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April 2nd, 2015
Townsview School
10:55-11:25am Mme. Theriault 4
Grade 4 Outcome(s)
- select and combine locomotor and non-locomotor skills into complex
movement sequences individually
- perform movement skills with variations in body awareness, space
awareness and relationships using apparatus
Learning Objective(s)
- Students will be working on their balance skills by practicing
simple and complex movements along a bench (balance beam)
- Students will demonstrate the understanding that some
gymnastics activities can be dangerous and safety is important
- 4 Benches (found on sidelines of gym)
- 8 Safety mats (2 along the side of each bench
- 3 Red Pinnies
Warm-up 4-5 mins
- Line tag Todays lesson is focused on using benches as balance
beams and practicing different movements along the beam.
Therefore, line tag is a good warm-up because it forces students
to start walking very carefully along a small area.
- 3 people will be chosen as IT for line tag and given a red pinnie
so the students can distinguish who is it. Their job is to tag other
members of the class while only stepping on lines in the gym. If a
person is tagged they must then sit down where they got tagged
and act as a barrier so that no one else can get by them. Remind
all students that they must always remain in contact with the line
that they are walking along. If they completely step off their line,
they need to sit down. Remind them to always be honest and
that being honest and telling the truth is much more important
that winning a game.
- Keep the game going until there is only one person left walking
around the lines.
1st Activity 10-15 mins
- Students will return to their squads (4). Place a bench (on the
sidelines), in front of each of the four squads. Place two mats on
either side of the bench in case somebody is to fall off the beam.

Tell the students that they will be continuing their work with
some gymnastics after a few days of learning games to play
The first thing they need to know is the S landing. This is just in
case anyone has to fall off as they are attempting a maneuver on
the beam.
S Landing Knees slightly bent, arms out in front, looking in
front of you. Whole body is in an S shape.

Another safety tip, ensure that every student is ok with walking

on the bench alone. Tell them that if they want one of the
teachers to come hold their hand as they walk then just ask.
Go through the following maneuvers one-by-one and watch each
student to make sure they are performing the activity correctly:
- Forward walking - walk one foot in front of the other to the
end of the bench and then turn around and walk back to the
- Forward walking with a dip walk one foot in front of the
other while dipping the opposite foot almost to the ground across
the beam to the other side and then turn around and do the
same back to the beginning.
- Crawling forward crawl across the beam on hands and
knees, when they get to the other side crawl back to the other
- Backward walking walk backwards on the beam, make sure
to lean forward a little bit to counter balance your body
- Cross over, Cross Behind Stand sideways on the beam and
move across the beam by stepping across your body with one
foot and then behind your body with the other.
Possible Extension - If there is time left over and the grade 4s
have successfully performed all of the movements, flip the
benches over so that the narrow beam is facing upwards. Allow
them to walk back and forth across the narrow beam to see if
they can do it.

Reminders during each movement focus eyes on the end of the

beam while moving, keep arms horizontal and flat for balance.
Track students ability to do each movement. If someone is
struggling, take them aside and practice the movement along a
line on the floor.

2nd activity Remaining time (if any)

If there is any time remaining, allow the students to play

everyone for themselves. They must stay inside the black
basketball court lines. 3 sponge balls are thrown in any direction
to start the game. They then play dodgeball and if they are hit
from the neck down with a ball then they must sit on the sideline
bench until the person who hit them is hit with a ball.

KIDnastics Chapter 6. Upright Dynamic Balances

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