is now, and They will reign where they reigned for a Time. eAs an abomination people will know Them and Their power shall be spread on the Earth. This is the origin of the Old Ones, that they defied the Elder Gods and they were bunted in the Underworld. Great Cthulhu has placed his seals on the Doors, so that no impudent one dared to cross it. eAnd It waits. When NQarlathotep says the Word, It will awaken, and with Its order be will return onto the Earth, and Its Reign will last forever. Yog-Sothoth will be released and cover the Ways of the Earth. That Time is near. The Time in which they will open the Door is marked in space and time. You shall watch therefore. Be steadfast, for the hour is near. Of Ye Old Ones And Where They eAre Imprisoned eAnd when they were driven away from the Underworld, were They ruled the Twelve Worlds, and They was imprisoned. But Hastur discovered the Doors that They gave in the Worlds, and It transcribed to them each door according to Their kingdoms. There are Worlds within the Worlds, Doors within the Doors. This was the last deception of the Elder Gods, so that They do not find the Door that it grves in the Underworld, because Their Moment has still not. Newer, the Great Queen, sealed Cthulhu in sunken Riyeb, Hastur in the Earth of Han, Nsbram in the Earth of Lag, eAzathoth in the Ruins of FLacthne, Dagon in the Region of Hug, Vague NGarlathotep in dark Kadath. Yog-Sothoth was sealed in sunken Riyeb with Cthulbu. Shub-Niggurath is free in the spaces of infinity. Of the Great Shub-Niggurath and its Thousand Sons Shub-Niggurath is ye Queen ye horned ones. To He who has discipline, she will give all things. She left from her Dwelling of Light in order to come down in the Darkuess of the men. And here, she, fulfills the fantasies of all who serve her. She redeems the just man and punished the malevolent one who would hinder her chosen ones. She is an Old One of great power. Shub-Niggurath, ye Black Goat with a thousand young. She is the force and the power of the untverse. She is the same as the universe. Be careful, ob reader, for you can not understand ber. Be careful of thy offenses and reconcile it. Ye Mystery of Shub-Niggurath is biden in her. When she approaches, ye shall understand. But you will approach if it and you are not ready. The Black Goat with a thousand young. This is Shub-Niggurath. Bow before ber. O man, in front of Her, but do not ash for mercy, since she does not have any. Ifyou wish it, purify thyself sufficiently. The same shall make thee master of thy own salvation. But Shub-Niggurath is beyond this. She resists the devine consciousness that sinks in the World of men. She controls the fire of wisdom that one day will engulf the Earth and revive ye seats of power that ye Old Ones once held when they return. This and others are Shub-Niggurath. ‘Do not dare to invoke what you can not put down. But She is abways present, beside you, if you are one of its Sons that she takes delight in. Hearken, O Man, and hear my words. eAnd perhaps, on a night 6 when all the world shakes and the stars and the planets meet, clothed in fire, She will appear like a black shadow that ye can not place. Then ye shall understand her mystery. You will understand what ye can not. This is ye shall repeat. Shub-NGggurath is, was, and shall always be. She will not disappear and the shy and the Earth will upset Her, forcing Her to appear. Of Heastur, Ye Onspeahable, And His Voice In the dark spaces, Hastur ye unspeakable controls the worlds where man survives. His voice is filled with anger and destroys all things. Even life. The life that dwells on ye dark stars. He lives above and controls ye cosmic design. He felt sorry for the chosen ones. In His fury, it despises the slaves binder who them. His power tears the cities and crushes men, but no one will Kom the hand and the substance that comes forth, ye cursed one from the slaves, and His form is unknown to the men. Listen to his voice, O dan, when in the dark hours of the night be calls, singing His song to the Old Ones. Ye may answer His call, but be only answers ye Elect Ones. Hastur is ye way to salvation for thee. Or dost thou prefer to face its wrath? Then be shall hear He who shall not be named. From His teeth protrudes snake and claws that shall seize thee and cause thy downfall to the terrifying vortex, advisor of Earth. Here is where He shall always exist, in Leng of Ye Cold Waste. Hear his ory through the eternal darkened skies of Leng, where His terrible voice screams throughout eternity, for it shall make ye weak and corrupt thy limbs. This is the choice that is given to ye. Do not follow paths of vanity, for ye shall always be ambushed, ready to devour thy dead women. The Song of Hastur shall awaken thee from thy deep sleep, if thou wish to listen. For it shall make thee like unto Him. Great is your choice. Do not waste it because of thy futile fears or things of this world. Abandon thy common life to begin thy journey that will render thee immortal. Render thy thanks to Great Hrastur, because He shall free thee. Of Sleeping (bulb And His Dreams sat