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Name: Mouza Al Mazrooei

Grade Level: 2 CCSS Math Strand: How Can I count

and use money?

CCSS Standards:

Work with money.

Solve problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements from a
larger unit to a smaller unit.
Represent and interpret data.

Main Lesson Aims (Concepts, Procedures, & Processes):

This lesson focus in mathematics. Through this lesson the students will be able to
know the value through counting the money.
teacher books

student book(s) worksheets/


- I will give each students an ice-cream worksheet. At the least of

ice-cream they will find a number, and they should use their
mind to draw the number as money.

teacher materials- White board marker

- Ice cream worksheet
- Money cads

- Pencil
- Colours
- Small white board


Key vocabulary with definitions (and pictures if appropriate):


glossary definition


The basic monetary unit of Morocco and

the United Arab Emirates, equal to 100
centimes in Morocco and 100 fils in the
United Arab Emirates.

Students Prior Knowledge:

- Know the place value of each number
- Know how to add digits together (two digit & one digit) or (100 & two digit)
Possible Problems and Misconceptions:
- Students may make a mistake through drawing the number as a money, this
mistake is depend on students understanding to the number values.
Solutions for the Possible Problems and Misconceptions:
- Explain to students the value of numbers, then start to draw money.

Counting money
Engage (warm up, review prior
Make a discussion (where we can
use money?)
- Explain on the board how to draw
money (hundred dirhams, ten
dirhams, one dirhams)
Core (introduce and practice new
concepts & procedures):

Lesson Schedule
T & S interaction

Students will interact with me because

they already have a background of
using money from their life.

I will give instructions of the activity to

the students. I think that students will
be active to do the activity and it is
may encourage them to get all correct

Activity (I will ask leader of each

group to bring a small white
board for each students from the
back of the class. Then, I will
write a number on the board and
ask students to draw the number
as money.
Close (wrap up, discussion, brief
review activity or assessment):

I will give each student ice-cream

worksheet that include a number
from two sides and ask them to
draw the number as money.

Students will start to draw and I will

walk around them to check their


Copy of original lesson from a teacher resource book or website (original
They did not study from their book because this unit Money is related to US
not UAE.

Copy of all resources given to students



Through this

lesson, the problem that I face was on time

management. I dont set a specific
minutes for each activity wherefore I
dont complete my all plan activates
and I dont achieve my aim. As my
class was not so successful and my
teacher give me some comments such
as, focus more on time and students
management, I will try in the next
lesson to do more best job and set a
time for each activity. I will do a
variety activates which have a high
force to make students more effective
and to achieve the main aim of my
lesson. Also, my important aim is to
be better teacher in teaching practice
which help me to be perfect teacher
in future.