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Process Recording Assignment

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Therease Taylor
Process Recording Assignment 2
SW 4010 Social work Practice Method III
Wayne State University
Instructor Cassandra Barragan MSW

Process Recording Assignment

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1. Attach a diagram



What I see is Dr. Bruh facing the group

and giving instructions on how the
group will proceed. He is talking to the
group in a mild tone as a group. He is
suggesting that they move forward and
focus on positive behavior and success
from the group. He is asking that they
work together as a group to move
forward. The group appears to
understand what Dr. Bruh is asking, and
the group is not showing any signs of
not wanting to participate.
What I see is Jermaine disrupts the
group when he looks out the window
and sees a group of ladies. He appears
to be fascinated by the ladies. The group
makes comments about Jermaines
behavior. Devine defends Jermaines
outburst saying its just the way
Jermaine expresses his self. I see
Jermaine and Devine sharing cohesion.
I also see the rest of the group share
cohesion; however Herb does not say
Mickey makes a comment about
Jermaine and his behavior. Dr. Bruh
remains calm, but however addresses
the issue with Jermaine. Dr. Bruh asks
Mickey do he not have a problem with
Jermaine being able to control his
inability with women. Before Mickey
responds Devine says he does not have
a problem with Jermaine expressing his
self because he is a man and hes a real
man. Devine says he would not use the
terms Jermaine use, Jermaine and
Devine share hand slaps. Mickey ask
Devine what is a man and why is
Jermaine a man? Jermaine says because
he sleeps with women and he likes
women. Devine defends Mickey by
saying he sleeps with women and he has
a live in girlfriend.

My gut level feeling is that Dr. Bruh is

moving forward with the group and he
wants them to become more involved as
group members and be more supportive
of one another without negativity. There
are multiple cultures in the group which
are good when it comes to focusing on
the group dynamics. Group dynamics
such as communication, interaction, and

My gut-level feeling is that Devine may

be on to something when it comes to
Jermaine and the way he expresses his
self. Although he is doing it in a manner
that may be offensive to others he is
expressing what he see and that is nice
looking ladies. My gut-level feeling is
Jermaine, and Devine share culture
similarities. Devine is able to relate to
Jermaine and his attraction to the ladies
outside the window.
My gut-level feeling is that the group is
moving forward and they are beginning
to share cohesion and express their
feeling about Jermaines behavior. I feel
it may be a little more to Jermaines just
being rude and disrupting the group.
This may be the way acts in this type of
setting. Devine is displaying leadership
skills when he address the comments
being made by Jermaine, and also
supports Mickey and his situation at


My logical interpretation is that Dr.
Bruh is using group dynamics to get the
group more involved with self
disclosure, cohesion, group involvement
and communication. This is so that they
can move forward and touch on why
they are in the group.

My logical interpretation is Jermaines

outburst may not be intentional. He has
a way of expressing his self. There are
members of the group that is beginning
to see that this may be the way he
express his self verbally. I associate this
with field theory. Field theory involves
what this group is starting to share
which are roles in the group, power
which is the ability of members to
influence one another, cohesion which
is the group itself.
My logical interpretation is the group is
beginning to open up and speak out
about the group members and their
expressions. The group is starting to
communicate more with one another in
positive and negative ways. The
members are beginning to open up more
and there is more self disclosure. The
group is having more one on one
discussion, and beginning to ask
questions, or questions the members
behavior. At this point I can see the
group is starting to form as a group.

Process Recording Assignment

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Dr. Bruh ask Mickey what does he think

define him as a man. Mickey responds
by saying what defines him as a man
because he is able to stand on his own
two feet and support his girl friend
financially, emotionally, and socially.
He says they havent had sex in a while
because there is a lot of tension at
home. He says its because of everyone
elses perception of him and his
sexuality. He says the rumors has
impacted everything he has worked
towards with his girlfriend.

My gut-level feeling is there may be

issues with Mickey and his sexuality. It
may not be sexual issues; however it
may be reflecting from his personality.
He does not appear to be confident of
who he is as a man and where he may
stand in his relationship with his
girlfriend. This may be having a
tremendous impact on his daily

My logical interpretation is that the

group is starting to communicate as a
group. Devine is beginning to voice his
opinions and support the group
members. He is demonstrating
modeling and having a positive impact
over the group. There is more group
communication it is not all positive

Mr. Clyde turns to Mickey and says he

looks like a pretty smart man. He tells
him that he need to get his house in
order. He explains to him that he is the
head of the house hold and whatever he
say should go. He has to take control of
his house hold. Jermaine Makes a
couple comments. Dr. Bruh ask Mr.
Clyde how does he suggest that Mickey
take control of his house hold. Dr. Bruh
ask what would he recommend for
Mickey to do. Mr. Clyde responds by
saying clean house. Mr. Clyde
continues to explain that Mickey is the
man of the house and it is his house and
whatever he says goes. Mickey and Mr.
Clyde shares hand slaps.

