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A brief discussion regarding museums

The overarching theme of both texts concerns the importance of museums in the current society.
The first excerpt discusses the novel face of modern museums. The second passage raises the
issue of having distinct kinds of entertainment instead of providing the public with useful
opportunities to learn.
Given that society has been dwelling in an impressive and technological world, it goes without
saying that every institution has to follow the pace of modernity. What I really mean by the term
modernity is subtle connected with our needs.
As far as the museum is concerned, its roled has had a link to clever an interested individuals who
are seeking deeper knowledge. What has come as a surprise, nowadays, is the fact that museums
have become not an ordinary place, but somewhere in which the atmosphere also engages the
one who are not into learning. Its change has only been possible due to the increase of
technological devices in museums.
Nevertheless, there have been some discussions that argue that the amount of entertainment in
museums is detrimental to learning. Are these distractors a real necessity? It is beyond all dispute
that going to museums to get to know more about life must be the reason for its own sake for a
person to visit this institution; technology must play a huge part in this context, stimulating the
interest of people in general.
On the basis of the points mentioned above, it would seem that more than becoming worried
about some possible negative influences that technology might have on people and how it can
affect ones learning, we must consider that going to museums is an excellent habit itself.
Therefore, everybody, as a community, should recognise its value.