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1: What is the cell reselection procedure when the terminal is in idle mode?

A. A specific GSM reselect procedure to handover the strongest cell.

B.A specific WCDMA reselect procedure to handover the strongest cell.
C. A general procedure based on signal measurements to reselect a cell.
D. A general procedure in LTE based on signal measurements to reselect a cell.

2: What KPI is most impacted due to resource congestion in a network?

A. Integrity
B. Accessibility
C. Retainability
D. Minute of drops

3: Excessive down tilt on 3 sectors for one site has been applied.
What two KPI are impacted? (Choose two.)
A. Accessibility
B. Reliability
C. Retainability
D. Availability

4:Which radio Layer2 protocol works only on the user plane?



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What are two advantages of a Multi Antenna solution in LTE? (Choose two.)
A. It can be used to increase the peak rates in the network.
B. A safer deployment due to redundancy.
C. More antennas will improve the coverage area.
D. Enables multilayer cells

6: What two functionalities are supported in the TCU? (Choose two.)

A.TDM multiplexing
B. IP routing
C. NTP synchronization client
D. ATM switching

7: Which two RAN synchronization methods support time and phase

synchronization? (Choose two.)
A. PTP 1588 v2
C. Synchronous Ethernet

8: What is the advantage of allowing the TCU 02/SIU 02 to distribute the frequency
synchronization to the DUs?
A. The hold-over time in the TCU is substantially longer than the hold-over time in
the DUs.
B. The TCU provides higher frequency precision.
C. It simplifies the synchronization recovery procedure.
D.It has the possibility to combine different synchronization methods resulting in
increased hold-over time.