My gut-level feeling is that Mr. Clyde

appears to be a very stern man. He
believes that as the man he is the head
of the house hold and what he says
goes. He is offering Mickey advice to
help his situation, but what works for
Mr. Clyde may not work for Mickey. I
feel that their personalities are very

My logical interpretation is the group

becoming a group. There is beginning
to be more verbal communication and
physical contact with the group
members. Dr. Bruh is asking more from
the group in terms of explanation of
their comments. There is more intense
group involvement. The conversation
from the group is growing, and the
members are elaborating more on what
other members are saying.

Process Recording Assignment

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Dr. Bruh started the group off by asking

what the group thinks about White
America. The first person to comment is
Devine, he says he felt White America
perceived him as a product something to
flaunt, market, push, or sell. This is
when he was in the NFL. He says he
found God and he sees things
differently now. He says he has a
different understanding and suggested
that if the group needed love and a
better understanding they too should try
God. Next would be Jermaine to
explain how he feels about White
America. Jermaine explained he does
not care much for White America
because they have not done anything for
him, but hold him and other brothers
back. Jermaine did some name calling
to the group members that were
derogatory when describing his
thoughts and feelings about White
America. I saw a couple group members
challenge his comments. Mickey gave
his comments on White America he said
he is a proud black man. He believes the
hardships, struggles, and adversities
have made him the man who he is
today. He says he is aware of White
America and the oppression, but he
doesnt let it hold him down. He says he
believes success and change starts
individually, he feels that he is an
ambitious black man. He also disclosed
to the group that his girlfriend is white.
What I seen was Dr. Bruh starting the
group off talking about women. He
started the session off with Jermaine.
Jermaine expressed his feeling and
opinions about women.

My gut-level feeling is this was a good

topic for the group to talk about,
because clearly there are some issues
and concerns about White America and
the African American male group
members. This group is all black males
in my opinion the topic is appropriate
for the group to express their feelings.
This may encourage the group to deal
with some issues they may have. My
feelings are sure Jermaine may have
some different ways of expression, but
the derogatory name calling is totally
inappropriate discussing this issue may
allow him to ponder on other members
comments. I also feel like this made
Herb feel extremely uncomfortable and
could add to his self isolation, or to him
isolating his self in the group. Also my
Gut level-feeling is there are members
of this group who is actively involved
professionally, or personally in White
America. Discussing this issue may lead
to resolving some hidden adversities,
and challenges.

My logical interpretation is the group is

starting to challenge one anothers
opinions. This is bringing out more
group cohesion and communication.
There is more self disclosure and
isolation from the group members.
Some group members are beginning to
open up more and share how they really
feel. There is a lot of feedback and
honest comments being made about the
group members and their personal lives.
I can compare this to Social Exchange
Theory which deals with cognitive
processes and affect how people behave
in groups. Psychodynamic Theory
suggest that group members act out in
groups because of unresolved issues or
situation in their personal lives as
children, or young adults. In my logical
interpretation this can be the situation
with more than one group member.

My Gut-level feeling is that Jermaine

may have some deep down issues that
revolves around women. His expression
against women displays that there may
be some deeper issues with him and
women in general.

What I saw was Dr. Bruh continue to

lead the session about women next he
called on Herb to give his feelings and
expressions about women. When Herb
responded he was very interactive in the
group. He answered the question with in
what appeared to be excitement. The
group and Dr. Brush appears to be
amazed that Herb opened up so freely
about the topic of women.

