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India Barnes

Assignment 2: Information Literacy

1. Mobile technology, Privacy


mobile, technology, privacy, social networks

Education source, Business Source Premier
I choose this database because it has various article of what Im looking for
(Tucker, 2014, p. 17)
(Sevillano-Garcia, 2015, p. 13)



India Barnes
Assignment 2: Information Literacy


2. A.
It has been announced in Toronto, that First Global Data wins mobile payment
technology award in India. First Global has been presented an award over various nominees in
many different categories. Fist Global have been providing selected features in PayQwik for
many mobile payment services. PayQwik is a mobile services thats available in India, for all of
consumer online paying bills and shopping needs.
B (Alli, 2015)
3. Mobile Technology
a) Mobile technology article
b) (Kendrick, 2013)
c) MSN, Bing
4. TRAAP Sources
a) Time-First Global article was written June 1, 2015; Yes it has been updated
b) Relevance- It relate to my topic regarding mobile technology
c) Authority-Nadia Alli/ Yes, They are require to write about the topic. Nadia Alli is the
Vice President of marketing for First Global of Marketing
d) Accurate- It is trustworthy, Yes, it has been supported by evidence and has been tested for
e) It was written to inform of their accomplishments and award. The material is objective
5. Ease of access
As I began my search on the internet article 1. It was a little challenging trying
to find articles that were current and reliable sources. But once I located the internet article 1 and
read about the story. The article became very easy to manage, while looking for all the

India Barnes
Assignment 2: Information Literacy

requirement. The database article was very simple as well by just putting in the search box of
what you were looking for.
Searching through the internet was a little time consuming. One you have to
find the right article to research about. Two, the article has to be from a legit sources. The article
from the database was very simple to look for, because its basically have the right topic of
which youre looking for displayed and what the article is all about.
Many times as people search the web looking for things you just never know
what you will get or see. However it can be very easy to look for but you have to make sure the
evidence is supported and trustworthy. But when you know the evidence is supported you feel
confident on writing your paper. It makes me feel great when Im searching for the right material
to do my paper or project on. The database search you have no worries, however their
information you already know its supported and the evidence have been secure.