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Bad-boy boxers

Oosthuizen losing his IBO
light heavyweight title
reects a lack of selfdiscipline. Other SA boxers
have also failed to make the
weight cut

Dingaan Thobela

Ali Funeka

Thabo Sonjica

Corrie Sanders (late)

Johnny du Plooy (late)

Mike Tyson

In 2003, an overweight Thobela

avoids the w
weigh-in in Copenhagen,
Denmark, and disappears on the eve
of his eight
eight-round bout against Mads
Larsen. Thre
Three years later, Thobela
fails to make
mak the required 79.38kg
limit for th
the S
SA light heavyweight title
inst Soon Botes. He weighs in at

Malcolm Klassen

In April 2015, he is overweight for

his IBO international junior
lightweight bout against Xolani
Mcotheli at Orient Theatre, East
London. Klassen tips the scales at
60.75kg two days before the ght.
He manages to whittle down his
weight to 59.45kg, but misses the
stipulated 58.97kg limit

The erstwhile World Boxing

Organisation heavyweight
kingpin struggled to shed
weight ahead of key ghts as
he spent most of his time on
the golf course instead of
working out

In 2010, the former International

Boxing Federation lightweight
champion test positive for
hydrochlorothiazide, a banned
diuretic that helps ghters
control their weight ahead of

Arguably the countrys most

gifted heavyweight in the late
1980s and early 1990s. Gained
fame for beating Mike Waver for
World Boxing Association (WBA)
heavyweight title. He lived life in
the fast lane and did not take his
training seriously

In 2014, loses his International

Boxing Organisation (IBO) junior
lightweight belt on the scales
when he is too heavy to defend
it against Filipino Roli Gasca

The then world heavyweight

kingpin gains notoriety for biting
off a piece of Evander Holyelds
ear in 1997 for their WBA
heavyweight title bout at the
MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las
Vegas. Tyson is disqualied and
loses his boxing licence