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JULY 2015 £4.75 USS13.75 Classic Boat THE WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL BOATS olden IRL 102 years young and still winning eX Cg trae tren : LC leeie Vc aon The private bank for sailing Proud sponsors of EFG Sailing Team, Switzerland A EFG Mandrake in Division A regattas, Asia EFG Nations’ Cup, Hong Kong BACARDI Sailing Weeks, Miami & Newport x The EFG Pan-American Viper 640 Championships \ The EFG Star Winter Series, Florida a. Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta \ j Panerai British Classic Week h EFG Sailing Arabia - The Tour | \ EFG Sailing Academy, Monaco Yacht Club Optimist Sailing School, Société Nautique de Geneve ‘wewemefgsaiing.com s of the craft FEATURES cover stoRY 6 GOLDEN GIRL A careful restoration by Bruno ‘Trouble of the P-Class Olympian 14+ DUNKIRK REVISITED We visit the Little Ships on the evacuation’ 75th ant ry 20: CLASSICS AT COWES A preview of Panerai British ‘Classic Week from 18-25 July COVER sToRY 22: RESTORING A VERTUE Will Stirling has refitted a Vertue for a planned voyage to the Arctic cover story 34- RYS BICENTENARY ‘We look at some of the Cowes club's most prominent members COVERSTORY 38 - CORNISH CRABBERS “The succes of the much-loved marque 44 - PEDRAZZINI POWER Mahogany at 40 knots, on Lake Zurich - what's not to love? coverstoRY 52 GARELOCH O-D AT 90 ‘The Glaswegian fleet enjoys birthday celebrations and more 58+ NAT WILSON ‘The IBTC boss talks about his new Portsmouth college COVER STORY 60 - FOLKBOAT TRANSAT Leo Goolden tells how he sailed from Falmouth to the Caribbean story behind 40 years, g Contents JULY 2015 N°325 REGULARS fi6_~ TELL TALES Bi SALEROOM 32. OBJECTS OF DESIRE (96 - LETTERS [98 - STERNPOST ‘ONBOARD 69 - NEW CLASSICS 70 - LAZARETTE 71_- BOOKS AND SUNDOWNERS 73_- CLASS NOTES 75_- GETTING AFLOAT CRAFTSMANSHIP ‘82 = YARD NEWS 184 YARD VISIT: ROCKPORT: ‘89 - BOATBUILDER'S NOTES ‘91_- ADRIAN MORGAN cusssicnosrputy2es 9 Rustler 33 and Rustler 24 Modern Classics by Rustler = em e LLG Tel: 01326 310120 | www.rustleryachts.com Fustier Yachts | Maritime Buldings | Falnoulh | Comwall | TR10 8D errors Classic Boat ‘i on er esce time te ampere FROM STEFFAN MEVRIC HUGHES, ASSOCIATE EDITOR All men dream... ‘Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their ‘minds wake to find it was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eves, to make it possible*. Leo Goolden, a Cornish boatbuilder who restored a boat, sailed i¢ v0 Ancigua and won every race at Classic Week as well as che judges’ hearts, is clearly a dreamer of the day, but I'm not sure he’s dangerous — he seems perfectly civil on email. His yacht, a Scandinavian Folkboat, is the most famous class ever conceived. Crossing the Atlantic to the new world is, to western sensibilities, a voyage rich in symbolism, and his “restore, voyage and win tricolor has a whiff of veri, vid, vic Leo smashed it ‘Stories like Leo's can be inspiring, Or they can make you sick. For many, such voyages stil belong in the dusty recesses of the mind (or garage), stormbound by a gale of circumstance ~ and real dust: but your hour will come. Twas lucky enough to spend a day sailing with French sail-and-oar maestro Frangois Vivier in 2013 at the Morbihan Festival of Sail. We took turns on the tiller of his little Pen Hir, weaving in and out through the thousand (yes, 1,000) “ boats in a wild ‘Colreg Challenge’. Pert Hir was e's great to feature fascer chan anything our there that day ~ until a two emblems of __lissom form eased past us: the restored 1970 small-boat sailing” French 12-M yacht France. At Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez in 2014, I was again on the second quickest yacht - the NY40 Chinook. There was just one other boat in our sgunsights: Obympian. She's as American as Flot, but now hostage