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Alex Cohen

MUS 210
Documentation for All I Want is Some Piece and Quiet
I have been refining this piece for a few years now. I recently got
feed back from Roscoe Mitchell, in which I have decided to cut out a
section and alter the transitions. The Amacher article made me realize
what I was causing in my ears when I would play this piece in any
room. I only realized where I got the sounds from recently. I have lived
in cities for most of my life, and one of the most common sounds is
that of the sirens of ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars. One of
the more common sounds Ive been confronted with is the sound of the
screams that are muffled under the larger sound of sirens. Amachers
article made me realize the difference tones created within in the inner
ear occur when you hear these sirens. I have decided to recreate the
space of the sirens of the city rushing to the aid of a wounded victim a
block away. As the sirens fade you can hear the screams of the
teenager who has been shot in the stomach, and whose fate you are
not sure of. I use the methods I have been developing for solo
performance, namely screwdrivers on the electric guitar and tubes,
both vinyl and copper.