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Joel Everett

Canadian Geography 120

Grade 11/12
The Urbanization of Canadian Cities An in depth look at the
population centres of our country
Lesson Description
In this lesson, students will complete a WebQuest that gets them
looking at Canadas larger urban centres. They will examine
demographic information, physical facts and other facts about different
cities across the country. After examination, dyads will pick a city of
their choosing and make a powerpoint,(prezi or other teacher approved
resource will be accepted) that outlines their findings on the specific
city. Detailed rubrics of what is expected in the powerpoint will be
Provincial Outcome
Cognitive Objective #7 - The origin, growth and structure of Canadian
urban centers.
ISTE Student Technology Standards
#1 Creativity and Innovation
#3 Research and Information Fluency
#5 Digital Citizenship
Technology Resources Needed

Enough individual notebook computers so that each group of 2

students will have one computer between them.
The computers must have Microsoft Powerpoint (Unless students
choose to use online-based presentation creator tool)
SmartBoard or other projection device with speakers

Activation of Prior Knowledge 5 minutes
- The teacher will begin with a conversation about some of the
larger cities in Canada.
- Ask students if anyone has been to a city within New Brunswick?
Canada? The World?
- Have a discussion about what they think constitutes a city?
Content Knowledge 40 minutes

The students will choose their own groups of two to begin the
There are detailed instructions for the students to follow that will
be handed out to begin the webquest.
Students will compile the necessary information regarding the
city that they choose and create a 3-5 minute presentation (#1,
The following information will make up the presentations:
climate, demographic information, geography, places of interest
and any other information of the students choosing. (#3)
Students will have some choice with respect to the websites they
use for information but Wikipedia will not be accepted. They will
also have to include links to the websites they use at the end of
their presentation. (#5)
The students should have enough time in class to finish the
project but if they do not it will be completed for homework.
Presentations will take place during the next two classes and
presentations will be marked according to the rubric that is
attached on the back of the instruction sheet.

Conclusion 5 minutes

At the end of the class, ensure that the class is aware that if they
do not cite their references at the end of the presentation that it
will be breaking copyright law. (#5)
Show the students the Purdue Owl APA formatting website:
This will be the expectation for referencing for this project.

*Note An example of the powerpoint expected from the students is

attached to the email in .ppt file.

Canadian Cities WebQuest

Canadian Geography 120
1. The ultimate goal of this WebQuest is for you and a partner to
complete a 5-minute presentation in front of the class on a
Canadian city of your choosing. If you have a city in mind that
you want to choose you can begin gathering information on that
city and skip the first step. If you are unsure of what city you
would like to use, here are some helpful links that may get the
ball rolling:
Virtual Tourist.com http://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/Canada/Trave
Wikipedia List of Top 100 Metropolitan areas in Canada
Moneysense.ca Best Places to Live 2014 http://www.moneysense.ca/canadas-best-places-to-live-2014best-large-sized-cities
When you and your partner have agreed upon a city, tell the
teacher what city you have chosen. It will be first-come firstserve. Cities will only be allowed to be presented once. It may be
a good idea to have more than one city in mind in case someone
else has already chosen your city.
2. Once you have chosen your city and it has been confirmed by
the teacher, the following is a list of things that you will need to
include in your presentation:
Population & other Demographic Information
- Include percentage of minority population

Geography & Size

5 Places of Interest for Tourists
- Could be museums, restaurants, amusement parks,
national parks etc.
Any other information you deem necessary

The most helpful resource for the information that you need will
be the official website for your respective city. You can find these
sites by googling your city official website.
Wikipedia will not be accepted as an acceptable source for this
assignment. Wikipedia is an open website that anyone can go on
and change information. Therefore, some information may not be
completely reliable for the purpose of this project.
Be sure to include pictures in your presentation. Many good
pictures can be found through Google images. Be sure to cite the
website you found your image from below the picture.
The format in which you set up your presentation is completely
up to you. You will be marked on the information, spelling,
grammar and organization of your presentation. A more detailed
rubric is included on the back of this sheet. Include links to the
website(s) that you got information from at the end of your
Purdue Owl APA Guide to Referencing
Use the previous link to help with referencing for the end of the

Presentation Rubric
The presentation is
laid out in a clear
and organized
manner and is clear of
spelling or
grammatical mistakes
All of the necessary
information from the
instruction sheet is
included in the

The presentation is
laid out in a semiorganized manner
but has a few spelling
or grammatical
Most of the necessary
information is
included in the
presentation but
there are a few
things missing
All of the information
Most of the
matches up to the
references included matches up to the
at the end of the
references included at
the end of the
The presentation did
The presentation was
not exceed 5
slightly outside of
minutes and did not 3-5 minutes

The presentation is
unorganized and has
many spelling or
grammatical mistakes
Most of the necessary
information is
missing from the
There are references
missing from the

The presentation was

way outside of 3-5

last less than 3

It is evident in the
presentation that
both partners
contributed to the

There is evidence in
the presentation that
one partner may
have contributed
more than the other

It is evident that
one partner did all
of the work