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Helpful Links

for ESOL students

General Links:
1. - A great tool for all subjects, shows videos and
interactive lessons in math, science, history and more. Also available in Spanish.
2. - An English language website to practice conversation,
vocabulary, grammar, and reading.
3. - activities for practicing speaking.
4. - awesome lesson plan ideas, games for kids and forums.
5. a teacher created website full of games, resources and
interactive lessons.
6. - Learn different facts such as English grammar, history,
fashion, and pop culture has a short video and then interactive quizzes. Can be
completed individually or as a class. Great smart board activity! Subscribe or click
free stuff
7. A video lesson website. Many topics and quizzes to go
with the videos
8. covers a variety of topics with units on beginner ELL
math and geography as well as resource lists for teachers and students.
Listening Practice
1. a reading and listening practice website.
2. - listen to short stories and complete question
3. pronunciation listening
4. very good listening with questions
5. - Choose a lesson and listen then click quiz to take a quiz.
Student self-study
6. a public radio website that will help ESL
students practice their English.
1. Grammar games.
2. - a comprehensive list of grammar and
writing resources.
3. More games covering vocabulary and grammar.
4. many different games more elementary level
5. Grammar Games.
6. Free online English lessons
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Vocabulary Practice
1. - Practical literacy skills for adults and high
school students.
2. - Vocabulary
3. - a visual dictionary
4. - A website done by the goodwill
community foundation, this covers the basics of English including grammar,
vocabulary, verb videos and more.
5. - a wonderful vocabulary site with hundreds of
Spoken language
1. - Practice conversation, vocabulary, grammar, and
2. Speaking practice
3. - activities for practicing speaking.
English Language Arts:
1. This readers' theater site has scripts that are good for
building reading fluency.
2. - a phonics-based reading program for elementary students
includes printable books
3. - reading practice and free stories.
4. - games and supplemental resources for a
variety of topics
5. Flash Cards for Elementary
6. - Books in English and Spanish.
7. - easy through advanced ESOL reading practice.
8. - Education hip-hop for all subjects
9. a wonderful resource for video lessons on grammar and
other subjects.
10. Sentence starters
by purpose
11. - a great
music website for learning
Math Resources
1. Help Math - A math website for ELLs
2. - A variety of activities to practice many math skills.
3. - a great overall math site.
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4. A Spanish/English math dictionary.

9. Has interactive quizzes as well as lessons from money
pre algebra
5. A great website that has a variety of topics and videos.
6. Alist of videos for different skills in math. USE THE SEARCH
7. This is a math dictionary
website. Click on a word to read the definition and then complete an activity about
that definition.
1. Use this site to learn about the
2. As the name suggests, geography review
3. - learn the
4. continents puzzle game
5. landscape

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