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Savior (unfinished)

Chapter One
We are surrounded said Captain Price.
Copy said Lieutenant Soap. We have 2 Apaches on your position standby.
Roger that replied Price.
Price was an ordinary 31 year old military captain on his sixth tour to Afghanistan. He
had 124 confirmed kills. He was the United States most lethal solider. His father was killed in the
Vietnam War, and his grandfather was a World War II war veteran.
Price had short brown hair and a tattoo of the United States flag on his right bicep. His
mother had just passed away a year ago from a massive stroke when she was 75.
It was 1900 military time and the sun was just peeking over the orange and pink horizon
of Farah Afghanistan. Price could hear the helicopters coming but he knew they would have to
open fire before the Apaches got there because the Taliban rebels were closing in on their
A dirt hole, 4feet by 3 feet, was quite a cram with 2 other soldiers with him. Private
Ghan, and Corporal Aches. Ghan was a 22 year old, on his first tour and quite frankly his last. He
was forced to go to war by his father, a former General of the U.S army 20 years ago.
Ghan said, I would rather be killed than do another tour.
Aches was a 25 year old stocky heavy gunner on his 3rd tour.
Its time, said Price. We have to lay it on them the Apaches will be here in 40 seconds
but the Taliban will be over top of us in 15
On 3 Turn your lights on so the helicopters know its us.

Then throw your grenades and flash them right after. Then we should be able to take out
their frontline.
And the Apaches will be already be lighting them up, said Price.
1.2.3. Click went their lights. Price took a peek and saw the army.
There was about 75-100 Taliban rebels wielding Ak47s RPGs. His eyes went wide,
there were several suicide bombers and he knew that if one saw them he would run at them and
blow them up.
He advised his squad and they all took 2 bombers each.
On 3 said Aches. 1.2.Click the suppressed fire of there M4A1s made it difficult for
the Talibans to locate their position. Then they all threw grenades and flashes on the enemys
It wasnt enough but they managed to take out around 13 enemies, wounded from the
grenades amputating their legs making them immobilized; the flashes helped them take out a few
more enemies that were blinded.
They sprayed, not being able to see hoping to hit one of us.
They did. Aches was hit in the shoulder but he managed to keep fighting. The Apaches
were above them suppressing fire. One of the copters was shot down by a RPG. But the other
focused on all the enemys wielding anti-aircraft weaponry.
Shortly after it all went silent. The only thing that was making any kind of noise was the
Taliban soldiers moaning in agony and the sound of the helicopter landing.