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Types of Government

1. Autocracy – Power and authority in the

hands of one person or group.

Monarchy – King or Queen

gains power through

Dictatorship –Single leader

rules and has absolute power.

Totalitarian – Leaders seek

to control all aspects of social
and economic life.

Theocracy- the people are

ruled by a God. The country is
administered by whichever
religious leaders are
considered most in
communion with the deity.
Aristocracy- Upper class
controls government.

2. Democracy – Political authority rests with

the people.
Direct Democracy – People participate
directly in mass meetings. Everyone
has a voice.
Representative – Majority is
represented by a small group of
representatives, elected by the people.
3. Mixed:

Parliament- People elect

officials, which in turn choose
political leaders.

Socialism- seeks to plan,

produce, and distribute goods
equally to all citizens. The goal is
to create equal opportunity and
benefit for all.
What type of Government is most
common today? Why do you think that