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Joel Everett

Virtual Compound Microscope

January 14th, 2015
University of Delaware
Biology 112
Outcome 213-3 and 213-8 It is expected that students will
demonstrate effective and accurate use of the light (compound)
microscope including: parts and their function, general care, focusing
technique, field of view calculation and safety concerns.
- This simulation is meant to familiarize the students with the
compound microscope. It by no means replaces the actual use of
a microscope, but could be an effective introduction if lab
equipment was sparse or unavailable.
Interactive Features
- Lighting
- Slide Position
- Objectives
- Adjustment of course and fine focus
- View
- All of the parts of a compound microscope are present and
- Getting Started tutorial on how to control the interactive
- Checklist to ensure accuracy of use.
- 2 different views to emulate sitting at a table
- 4 different slide possibilities to observe
- Try this gives the students some examples of things to fix
about the microscope and also gives opportunity to practice
measuring using the ocular micrometer.
- The examples of slide preparations are similar to what many labs
have in their stock.