to European cowmnership, and under management from AC skipper Bruno Troublé who was also behind the restoration of France, Bruno is clearly a new force in the classic yacht world, a man who dreams with his eyes wide open. If there’s one yacht that can challenge the Folkboat's reputation, it's the Vertue. And the Vertue in this issue, Tom Thumb, has been restored with a blank chequebook to sail the Magellan Straits with boatbuilder Will Stirling (ho isa dangerous man). I's great to have these wo emblems of small- boat sailing in one issue, not to mention Rob Peake, who made a piethead jump into the editor's seat as we were going to press. Welcome aboard! * TS Eliot, writing in 1922 cusste poxr juny nis Se Ol NY Sauce Sen tres ‘ f Xe a Hh \ HH i x | | i N/T] a teem aso ‘overhangs low mahogany topses and teak deck, supremely elegant, In fact ie was hard to take your eyes “off het, so delicate was she and yer redolent of speed, s0 dwarfed by the other boats that looked almost bulky in ‘comparison. This was Olympian, ‘Olympian has aeived with quite a splash. An American P.Class yacht designed by renowned naval architect William Gardner, best known for the dhree= masted schooner Atlantic of 1905 but with a frm reputation for smaller yachts, she has just come to Europe after a yearlong restoration in Maine. In Saint-Troper, she was celebrating her centenary, if a year late. She'd just beaten NY 40 Chinook and also Bona Fide and wonld go on to win each of her six races there, as well as all her races atthe Impeia rgarta she starts 2015 with an unbeaten record, She was elected 2014 ‘Classe Boar of the Yea in France. taste not yuty amis L French Americas’s Cup sailor Bruno Troablé is behind her arrival on che classic scene. He discovered ber in the Great Lakes in Wisconsin, arranged her restoration and a new and successful rig for her new ‘owner, and brought her to France. She had won the (Chicago to Mackinac Race twice in 1913 and 1914, ‘one ofthe most hotly contested USA races of the early 1900s, but with her new spate of achievements, her next 100 years are off to an impressive start Nat Herreshoff developed the rating rule on which the P-Class was based, the Universal Role, which governed American racing boats from 1902 until he 1930s, The classes were designated by letters, the R-Class being the smallest at about 40fe LOA (12.2), the P-Class a litle lover SOft (15m), M-Class bigger till and the Clas over 130fe (39.6). Naval architcts designing forthe P-Clase besides Herreshoff and Gardner inchided Staring Burgess and George Owen. [n Europea different direction was taken with the development ofthe International Rule in 1907, resulting inthe classic Mee yachts, again with great rivalry among top designers and producing many famous yachts, The first P-Class yacht 0 be built as Herresho’s Seneca in 1907 and he also designed the largest inthe eas, Jovan she came succesfully to Les Voiles back in 2006 after her restoration by Jeff Rutherford in California). Other names were Cara Mia, Alioede and Corinthian, and Gardeer’s Windward and Michicago, ‘The gaft-riged P-Class boars were roughly SSftin length, 35fe on the waterline, displacing about 12 rons nd carrying about 1300 square foot of sail. They raced Jn New York Sound and also in the Great Lakes, providing some stunning competition and areracting some of the finest skippers oftheir day But in 1930 the European 8M, nor dissimilar in sive, was adopted for the Canada’s Cup competition and the P-Class boats ‘began to lose their edge, At present, Joy i in excellent condition after a major restoration about a decade ago, Olympian is now in top racing mode as a gaff-rigged classic, chee or four ‘others are able to sil and perhaps ones a wreck. ‘AVERY PROFESSIONAL APPROACH Yack designer William Gardner took a very professional approach to his career. He graduated