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Peruana ae Early MiG Fighters in Action By Hans-Heiri Stapfer Color by Don Greer IN gnal Aircraft Number 204 oy: Lana any Kat, Suton Ldn he 28 AP (2h ety ‘stpot Bon Fp uston Regine a he PVO(Protvovasmmarage Oboone fest wna Fora nua brat Oona hp 2 soe: 3 Seams sh thet dom an nor outer eer art Ie fe teeame a Colont-Gonrl ae ep Supreme Commande Forces Eto. Pang by Oo Gree) Acknowledgements and Photo Credits Dan Anas Mitesh Bandeswchiv Keble Grn Sea Pep Maine Nevin taney 2 ‘COPYRIGHT 216 sUADRONSICNAL PUBLICATIONS Iya any orp nh a sir a ti a ymin, pray arin ‘pnt oy ethan od nip Sarg een ‘cl cp nt? Sy gh il en ‘Sentra Pans. eam y bac ecrb gororpaquntcabozeTon, soopy:ceHs, comsaT int opaSsene aioGon erpaMl, ocobeH, eHINK Hpewed Bom, Sexaapon/Curwas eute mirepeciee. Mi tepectnivess same ‘eororpaguit w gepiiew oparimaai. Vovena puenanute cmos Gyayr conponosiave nee onyéxnkonaiiiive eororpagitH Toxwaynera, npucwaanre gororpagun no aapecy Seng Pb 2M, ROAD, Hee MELONS MBLC chine, SL SEAN ME chantehaLeuseeneeona HHERNOTE. Squdnn Sg RORIE SHIP “EERO Ate OvaNAT eMeM “eget cn ren ete te Baga eee ae amen wera Ebhroa coe tenonmma enema eaten ep cememrc cyanea teers aco Heh Sia encmaamen ones aente SR eecne meso neeree Soe eae emer Seka res Somat Introduction yt he ding te Korean War, en ih is web one el Ti, Garin asses mechan ew rt eRe ey. shen cae she Desc oe Palka Ds = Tet 20 potty oral nara) me en ih en Apt tana rng Ue stained a sped of 648 hy [403 mph, somo 5 hm (t mp str man he ‘ontop arr B03 an undrpang tsing memory Peay) rine cities of te Steir ct Kock ova aputy was Miki evi Gurevich (992-1976, who was oe ner Kak for is wlony scien, he went o ance in 191} a sine te Uinny peace el 1 the Dig Cpa Sons Mri, 1098s Fok OKA ben te desig fig tte Shel ces an ten prolly, he Dasgn Demet fred Singh te propel hy ny omen pow he fear of he ot acter ning. Two stn or ccchng ere ada In Wont ef econo. irene Bost), em oeasanpe teenie CMR ee 1-200 Number 1 hy dha 39 Mach 54D and mate mo My al The ching gates et coe ese oui sty . hc ste hh cams 220 ume pot i oe tah 648 Kn mg) peed a kh mg) a rhe 2 Tae sds ware one 0h 3k) Tr that Stpmter 940, te?) So 1-200 Number 2 ~The sacondpostype of he 1200 rng State Acceptance e209 Nambar 2 rat ‘on nyu ho mange ware woe apa oven aver tah Rather st {ho 208 prototypes was armed (Serge Kune), ead 290 Number 2 ring ela nts wth te Selentic Resmarch inate ot thr Fare at Ghatoehay. Te canopy hes been removed ava cor Te ovngon te engine cvringhave ben ea (3 Peon) CBee pe Number 1 A 300 j dh = i rs L —— 1-250 N-1 ci 1-200 Number 2 MiG-1 . Foauy et Mocortdaka ws ed to GAZ et aoa ei, ‘reg iter under cen TD Namie 3 ame Find MAG her Wo be ated. The plane ee single [SMKAS 7.2 wm (Siar) machine gs, ne plone emciter ie ofthe Berezia UBS, All the mae gt, whch eval ok peo 6 une 140 The th rte E20 ie rr of etal om he com. Toca: sy. was ek ram ths hid proeepe: Engine cooling st soups sod i oor the ae ih mers at, nena er compen the dab age ein te cack the i120 was anh anrapen sape sd i ig srg votre RS ped witha FS 155 aking ht be ot wing ean rope Ameer MiG wee gpd hs FUSS nog Et he port ng ml for Sine Aeceptince Tria begining 12 Agus 1940, With wp sped i 628 hua (390 phy the) 2 