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Edmodo is the new blog for teachers.

When I first started in this

program two years ago Edmodo was fairly new. I wanted to bring it to my
school as the new form of communication. This artifact (from ITEC 7445;
Evaluating an Emerging Technology) was a power point presentation that I
created to share with the staff at a professional development day that we
had. The power point shows the communication, technology, engaging,
contributions that Edmodo has when added to a teachers classroom. I
created a slide with a how to use Edmodo, how it benefits the
students, and how it can become the best tool for any teacher for a flip
classroom which is where my school is heading. I wanted to bring many
aspects of presentation skills as well as quick and ways Edmodo tips to the
presentation to give the teachers at the meeting the best information
without overloading them.
I researched Edmodo for weeks and practiced and implemented it
with my own students before presenting the idea in front of the staff. The
implementation was a success with my own practice with Edmodo and
researching best practices that other teachers used. When I recommended
the policy, and asked for the school to fund and get on board, it was a
success when my principal only having positive things to say about it
showing that I had had a great presentation and implemented an idea that
would be new and engaging to the teachers and students.
While creating this artifact since it was in a Web design class- I
learned how to present to my peers with the correct amount of graphics on
a slide, what colors are appealing, how many fonts to use on a
presentation etc. I tend to make presentations very busy so I learned how
to simplify them. If I were to edit this power point for future use, I would
add more elements on the how too pages such as screenshots of me
creating an Edmodo account. At the time, I did not know how to make a
screen shot, just one more tool that I learned from this program. With the
presentation look good, I was able to be more confident to try and get the
school to fund for everyone to get Edmodo and use it in each classroom.
This was one of my most successful moments as a teacher. Starting
this past school year, my principal had every teacher use Edmodo. He liked
it from the beginning when I presented, but when his son was in my class
that previous year and learned how great Edmodo was from the student,
parent, and administrator perspectives. This success was evident now that
EVERY teacher at Simpson Middle School uses Edmodo as their classroom
blog- and even better- they like it.