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Project Scheduling Management

Process of Project Scheduling

Project scheduling through software determines the time for tasks

and provide assurance about completion time.
It is also a usefull tool to monitor the work progress.

Project scheduling includes following steps:

-Identify time lags
-Resolve Conflicts
-Identify milestone dates
-Establish the detailed WBS
-Dteremine the task dependance or precedence

Factors Affecting Scheduling

Accuracy of work package estimated.

- It allows you to detemine the accuracy of work package estimated

by you.

Level of task dependency

- Dependent tasks can only be accomplished in sequence rather than

in parallel. So, increasing the number of personnel will not
necessarily reduce the time required to complete the work.

The availability of personnel resources.

- An individual can not focus on more than one task at a time. Thus,
without sufficient personnel independent tasks will need to be done

Necessary Schedule Information

Identify milestones and determines if any event require fix date.

Identify the length of time lags like holidays, shipping, time off etc.

Determines that which task require results from previous tasks.

Easy identification of task, sub-tasks and important milestones.

Refinement In The Process

Define characterstics of resources and assign these resources

specific task.

Improve the parallelism of your tasks.

Correct the scheduling issues.

Chcek the effects due to limited personnel availaibilty.

Consistancy Check

Make sure that your schedule is consistant with known constraints.

Is there any work schedule when no one is available?

Is the work getting done on the expected dates?

Are all the major goals occuring on their commited dates from the
resource end?