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Ghost" elusive fighter training (self.

enviado 42 minutes ago por KlutchAtStrawsNike Jutsu
Phil Norman and the Ghost system were featured as part of the Defence Lab event
in the UK. I've watched a few of their clips and Norman says it all clicked into
place for him when he started using kali principles. I've no inclination to get
in the ring anytime soon but unlike most of these "new" and "revolutionary" met
hods that crop up, it looks like this one has been properly tested.
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[ ]mattBerniusKung Fu, FMA, Internal Arts, & a bit of Crappling 1 punto 30 minutes
From a ring perspective, it's great (provided you've got the confidence to do it
). And I appreciate how FMA concepts factor into this.
It's also a great example of baiting an extended strike to counter-hit off of. B
asically tricking a measured fighter into throwing past their "safe" point.
From a self defense perspective, this scares the crap out of me. The entire appr
oach is predicated on being able to know your opponents reach. Which is somethin
g you can tell in a controlled ring scenario. But add an unexpected weapon, and
those fighters would have been hit.
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