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Before administering medication:



Verify physician order sheet vs MAR sheet. They need to match.

-The physician order sheet is the most important.
- If there is a medication in the MAR that is not in the physician order, dont give it and
notify pharmacy.
- If there is a medication in the physician order and not in the MAR, then add it.
If the medication is in the MAR but not in the physician orders, I DONT
administer it. I will circle all the hours in that line to make sure no one else
administer the medication and put my initials and also not order
Check classification, Indications, Contraindications, Adverse side effects,
Dosage range (to check if medication is within safe range)
Lab test consideration. (if INR or PT are necessary ask professor for the values)
Calculate the (PT range x control) to check if pt values are within the safe
NOTE: If the drug is an anticoagulant and patients PT is over 20 I cant administer the
drug bc blood is already too thin and patient could bleed out.
5. Educate patient to identify side effects.
Ex: blood on stool, avoid high intensity sports because it could injure and bleed.
Labs values:
PT range


PT: (1.3 - 1.5) x (10-13) seconds = 13 19.5 (ask if this numbers are a constant?)
Note: If the patients PT is greater than 19.5 I wont give the drug.
If the patients PT is within or less than 13-19.5 I will give the drug.
Example: If the patients PT were 30, the drug is not given because the blood
is already too thin.
If the PT were 10 then I would give the drug.
- For patients not receiving anticoagulation therapy (less than 2)
- For patients receiving treatment for DVT, pulmonary embolism & Valvular heart
disease. (2-3)
- For patients with mechanical heart valves or systemic embolism (2.5-3.5)
If the patient INR is greater than this values, anticoagulation medication is
not recommended
After giving the medication.


Go to MAR, strikethrough the hour at what the med was given and my initials
next to it. 0800
In the signature section, put my initials and signature.
In the verified by section, put my initials only.
If the medicine was not given because pt didnt want it, circle the hour and
put initials. In the section reason meds not given circle the reason why.