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Table of Contents

Unleashing the Power of Your Kids

516-787-5473 123 @ 123 Park Lane Great Neck

NY 11024 www.superkids123.weebly.com

Table of Contents
2=Mission Statement
3=Our activities

5=Our food menu

6=Why you should pick us over other camps


Our Mission
Our values and beliefs are to project our
intentions outward on other's needs and
"jump over the hurdles of life".
We will teach the campers to be brave, proud
of themselves, persevere, have confidence,
and have faith within themselves. They will
leave our camp stronger than they have ever
were before, mentally, emotionally and
physically. Our campers will highlight the
strength and power of the mind and the
camper him or herself. They will work as a
team to achieve and fulfill common goals.
During all of this, they will also do something
amazing that is thought to be impossible with
all these tasks to complete. They will have
fun and enjoy themselves!

Reach For The


What Will Your Child Be

Included Activities

Doing At This Camp

Activities of Choice (one of these may be
-Art class

In this class, your child will have lots of fun

practicing different types of swimming from their
swim instructor, they will get to compete to raise
their self-confidence and watch some of our
fascinating counselors compete. Dont worry, if your
child does not know how to swim, we will put them
in shallow water with a special band on their wrist.
They will learn how to swim from a personal

-Track and Field
-Board games
-Free time


What Your Child Will Be Eating

Menu For Breakfast

In this class, your child will be doing yoga (mats

supplied) to wake them up and refresh them for the
day ahead of them!

-Computer Play Time

-Activity Center
Snack Time

Scrambled eggs

Sunny-side up

And more (You can give your specific desire to personal chef)

side orders may include but not limited to french fries, potatoes,

Bread or Grain

Pancakes (You can give directions to personal chef and if you

are a vegetarian you may use a substitute for egg)

Waffles (You can give directions to personal chef and can use
a substitute for one of the ingredients)


Side orders may but not limited to maple, syrup, nutella and/or
whip cream


Name it, and we will serve it.

Or you can choose from

Your child gets a snack break!

Healthy foods supplied!

Froot loops


And much more

Activity of Choice

Side orders

Fruits such as strawberries, mango, apple, pineapple and much



During this time, your child gets to have

fun doing the activity that they chose as their
specialty prior to camp!

-Peer Mediation
-Snack/Story time (5-8)
Class (Leaping over the obstacles of life)

This is the class in which your child will be

officially learning methods of overcoming
the obstacles that they face in life!

Any type of juice or smoothie such as but not limited to (apple

juice, mango and strawberry smoothy)

Tea (Green or Black and much more)


Hot chocolate

Breakfast treats

Yogurt- many flavors

Breakfast sausages

Cinnamon roll

Assortments of pastries

Muffins- variety of flavors


Free Time

Menu For Lunch and/or Dinner

(Campers only can choose one of the below except salads which
should be taken with another meal)
If you are a vegetarian you may tell your chef to substitute or not use a
certain ingredient
PastaMake your own pasta (Can give directions to personal chef on the way
you want to make it)

Your child will have a free time in the fields

supervised by counselors. Frisbees and
different types of balls provided. Your child
will have a huge choice of what they want to do!

-Campfire/story telling (optional)


PizzaYou can make your own Pizza (Can give directions to personal chef on
the way you want to make it)
Or you can choose from

Pepperoni Slice

Plain Slice

Pasta Slice

Caesar Slice (Combination of Caesar salad and a plain pizza


And others


Your child will learn different types of karate and

other martial arts in this fun class to raise their selfconfidence. Nobody will be hurting others in this
fun and safe class.

You can make your own salad (Can give directions to personal chef on
the way you want to make)
Or you can choose from

Caesar Salad

Board Games

Greek Salad

Spinach Salad

And others


During this entertaining time, your child will get

to take a break and play board games during
their fun day. We have a huge assortment of
board games and your child will have fun!

-Arts and Crafts/art class
Dance (optional)

You can make your own meat (Can give directions to personal chef on
the way you want to make)
Or you can choose from

American Steak

Lamb or pork chops

Shish Kabob




And much more

Fish or Sushi-

In this optional, but very fun class,

your child will get to learn different types
of dances, not only how to do them, but their origin!

You can give the name of the sushi of the sushi roll or a type of fish or
(Can give directions to personal chef on the way you want it made)
Or you can choose from

Culinary Class

California Roll


And much more

BurgersYou can give the name of the type of the burger to the chef (Can give
directions to your personal chef)

In this interesting class, your child

will have lots of fun learning different
types of cooking and how to cook
certain foods!


