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Cody Bui
Professor Valerie Fong
June 22, 2015
Freedom of Choice
When it comes to the topic of whether we should be dictated by societys rules or to
follow our own choices, most of us will readily agree that different people are motivated by
different things, such as need for security, comfort, and community. Where this agreement
usually ends, however, is the fact we still face a society controlled by an elite power that limit
people from doing things they want to do. Whereas some are convinced that these corporate
power to manipulate who we are in society, others maintain that we choose to be who we are
through desire and motivation. Ultimately, what is important to consider when discussing this
topic is that we have the freedom to choose who we are and want in life.
There are people out there that say society is controlled by the power elite. We continue
to face the fact that corporation have control on society; they control our economy and they have
the ability to do what they want. The article No Place like Home, David Guterson brings up the
American Nevada Corporation a corporation that owns Green Valley, that, is a community
with its own marketing logo: the letters G and V intertwined Like other master-planned
communities in America, it is designed to embody a corporate ideal not only of streets and
houses but of image and feeling (161). This corporation owns a gated community and they
dictate and force rules into the community. The controlling factor they have over the people in
this walled section is that they own the community and they can kick these families out of these


house, plus creating it in a corporate ideal within the houses and streets. I feel that society is
controlled and manipulated from large corporations.
Another thing that shows that these corporations are controlling Guterson brings up they
are Master planners have a penchant not just for slogans but for predictable advertising
strategies. Their pamphlets, packets, and brochures wax reverent about venerable founding
fathers of passionate vision, men of foresight who long - usually in the fifties - dreamed of
building cities in their own image (163). The corporate powers manipulate people with their
advertisements that focus on our desires. The community falls for their trap and are brain washed
through their ads. The constant exposure they endure living in the gated community. Our brains
are constantly being feed ads Annie Leonard talks about how each of us sees more ads alone in
one year than people of 50 years ago saw in an entire lifetime. At this point these companies
keep a consistency of advertisements broad casting to control what people want in life and attack
our desires as human beings. I see that all these companies control our society through
manipulation with their ads and how they own their own gated communities applying their
industrial ideals onto the community that occupy it.
However you dont need to follow the desires these corporations provide us. In the article
Homeplace, Scott Russell Sanders talks about a family, the Millers, who suffered from three
tornados (172). They were farmers in Ohio and their farm has been hit by three tornados. They
suffered three major catastrophic events, they had the choice to leave their farm to move
somewhere else but they chose to stay put there. In their hearts they were devoted to their land.
They put their lives on that land and they followed what was right for them was to stay and push
through. In my opinion the Millers made a good choice deciding what is right for them because
whatever you love you should go after it and as a great example they showed determination to


follow their gut feelings. Not motivated by the big corporations they were driven by all the hard
work and effort put towards their farm.
I believe that we arent controlled by society however Sanders felt the choices we make
are ones that are right for us. These companies provide things that we desire and it motives us to
make the choices in our life. They provide the possessions that are what most Americans look for
in life. We do not have to follow this system; we have our own freedom to do what we want in
life. We make choices that feel right for us, like the Millers, who had invested so much of their
lives in the land, planting orchards and gardens, spreading manure on the fields, digging ponds,
building sheds, seeding pastures (Sanders 171). The Millers chose to stay put because they felt
it was the right choice, they followed their interests and comfort. What also motivated them to
not move is all their hard work they had put into the farm, even if they had three tornado
accidents. They chose to do what was right for them and it was to stay there. I feel that our desire
is what drives us to do what we want we have the free will to be what we want and nobody can
tell us anyhow to live our lives.
The idea that we are controlled by big corporations in my opinion is wrong because they
provide what we desire which motivates us to make choices in life. What the Millers from
HomePlace picking to stay where they lived in Ohio and experiencing three tornado accidents
to their home; to follow what their hearts desired and what they knew was right for them. These
corporate powers show a lot of control in our society and play a big role in manipulating us to
follow their ideas makes us human because we decide what is right for us. We dont have to
follow the system we have the freedom to choose what we want in life. Our own motives and
mind set to live our life. These companies provide what we desire we dont have to buy or follow
anything they want us to do just making our own decision is all it comes down to.


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