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2500 Durant Ave. #305 Berkeley, CA 94704 | (714) 661-0665 | vitrann@gmail.com

University of California, Berkeley Walter A. Haas School of Business
Graduation Date: May 2015
B.S. Business Administration
Major GPA: 3.6 w Cumulative GPA: 3.5
Relevant Courses: Tech Innovation with Unstructured Data, Competitive Strategy, Spreadsheet Modeling, Business Statistics
Awards: Cal Alumni Association Leadership Award (2012, 2013, 2014, merit scholarship for top 3% of 10,000+ applicants)
California Senator Lou Correas Distinguished Service Award (2011, merit and academic based award for top 5% of 15,000+ applicants)
Haas Business School Association, Vice President of Academic Resources
May 2014 Present
Coordinate with firms for recruiting processes, host career workshops, and provide academic peer-counseling for over 1000 students
IBM Watson, Patent Prior Art Search App Development Team
Aug. 2014 Jan. 2015
Won 3rd place internationally after pitching to VCs and IBM Watsons CMO & CTO regarding apps natural language processing training
Procter & Gamble
Fayetteville, AR
Customer Business Development Intern (Sales) w Ranked in top 3% of Summer Intern Class
May 2014 Aug. 2014
Developed a strategic 6-month shelving initiative for the Walmarts Hispanic Market leadership team that is expected to increase the
multimillion-dollar family planning category by 10% in incremental sales and to impact nearly 4,500 Walmart stores
Provided consultative advice to the Walmart US Personal Health Care leadership team regarding my customer research and market
analysis to develop optimal advertising solutions that will generate $135MM in incremental sales for feminine care brands
Trained 200 P&G members to use Nielsen analytics tools concurrently with clients, improving customer satisfaction scores by 10%
Intern Advisory Board Consultant
May 2014 Aug. 2014
Coordinated the Internship Revamp Initiative by creating comprehensive evaluation forms for managers, an extensive 40-page intern
training guide, and 6 tutorial videos for P&Gs market analytic tools, which decreased training time by 40%
Led the volunteer committee in 7 events with over 100 P&G employees, registering over 600 community service hours
Harvard University & UC Berkeley School of Public Health Vietnam Tooth Project
Da Nang, Vietnam
Management Analyst
Dec. 2012 Aug. 2013
Led a team of 8 to manage 1,500 customer inquiries regarding data analytics tool and privacy issues by phone, e-mail, and live-chat
Trained and persuaded 40 volunteers to use new inventory and medical data reporting systems, reducing personnel turnover by 20%
Customized a filing system for over 13,000 medical records, enabling funds to be reallocated towards assisting over 30% more patients
CBS Sports Network
Berkeley, CA
Online Media Marketing and Advertising Intern
Mar. 2012 Jun. 2012
Increased clients monthly sales by 15% by executing a strategic 2-month guerrilla marketing campaign across 12 universities
Directed 6 roundtables with 50 interns to launch and manage multiple statewide promo campaigns, gaining 10% sales growth for client
Spearheaded a 3-week YouTube video competition that garnered 300 participants, 130 videos, and a cumulative 250,000 views
Youth Leadership America, 501(c)(3) Non-profit
Palo Alto, CA
Program Expansion Director
Sep. 2010 Aug. 2013
Expanded program to 20 Northern California high schools during Y1 and an additional 12 schools in Y2 with a $50K budget
Mentored and motivated 40 low-income students by hosting 10 workshops, leading to a 75% acceptance rate into 4-year universities
Collaborated with Stanford University, Google, and Facebook to create 4 workshops per year about careers in technology
Asian Business Association
Berkeley, CA
Community Development Chair
Sep. 2011 Dec. 2012
Called over 250 small-medium businesses to request donations for a charity fashion show, raising $4,000 in profits for Save the Children
Provided strategic advice regarding monthly social media and promotional advertising solutions for 100 local small business sponsors
Led 2 teams of 8 committee members to manage 40 corporate sponsors accounts by teaching them how to provide customer support
Technical: Nielsen Data Scanning Tool, Nielsen Home-Scan Consumer Insights Tool, Market Scope, and Retail-Link
Languages: Vietnamese (fluent), Spanish (conversational)
Passions: Piano, Ultimate Frisbee, Sculpting, and Broadway Musicals