a nies) fse ade Lf’ stun gre BE HSE, tt a [em eign eth Garman Neneh al orbital ty, posi I abn, moses ming fhe F300 ws rah re a I 108-8 Nevers ow May 2198 the 20 aera he 1.240 a sey come he know uel win ho NIC Desi Brea she ‘MG when nary Boose Yt AL-Uaon Com Pary ce at ary nao ar ar sb be pis by 4 ei neo the ane fe Dee scr Mig wal pa fe no Hr ED Natt 3 was aly "MUGH' 0 Del er pater sr the man redone eee GAZ whch ean SHANG Sl ater BY Te rs prove 120 (Gr nner 9) bea te Ht 1200 fo be arma. wae ond win Sovan US 127 mm (beni mace gun ato SHAS 782 {Sento mace gura pci ave Be ng. Tho canopy dod Ti ac te ‘nye tone ui ana sonedar spate prosucion at GAZ (GF eter Peete 1-200 Number 2 oom sul =. MiG-3 The NOG: all shoeing wich ote esd ig tsk tt ad he ‘Accs Tha ¢ ne endo napa seer mene at guy ‘eke Thee wisan ese seach pout cared ot ye HG Desa Buk Fuse moar he 1 ans TL wna se Te en ‘or Gladman Cx ey yar it Ken, “Geman dean ut ince he eeopen an etl gee of RG teh pdt cycA taf fie band nw Repro chem he Neen tro May 194 the ont Un, The ‘Sica ees by tnt ced ty Mencrctnt employer ns anata Ka the Coal Aion Mavs Toss of 1S coe he RPS ne pit iy tain Venn Venda St — Seite Resch sie fe Se Alt infaece on corer Sov er sins th ow Nhe Te nw AMG led in sous of das me Me. The nee ble ciewnce seo the eng war png penn he Mae ie rt cmos wt ad bo aul de AB, mat msec one IGS Thro fh G3 we ‘Sgn cors ht fhe to et 200 prope peed ta. he all it coun bow te ei xa ach was mse kt eri lesion ld on he second LN, Peston Mie al sto toe ibe fh fag msc fhe il trea swe te MAG, hich feauare ching the MIG nl one which was epi fom the Mesescht BF HORE. The ‘Sapte cove ap ich yest th an wie dos eI pepe ee ‘bia ant nla hy aoe er tio age at he ne tof ach men oh ‘te Tre sal cpr be MEG ean eur tapped in wh ‘Doro te SG One mam tt cnr hy sting gu! eae elaine ‘Bemis rote inl obras he x he ‘elders wie MA St easels om ir we in ast des Te ‘Gwe ith cle ube cng fic tera oe peed ns ‘te alls min whl es ne nv. Tel! aie eo eM ‘oeteplal by oeay sng pono htc ele “The MIG reid the Mili AMSA egies persue V2 Aeuiering L330 2050 yt rota oly dw 110 po an nk of Smet 3458) The AMSA wegho SDK, adapaneen Ties 847 cu rom 95st fol. The engine wa xpd wih fe Ks ‘arr 88-12 PEA ain ya Wt tho mage. The AMES on deh Irom the MEIN engine, whic in tm ha othe NIT, gy he Ca Bern Mone Woks BAW engine MiGs deer fore vnae 1941 wer sipped wit VIS-22¥e eons pd 3 bameter of use meen (934 fe and weigh 148 hls 20 pon, Moweve, the lps Soviet dna sing damer of ee mers ahi Ia Hrs [SIP pod. The bat KG ewer ped ih he Vhs ns ver 8 “ary prosucton MIG during taht evaluation wit the Naver et niy neta yn Voronin Su (Scare Besson inate ot €evet A Fre) ¥ chelovehay A Bote. The fst preducon Ge eked te feria on a “ope engine clay nen mre Ineocueed an eunesuent posurton batches 10 Blow proper ncn of the was SAS racine gun The MG tpt instr Goon wn ‘A Bie ecersurtaon No maton marange ate been spp 10 th pari rr (6 Poe) MiG-1/Mi PTS Tey ed ui) MIG on csmooe | ~ Lage Bp / “rata em cneson om neat hes nope ‘rcs sel Sl ee Mr oka either Side ofthe Berezin UBS machine gun. The guts were aimed with te aid ofa PBP-1A gan Sta ietg “The cuore opt ot he esters (GF Pes) few pion ea shed ete ape expe cowfng sin rth fi 0 a he ae sa bal li pe Theat Merl