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3 Generations Project

Gender Related Roles
Wouter Bakkeren & Elodie Haverhals

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People interviewed

Comparisons and Similarities between grandparents

Comparisons and Similarities between parents

Comparisons and Similarities between parents and grandparents

Our Opinion


People interviewed
Wouters grandfather:

Jan Bakkeren
82 years old in 2015
14 years old in 1946
2 brothers
Fathers job: director of carpenter
Mothers job: housewife
Breda, Generaal van der Plaatstraat 5
Big historical event: World War II.
Many deaths, real war, they fled to
France by bike in 1941.

Wouters mother:

Ineke Bakkeren-Meyer
45 years old in 2015
14 years old in 1983
2 brothers
Fathers job: he sold fish
Mothers job: housewife and
helping her husband
Druten, Kattenburg 44a
Big historical event: none
Elodies grandmother:

Anne Hilders
76 years old in 2015
14 years old in 1953
5 brothers and 6 sisters
Fathers job: farmer
Mothers job: didnt work, housewife
The Hague, Oostduinlaan
Big historical event: Flood disaster
in Zeeland. Many deaths, people
drown, very scary

there arent
any photos of
when she was

Elodies father:

Huub Haverhals
49 years old in 2015
14 years old in 1980
2 sisters
Fathers job: economist
Mothers job: housewife
Big historical event: none

Where Wouters
grandfather lived

Where Wouters
mother lived

Where Elodies
grandmother lived

Where Elodies
father lived

Comparisons and Similarities

between grandparents
The situations of Elodies grandmother and Wouters
grandfather are comparable because they lived in the
same time period. The grandparents both explained
that women did more in the household then man. Also,
they both tell that women worked until they got married.
After marriage most women took care of the household
and children.
Both boys and girls had the same rights for education. The only difference was that
boys, most of the time, went longer to university than girls, and often chose different
subjects. Our grandparents agree about household and education. Overall, in the

past, women worked more at home than men. They took

care of the children. Men went to work to pay the bills.
This gives you an idea of how things were in the past.
They also both agree that the government helped making
equal rights for men and women a lot. However, Elodies
grandmother thinks women are not completely emancipated, but Wouters
grandfather does.
Our grandparents agreed on basically everything that we asked them about. This
shows that life in that time was about the same for everyone.

Comparisons and Similarities

between parents
The father of Elodie and the mother of Wouter agree that children were raised in the
same way, and that there werent any differences at school, only PE was separated
between boys and girls.
There is a difference between our parents that men and women
had equal rights, but men often did more technical, physical or
important jobs, and women nurturing jobs or something with
languages. Wouters mother says women earned the same
salary as men, however, Elodies father says that women
earned less in his teenage time. In household the parents agree
that men did less. The only thing men did was some crafts work,
like repairing something.
Both parents agreed that women
are emancipated in terms of equal rights, but Wouters
mother thinks they arent yet completely in the
household. Also, Wouters mother says that the
government did help women in terms of subsidies, while
Elodies father says women had to go through a long
process before the government helped.
Overall there are some differences of opinion, but one thing can be concluded:
women now work more often than they did in the past and they have the same rights
as men.

Comparisons and Similarities

between parents and grandparents
Our parents and grandparents all agree that boys and
girls were treated in the same way at school, and at
home it was about the same too. Sometimes the girls
had to do more work than men, and girls also often
chose more nurturing subjects than boys, but they had
equal rights. Boys could choose basically everything.
All of them also agree that women did
almost all of the work at home, and men
only did some crafts work like repairing something, if needed. Also, men
worked all the time, and women were housewife or stayed at home to
take care of the children. This was logic, because women would earn less
money than men.
A funny fact is that the women (Wouters mother and Elodies
grandmother) think that women are not fully emancipated yet, but the
men (Elodies father and Wouters grandfather) think they are. This
means that men do have different feelings about certain things, other than womens
feelings. Also, all of them agreed that the government helped making equal rights for
men and women.
What we can conclude from this, is that all the people that we interviewed have about
the same feelings about the questions we asked them, or at least two or three did.
This means that it didnt change a lot, but that isnt in a negative way.

Our Opinion
We think that there arent any differences anymore between boys and girls. They
have the same rights to education and they often choose the same schools as boys.
Sometimes, girls even attend higher education, or do even more school related
things than boys, even though they dont have to. An example of this is this project.
The tasks of boys and girls in the household are the same too, though women (or
charwomen) still do most of the work at home. Today, boys and girls are treated in
the same way by everyone, simply because we all have the same rights.

What we can conclude from this project, is that relations between men and women in
school did change, but not a lot. This isnt in a negative way, but the rights to
education were already there for girls in 1950, and they are still here. The only
difference between school is that women chose different things than men, but this
changed. Now, a lot more girls attend higher education, and many more boys attend
schools that just girls used to go to. Also, boys and girls are treated in the same way
at home.
What is however still the same, is the fact that women still do most of the work at
home, and men only do some crafts work. You can see that from all the interviewed
people, their mother was a housewife. Or the families have a charwoman. This is
changing too, but its still regular for men to work the entire week, and women just
work part of the week. This was how it was, and it can be discussed whether this is
going to change in the near future.
Opportunities for women have definitely changed. First, there used to be a few jobs
that women chose, now they can choose anything, for the same amount of money as
men. We think this is good, because men and women should have equal rights, and
have an equal share in the jobs they do.