from Cornell University in 1880, having started thereat the age of 15, The legend Bruno Troublé Bruno Troublé (above ff) isan fon in France. Having been atop French America’ Cup sallor an also inthe 1968 and 197 olympics, having raced inthe Ton Cup. In s80s and 505s, he now Is involved inthe rescue and Fenalssance of lassie boats. He has been Involved fn the refit ofthe America’s Cup yacht France the two lively Runas designed in Denmark inthe eary 1900s, the @ boat Jour de Féte and he brings tothe word of ‘lasses an fectious enthusiasm and knowledge ‘Above salipian sed on other P-cassdesens has proved igi eectve custo nour juny 201s 10 and later managed to get in to the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, This was no mean feat, ashe had (0 Above: pywood panelling inside become a UK government employee to becligible, and helps hep the even then i took many attempes before he was accepted. weight down, There he studied the fundamental principles of naval Above rightSne architecture and shipbuilding as it applied to warships, was vote ast Hee spent two years working in British shipbuilders bur year’s Classe Bost his holidays were on yachts on the sea, and he ako met ofthe Yearin leadin and Willam Fife, dung his time on the River Clyde. By 1888 he was home and established in New York and bile wo 40fe(12.2m) wateeine cutters, Kathe and Lins, which turned out to beso graceful and sofas ha his repuracion grew quickly: He had guaranteed the ‘owners chat chey would win three out of five races ina Scottish yacht designers of the day, GL Watson France flee of 10 boats, bat infact Kathleen won practically ‘every race she entered forthe frst two years, He went on to design many yachts, schooners and merchant ships, becoming one of the great designers of his generation, He beloved that if a boat was made as scentfcally perfect as possible i sould not be other than beautf ‘Olympian was builtin Cty land, New York, the Be 4 birthplace of many fine yachts, atthe yard of Wood 8 2 MeCiure, fr a syndicate from the Chicago Yaeht Clu. crass Row ety m5 They had in mind the Chicago to Mackinae Race, 333 ims, and other major mces of the ime, H ving won the 1913 race, she bea the competition again the next year, row owed by two members ofthe Chicago cab, ‘Olympian then went back east in 1916 to Great Neck, Long Island with new owners. In 1920 she was based in Marbleh DC and lar that decade she went north to Rocheste, NY, where she remained until the end of the Second World War. ter the war the tail goes quiet, but she was owned by one family for the past 30 years. A broker 1d, Massachusets, in 1925 near Washington in Wisconsin signalled hee existence in 2010. By the rime that Bruno Trouble found Olympian in a shed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near the shores of Lake Michigan, she had been rigged as a modern boat. She was fited out with modern sails and rigging, lifelines, a pulpit, a carbon-fibre mast and aluminium boom. She was in storage, along with countess slassfibre motorhoats, not having be couple of years. Yet her sill-graceful long-keeled hull sailed for a had the classic purity of line of a Class yache, even if 60 (18.3m) shorter and designed 40 years earlier Bruno arranged for her toe trucked from Wisconsin to Warren, Maine, to the workshop of John Anderson who had also worked on the Q-Class yacht Jour de Fite, owned by the brother of the new owner of Olympian different boats,” laughed Bruno, “otherwise they ‘would be too competitive Bruno boughs just the hull, eaving the modem mast, rigging and gear behind, Fortunately Olympian had been ‘through a restoration in 1990 ae Beooklin Boat Yard, further north in Maine, where her mahogany-on-oak hull had been reftamod and replanked. A new forefoot ‘was putin place, her deadwood renewed, keel hallase ed and Harken deck gear