number ek Se Aisa Faso 1 Moscon-Khsik 0 23 oh wre en 0 Kec ion the Colon ena ‘he che fect anya va. ng expen pi ne Fevned he mln fig fra 1200 pray, Yeh’ kon un 19 Sach Tail we nasi theca 99s tng cot of igs, wich eked ‘Sheree thle ri hai gh Si Ae ah th te NS Ck A ie ma Mo ki at eal sn alt in ss 9 ramon nt Ne meat Regine inno he Mon cr Mary Dich: Tis ur 19.3 te lated feta ut Neal hl of ee ~ Cash ening wate any 00 common wl he MNS. Tis ea production mG was fauippe ui sarang gear, asthe sal 3 he tt ees, The fou ‘nts onthe upper engine auing we mung indenting tiene he Yny {it tie paired nate Sera Fatery Ey Mirae ed te win eg ‘do si tears roced on ne prosacan moaaa (AF Peto) fpedeed nr Grn i ln 191, Bote ol San Mig atid of See Aca Pry sepeie omoal of ade ein the Ul Mtns, wel beyond ‘Burcas were ave wo Kuybishe on Sanaa on he Volz Rie, log wih nan of [iG 3s fod bv itt Keybishev ty tho tse Soviet leader fst Stain perl read hal MiG potion aor of te shin I Sharma wala Te st fat Fas i, meh we Arte en of he MC Dein ara on Kay ‘engine exhams socks e8 both ses the mse ” ‘ee big The aft prion ofthe flap, wich coed vera a wat & Woe ~ Late production thes of he IG wre equipped wt sts mounted onthe wing Iebcing edge ana une ehapoa tating muta in wort a he haat snc 3 ‘mei fan ovioton fie usrsrsrt BY 10 Seat war prenane ) te Sot govermen Wam ha Ti on Hy 1040 This arcu IN oe mame ‘nm Saved on stoned fone tin ANS angie (GF Peon) ee ste M3, eth fags we ofl oat. The ston ‘Contd alain abe Te bal snes were wand cman na plymon ori Bobet a ae ‘Uh rand oem a nite te po se, Dating lnc ef deca eka nan ogre ich ugk png 94, he tothe pel es ein te ile vk dor werd TReRSL my i peal Na chp on [RSI request wi by ef knob wb testa si FB mse fal The ila of hs an poe a of eactpt was mcestd fe fm (231) tS sn (035i on apron mes i A te a et a ng nse re The pe Frsicon M3 Wat hectic Overall he ie MG sexe om "These late prdtion MiG 3s ao feared tonne shagesd cover, over the forward exhaust ‘deuzn fet coped rm the Mesecrichit Bt (DRE:¥ med! ding aur PST Snape eg cub alton tah Tl oy a "nm machine gun Tho two lower tsalge acces ates are open, sna are engine ‘hung Te mesng saps ten AN-ISA bh, Lyng met othe poe an ISning guar Sat of compen ni ou tos te engine nmr sraces ot ‘cas fi ena thmam fECPR DA TONE 3) hekmerengne conn. Tees wee ao coped tamthe Mesenni B10, On city ig aig, Ta or ea ts opto ae it emer ped wasp strom tose: Among | Early MiG-3 comment Late MIG-3 comer ncm set cov tlh ack i a ~ {ening row Petersburg) cunng Ocoer st, traacko an emenre ras'nay PVT Pye sui Scan cemeteries aan meennaes as ° “re"" Early Production cownosunw ‘ines Wit Late Production * ganpoe consrng 2 bem Ub 127m cab) moshne gone brats U8 Afeighe 2.3 (6 by and was aus mm ingen 9 bor long om (Goin en wes seven ot nuned runes pr minut ta muzte vty 20 {2st persecana twas nae prevmteay The slats n he pon! bt the ‘Seooeranhaun has re peal or emy peaueon te (CP hs 1809 epg wah 9 BK su pd ane ek de ach wing Pa Upper arin sven masing Shresosn Mies etn evans shaped ng ano he stat stuck, ang aon n aero soy covering ncaa n'y ae sed paaibeid tec ear nk apes prt he ech ‘ya Nomad narings have bee ple fe ower ing suas (QP Pon Underwing Stores enna “hs acs et fap ety can (GF Pees) MiG-3 Specifications