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Colin Michael Edgley

Mobile: (647) 835-5327 LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/colinedgley Email: colin.m.edgley@gmail.com

563 Melita Crescent, Toronto

Communications professional with over five years experience across advertising, blog and press
release writing, film production, social media, sales, and campaign management. Experience
managing stakeholder relationships, managing projects, graphic design, budgeting, scheduling and
** Accredited with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ryerson University. Completed full Project
Management certificate from University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. Currently taking
Public Relations and Business Management certificates.

Professional Experience

Client Services
Medcan Clinic - Toronto (October 2014-Present)
Assisting clients with health assessment consultation and booking over a diverse range of medical
scanning and pro-active wellness procedures.

Communications Project Manager

CISS (Canadian International Student Services) - Toronto (Contract June 2014-August 2014)
International ESL Student Language Education Programs

Centrally campaign managed social media and deliverables of six staff across ESL
vacation locations through a strong project communications plan and project control
in order to build a unified brand presence across 11 social media channels. In
addition, a weekly email newsletter was sent out to sales agents, clients and other
stakeholders, highlighting each camps activities.
Planned, scheduled and supervised the outsourced production of the company
branding video. Project required coordinating scheduled dates, budget and travel
time of production staff in order to videotape events at multiple vacation locations
during a five-week time frame. Project was completed on time and on budget.

Video Project Producer, Advertising Consultant and Multimedia Designer

Fedora Films - Freelance - (Sept. 2013 April 2014, March 2001 March 2008)
Independent supplier of marketing communications, web advertising and video services.
Advertising and Sales Experience:
Assisted a roster of SMB clients with advertising, keyword optimization, web design,
social media, and video production to increase their customer activity and drive
Sales prospecting, quoting and relationship management; development of
PowerPoint presentations, corporate videos, and marketing collateral graphic design
(CD-ROMs, business cards, flyers), development of content through graphic & web
design, as well as video production & editing

Advertising Project Coordinator and Account Manager

Creative Bube Tube - (April 2012-July 2013)
Advertising Agency

Launched the agencys first social media project for a client, which generated
6000 organic Facebook fans in 3 months. Designed execution, budgeted and
managed internal agency graphic designers, as well as an outsourced application
developer. Contest was promoted across blogs, Twitter, Facebook and television
advertising, resulting in over 30,000 entries with email opt in for marketing follow-up.
Communications & Project Management Experience:
Wrote and published weekly blogs and bi-weekly press releases, co-ordinated the
agencys YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels
Managed efforts of creative staff for key projects designing client business cards,
sales sheet collateral, product demonstration videos. Helped update client Wordpress
web content for SEO and branding purposes.
Consulted clients on creative concepts for planned television commercials for
broadcast. Generated proposals and guided clients with online and TV media plans
targeted toward their market demographic.

Retail Project Entrepreneur

Start-up Business: Vinyl Fan Records - Toronto (July. 2011-March 2012)

Launched and promoted a test-market record store after building a complete
business plan and graduating from the Ontario Self Employment Benefit program
Operations and Sales Experience:
Drafted business plan, budgeted expenses, built inventory database, scouted and
negotiated a retail location, designed advertising campaigns, deployed
merchandising and launched a test market retail location

Account Executive
MarketBridge Toronto - (Sept. 2007- Dec. 2010)
Outbound tele-sales agent for the various high tech and medical industry solutions

Sold $1.4 million in software and service contracts leveraging tele-sales, LinkedIn
and email during a 10 month project while working at MarketBridge
Top performer on new business prospecting team for sales channel optimization
solutions at MarketBridge
Sales Experience: Prospecting, cold calling, quoting and closing sales through long
term telesales cycles (averaging $35,000 in revenue per sale); targeting various
Fortune 500 C-level roles across medical hospital, high-tech, and manufacturing
Administrative Experience: constructing lead nurturing email templates and
campaigns; telesales script-writing; CRM software salesforce.com; PowerPoint;
scheduling VP appointments using Outlook; prospecting through online research;
interviewing job candidates

GE Healthcare MRI Clinical Applications, Confirma Breast MRI

Software, Siemens Medical, SAP ERP Solutions, BT, MarketBridge
Business Development, Sonosite Ultrasounds


Sales Rep of the Month

April 2008 & March, June, October 2009

Sales Rep of the Quarter

Q2 2008 and Q1 2009


University of Toronto
(Continuing Studies: January 2013 - Present)

Project Management - Certificate completed
Public Relations - Certificate in progress

Ontario Self-Employment Benefit Program Graduate

(Oct. 2011 - January 2012)
Business Plan research, preparation and start-up for an independent record store

Ryerson University : Bachelor of Fine Arts

Film and Video Studies (1998-2002)
Video, film and multimedia theory, design, production and marketing
Trained in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Flash, Final Cut Pro and
various other graphic design, web, video and audio post-production software
Golden Key International Honour Society

Additional Interests & Activities

Graphic design
Project management
Music composition