installed, Her hull was therefore in good condition but hee ‘original pitehpine deck was rotten, needing the replacement of all 90 oak deck frames and a new deck, this time of ‘rin teak over ply to make it watertight better that the brothers have to and not toa heavy. Bulwarks were replaced too = in fact the only part ofthe boat that is now original is probably the aft part of the horn timber neat the stempost. The coachroof was rebuilt with rectangular hevelled windows more in keeping with the original ryaches of the time, the engine was realigned, new Sitka sprace spars were buile and a whole new gaff rig installed along with beonze deck gear OLYMPIAN y toa BEAM i & N\ | DRAUGHT SAIL AREA WeIGHT BUILDER cuusicnowrputyaes a OLYMPIAN 2 John Anderson had under a year to work om her wich space booked on ship for her passage to France, so ‘ime was short and the cutoff date was vital. He expanded his workshop and cook on some workers ro be sure the date could le met (other demands on John’s ‘ime inelude running a working farm with a few cows and a flock of sheep nos far from Camden, John is originally from Liverpool. Inthe 1980s, he and a fiend decided to lave and found work on yachts inthe south of France, Evencually he crossed the Adantic fon a maxi and setled inthe USA. Boatbuilding aeracted him and after a course back in Baitan at Lowestoft’ Boatbuilding Training College, he gained such experince in a Camden, Maine, boatyard before setting up on his own, His craftsmanship on both Jour de Féte and Olympian shows the high standard of his work. * Most ofthe work was on deck and with the new rig." he said. Some minor changes were made below but though she has a galley, reo quarter berths, ewo drop-down herths over the saloon beets and a couple of pipe eos, hey will noc be much in use. For now itis fine that much ofthe panelling and even the bulkheads are plywood, painted white in New England tradition, with ‘mahogany veneer and trim. Ie means that the hull is relatively light in weight, and that is good for racing. ‘And what a racer she has turned out tobe, Taanks 0 a sympathetic restoration, she looks like a classic crass Row ety m5 Above restorer Sohn anderson rebuit the ‘ceachof and Installed new eck within teak over sito make itwatetght And nat too heavy Below: Olympian started het 2015, ‘season unbeaten P-boat again. Her bull, painted in British cacing green, has clean lines from her spac hovr to her raked transom. As she heels she gains in waterline length and speed, her round bilge kaving a clean wake. Flegant round hatches, minimalist cockpit and bronze gear add tothe beauty’of the hull and the cassie rg and sails look exactly right for her 1913 American origins Iris important to remember that British and European boats were built for offshore sailing and heavy winds, so by and larye had heavier seantings, rnore depth, less beatn and smaller sail area, American boats were shallower, often beamies, with a sailplan designed for lighter winds, This meant they were often faster, erpecally inthe sore of winds that one expects in the Mediterranean where Olympian is now based Her record so far hears this out, though ies also due to the exhaustive research done by Bruno Troublé ro c an authentic but efficient new salplan, North Sails produced a full st of effective sails, Most of the lines and silplans of William Gardner were destroyed ina fire, bu a dhe Hare Nautieal Insite, part of che Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Troublé found sailplans for Herreshofts Joya and other P- designs, some unused. She now has a graceful and generous gaff rig with a high peaked gaf. The P-Class, nd most American boats of the era, did not use topsails. With the high peak, she docs not need one. Olympian willbe a hard boat ta eat this season, and she continves the tradition of high standards for craftamanship