Lena 425m a7 Win) ‘Wingrpan oo Sas eaten eget Smo R Ion ‘Wott mgt 260 (a0) ‘age anima 3950 8a Ergo 1 ln a8 rated at 250 Son pd hn 9 Fatwot cing tae mses eats Win) ‘Aino 2} Boren 03 7 nm (Sa) mcr °° 2SK0S Taz om (oes mmcares {curr ae ear anda B13 PEA pon spt oth sara eg how res sae wi ate yo ee pro ware ote oa stenman pam (CF Beran The MiG-3 in Combat Ag he MG Shadten deep ahha inept ped nl Avnet ice er kn eo ier nts oer er Sn faker, The mat were ese foe ct fw el ken a ce pad “Te TAF or tat ips wit he MA og Api ML That moh wt of 267 iis mere ded iter Regiments. The sub of AUG este ech agin ane wally ar xa the 5 AP dt Kan, Lahn nthe 8 1 Migs exh redid ote Pst Kis abe 8 IAP a Byes) the ls Miliy Dat th Blk Se, he Mice fd cay cn comb ffs th Cermak oth Sit Vion (Cyaan Baboon 28 ane 19 s roe t masenie Lele, bean {190 peormd sl fie did cena igh ner he Sven a ae {in Paa Remi ls sel Fn, ing uk I 86a 8s aie DD 218: of te Aulianesope Oe Obeeiisaters der Lavalie (comsisone Wing of the Ait Race Comin) war he comma! of Ohereletmt (eer Clo) Ton Roehl. To Germinal were ners an shot So ‘aight by CU. Belg wie AP boned at Ken be Oda ly Tata Ni ning tothe ss ier Avi Regine eto mec Gem ‘eecmasance ite Kama Liana on H Api Taal. The rman ‘pci nh fhe wa Games stguten coronary ander eld Won Mich 8 Twine ‘mor ane gtr Ban Regen ed blonges fe Nationa Al Gone re ‘Stiga metro fsa One ot Hroquneen cam’ aroma tse ‘istic rang aan he it ot ent on Comes be 2 ecamaaencs ‘tata tg 9250 etn 2352) The CS pees cameras he ae ‘hoved tang nt tthe ech sac» etre Sys ee production Ma ‘omer th ihe ste sate rosso tree ang se ison ‘ting eosin a) Ateneo he Goma tc pin fe Soviet Un MG ws ely by fr be sat iepuracocw ta pint nos te Sve Ai Fs peste Gan es AGG tn The GS ten gee 3 pen We wl ube fees Sv fier mayo swe tne Pa nd 3 Hever ef se "Seni el 407 of am ct fay cpr Fe Asan Rees ‘ne Wa Titnter ply gow 86 MK yuna IAD Mt of he MA neo te Westen itary Dra wre Yr he he entree te St Ure mstpr e e T Rech ewe tach rani, Hang un Pin Coe, Ori Data ok at BC Fler Avast Reina by cre sie Wie wet Pa he mje all [Nit causa th Wes Mey Di aon potion. Hee Bae wee ‘Mew MiG it exp dtc snd a eats Doar Do 1 bbe an a ses ‘Wis toiph che prfmanes he MiG3 wa ao asia he Regn fe PO Wranoedataage Obrons~ Naina Dele Pas) Mies angel PND tn Bae cpl Arjan i Soi Raps on Cap S. The ar ‘an enaped etn te fin ey of Openton Barna aon ie ‘OpentcaTypton che fr Meow th sad 30 Sept 19, MiGs of Pro war feu engaged git Geman tigh ae caine arate ach =e Tinker a St cays gh 12 mes (970A, Rhine pas te 86 sks honed MC of Fier Aste Meco Air Deen ae These ihe eed Moo fom Late antes ag 1981 a 1812. 18) ‘i, ncluing she wing an unlge udersaces tema whl wists sud arms tin oe ear tanagr ae a ‘Raccorcance wih droctoneevuean ite hme Ot Amal ra true pared of ‘hetwnte apne (GF Pat) +The io 3 eed ml nti 19. Thaw MG 9 longed the 88, AP he Crome Meet Po aS ed and were bed at ar Tn ela rng ‘vga br aan ed tin sta nvedoon a Tos rat pace provaus bees otned rad war ha notlons martings wes torial one peng EKrocos neon 9 (Peay) sue tce We fof te Vo Mrs Fo St Nal Avia ‘pe vere ams pc nis equal wie MG an es ey epee tps ot Eee Deon Bes he Rec mel ah Sci Reach a ft ee July To toss ach aan Te Ss Spec Parse F Thee Mulan omer abe MIS tc ef he 0 Sp ‘engin the defense of Leng (oc St Petes 3s te st Spi Purpose Faber Asian Reser he ind Sc Tare Fpr Asc Resend 1 {hear but Gove ote oper sures aA Be oe ne eos Te ‘ear hacage ot sna 19 ne aw Tt snc was tas tot tBo'Ssweretofaveareosorpamadn eter hscepesswesie i (soe Bo) ices ben ie ely 188 cet Ake N Kati, Suan Lene inthe 20.1 oe PV, cnet uring he MiG-3 Gatneutiagel and Markings pi A Bh, Wh he were li ct, wn gpd onthe wer {ip taney wee ae yon Nata at ae 1 ea asamp calecton etbledio De Gomanpbte eeu octane mown raat et bop lags a Rare Sho German MiG-3s Sry Fone vor tt the DT (Dahe ite sn ered ren ea rents h aval + Uren plot ded th 113 0 3 Dace 14, ng a tot In te ‘hina etal byte Ennai ae Onsen 12 th acon sar Roan Fe ea ‘unre’ Mo ae bie backround Son Aon) ~ Aon oof Ea ear 9 pot Hort cp ME onan ng No ‘ao ont) er eat set oc ey hw geen iby rt Montague metaverse cone’ Ar Fore em Sar rowan ea Sick surveed te war and emgaed to Sa aa 6 Tye ge wht portd on to vert! donate {re of ne hoster nope (Ben Aon) ~ Bot ira Roc er TRG og esto il a nda om Reman Raman ‘Sense ndasayya bay (ra eft he ope ese arin tv une mest ft rt esch ad epnd sok age prone he eg [tpn yb enc a ote spt ha bao abo rar alge. On Aen) “e120 wana eajnamiay cana ute 9 LG, Tea prety ot {2 (een nmaer bt} so irs en Mp sy an 3 yo err The ine wa poe by on NS eg ‘ose ns. Hnatona mosigs not: Boe ~ bum stent gon of me pe poco 28 sfrd on engi ae wih | ‘Guattrsdand seston hndupr and Wecany. neonate et pope bs ‘ethan soma rs and ws nan Ov sere ones The 1230 wae the eof iene ey he NAP mot erp or de PVD. The elie won wave lin alos wer in ht spp in the Soviet Uni tied donne he Guana ot a ry eit 1-230 he ui des ‘Sip i gear o $0 ws pina The 230 pot eseslowedy abot pe pedion MCUs etl unbes Avtaon Regimen. which wos atthe time involved i hewy Tighng over he Klin font ‘pret onc he 1 ars ic vation Rept va he omer 2 Fier Thr cork vahoton ft MiG-U home sperntyof inno armament oer sal aun prostate GU: Janay 198th prod ofthe AMI ein mas fcedofbe ANE ch nas sesly kes ir yu 2 Shirt The Thao at gon el he ih ne uli tea. Te ii, tbe ANLSSP non low ct ey iy aks lke he ANIA, ah ed "in alton thea f'n cri, thaw Ste Neary ae thee wi hecpuy bx pdiebont be MIU Te stra om cooly acl 1-231 ‘When ser ht he AMSA nite nnd forthe 1230 well ener ne wl dh MiG Desig Burhan deprats aking aleabnctee: Dine 1982 fev ot 9 hp ate ond 18 aie 7.10 wars (23.294, "Tere ier wth he AME) weed he UG Espinal Dignan "20" ad he ia gat 1131 Ot tan ec rete htecn he L230 and smal etnonocogus useage onthe 231, The 231 wa a widh wo SHVAK 20 mm amos placed sve th tin: Amica rpgy wat 1 ence pr, dst mime tan he 230 Thot231 hd hee wig sp the pope Te 123 range tok te be 8 wh se Ninh Skin athe cree: Peano he 151 an ty pes fo ctperay Seve Fir sti he mar qe 07 hh 9g 710 rs OR {ive 2b fae han be Cat ln ae 1 ec an oa sae Selig 14 e320), Da hhc Neve 18 epee M129 dg Fao te rumen 23 Nivenbe 90 iro ‘he 23 wos sdb Ste Actas Tom ebay To ee amr ic, thea AV-I-156 ppl cacangl fora AY-SL-126Ye ppl ‘Sido Tepe Pye Sly ne te rath eye wos patel The {251 esd evn 12 ay 1954 fn nn lion was ne ting Shoe a wt pod 2] ‘ns shkon cae satble, asthe Vator al Lavchkan piers were wells inert pasion Sealine gr ae See ‘The 4250 na he st 6 tte ob aula with can amare Teh re ‘rector