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Proof of identity

One primary ID OR two secondary IDs with your photo and signature:
Primary ID is usually issued by the local government. Examples are:
Social Security System (SSS) ID
Tax Identification Number (TIN) ID Gina Muoz
Professions Regulations Commission (PRC) ID
Locally-issued Passport
Locally issued driver's license
Secondary ID examples are the following:
Company ID
Senior Citizen's ID
Membership ID from top sports and country clubs
Firearms license card or firearms permit to carry
For foreign citizens, valid (not expired/revoked) internationally-issued passport
or unexpired Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)

Proof of Financial Capacity

Either one of the following:
If you have a credit card:
Your credit card's 2 month's latest Statement of Account, first two pages
Actual credit card (front only)

If you are employed but don't have a credit card, send us either of the following:
Certificate of Employment within the last 30 days containing compensation and
And your latest month's payslip. (Example: Today is May 2. The payslips that
you need to submit are your payslips for April 1-15 and April 16-30.) If you are
commission based, send us your latest 3 months.