Cthulhu lies dead but dreaming. His dreams fill the world. He lrves in the dark, deep eAbyss of the Ocean, where he bas been since ye dawn of time. Sometimes, He stirs for small times and the world shakes. Shakes for fear that ye Old Ones are free. But this shall not appen yet. For Their time is not yet come. But Their time will come. eAnd Great Ctbulbu shall be loosed upon the Earth, but now be can only dream. His reign shall not last. For He shall return to the source. But in that Time, the Earth will shine of a terrible Hack light of destruction that will restore the Old Ones to Their thrones of Ebony and Ivory, for the safety of Man. This is the fate of Great (thulbu and He shall make it come true. But that wonderful time must come. For now, He allows himself to dream in Reh, His dark dwelling. Where He shall live until His death. But His Elect Ones share His dreams. They gather together to cut off the profane one. Cthulbu dreams of a forgotten time when He once ruled. Some are a front to the appearance of the Old Ones, but all only speak, about the splendor that they will have, when strange aeons abound. The Elect lend faith to the freedom of (thulbu. He will show thee that thou are following a familiar dark path. Listen to His words, for He shall reveal to thee the secrets of the cosmos. If ye will know all, ye shall see clearly. eAll shall appear to thee in a new way. Ye choose Him, and ye shall become a god. But already, six of ye have understood me. Fle remembers. preat Ctbulbu sleeps in His House at Reh, not daring to arouse before His time. He shall come to thee when the time is right. In ye watery abyss, He now listens and if ye are an Elect One, he shall give thee His sign, and it shall please thee. Concerning Yog-Sothoth Before thou attempt to know the forgotten mystery that is Kadath, ye shall pass by Yog—Sothoth. He is the Master of the Old Ones that exists, and yet does not in all lands, and that ever appeared in all skes. He, O man, fights ye source, and be shall fight thee to bestow on thee his treacherous nature. He is the threshold of the bigher planes. As thou seest Him, a terrible and unknown terror shall assail thee. He presents one of bis many different forms. For He is form itself. His form is of no consequence. He counts the souls and against it ye shall fight. He shall give unto thee victory and glory, but neither is for thy own honor. Indeed He will cause others to hate thee because of thy victories, since be shall cause thee not to exist as thou art. For He shall make thee like one of bis countless servants that crawl in the mud of humanity. Render thanks to Yog-Sothoth. He is the last one of His kind and He shall show thee the way to Kadath. He feels no sadness for humanity, as humanity did not cause Him to be. He destroys every life that suffers. But this is His task, Ye fight what is pure, and ye shall find purity in it, gaining the same. Onderstand these words, O Man, I implore thee. Another shall find this Book of Wisdom and Mystery, causing another secret to be revealed. Who shall know the mystery to make good use of it? Of % Thirteen Globes That Compose Ye Body Of Yog-Sotboth He, the Door, is composed of thirteen spirits. But to say this is wrong since the globes exist in yet another way. In the sins of man, they exist, since Yor-Sothoth, in His divine lowness has created them. There, the monsters that have not known victory end that same way. gee dangers are the globes, for they can appear an any form, but arken! But they shall destroy thee like twigs to the fire if they bappen to meet ye. eAfter that, they learned to control their Master, in the center of chaos. They shall serve thee as stagnant angels, but they will enjy the inner stench of thy soul since it controls thy life. They are sterile shells, deprived of sentient life, but the life they feed upon continually flows. They pass their power, but that in itself is agony, destroying themselves, revrving themselves continually. Ye can not touch them, since they do exist to few, but not to all, but use them with caution, since their force and power causes darkness. Dark Passions give unto them strength, not surrounded by their insanity. Life can not surround them, but their flatteries, since ye, my Child, are real and they are not (reference to physical exist). This is the last warning. On the terrible ones and ye cursed globes of Yog- Sothoth naught is there but infinity. Concerning NGarlathotep, His Reign, And Young Worlds I hear the Crawling Chaos that calls beyond the stars. And They created Nyarlathotep for Their messenger, and They clothed Him with Chaos that His form might be ever hidden amidst the stars. Who shall know the mystery of Nyarlathotep? for He is the mask and will of Those that were when time was not. He is the priest of the Ether, the Dweller in Air and hath many faces that none shall recall. The waves freeze before Him; Gods dread His call. In men’s dreams He whispers, yet who knoweth His form? “And at the last from inner Egypt came The strange dark One to whom the fellah bowed; Silent and lean and cryptically proud, And