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= GRADE 4 MATHEMATICS & SUMMER FUN 3 ° Summaries = ° Support Notes 33; ° Answers Pn tee 1 i i I 1 1 i 1 1 I i 1 1 I i t ! ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' i 1 i t 1 i i t 1 1 1 t I ' ' t I I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 i t 1 1 I A Soup-er Code Story Summary Detective Tommy Tompkins cracks a phone code to get back the costume of Soup Man, the local superhero. The Questions Students use the phone code to decode rliyming messages from the thief. Teaching Notes Students may think this is a fun puzzle and be very surprised to find out that there is math involved. Actually, this activity exposes students to several problem-solving strategies. When they write down the possible letters for each number, they are “making a list.” When they try to pick which letters are correct, they are “guessing and checking” and “using logic.” It is an engaging way to use numbers and motivate students to think. it neat you erson; nt to meet you in pe : \ ‘That really is my secret goat : | You like football and love soup: \ * \ Let's meet L A Soup-er Code before the Soup-er 2695. SKILL/STRATEGY Solving a code Additional Skills: @ Making a list Using logic Guess and check q | | Story Summary Detective Gina Jasper tries to make sure that her detective trainee understands the problems while investigating a pencil robbery. The Questions Students read word problems, decide what is being asked, and finally solve the problems. Teaching Notes There are many ways to solve most what information is really wanted. L--- A Small Misunderstanding math problems. This book presents several of those approaches. However, all of these methods are useless if a student does not understand the problem. This is not uncommon in word and story problems, where the actual math question is often hidden in a lot of text. In life, as well, the math problems are not always standing out in bold type. Sometimes it takes a little thinking to decide Students will often come up with a flawless, original solution to a problem. Sadly, sometimes they are not answering the question that was asked! Stress the importance of reading problems slowly and carefully. SKILL/STRATEGY Understanding the problem Additional Skills: @ Reading for detail ‘@ Whole number +, -, x, + @ Money/decimal x Multistep problems © Critical thinking 6 t Good Buys for Spies i story summary Detectives Carmen Chang and Reading «displ Tommy Tompkins read a display to ooo eacmtnes find out the prices of the wacky _ items at Sly’s Spy Shop. Additional Skills: @ Money +, —, x, The Questions © Guess and check Reading for detail Students read a display and compute with money to figure out the costs of various purchases. Teaching Notes Reading a display is a crucial consumer skill that helps solve many real-life problems. Think how many times you’ve stared at a price display at a snack bar and had to quickly figure out “Can I afford the items I want?” An interesting element of these problems is that all the information needed to find the solution is not included within the problem. Students must go outside the problem, locate the necessary data on the display, and then begin to solve. 7 a Math Mysteries A Soup-er Code 1. BOWL 2. HALL 3. ONE 4. SPOON 5. 1ando 6. QandZ You Can Do It: Answers will vary. A Small Misunderstanding le ono c . Answer to 1: 73 pencils Answer to 2: $1.35 Answer to 3: 14 inches Answer to 4: 9 pencils Answer to 5: 55 minutes ‘Think It Over: Answers will vary. To make sure you understand questions on school assignments, you could read them carefully, ask the teacher if you have any questions, and double-check your work when you're done. AARON Good Buys for Spies 1. $15.75 2. $12.50 3. 4 Finger Stingers 4. $211.35 5. $592.54 6. a-c. Answers will vary. You Can Do It: Answers will vary. Ox Math Mysteries