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2015 Call for Papers

Society of Adventist Philosophers

words and The Word:

Adventism and the Linguistic Turn
Atlanta, GA | November 19, 2015
We welcome presentations dealing with developments and debates (historical and contemporary) in the philosophy of language, broadly construed, and their implications for Christian
thought and practice, i.e. theology, the interpretation of Scripture, preaching, evangelism, etc.
Possible figures/topics include (but are not limited to):
Wittgenstein | Heidegger | Gadamer | Derrida
logical positivism| hermeneutics | pragmatism
structuralism | post-structuralism | deconstruction
Submission Guidelines:
Papers, paper abstracts, and panel proposals of up to 300 words should be submitted by June
30, 2015 to adventistphilosophy@gmail.com. Paper length should not exceed 10 pages, double-spaced, or 3000 words.
Notice of acceptance will be sent by July 31, 2015.