Cheese Burger

Veggie Burger

Side Orders

French Fries


And much more


Let your child(ren) have their fun at

Super Kids summer camp!

Arizona (You name it, we have it)

Snapple (You name it, we have it)

Juices (You name it, we have it)

Tea (You name it, we have it)

Coffee (You name it, we have it) Only for ages 16-18



Foreign Food(lunch and dinner)

(You name it, our chef will most likely be able cook it, or if he isnt,
you can give him the instructions to make it and he will do it!)

-Assortments of fruits

Desserts (only for dinner)

-Snack Bars, protein
-Ices, many flavors

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice cream

Assortments of fruits

Chocolate + brownie ice cream

Chocolate & vanilla ice cream

Vanilla bean ice cream

Chocolate cake slices

Vanilla cake slices



-Ice cream, many flavors
-Chocolate chip cookies, no peanuts
-Trail mix
-Pudding, chocolate/vanilla flavor

-Fruit juices
-Vending Machine drinks
-Tea, many types

Why You Should Pick US For

Your Childs Summer Camp

Our camp is clearly superior to

other camps because of our interactive
overcoming obstacles classes, the
activities our children will enjoy and
participate in, and a caring environment
that is safe and loving for the children.
The theme of our camp is overcoming
obstacles. Our interactive classes
provide children with a chance to
interact with other children to try to
tell about and overcome their obstacles.
We will form a community of trust, so our
children will develop strong bonds with
other children to feel more comfortable
with telling each other their obstacles
and overcome them. They will learn to
overcome their obstacles and feel more
confident about any challenges in their
Our camp does not just teach about
overcoming obstacles. It has ageappropriate activities for each age group.
For example, we have arts and crafts for
5-8 year olds, karate for

9-12 year olds, hiking for 13-15 year

olds, and cooking for 16-18 year olds.
These enriching classes will help our
children grow mentally, so it will help
them overcome obstacles much easier.
Our camps environment is a safe and
caring for our children. The responsible
and careful staff will always help and
support your children whenever they need
it. Our staff will work hard to help our
children as well as to keep them safe.
Our staff will also make the childrens
camp experience as enjoyable and fun as
possible. They will work as hard as
possible to make our campers feel welcome
and appreciated. From these
In conclusion, our camp is clearly
the most superlative because of our
engaging classes will help children learn
to overcome obstacles, our fun and ageappropriate activities, and supportive
and friendly staff. Your children will

leave this camp more confident, and

stronger than ever before.

More About Super

Kids Summer Camp

Warning!-if any safety rules are broken by your child, they

Camp Equipment and Prices

will either miss 2 days of camp or there will be a $15-50 fee

depending on how severe it is.

Shirts (with cape)-mandatory

If it is their last day at the camp, the fee will be given.

-White $15.99

If any severe accidents happen to your child at camp, we will

either provide the money for medical services, give the child 5
free camp days or pay you $50-150 dollars depending on how
severe it is

-Blue $20.99

Bottle- $4.99

Please note that if your child gets hurt because they broke rules,
we are not responsible
However, if the child is hurt due to them breaking the rules, no
fees are required to be paid

If there are any emergencies or problems, you may reach us at

516-SUP-KIDS or 516-787-5437, or our camp address with the
main office located at 123 Park Lane, Great Neck, New York
11024, by Kings Point Park and near Long Island Sound, and Little
Neck and Manhasset Bay

Bag- $9.99
Towel- $14.99
Full Swimsuit-$29.99
Alarm Clock-$15.99

Camp (in one week sessions-7 days)-if you cannot afford these
prices, talk to one of our camp directors to negotiate the price
down to something you can afford
$250- one session

Thank you for your Cooperation

$1470- deluxe pack 6 sessions

-The committee

$2470- all summer: 10 sessions

Any Discover card


Checks or cash/ gift cards

Every Day- $3 per meal

Call at least two-three weeks in advance if you have anything

besides what is on the list and want to know if we will accept it

Early bird payment (1 week or more prior to camp start)- $58
per session= 1 free camp bag and bottle per camper

Buses 0-10 mile zone-$2.50
Buses 11-20 mile zone-$5
Buses 21-40 mile zone-$10
Buses 41-75 mile zone-$27.50
For anything beyond, transportation is not provided unless
personally transported to one of these zones

Payment Options
Any Mastercard
Any Capital one card

Now that you know all about the

Amazing features of SuperKids
Summer-camp, we look forward to
seeing you there for our 2015 Summercamp!