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Food Technology


Trains in basics of food technology, processing,

quality control, food testing, and analysis

- bcit.ca

Beginning Requirements
Must have the following completed:

English - two years of schooling with either:

English 12 (min. 67%)

Three credits of post-secondary English, Humanities or Social Sciences (min. 67%)

Chemistry 11 (min. 67%)

Math - either:

Principles of Math 12 (min. 67%)

Applications of Math 12 (min. 67%)

Pre-Calculus 12 (67%)

To attend this program it would cost you approximately $6000.
Depending on students spending habits and other expenses,
the cost could rise from student to student.

Programs Length
This is a full-time program and it takes two years to complete
and receive a diploma.

Courses to Take
To complete the program you need to earn 143.0 credits. In
order to do that you will need to complete 32 courses over the
years, each worth a different amount of credits.
There are many different courses relating to all aspects of food
technology such as food chemistry, biology, physics for food,
chemistry for food, food processing and much more.

Who would like this


someone who enjoys working by themselves as well as with

someone who wants to develop thinking skills and their ability
to understand new information
someone who is invested about learning everything about food
and the food industry

Food safety testing at BCIT


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