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Dear SPPS Parents,

In March or April, your child along with other Saint Paul Public Schools students might be
asked to participate in brief, anonymous survey with age-appropriate questions about their
educational experience. Educators will review these anonymous responses and write reflections
about how this input impacts the way they work with students.
We want parents to know that these surveys are optional, should take less than 15 minutes, and
are a great way for students to express their perspective. These surveys are also part of a Saint
Paul Public Schools partnership with the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers to meet new state
laws around educator evaluations.
State law requires that five elements are incorporated into teacher evaluations or what SPPS
calls Teacher Development and Evaluation (TD&E):

Student engagement measured by student surveys

Student achievement/learning measured by review of assessment results by educator


Educator practice measured by classroom observations

Peer collaboration educators work together to review best practices

Individualized growth and development plan created by and for the educator

Learn more about SPPS Teacher Development and Evaluation, go to: tde.spps.org.
You should also know that during the surveys students will have the option to identify their race
and ethnicity. By students self-identifying, educators will be able to have conversations
regarding how students learn best in the classroom. While your student may leave that question
blank by choice or necessity, this is also an excellent opportunity to discuss race with your child
if you so choose.
Thank you for supporting the growth and development of educators in Saint Paul Public
Teacher Development and Evaluation Oversight Committee