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Project-Based Learning

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Plot Sequences in Heroes Journeys

The Hunger Games

Campbell outlines the stages the hero passes through during the story.
This chart is a summary of some stages in four popular stories. What other
books or movies fit these traits? In what ways?

Harry Potter and the

Philosopher's Stone


The Odyssey

Heros Journey

Author Joseph Campbell observed that many stories follow the same pattern.
A hero leaves home and encounters hardships during a quest on behalf of the
people in the ordinary world. In his work, The Hero With a Thousand Faces,

Ordinary World

Katniss Everdeen lives in District 12

in Panem (the coal district).

Harry Potter lives at Privet Drive with

his aunt and uncle, the Dursleys.

Strong-willed Merida lives with her family

in DunBroch.

Odysseus lives on the island of Ithaca with

his wife and child.

The Call to Adventure

Primrose, Katniss's sister, is chosen

to participate in the Hunger Games.
Katniss volunteers in her place.

Harry receives a letter from the Hogwarts

School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Merida's mother tells her it is time to

prepare for marriage. Merida does
not want to, so she runs away.

Odysseus is asked to join Agamemnon

and others to attack Troy.

Crossing the Threshold

Katniss enters the Capitol and the arena.

Haymitch is her mentor.

Harry boards the Hogwarts Express.

Merida runs into the forest where

she meets a witch.

Odysseus leaves for Troy.

The Challenges

Katniss faces numerous enemies and

battles as she fights to stay alive in
the arena.

Harry faces many fears, challenges, and

temptations, including those centering
around Voldemort.

Merida faces challenges as she tries

to break the witch's spell that has turned
her mother into a bear.

Odysseus encounters challenges during

the battle, but faces many more on his
way home. These are mostly due to the
hostility of the gods.

The Supreme Ordeal

Katniss teams up with Peeta to trick the

Game Maker and, for the first time ever,
two people survive the Hunger Games.

Harry defeats Voldemort and destroys

the Philosopher's Stone.

Merida solves the witchs riddle and frees

her mother from the spell, returning her
to human form.

Odysseus travels to the Underworld,

which brings him to the edge of death, to
get information that will guide him home.

The Return

Katniss returns to District 12 a hero.

She is aware of her new wealth and
the increased danger and threat
from President Snow.

Harry returns to his ordinary world

on the Hogwarts Express. He does
not share his experiences with
the Dursleys.

Meridas relationship with her mother is

restored, and they become inseparable.

Odysseus is finally reunited with his

wife and child.

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