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Universiti Teknologi MARA

Faculty of Education


Written Review (5%)
In this assignment, students are required to read an article that they have chosen relating to
Curriculum and Instruction. After reading and understanding the contents of the article,
students are required to write a review of the article.
The written review should include:
Reference information namely the author, year of publication, title, name of
journal, etc.
Summary of the article (maximum 1 page)
Opinion/comments regarding the contents of the article in relation to this course
Conclusion regarding the contents
The article review should be typed, double spaced, and paginated. The pages are to be
stapled together (do not bind).
The article review must have a cover page which should include the following details:
Students name
Students ID
The instructors name (correctly spelled).
The assignment must be edited for grammatical and typographical errors.
Oral Presentation (5%)
Students are to present the article review for sharing and discussion.
For the presentation, students need to prepare PowerPoint slides of not more than 10
slides, which includes the summary of the article, comments and conclusion.
2. TEST 1 (20%) + TEST 2 (20%)

Test 1 will cover topic from Week 1 to Week 5. Test 2 will cover topic from Week 6 to
Week 10.

Written Lesson Plan (10%)
Students will prepare and submit a complete lesson plan for a one or double-period on a
topic chosen from the school syllabus according to the format given.
Micro-teaching (10%)
Students will conduct a micro-teaching session, lasting about 15 minutes. Students are to
submit the written lesson plan together with handouts and/or other instructional materials
used during the micro-teaching session.


Students are to work in group of between four to six students to design a course for a
specific target group.
Students will participate in classroom discussions, group activities, article review
presentations and micro-teaching sessions. Students are to make at least three impromptu
responses during class sessions.
Students will collaborate to develop an individual e-portfolio website containing all
materials related to this course. The materials include notes, handouts, sample
assignments, additional resources related to the course. Students have to complete their
websites by Week 13. Students can use any available tools or software on Web 2.0 and
creatively develop this technology based portfolio and apply the knowledge that they
gained during Instructional Technology (EDU455) course. The examples of free tools and
platform that currently available and can be used include;
i) http://www.weebly.com/
ii) http://www.wix.com/
iii) http://www.webs.com/
iv) https://www.yola.com/
These are the examples of the best e-portfolio created by the students specifically for this
course. Students may use this e-portfolio as their guideline to develop their own eportfolio.
i) http://kpsharifah90.wix.com/sharifahmaisurah90
ii) http://teachermisbahulhannan.weebly.com/