P25: were magneto he} 2 Gunes Ptr Avan Regen a eo [Sutin oursana te kasi ontin eh Te mathe fomar heron Theta he rszr on ied wnt fate Bock ‘Regimen wich td acted te Guard stun? Heh ‘Telunte ung pe ane ont hat oh spore se Th. pear yan 8.20 axpermartal angie as he derail he WC. ‘hus pte tc or ea October 1 pte by War ‘ton Son busts Sa Aecptance Tse in Po etary ts con, Ite danegadin's ising ariart en 8 Meh tote ana tubequanty ropes {obo Bock 1-220 (MiG-11) he nw Sight hs wo ray le the rope ise othe poe 1700 hy AMS ds poered Ir Sm wa che. The ot ptype (el mer mt 1962, he MG Dn Ran pm he Seely of hain ee Siit I) tthe exec sp of he MUG Design Bore Messe Khan Septet sagem orc a nt a ct wale Garon Lal tne gw al eam 1 ming neds offer ft son 28 Derr 182 wih Aes lets nthe Yakov and ats hos el stake inet P, Yakov athens The 20h used 60 kn 91g ten de Soviet Union ced highalad igre cach ere o BOP anu 8GR-1 of RN moe 22.9668) Sere eeng was 98 nce), 18 soa 350 es Iban rnemisonce atl th rp de io Sort singe. Even bef (K2I2 fs tha fe Garman as J 8 sy ples, ten ete ps advair Sit Uno. The frmaon coi! 9 take The empy eit the ml 1220 on ow 2936 kl 678 WY thee ts i he Lae seven 189 Sv gles aad 3.03 pans 632 nos, th mid 123 tas atop pr 8 ks (a Th rer Ju 8a J 4 a ie gh So ist hoes 1200 men AAL el alton he egal AMRF cope Tete AME SE upped posn ace pela Sn Sain im Komment | Oa 1 hay ir ey fie gases ‘eadgror, Sper High Corman) Aree hale i! ee as me opal id gai in Mach To, inuily e MRAP ne be crn sn eny tte ine wth Gan crag te AMES engi an far SHVAR. 9 och wih a aceon egies nteabavelin eins nr, See nn et edn os a, foe bude od vaccum ae 192 oro oo pesos apa eer wis hepa The sso ety ua mb) wi ui nes 19K, Ks ea fm Ge in rei hg sn MG pe rey Tt ithe ANE ene a SHVAK mes 0 abn cr ne ing smart word abn Af Hh al Thefts wee nen se Tams pote Be 23 ann eel 7 ah Sate 7 Tinea tui asel-eugcaning These gpe med he MGDes ten! alah 22 ec) ce sein 1D as 089 ‘ignton Aan the Soviet rr eae F220" Te pb degra MGI wae) ll DH ters (280 flow toh Caran gh hinds xa aa acs 0s igh ihe ‘a ong ie Te prema ec phe uly o he AM eng ‘mane comied of 0 SBVAK 20 a camens ae sone the engin, wi an tote clio fe L230 ge The nse 120 a eel amano sop ef 10 umd cack Heed ee orl AMD eis te 25 ae ee 2) “Theat rly lh 20 wat nay powered by an AN HF ong hat wae subenquenty replace by sn A9. he 1220 mas he protatype a sce of ihe {ihre demope by he lv Design Bare Te fet a0 can coy anananna ast fe Pot) 1-222 (MMiG-7) ray eps win an Ae smi wit fr AV 12.0 te cnn wt NS ree ryt ay SitteandEhuoe atte conte compte taal ote nny tt eh (Gr Peron ‘inci i teeta aca ae depute ere sl et rena hams stingot 10 mare 773, De TEearann mse foromenes lowers uf apne (oF. Poy | u 1-224 (MiG-7) mb des an spec the gt pera ‘he sara sd, Th a2 gun pons on ng "ptt tbe we oe acne “saan 1225 mabe) compete on 2 Fobra 04 andr fw oo {Teh te ses yn The 2D a pore by an ALND ergs ed ‘oaluich nveponetoea: geynimotngsaspriontcutonutn Tw osu atu hewmen ones angio rt ung ha wht boot wena hie auine eben BoE) sepa Tho 25 program wos roid on Nah 87 Pabrt Boo) 7c ona a = 1-210 (MiG-9) = Ng tzeage the ae! Devo Beaman hr ening ‘wove nage fe rani snap ms clad eae depured {eprove rary (OF Peo) rood. 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