and heauty at classic races, As she fathers speed and leans to the wind, suddenly coming. to lifelike a butterfly from a chrysalis, she is an eye-catching addition to the Med racing scone. Back when the rating rules were devised, it was nor expected thac European and American boats would be racing much together though that was soon proven wrong Tes goad co se some athe hes ofthe ealy 20ch century classes of both continents getting that chance ‘now, including the American Qs and Ps racing with the European 6s and the 8s. Enthusiasts will be watching for Olympian particularly in the Centenarians’ Race, organised during Las Voiles de Saint-Tropez by the ‘Yacht Club de Gstaad, a showease for the increasing rnamber of boats sill racing 100 years after they were first built Lee's hope the trend continues. ° 100 YEARS STRICTLY HANDCRAFTED IN SWITZERLAND - PEDRAZZINI, YACHT- UND BOOTSWERFT Seestrasse 59-61, CH-8806 Bich am Zitrichsee, Switzerland, Telefon 0041 (0)44 786 90 90, info@pedrazziniboat.com OSPOOK LT A PESUE U(r a oe ae Top row: Penny Wedd, oF Frey with ner soi commemorative peant and lague;Adirl Boye former Fist ea Lor, ‘ow Lord arden of te Cinque Ports mia ror eft: Tom Tt, sver Queen, Carona Mite row rights M827, L327 Bays, Mada ‘attom row Thames Conservancy Licence ‘rom Lorage an impromptu waltz Glenn Miler; Dunkirk et taney Chappell, 95, one of nly a hac preset Steve Norris of thames alin Barge Greta aie weather blessed the flet of 60 or so Dunkirk Little Ships as they made thei rendezvous in Ramsgate che day before thei ive-yearly commemorative sal to the beaches of Dunkirk, where 75 yenes ago, the most famous evacuation of alltime, Operation Dynamo, took place. The pontoons of Ramsgate Marina were awash with lase-minate preparations, casual bonhomic, the sounds of Glenn Miller and Vera Lynn defting from boat stersos and vintage dress, Regular participants were joined by newly restored boats such as Fireflyand Lary Days. The biggest boat, by fax, was the 180 (55.5m) paddle wheeler Medway Queen, halfway’ chrough a gargantuan restoration and there asa stati exhibit. [A morning service was held atthe Sailors’ Chureh, Ramsgate at which the Bishop of Dover praised the ordinary people who had manned the “ramshackle flee and who answered the call to *serve and save" cuusicnoxrputyaes 15 6 Tell Tales RAMSGATE-DUNKIRK Classic Boats addres: Jubilee House, 2 Jubilee Place, London, SW3 370 Tel: 020 7349 3755 Email: cb@classichoat.co.uk The Little Ships return to Dunkirk Although the Association of Dunkirk awkward eros sea in the latter part Title Ships as onanised a fof the voyage, Most of them were the commemorative retuen fo Dunkirk _atcherypal motor vessels that so every five years in rent times, this many people asoxite with the DLS year’ was of pariclar significance, term bu the flectalso ince the ‘writes Nigel Sharp. marked the ‘Thames sailing barges Pudge and 75th anniversary of Operation Greta four Jormer RNLI lifeboats ~ Dynamo when 338,226 Allied troops one of which, the Lucy Laver, was ‘were eescued from Dunkirk and the fresh froma thorough restoration by beaches east of the port in 1940, Rescae Woden Boats ~ andthe Sisty Little Ships made che Thames fireboat Massey Shaw crossing from Ramsgate on 21 May, Ta icky enough to go across a beautifully sunny day albei with anon the 1920 MeGruerbuilt Ris J ‘The2o15fleet When she cook part in Operation approachesthe Dynamo she had t be taken in cow French rast ‘vice when her temperamental petrolparatfin engines broke down Iba forrunately her modern dsl Aida le ws down, As we entered urnkiek’s Basin du Commerc, a big crowd lining the entrance gave us a ‘wonderfully warm and enthusiastic welcome, while che Union Flag was flowen below the tricolour on the nearby Se Eloi belfry. Sew pages 14415 for more coverage Early Nicholson beauty ‘we seo er here ame