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Lionel Messi


Jesus Morales, Elijah Esquierdo

Born on June 24, 1987, in Rosario,

Argentina, soccer player Lionel Messi
moved to Spain at the age of 13, after the
FC Barcelona club agreed to pay for
hormone-deficiency treatments. Messi
became a star in his new country, scoring
at will while leading his club to
championships. In 2012, he set a record
for most goals in a calendar year, and
afterward was named FIFA's "Player of
the Year" a record fourth time.

Leo Messi is one of the greatest of all times. With

winning 4 BallondOrs, he has strived to be his best.
Messi put himself in the record books on May 1, 2005,
as the youngest player to ever score a goal for the
franchise. That same year, he led Argentina to the title
in the under-20 World Cup, scoring on a pair of
penalty kicks to propel the team over Nigeria. He
became the first player to score five goals in a
Champions League match in early March.


In his 10 years(and counting)
for Barcelona, Messi has
amassed six La Ligas, two Copas
del Rey, five Supercopas de
Espaa, three UEFA Champions
Leagues, two UEFA Super Cups
and two Club World Cups.
He holds the Guinness World
Records title for the most goals
in a year: 91 goals in 2012
Most international goals in a
year (club and national team):
25 goals
He holds the record for the
matches scored in: 21 matches
(33 goals)
Messi is the first footballer ever
to score consecutively against
all teams in a professional
Messi is the first and only
player to top-score in four
consecutive Champions League
He also has the maximum
number of hat tricks in the

In the La Liga, he has the

record for the most goals
scored for a single club 354.
He has the record for the
most goals scored in La
Liga in a season: 50 goals
He holds the record for
the most La Liga hattricks in a season: 8 hattricks
He is also the youngest
player to score 200 La
Liga goals: 25 years
international holds the
record for most La Liga
hat-tricks in one season
with eight.
Batistuta the record for
Most Goals Scored for
Argentina in One Year

When Thiago was born,

Messi didnt hold back
his joy in a semblance
of male solemnity.
announced to the world
Facebook page that he
was the happiest man
in the world upon
becoming a father. He
also thanked God for
this gift on his social
media, along with his
family. Before Thiago
was born, Messi told El
Pais that having a child
would make him think
differently, because he
would have to. You
can no longer just think
about yourself, he told
El Pais. You think
about him, and how
you hope he doesnt
have any problems.

Back in 2006, tabloids linked Messi to an unknown

woman who was from the same small town of Rosario,
Argentina. In 2009, however, Messi told Canal 33, a
Catalan television channel based in Barcelona that he
had a girlfriend who lived in Argentina.
Though she makes most of her money modeling,
Roccuzzo was studying to be a dietician when she
moved to Barcelona to be with her childhood sweetheart,
who she has known since he was five years old. When
Roccuzzo was just 12 weeks pregnant, Messi celebrated
a goal for Argentina in a 2014 World Cup qualifying game
by placing the ball under his shirt.






difference between Messi and




regarded as the worlds other

best living soccer player). Their
sons, coincidentally, share the
exact same age difference.
Thiago Messi was born exactly




Ronaldo Juniorjust like Messi

was born

869 days after

Cristiano Ronaldo Senior. Were

not sure what it means, but it

likely bodes well for soccer fans
a couple decades from now.

Messi eventually grew

to 5 feet and 7 inches,
and with his short
stature, speed and
relentless attacking
style, he drew
comparisons to
another famous
footballer: Diego
Maradona. Messi
steered Barcelona to
a wealth of success,
most notably in 2009,
when the left-footer's
team captured the
Champions League,
La Liga, and Spanish
Super Cup titles. That
same year, after two
consecutive runner-up
finishes, he took home
his first FIFA "World
Player of the Year"
honor/Ballon d'Or

Messi's parents, Jorge and

Ceclia, decided on a regimen
of nightly growth-hormone
injections for their son,
though it soon proved
impossible to pay several
hundred dollars per month for
the medication. So, at the age
of 13, when Messi was
offered the chance to train at
soccer powerhouse FC
Barcelona's youth academy,
La Masia, and have his
medical bills covered by the
team, Messi's family picked
up and moved across the
Atlantic to make a new home
in Spain.