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Electronic suspension
This is achieved by replacing the conventional springs with
double-acting hydraulic units.
These are controlled by an ECU, which receives signals from
various sensors.
The main benefits of active suspension are as follows.
Improvements in ride comfort, handling and safety.
Predictable control of the vehicle under different conditions.
No change in handling between laden and unladen.

Electronic suspension
Sensors, actuators and system operation
Load sensor
Displacement and vertical acceleration
Lateral and longitudinal acceleration
Yaw transducer
Steering position
Vehicle speed
Throttle position
Driver mode selection

ECAT (Electronic control of automatic transmission)

The main aim of electronically controlled automatic

transmission (ECAT) is to improve conventional automatic
transmission in the following ways.
Gear changes should be smoother and quieter.
Improved performance.
Reduced fuel consumption.
Reduction of characteristic changes over system life.
Increased reliability.

Control of gear shift and torque converter

Output torque

Control of hydraulic pressure