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Olivia Cozzetto

HSP 440
Winter Quarter 2015
Final Reflection

Form 7: Student Self-Assessment


My learning objectives for this quarter related to developing fundraising skills and
techniques to diversify the funding for a non-profit and to demonstrate and
understand the Independent Living Model. These goals helped to drive my learning
as well as supported the expansion of my learning and knowledge in many different
areas during this quarter.


This quarter was busy and filled with many learning opportunities at the Center For
Independence (CFI). I was able to understand how important funding is for nonprofits and how fundraising can help generate unrestricted funds. Yet fundraising is
difficult to start for a non-profit that has never fundraised in the 31 years of
existence. To start fundraising at CFI, I was involved in the basic planning for what
type of fundraising activities and events we would do. Once we decided on a golf
tournament, beer festival and wine festival, we identified community partners and
businesses to help pull off three fundraising events in one year. During this quarter, I
helped develop the strategic plan for the upcoming golf tournament in May and
assisted in the creation of the donor list, flyers and publicity, filming for a short
commercial, and communication with partners. I was able to understand and see
the tasks that are involved with fundraising before the event takes place. My
learning activities contributed to my learning objectives.
Sometimes its hard to demonstrate learning, but I feel I was able to incorporate
knowledge of Independent Living within my experience at CFI. I was able to
demonstrate understanding in my communication with consumers by keeping the
focus on the person, not the disability. Another example is giving a youth consumer
say over their life through advocacy, rather than letting the parents take control. I
also used this knowledge when planning and creating events, especially for the
youth program. I wanted activities and discussions focused around strengths, and
building skills such as conversation practice, cooking and nutrition skills and
education. I wanted activities to build into their independent living. Overall, I was
able to demonstrate my understanding of the Independent Living Model in many
ways at CFI. My learning activities helped to focus where to start when learning
about the IL Model.


During this quarter, I experienced many unforeseen learning opportunities. I took

every opportunity that I could. This included supervising and teaching human service
interns and an office administration intern. This helped developed new skills in
supervising and I gained patience while training new interns. Another experience
was the value of staff and office environment. I wouldnt have known that the staff

and the office environment strongly contribute to daily work and mood. Im happy
to have a supportive and friendly office staff and environment. Another experience
was understanding my personal biases to the population CFI works with. I didnt
realize I had any, until I started working directly. This has made me more aware of
myself and my held beliefs.

During this quarter, which is my second quarter at CFI, I developed stronger as a

human services professional. Looking back to my first quarter with CFI, I have grown
traumatically as a professional and as a student. I feel more confidence in the work
place as well as in class. I have used class knowledge in the field and can see the how
classes connect when working at a non-profit. Ive develop a whole range of new
skills when dealing with consumers, cultural differences, conflict, staff, and


My overall performance as a field studies student is that Ive grown and this shows
in my work at CFI. I have taken on a lot of responsibility at my work and I feel I have
proven that I can handle the level of work and responsibility. I do need to work on
my ability to limit all the things I do and to practice saying no more often.


My supervisor and I have a good relationship at CFI. I feel supported and as an equal
to my supervisor. He has supplied me with many opportunities to expand my
learning and to gain new skills in new situations. He is not afraid to throw me into
intimidating situations, which has forced me to step up to the plate. I feel
comfortable expressing my ideas to my supervisor and I feel he respects my thinking
and my ability to work as a professional.


This is my last quarter for internship. I will still be working at Center For
Independence, which Im really grateful and lucky to have found an internship that
turned into a job.