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Final Assessment of Student Teacher

Student Name_Christopher Schroudt_____________Program____
Building__Armada High School__________District___Armada__State__MI_

Assignment_ History

11th grade___
Grade level/subject(s)

Teacher____Jason Hundey_____________Supervisor____Anthony Tuf Francis___________
(community; district; unique characteristics of school, staff, students)
Armada is a small rural community with a high school population of 700+ and a working class
attitude with most parents lacking a college education. Even so, the district has some of the
highest ACT test scores in Macomb County and has proven to be fairly progressive with the
creation of a math/science academy and a fine arts academy. Close to 45%+ of the juniors and
seniors are involved in various AP programs and 98% of last years graduating class were college
bound. However, the students that Chris taught in World History were mostly non-AP juniors,
which can prove difficult especially in light of the lack of cultural and ethnic diversity that exists
in Armada.
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Chris has cultivated fantastic interpersonal rapport with the students, where I have witnessed
students openly saying hello to him in the hallways or sporting events, not to mention feeling
comfortable enough with him to tease him with occasional name chants, but not in a
disrespectable way. Chris grew quickly from his initial nervousness, and became comfortable
talking in front of class and equally comfortable dealing with problems or students in a one-on-one
capacity. His mature, assured dealings with other staff members and coaches is also impressive,
as he never hesitates to ask questions to improve himself as a professional. He is invited to all of
our outside staff gatherings, without hesitation because of how personable and fun he is to be
Chris creates a low-key, fun atmosphere within the classroom, but balances it with the high
expectations he places upon the students. He moves around the room and allows for students to
move around freely during activities, use the bathroom as needed, but is also able to reign in the
class when it is time for a lecture or a discussion to begin. Chris is not one who yells to get
attention or threaten a student; instead he uses his rapport with students and invites them to make
positive decisions to avoid negative consequences.

Student Name_______Chris Schroudt_________________________


Chris is always well-organized, always tries to set learning goals or objectives with the students,
and always tries to follow a basic game plan. He has grown more cognizant, as he has progressed
through the student teaching experience, of the fact that you have to balance lessons more
effectively with regard to lecture, group activities, use of multimedia, etc. in order to capture
student attention. One lesson he had to learn is that sometimes you have to deviate from what you
had originally planned or created, due to technology issues, scheduling interruptions, pacing
problems or lack of student discussion. His toolbox of techniques and thinking has grown
exponentially with regard to implementation.
Chris was never shy about integrating a variety of technologies on an almost daily basis, as he
recognized the necessity with this audience of non-AP world history kids. Whether it was using
visual PowerPoints to set objectives or for note-taking, using Prezi, CPS clicker quizzes, or a
handful of other cutting edge educational technologies. He used an extensive amount of film clips
and YouTube clips to hold student interest ranging from extended scenes from films such as
Amistad, small clips on Stalin secret police, clips on imperialisms impact on the Congo, or entire
episodes of Crash Course World History.
Chris comes highly recommended, without reservation, and is the finest student teacher that I have
encountered in my twelve years as an educator. He has the drive and hunger to improve his
knowledge and perfect his craft.
Chris entered student teaching with an extensive background in American history, but with
minimal exposure to non-Western world history. However, he spent 13 weeks observing me in
AP World, while simultaneously co-teaching sections of regular world history, in order to gain a
more proficient command of the subject matter before he took over full time during the second
trimester. He often would supplement himself with documentaries to enhance his background
knowledge and certainly never hesitated to ask questions when he needed guidance on a confusing
world history concept. Chriss command of the subject matter has grown tremendously this year
and given another opportunity to teach world history, I have no doubt that he would exceed
expectations of a first year runner.
Chris is personable, relatable, and approachable, and as a varsity sports coach- a natural at
communicating with high school aged children. As previously stated his ability to connect with
students and colleagues is one of his strongest qualities, and certainly puts him ahead of the pack
compared to most student teachers I have encountered.
Chris was professional throughout his entire student teaching experience; he always dressed and
acted appropriately around staff and students. He would often check with me first before casual
Friday, to make sure that it was still okay to wear jeans. He takes pride in his teaching and is
always concerned about positive perceptions from students, all while trying to engage and
connect with the kids.
Student Name_____ Chris Schroudt_______


Certification Recommendations:
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