se ere thee, hat ot saya much: You can arly miss Margo when se appears at a regatta ner back paint often racing alongside Focridge, in white, another itorian gaff cuter what a sight they made at Monaco in 2013 (where tis picture was taken). Marigold was one of Cares Nicholson first are act esignsand bul atthe Camper and Nihon yarn Gosport to Lyd in 1892 Shes tn) on deck with another 23f¢ 7m) oo added by borspit and boom ‘oreshang and whe youse her reaching from her kes the ow freeboard making he guwalescsappear bein! wanes, then ise _aganin that ong counter tothe muscu tarsor cou ‘make grown man cry. she was subject to an 1 ea estoration |b by Cana an Marine Services (ha and Greg Powesand iting ‘out for omer Glen Allan whose simple brief was maximum autentty To that end, shetas usta touches he ruming ear inhemp ot manila and paraffin running lamps. So she's not only ne othe prettiest, bt one ofthe most authentic toe, cassie nowt gery amis Dee PSU aw Ur Care See eee re eee ee een See emery ee ee eer re ee eee Tee cee tee eet is ee eas i eect ap tels renter este rater eee eon eel eee eet art ee arm er ict ena etl " eerie it seems he aay ptt eects Ces ened SALISBURY, WILTSHIRE Edward Heath memorial unveiled ‘nique mba cary and loss was uneledthis May by Sr Ben inland the ish of Salsbury the estredbow eten of Morning Cou, frre yeh of rita sail, Prime Minter Ear Heath nowt nasa comer ofthe walla arden of ‘runes, the former PS preserved former home in Salsbury. ‘Thewoien £85 oop was wrecked ina Chanel tm in 1974 withthe ls of to cren, Heats godsn Christopher chad and Wigl Curing. ‘thers present incuded Nagart Chadd 2, mater of Christopher and forme Conservative Cabinet Minster Lor Han who si: "eath isthe nly Brite rime Minster {owina malo interationa sporting trophy ~the 1971 arcu.” Sir Ben added that “most importantly, the restored bow serves asa reminder of the tragi ceats of Nigel Caring and Christopher Chad ‘Arundel, ining the garden and estore bows pent the publi SEMAINE DU GOLFE, MORBIHAN Boats, islands and lots of tide Imagine crus incorpany with 1000 bats, dvd into groups of oughly sia size on diferent tnerares though an sand studded bay, complete with nc, diners and eten ‘usc la on inthe dterent ports. n 2013 srong winds ae the oxbinan tides paved to much fr sme smaller boats, buat this ears event in May organisers cancel alsalieg when 45mg winds were forecast forthe Thrséay~a good move. contingent of Croatan boats were partly interesting, many late igged and coming rom thebland of var near Split. Kathy Mansfield cuwsicnoxrputyaes 17 SAINT-BARTH, WEST INDIES . SONS MM CC ed Se eet ee ee eee eee eet et eee ee eer ee eee ee Cer aa et eee ey SRC ne documentary Vanlsing Sa was premed This stunning fim abou the Nistor af tadional Caribbean Peet eer ere eee nt Ee eee et rd ina forgotten kl Two days of confused racingin perfect conditions anda picnic day followed. On Sweetheart Ce ee eer eke eee ene eet ete et ree cat et einen eet os More classics for Transpac who can forget Dorades astonishing Tanspac tory in2013,henshe vanquished tn almost entirely modern lee totake home these? nwa probate greatest, result nracing bya dsc vaeht This uly the ace wil start wth thre asi ‘arta, Westard andthe Canadian Nays HOMS Orit WORD OF THE MONTH ‘susually practised to ‘stop aleakatsa.