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Blackbeard – King of all Pirates

Intensive Reading Program

Level 3
Student: Lu-Wei Vincent Chen
Instructor: Faith A. Vietti
March, 29, 2005
• Blackbeard’s Background.
• How did he become a pirate.
• What have he done and why
people are scared of him.
• Return from sea and hosted
a party in 1718
• Last Fight.
• How he died.

• Blackbeard was British

• Born before 1690
• Real name was thought to be Edward
How did he become a pirate
• Served on a British
• An experienced sea
• Queen Anne allowed
him to keep stolen
goods from French
and Spanish.
• Join a group of fierce
Caribbean pirates
What have he done and why people are
scared of Blackbeard.
• Terrorized sailors on the Atlantic Ocean and
Caribbean Sea from 1716-1718
• Reputation and power.
• His appearance.
• Took over a larger cargo ship with wealthy
passengers, including children.
• Threatened townspeople in Charlenton.
• Set his base in North Carolina, British colony.
Return from sea and hosted a

• 1718 return from sea.

• Hosted a huge party.
• Governor of Virginia decided to stop him.
Last Fight…
• Governor sent 2
sloops commanded
by Lieutenant
Robert Maynard

• Blackbeard was
How Blackbeard died……
• A navy seaman
slashed his throat.
• Died in 1718…