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Persuasion- Travel to my Country!


Amazing Good (M) Acceptable (P) Minimal (B)

• Location Project shows a Project shows Project shows Project shows
• Place strong familiarity with gaps in little
• Region understanding subject matter and understanding of understanding of
• Movement of the subject meets content subject matter and subject matter and
• Human- matter and goes criteria. All meets most does not meet
Environment above and written work is content criteria. content criteria.
Interaction beyond content clear, well All written work Written work is
- include a map criteria. All organized and in is relatively clear unclear,
written or typed the student’s own and organized and disorganized,
work is clear, words. Student in the student’s and/or is not in
well organized uses at least two own words. the student’s own
and in the different sources Student uses at words. Student
student’s own when researching. least two different uses only one
words. Student sources when source when
uses at least researching. researching.
three different
sources when

Visual Display:
• Pictures Project Project contains Poster contains Poster contains
• Use of color contains more three pictures only two pictures, one or no pictures.
• Interesting to than three with good use of little or no color, Poster uses
look at pictures. color. Written and is not limited color.
• Handwriting Colors, shapes work is typed or interesting to look Handwriting is
and symbols in neat at. Handwriting is difficult to
catch the handwriting. difficult to read/messy.
viewer’s read/messy.
attention and
Written work is
typed or in neat

• Spelling No mistakes Few mistakes Some mistakes Many mistakes
• Punctuation
• Grammar