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I believe that this is a word in due season for many. Prayerfully read this
book and allow the Holy Spirit to minister life unto you. Find the divine
keys and revelation in this teaching that God wishes to impart to you. One
of the death traps of Satan is to create an image of a God that is
withholding His goodness and promises from us. When Eve fell into that
death trap, it cost them the Garden of Eden. This book will help you to
gain insight into the divine purpose of the silent years. This is a good Book
to read for those who find themselves in a dry season - Leonie Viljoen,
Professional Coach, Talented Leader. South Africa.
The Book Eighteen Silent Years will change your perspective on ministry
especially if you are going through a dry and tough season in your life.
This book is a must read and I highly recommend it to all Christian
believers - Aubrey Vosloo. Full time Pastor. Montagu, Western
Cape. South Africa.
What a revelation! Every born-again child of God must read this powerful
book to understand divine timing. This book provides a full and clear
understanding of how important it is to wait upon God's perfect time.
Whether you are preparing for, or are already in the full-time Ministry, this
book will give you a clear guidance of God's plan for your life. It is not
written only for Preachers, Pastors, Ministers, Evangelists or Priests, but
for every person who needs to understand God's perfect will. It will bless
you, motivate you, provide you with a new perspective on your life and
grant you the courage to do whatever you were called to do - Pastor
Gerrit Marais. AFM Wilropark, Gauteng. South Africa.
The Book will bring a new focus to your life. There is so much to learn
from it. It will assist every child of God with their unanswered questions
especially those questions that cannot be answered by man - James
Smith. Pastor. Mooinooi, North West. South Africa.
"This is an excellent handbook for people who are preparing themselves
especially for the full time ministry. I recommend the Book" - Pastor Nick
Volschenk. PPC Gateway, Bethal. Mpumalanga. South Africa.
"Excellent Book! I recommend it to anybody - Hardus Koekemoer. Full
time Pastor. Vryheid, KZN. South Africa.

I strongly recommend this book especially to people who struggle to

understand their position in life, spiritually and physically. If you have a
problem understanding where you find yourself at this point in time, then
you have to read this book. Well done - Hennie Wilken. Full Time
Pastor. Pretoria, Gauteng. South Africa.