wrapped in fabrics red as sunset flame.” Nyarlathotep, the great being who is everywhere and nowhere traveled between the stars and galaxies like the founder of civilizations. Chaos created him, and he was death to those who approached it. He was created by a divine hand so that man would know the Cosmic Song, but such was the song that the Messenger terrified people. They did not make peace with him. They did not reveal the face of he that masks the will of those 14 who existed before time was. They did not hear his indistinct slurring long ago as it lost its trace of humanity. The fear was too great in man because humanity had grown. The Old Ones had hidden themselves, as they existed before time was. The rest of the gods could not follow Nyarlathotep, since he had already gone on young worlds, attempting to whisper his message, and he tried to lead them by himself. But his attempts was in vain. Then it had for a great and quiet consort ub-Niggurath, the Black Goat with a thousand young. He withdrew himself to younger worlds. For he is one that was imprisoned with them and Cthulhu began to dream, since he was forbidden to all of the rest. Cthulhu’s dreams were of adivine nature and the lands became filled with humans. For many aeons, Nyarlathotep passed with his children in moments of rare happiness, but the human Plague rose in that paradise and every pure thing became impure from the humans. Alot of beings served Nyarlathotep, and alot was granted to him to assure that the arrogance of a dead woman would be raised to pride and destroy all that he had created which caused Nyarlathotep to show his true face to men. Then it was gone for some time and saved his children, which is true. And with them he was withdrawn in the secret dream, in the Great Black Onyx Castle atop Kadath, the Great Mountain that rises in the Desert of | Leng. From time to time in its dreams, Nyarlathotep remembers its paradise and of times that he ruled. Then one tear falls from his dark face and the dead woman perceives the change the change in their dreams. And the population of tastic Visions plague them. Here, there is, and it will always be, Nyarlathotep. Of Leng In Ye Cold Waste Who seeketh Northwards beyond the twilight land of Inguanok, shall find amidst the frozen wasteful dark and mighty plateau of thrice- forbidden Leng. Know ye time-shunned Leng by the everburning evil fires and ye foul sereeching of the scaly Shantak birds which ride the upper airs by the bowling of 3¢ Na-hags who brood in nighted caverns and baunt men's dreams with strange madness, and by the gray stone temple beneath the Néght-Gaunts Lair, wherein is he who wears the Yellow Mask and dwelleth all alone. But beware O Man, beware, of Those whose tread in Darkness the ramparts of Kadath, for be that bebolds Their mitered heads shall know the claws of doom. Of Kadath Ye Onkyown What man knoweth Kadath? For who shall know of that which ever abides in strange times, twix yesterday, today, and the morrow. Unknown amidst ye Cold Waste lieth the mountain of Kadath where upon the hidden summit an Onyx Castle stands. Dark clouds shroud the mighty peak that gleams beneath ancient stars where silent brood the titan towers and rear forbidden walls. Cursed runes guard the nighted gate carved by forgotten hands, and woe to he that dare pass within those dreadful doors. Earth's Gods revel where Others once walked in mystic timeless balls, which some have glimpsed in sleeps dim vault through strange and sightless eyes. Concerning Ye Trapezohedron, In The Temple Of eAst- Or-eMaarh In eAtlantis Now, oh my crowded reader, that in Atlantis the Black Crystal of Astar was guarded. It was not an object donated to us from the Earth, for it came from far away in the Stars. The center and the dwelling of the Old Ones. The Temple of the founders. Tt was not an inert thing, for it was living and was worshiped by alot of peo le. With this Crystal, the Priests of Ast-or-Maarh, the God ota Secret Cult, could obtain their fabulous desires. The Black Crystal, in fact, is made to obtain for the Priest all that he needed. With it they could travel, with just the physical body, in other dimensions and make contact with the Old Ones, from which a current of knowledge equally flowed. But, with the passing of time, the Priests committed useless crimes and the Black Crystal became gloomy, until it disappeared. The Cult of Chaos decayed, lacking its fundamental support. After alittle while, it caused the fall of the empire of Atlantis and caused the island to be swallowed by the deep ocean that later on took its name. But the Black Crystal was not dissolved with the fall of its caretakers. It still exists and waits for the Old Ones to return and make use of it again upon the Earth, for no human hand will be able to destroy it. Through the Black Crystal the Power and the power thereof will become established on the fragile straw castles of men. The Cult of Chaos will return. 