& hear sal such asthe spits. scosely ast coast oc . thunmedwinyamand —- TOllesbury classic «am and dram ner thetiti the presi sting ola Gar Assocation (OG sales tok on Tollesbury locals ary ths May ‘Theflet of 17 race ove two days, wth he loyal and thechly watching fom shore Alfred Mylne Glen-Coats 34 ft C Anyone wh has recently taken pat inthe ase atthe Mediterranean classe regattas kins DUET is todo aa a your peri. She ix emelycompetitie i lag aey with many els wine eri Easy both to eal and tantin; DUET has to be an excting hen aled well of taking ilerware. Recently completed restoration of Win Fie’: Lying France Telfist Lough One Design “TERN 1897" oceanrefit.com AB, England, To: +14 (01202 33007 nfo@aceanrelit.com | Tel/Fax: +34 971 730.042 enc een Mobile achtcompany.co.uk ae ene 7A caassicnosryuny2es ‘These three boats from Gillian Nahum of Henley Sales and Charter show the amazing diversity of craft she has on her books Camping canoe yawl Twas 150 years ago that John “Rab Roy MacGregog, a Scorsh layer resident in London, ser off ona long voyage of Europe's waterways i a “eanoe' (arguably kayak), The bestselling book 1,000 Mile inthe Rab Roy Canoe, published the rex yea, is now seen as the tac of kayaking asa sport Ir also led directly tothe canoe yaws of the lace 19th centiry designed by the likes of Geowpe Holmes and ater, Albert Serange. Lucky Stari: a clinker canoe yan bale by Tuts forthe Thames Poli arownd 1899 and given a major stracural refit by Fabian Bush in 1996, Her current own has used her as a rowing sailing and camping canoe, and added a Torgecso 801 motor with two batteries, a well asa boom tet. She comes with leathered roslocks, wo new sails (main and smizzen) and ion lifting Kel, Lucky Saris 18ft (5.5m) long and Sf (15m) in bear. Asking £12,950, ling Thames area ee CTT om a) Fee ee ee eee ed ee ea Cee ee eee ae genie ny oe unm teee ee cn St ee eee ee ed oe Thecabinhas a well-equipped galley and heads and a saloon furnished in red weve that an double as 8 eee een ey ee rete nany aspects ofthe restoration Indudngat-clou Brooke tle kt for evening rising This sasthe broker, Isa boaton wich one could ALBATROSS ponrinreetrasriraissent eet. oath) cryer ie Fast vintage tender ‘analumisiur-ulled Mark 3 Albatros, bull | 1956,isfr sale. Shes similar tothe ‘Series albatross pictured here, though not ‘quite 3s quick unlike te Series pomered bythe fabulous Coventry Cmax, this one is oweted by @39bho Ford 1006 She is nonetheless capable of 30 knots whichis plenty ina hull is ight and smal lbatoss ‘speedoats are loads of fun cheap torun and theresan active race series tat Isgrowing every year At 12f Bin (39m) ad ight enough ‘oral, unbrakee, behind virally anything, tisha tobe an easy way nto vintage spe. “Asking £9950 ling Thames area cunsstcnowryuty % Looking to sell your boat? 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New 12°Dinghy Inch or anogsey ‘camping dayboat Prices rom £2,950 Planking Class Prices ror near felebratng ts 1000 £13,500 VAT nniversaryin 2013. Prices from £8,500, 1990 Winkle ig 1 Dayboat in lovely condition ue tobcng nt used 4 yer. Complete wth Morne Suntan and Eosyauneh alo £4450.00 See full listings at www.anglia-yacht.co.uk Tel +44 (01359271747 _www.anglia-yacht.co.uk Email. sales@anglia-yacht.co.uk 1975 DascombeLugger MIZintiy condition wth 1999Starm 15 with Bisson elect moto, cove and new PariunaHP outboard, Esylaunchtalerand comb ler £2,250.00 ‘mains st yar 5,250.00, eo ciassicnosryuny2es YachtBrokers ot, Horning, Norfol,NRI2 BAA Emaikinfo@broadlandyachtbrokers.co.k | YACHTS CLASSIQUES - VINTAGES | | www.yachts-classiques.com | Email: feruzir@wanadoos- Tel: +33 (0)8 33.0281 28 F SERUZIER F SERUZIER ‘lhe boats and tas : www yachts-classiques.com phe MISTRAL, cusseuoxryutyans aL Craftsmanship Edited by Steffan Meyric Hughes: +44 (0)207 349.3758, ar ews Email: steffang@classicboat.co.uk PALMA DE MALLORCA Fife one design rebuilt ‘The 1897-bullt gaff cutter Tero was relaunched on 20 Api after a 1o,900-man-hour restoration, and 18 yeas tote day ter her orignal lunch from the yard of Hlth of Cariektergus, she's Betas Lough One Design tram te pe of Wiliam Fite it and one of ine rignalybuitasan eatly experiment io one-design racing. ‘he work, by Ocean Refit, remedied Years of corrosion toro iting, clectrovtic decay and a patchwork of improvements. 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