My Gut-level feeling is Herb has very

connected relationships with women on
line. Although he appears to be shy in
person online he could be anyone he
wants to be. He can create his own
identity. He is very involved in social
media. And my gut-level feeling is he
enjoys the online attention,

My logical interpretation is that

Jermaine will express how he feels to
the group. Jermaine will disclose his
feelings good, or bad. I interpret that
this is Jermaines form of
communication to the group. I also
interpret that the group has realized that
this is the Jermaine communicates and
they are giving him feedback.
My logical interpretation is Herb has is
opening up to the group. He is sharing
some disclosure, and personal
information with the group. The group
appears to be receptive to what herb is
communicating in their own way about
women. I also interpret that Herb is
comfortable with sharing his feeling
about women to the group. He appears
to be speaking in confidence and the
group appears to be paying attention to
him and surprised by his immediate
open self disclosure.

Process Recording Assignment

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What I saw was Dr. Bruh start the group

off with Mr. Clyde. The topic continued
to about women and how the group
perceives women. Mr. Clyde says he
see women as his equal. He sees his self
as someone who women can learn from,
or who he can mentor. There was a few
sighs from the group. A group member
responded to Mr. Clyde by saying that
what he sees in women is economics, or
a business transaction. The group
became very expressive about Mr.
Clyde and his comments about women
having to have status to have contact
with him. Dr. Bruh later moved on to
Devine. Devine expressed his self to the
group and gave advice. He told
Jermaine that he has not seen what love
can truly to for him because of his
circumstances. He also made a few
clients to Mr. Clyde.

My Gut-level feeling is that Mr. Clyde

feels that he is above the group in some
ways. He feels his status and
professionalism is what is important to
his lifestyle. He appears to be extremely
confident of who he is, and what he
wants. His comments about women
having to have status, and economic
growth in my opinion is what he feels
should match his situation. My other
gut-level feeling is Devine appears to be
about keeping order and sharing his
testimony. Devine appears to be an
advocate in this group session his could
also come from his new lifestyle as a
spiritual man.

What I seen was Dr. Bruh continuing

the session this time the topic was the
pressure of being a black man. The
group appeared to be focused on the
topic. Dr. Bruh started with Mickey and
his issues with his girlfriend Natalie.
Mickey explained he has tried to be
everything for her, but she calls him gay
because he is emotional. The group
began to elaborate if it is a problem with
a man being emotional, or not. This
topic got all group members very
involved except for Herb. Jermaine, Mr.
Clyde, Devine, and Mickey all shared
their views on the emotional status of a
black man. Jermaine even gave Mr.
Clyde a compliment in his own way.
Mr. Clyde explained his reasons why he
feels that black men are and can be
emotional. This comes from the
oppression of the black man. Devine
expressed his opinion about emotion
and he says black women put a lot of
pressure on black men, especially their

My gut-level feeling is that this group is

sharing some very personal issues and
comments. I feel that Jermaine is in an
environment he has never had to engage
in before and I can see he is beginning
to open up. Mr. Clyde is also beginning
to express his reasons for being
dominant inside and outside his house
hold to the group. This may give the
group a better understanding of why
Mr. Clyde may come off so defensive.

My logical interpretation is that the

group is definitely coming together
now. There are still some sighs, and
comments out of turn. However the
communication is becoming more fluent
with the members. Suggestions are
being made, and advice as well from the
group members. The self disclosure and
cohesion is working for the group
members. I see one member of the
group is role modeling. I also see that
My. Clyde could have a positive effect
(modeling) on this group because of his
level of competency in different areas.
The group is paying attention to what
others are saying. I can compare this to
Learning Theory step by step treatment
planning. Learning Theory also
involves operant conditioning where
group members are governed by their
own actions and consequences. I can
interpret that emotional bonds are
starting to form in this group. I also
interpret that that this group is using
confrontation skills which are useful for
overcoming resistance and motivating
members. I am starting to see some
action skills with this group, supporting
group members.
My logical Interpretation is that the
group is learning each other. The group
is reflecting on their current and past
issues and revealing very private
moments of their lives. I interpret that
there is some bonding taking place and
the group is offering support to one
another. I interpret some aggression, but
not towards the group members, but
from the topic that was being discussed.
I interpret that this involves
psychodynamic Theory and the
behaviors of the group members. This
session also involved Social Exchange
Theory. This deals with behaviors in a
group and social functioning, and
interactions between groups members.
The phase this group is the bonding
phase, cohesion, social integration and
influence, along with group culture. I
can also interpret data gathering and
assessment with this group at this time.
Synthesizing (data gathering) which
also deals with communication I
interpret is taking place.

Process Recording Assignment

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Diagram of the Group

DR. Bruh is the facilitator of this group which includes five African American Men.

Von Grace



Mr. Clyde

Dr. Bruh