18 Only the transitory one will cease to exist, since the solid bases of existence will not disappear. You do not see them, but they surpass your understanding. Chaos spoke Hastur. Chaos will happen. That is all. Concerning Dagon And The Deep Ones Dagon became a dark god from the sails of the Earth. He existed along time ago and performed his task very well. His task was to bring order and to teach his servants, the Deep Ones. The Deep Ones lived in the depths of the sea, in ancient times, then in other thin blue forms. Great was the fear that Dagon inflicted on them that die common deaths. They were taught brutal knowledge and had to be helped from were they was placed. Great wisdom became lost to the ancient races of men and the Deep Ones, since this was the wish of ‘Dagon. Dagon knew that chaos was around and that it would prematurely destroy the cities of the Deep Ones and that one out of all his children would free them, because it had been foretold from the be: inning of time. Chaos beg to work greatly through man and he would try to free the Old Ones, in spite of all that he had given to them. But that was not tolerated that he had taken part in the order and hurled this knowledge onto early man. This was the last gesture of the Old Ones. Of that hour they are not, but they will return on anew day, when strange acons arrive. Then man reverted to his wild state, and in aprimitive condition, he always revived in order and freed those whom the Elder Gods destroyed. They did not succeed to learn that it could not have been otherwise, for they was only men. This is their guilt and sentence that completely ensures that the Old Ones will return. When they return, Dagon will be a god of fertility and marriage. Through him everything will shine through anew light. 20 A child of the Deep Ones will revive the cosmic song, asong that will come watch itself through the fusion of ther vibrations. Such unification will allow the prophecy to come true by itself. 21 Of %e Four Angles That Divide The Earth North From ye cold North, where the terrible and mystery that is Kadath rises, in its origin ‘was reached the Old Ones, the cold ancient masters of the Earth. From the North, a great city full of ye Old Ones and their Spawn rises up to greet thee, but its Masters have long slept. at caverns of ice hide the treasures and discoveries of our Northern ‘andfathers, in fact, they are the large treasures and discoveries which let them Take control. They are now lost, ready to be found again and to be re-used by the Sons of the Old Ones. Watch, O Man, for the Danger that comes from the NGrth. Careful not to fix thy gaze to the Aurora, the blue lights in the winter might shy, since the Dark Guardians seize the minds of ye lost travelers to wander through their cold realm of mystery. East Y% Barren East, ye land of promises and hopes. For the ancient song will be raised there that will wake up of ye will lead back them onto the Earth. From this Earth, risen from the darkness of the night, unholy and terrible things will gush. Ye force and power will gather in a single being that will bring destruction and balance. Enlightening things will come in its wake. The world will shake, as a time shook, and men will flee as flies driven crazy and cause fear to the Earth. But who will know already will have become crazy and this 22 will be its salvation. Cause the Doors will be opened for a millennia and a revolution of blinding light shall be for be that is born from the heart of the Earth, casting away in its wake, for a loss of knowledge. South Ye terrible South, ye lands of Fire and power. Ye hide the wisdom of man. Thy divine inheritance is carved into ye mountains from which erupted life. Nobody dares to move a step on ye warm southern lands, since strange beasts that were defend its secrets and its power. But everything is born to the South, can not be otherwise. Great forests existed a time to the South and great (ities with different creatures before thy race came to be. Other powers came to the South, but then all that came was destroyed by the divine will. Watch, O Man, from the infamous South; for it shall not appeal to thee. When in the warm summer nights, thy look follows ye dark Southern Stars, thy soul will come from the cosmic current spread fast in the Sky. West % dark West, the land of the dead and ye desolate. Ye rich mystery and feelings it moves to ye pole center by unimaginable poners of ye center of dark forces. Ye land of the desolate bides in itself the beauty and parity of the deep. In ye western Lands, life rises that is not life, 23 Ye dead raise and mock the living. Ye dead woman in Essence. Everything must pass through there in order to exit purified. Thou must be drvine and of a pure essence. Before making thou return to Earth, ye shall cross ye terrible lands of the West. % force of darkness shall enter thy veins. Thy muscles will be swollen and ready to be bit. Thy mind will be lucid as bronze trays and great things will happen, since the cycle is complete. Watch, O Man, from the dark west; for it will terrify you. When ye cold autumnal nights, and thy eyes look into the part of sky with no horizon, will be sunk in the abyss of time and space. For you there will be no hope. 24